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mark jones

The city pays for Mike Dean’s party while city officials cover it and mislead the public saying otherwise. Horrible. The motorcycle rally and Dean should no longer be allowed to takeover the family historic district with their obscene parties that make family businesses close. Charging taxpayers as a private business and putting up popup vendors in front of permanent businesses is unsuitable on The Strand. Those two oversized events should be moved away from residents and family businesses.

Rudolph Garza

Someone needs to force an audit of the Hotel Occupancy Tax. If that were to occur I promise that heads would roll. The use of HOT is as clear as a sunny day in Galveston. HOT revenues must “directly” promote tourism AND the convention and hotel industry. Using any portion for normally city service such as policing, is 100% illegal. The AG has ruled time and time again that there is no flexibility in the use of HOT revenue. A simple referral of this particular, and might I ad political hot potato issue concerning Mardi Gras, to the Texas Attorney General would clear all this up. But it's not looking good for anyone in the City of Galveston that gave the okay to use the HOT revenue for Mardi Gras.

Rudy Garza, Former Park Board Member and Former Chair of Mardi Gras

Wayne D Holt

I find it ironic that a non-attorney who owns businesses on the Strand can quote chapter and verse about why he believes his position is supported by Texas law and yet we have not seen anything like a rejoinder from the City's legal team that I am aware of. Doesn't that seem to be an odd contrast?

I have heard Mr. Maxwell claim that he has the authority to engage contracts like this with Council approval, but that is not any sort of transparent legal justification offered to the taxpayers who are paying for the spectacle. Now with litigation that could take months or even years to conclude, the City likely will continue to wrap itself in the cloak of invisibility by claiming they don't comment on pending litigation.

Exactly WHEN will the city comment on laws they claim authority from? Should it take a suit to find out what laws we are living under? Something is seriously wrong if that is the case and I applaud Mr. Flores for making the attempt to shake loose an answer that will stand up to close scrutiny.

I continue to believe this issue, while contentious, could be resolved in a way that allowed most of Galveston's events to be revisioned positively for local businesses, downtown residents, charitable and service organizations and the image of Galveston overall. But it can't begin to do that if the City is playing fast and loose with state law.

CJ Kirwer

What’s unfortunate is residents and employees of businesses of the downtown entertainment district weren’t included in the petition. I live “inside the fence”. That means I cannot: have:

Friends or relatives to my home unless they pay for entry.

Can I bring a “to-go” from a restaurant outside the fence home? Nope.

Can I bring my bicycle through the gate? Nope.

What I’m getting at in this post is pretty simple. Having been to Mardi Gras in 3 states and 4 countries Galveston is focused on out door concerts as opposed to supporting the Krewes that are the heart and soul of Mardi Gras anywhere but Galveston. That costs a lot of money.

As such Galveston is the only Mardi Gras I’ve ever been to that hires a promoter, intends to lose money, and completely loses track of what Mardi Gras is.

How about the city and park board support the Krewes that put in year long efforts to bring parades to the island as opposed to outdoor concerts that exist nowhere in any other Mardi Gras I’ve been to. Sure Anguilla has a “Jump Up” AFTER the parades.. but it’s still free to all. (Privately funded)

If y’all want to turn Mardi Gras into a three stage event call it what it is and leave the term “Mardi Gras” out of it.

Again- support the KREWES!

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