We had better believe him. On national TV, Mitch McConnell told us what to expect when the Republicans next take control of the Senate if the Democrats mess with his ability to stonewall every policy the Democrats try to pass by messing with the filibuster.

McConnell is like the malevolent landlord threatening to continue turning off your electricity whenever he wants unless you sign an agreement giving him the right to turn off your electricity whenever he wants.

He threatened a “scorched earth” Senate. What? As if he and his Republican colleagues aren’t already setting fire to the democratic process. For God’s sake, 139 Republican representatives and eight Republican senators refused to accept the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden in a shameful and seditious attempt to undo democracy — and on the same day that a murderous mob of Trump supporters laid siege to the Capitol to accomplish the same end.

As far as middle- and lower-class Americans are concerned, the earth beneath their feet is already scorched, thanks to the Republicans, who don’t care one whit about them. Witness: Not one Republican representative or senator voted with the Democrats to send the $1.9 trillion economic relief package to the American people, even though some polls indicate that 60 percent of Republican voters approve of the bill.

However, in 2017, the Republican legislators voted to give the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans tax cuts that also increased the deficit by $1.9 trillion without flinching and partied in the Rose Garden afterward.

The deficit only seems to matter to Republicans when Democrats try to help lower- and middle-class Americans, for example with affordable health care.

Since the 2020 election, Republican legislatures in 43 states have written over 250 laws that overtly restrict voter rights because they know they cannot win without resorting to Jim Crow-type voter suppression designed to keep Democratic voters, especially people of color, away from the polls.

And Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp is the first to throw a deadly stone at democracy. He signed a bill that basically puts all future elections in the hands of the Republicans and gets rid of election officials who would not bend to Trump’s attempt to overturn Georgia’s election results.

In addition, the Republicans will continue to gerrymander districts in a way that practically guarantees their reelection by a minority of voters. That’s the only reason these Republicans keep getting reelected; the only reason 43 states are controlled by Republicans who have no agenda to help the average citizen, no plan for affordable health care, no plan to fix our infrastructure.

This is why the House and the Senate must pass the For the People Law, HR1, even if it means eliminating or altering the anti-democratic filibuster. Call McConnell’s bluff. It may be the only way to preserve democracy considering the Republicans are blatantly trying to destroy it.

When the Republicans show us who they are — we had better believe them.

James Templer lives in League City.


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Don Schlessinger


Claudia Burnam

[thumbdown]E G Wiley

Gary Miller

So many lies using so few words!

Carlos Ponce

More nonsense from James Templer.



Norman Pappous

"This is why the House and the Senate must pass the For the People Law, HR1, even if it means eliminating or altering the anti-democratic filibuster."

People may scoff - but when you have one political party that passes legislation so that no other political party can come to power.... yeah, that is a necessary condition of communism. Given the strong socialists leanings of progressives, to gain a monopoly on federal power puts us square into communism. If you think I'm wrong, look up the definition of communism.

Templar is about as dangerous as they come and should not be ignored.

Toni Dorbin

Very well written, Thank you


Remember that the Democrat party is the ENEMY of The USA

Dwight Burns

What American people are you referring to? Your statement is not backed up with statistical fact.

Stephanie Martin

Mr. Templer has got it wrong on every issue!

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Mr. Templer, for writing a thoughtful article. I agree with you.

Jarvis Buckley

I obviously disagree 👎

Larry Grissom

What a load of bull

That scorched earth comment CAME from the Democrats when President Trump was doing his best to save this country. Now? Much higher gas prices, open borders with no Covid testing....the list goes on and on. Follow the facts people. Not this blowhards opinion filtered through snowflake La la land.

Tim Moore

What a delusional piece of nonsense.

Totally opposite of reality.

George Laiacona

I agree that the Republicans are the rich mans party. Since Johnson took over after Lincoln’s death the Republicans actions have always been to suppress the minority voters. They were not happy with the the last election so the turned traitors to the American republic and thought they could keep their Wannabe dictator in the White House. They will keep up their attempts to control our country with a new set of tricks as time goes on.

Carlos Ponce

Wrong as usual George Laicona. Or can you explain Democrats pushing for deductions on the rich in Blue states?

"The House Democrats stepping forward want to see a Biden infrastructure package that repeals the Trump-era limit on state and local tax deductions, known as the SALT deduction. The repeal is popular among blue-state members of their party but carries a significant budgetary cost, making it one of the emerging fault lines in Democrats' coming infrastructure talks."


"The benefits of the SALT deduction overwhelmingly go to high-income taxpayers, particularly those in high-income and high-tax states."


"The latest case in point is the current push from Democrats to lift the cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes (SALT)—which would be a massive tax cut for the rich. "


Jack Cross

Mr. Templer was in the top layer of Management at College of the Mainland for 20 years. I visited with him in his office and we discussed the big problems that the Socialist professors were causing at COM led by professor David Michael Smith.

The college had failed bond elections in a row. Voters would not put their money

and trust in COM. This was hurting COM and the students they serve.

I was part of a group of interested citizens who said enough. We focused on replacing the board and we were successful. The rest is history,, COM has a great president and a outstanding board. Now James Templer sounds not different that the communist David Michael Smith.

Gary Miller

George> First there are only 31 RED states, not 43. True that some Democrat states are rewriting their election laws to make fraud harder. SR 1 is Pelosi's attempt at making all forms of election fraud legal.

Diane Turski


Wayne D Holt

" For God’s sake, 139 Republican representatives and eight Republican senators refused to accept the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden in a shameful and seditious attempt to undo democracy — and on the same day that a murderous mob of Trump supporters laid siege to the Capitol to accomplish the same end."

Sorry...I stopped reading at this world-class example of purple prose. When someone is that out of touch with reality, it generally is not a profitable use of time invested to stick around and see if they lapse into intelligibility at some later point in their narrative.

Joel Martin

Dear God, the commies aren't even trying to hide anymore. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. Oh wait, your not. You're a democrat.

Gary Miller

I remember when Democrats loved America more than the Democrat party. Now it will require one or two old time Senate Democrats to rescue America from the American hating Progressives. Putting a stop to the endless destructive policies of progressives will make those old time Democrats HERO's in the eyes of all real Americans.

George Laiacona

To Norman , if you want the real definition of Socialism and communism you will have to read just what the real experts Cooperman and Walter say in their 1962 book called Power and Civilation . Published by the Crowell Co.

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