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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I hadn't really thought about it, but you are correct. The GCDN is a unique place for the written word, and it's often delightful. Unlike other papers I've subscribed to in the past - The Dallas Morning News or Times Herald, or The Houston Chronicle - the GCDN is large enough to be interesting and small enough to be digested in its entirety every day. And also unlike those other papers, the news and letters are almost always relevant - like the letter today about erecting a median on 27th street. This is just a few blocks from our house.

I also enjoy the banter between the various crackpots and curmudgeons who make up the Peanut Gallery here. Even though I can't recall a single instance of an opinion ever being changed, I do enjoy reading the letters and comments, researching the issues and testing the veracity of the writers, and formulating arguments for and against ideas that I would not have thought about otherwise.

Somewhere in my library, I have an old book from about the 1880's. It's a collection of columns written by a character very much like Leon Hale. It's an eye-opening and occasionally jarring witness to the opinions, concerns, and mores of his day. I can imagine some poor grad student 100 years from now slogging through the archives of this paper and thinking - "what the hell were they thinking?"

Dan Freeman

Leon Hale wrote so everyone could be a Texan. He is sorely missed.

Norman Pappous

All in all, the Daily News prints a broader array of opinion than most newspapers. It's editors may not reflect the views of the middle 60% but no one could ever accuse them of irresponsible points of view as some of their better known brethren in the larger cities. Michael and Laura are first-rate. I do miss Heber Taylor though.

Norman Pappous

Should read "It's editors may not ALWAYS reflect the views of the middle 60% "

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