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Kimberley Jones Yancy

The Confederate Statue in Galveston must go. The time is now.

Carlos Ponce

Kimberly wants to remove a statue that commemorates the defeat of the Confederacy. - broken sword, dismantled firearm tells us the Confederacy will not re-emerge. But removing the statue gives hope to the nut jobs that it will return.

jimmy winston

If you need a statue to remind you that slavery is bad, then you have much bigger issues.

Carlos Ponce

Some need to be reminded even in the 21st Century, jimmy. Not to remind me but to remind others. Slavery still exists even today.

David Hardee

Immediately you must as a public service notice respond to these questions. Who in the city administration has sanctioned this demonstration? And is the city providing security?

And you definitely should inform the public - before anyone decides to attend - Galveston County saw its highest daily positive COVID-19 case count yet, 108 cases, on June 17. Previously, the record-high daily positive case count was 86, which was recorded on April 4.

I will not attend because: At this time, with numbers of infections from a highly contagious virus on the rise a grouping for a demonstration is not advisable. Also, there have been too many well-meaning demonstrations that have been invaded by persons with radical agendas and intentions to use it to launch mayhem. Frequently, and consistently these demonstrations have erupted into rioting where the masses of demonstrators have overcome the ability of police to quell the rioting and destruction of property, and even driven police out of their headquarters and establish it as a fortress of anarchy. Consequently, any attendee to a demonstration cannot depend on security from harm.

Rather than a RESTITUTION demonstration to destroy a 100-year-old statue it would be better to have a RESTORATION working/demonstration located at one of those still smoldering sites of looting burning and destruction of peoples businesses, jobs and access to community services – food, medicines, etc.. That RESTORATION would fulfill the desire you suggest “we have an opportunity to be a bright light for the country."

Your article makes certain that some people were and still (generations) are to be shamed as racist. Your castigation of those generational racist people does not make the proposition of having a civil dialogue appealing to those you need/want for the conversation. It is difficult to attract those you castigate.

You are obviously very ready to perform public service that will improve conditions for your community. There is a disaster that the Daily News (front page headlined plus several more articles) has been trying to get the community of LaMarque help with. Young blacks are murdering each other, and committing drive-by shooting which is making LaMarque a treacherous place. The police chief has begged the citizens (he is convinced they have knowledge he needs) to help him get these culprits identified and out of the community. This has been going on for over a year and apparently citizens are (reason unknown) not helping themselves by coming forward. LaMarque would be well served if you used your organizational skills to promote a demonstration to assist them to help themselves.

Emile Pope

Exactly who are you to be giving anyone demands that they answer your questions? You aren't in a position to require anything from anybody. Furthermore, I don't recall anyone asking your advice for anything whatsoever.

David Hardee

Emile, again, my comment has not met your judgment as well-intended. I hope this clarification helps.

First - I WAS GIVEN AN INVITATION. And, if I am invited to join a public spectacle (become an accomplice) that has by recent reports is almost certain to result in rioting then it is stupid if I don’t make certain I don't become as an accomplice in causing un-lawful acts. Emile is my demand wise enough to satisfy your recriminating remark. It is always wise to be discriminating, (caveat emptor).

Second. He is giving me his advice/suggestion on how (if I attended) WE - “we have an opportunity to be a bright light for the country." I offered what would be a better option to produce his desire.

Emile, will you be marching?

Emile Pope

"public spectacle"? "almost certain to result in rioting"? "Become and accomplice"? In what unlawful acts and by who? Tell us their names. You can either show up or don't but don't start demanding anything from anyone. And he didn't give you advice or a suggestion and certainly didn't ask for yours.

David Hardee

Emile - please re-read this - your latest rebut " "public spectacle"? "almost certain to result in rioting"? "Become an accomplice"? In what unlawful acts and by who? Tell us their names. You can either show up or don't but don't start demanding anything from anyone. And he didn't give you advice or Fra suggestion and certainly didn't ask for yours."

IMy response - David considers any group that is on display (march/demonstration/parade/etc.) a spectacle..

If you seriously do not know of the frequent and consistent demonstrations that became riots you have not followed the events of police shooting blacks. Most of those demonstrations are using the mantra "black lives matter."

You did not answer whether you were marching - but in your response, there is the inference that you are marching.

Hope your march is effective and you stay safe from virus and any unforeseen events.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Mr. Hardee, there are several organizations such as the 409 Action Network is assisting with those items you mentioned. There are many voices and different streams of intellect in our Galveston County community. When LMPD is truly committed to community policing and diversity among its ranks perhaps they will have Community Trust. Its amazing that at first it was said they didn't have the funds to do it, then they said the community hasn't come forward. A third of the unsolved cases in G-County involve African-American people. And Mr. Hardee there are many groups working on Restoration. We are MANY Voices and not just one package. March on Issac and tell the true motives behind that Confederate Statute symbol.

David Hardee

I"ll address you using Kimberly, not knowing your preference. Is that ok? Kimberly, thank you for the response. I'm glad to know there are several intellectual groups concerning themselves with community interest items.

My only item needing attention is the La Marque police and the Daily News appealing to the community for help. Your response informs that trust in the LaMarque police is the obstruction. Your remarks about the police if true is a good reason to avoid them. The LaMarque police can be bypassed with an intellectual maneuver.

The needed information can be given to another agency with the jurisdiction and authority to act. Surely there is some agency worthy of trust. If you have all these resources and groups at service and on-call surely one can be dedicated to the La Marque disaster. LaMarque tranquility is worth all the effort.

I did a little work to establish that these agencies are willing to assist and empowered to act. The Sheriff, Texas Rangers, FBI, and the District Attorney (DA can take information and investigate but not arrest).

Carlos Ponce

Isaac Fanuiel IV, have a peaceful march. I marched to that same courthouse in the past to protest Roe v Wade. And with God's help, the killing of Black babies and babies of all races will be stopped one day. BLACK BABIES LIVES MATTER! But some want the genocide to continue.....

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Yes, we can agree! Black Baby Lives Matter! So remember that when those same black babies have to walk by this racist Confederate statue. I guess it doesn't matter so much then....smh...

Carlos Ponce

Statues aren't racist.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Carlos, the psychology of racist white supremacy is laced in the statutes, symbols, and propaganda. Hitler was a master of this as he ever so gently used symbols and words of hate to convince an entire nation to quickly kill Jews without merit. America has done the same. The hateful motives behind these statues must not be glorified and glamorized. Your generation tolerated it, ours will not.

Carlos Ponce

To quote my former students who stated in the vernacular, "It's just a thing."

Steve Lamb

Mr. Fanuiel, I believe you have overlooked my good friend the late Mr. Leon Evans, who served several terms as the mayor of Hitchcock with distinction. I point this out because Mr. Evans was such a good person and fine mayor, and his memory needs to be recognized.

David Smith

Who is stopping a black person from running for Galveston Mayor?

Just because there hasnt been one means nothing.

Nobodys stoping you..

Absolutely No one

Race relations are the best theyve ever been.

Could they be better? Yes

Looting. Rioting and attacking white old ladies

Doesnt help your argument.

I grew,up when there were white only water fountains

And colered folks sat in the balcony at movie theaters.

I went to school with the riots..

Whites didnt want them there

And blacks wanted to go back to their own schools..

From segragation to forced integration...

Times have changed for the better since the 60s... but there is work to do...

BTW. Racism isnt a one way street

Charles Douglas

Mr. Smith, YOU are absolutely, T- TOTALLY correct sir, because I too lived through the fifties and sixties, and had to deal with the disappointing relations, caused by ignorance,fear, and apathy of the masses. Some people think perfection can be had on this earth, and they won't settle for better or improvements during their time here, but they are wrong as you indicated! They are wrong because as long as a Devil is running free in the earth, there will be selfishness, greed, covetousness, and racism here, because he is the author of all evil! (John 10:10 declares that the devil comes for one reason, to Steal, Kill, and to Destroy mankind....) ( 1 Peter 5:8 warns each individual to be sober, alert, vigilant, because there is a DEVIL running loose in this earth seeking out who will ALLOW him to destroy them! ) He comes to change and manipulate your thoughts, your feeling or emotions, and to influence your decisions and habits! He inspires and perpetuates evil in the earth! We do not live in a perfect society! The Devil is the reason why! He is the author of SLAVERY, HATE, and it is a shame and a pity many people have not realized that! What good is tearing down a ( @$& l) statue going to Do? Will that stop men from hating, robbing, stealing, or killing each other? (H@*%) NAW it won't!!! All of this running around, looting, hitting Old women with 2×4 (s) in the streets while demolishing her shop, and burning down buildings and businesses of the wealthy and poor alike are inspired by he who inspired the first man and woman to defy GOD! Now, somebody tell me, what good is changing a name on a box of rice, or defacing a statue going to do in eradicating the inner HATE, one man has in his heart for another man? The devil don't give a fat rat's behind if you are Black, WHITE, Brown or POKA-DOT, he hates men PERIOD, because they were created in God's image! Okay, now I guess when that statue in Galveston is removed, there will NEVER be another murder, theft, assault, robbery, or rape in Galveston huh? Really?

Leigh Cowart

Charles Douglas...I applaud your comments. The young folks today have no idea and can't seem to look past their demands to see that the future depends on people changing and that can't be forced. You can't rewrite history or pretend it didn't exist like the schools have attempted to do by removing subjects from curriculum.

Ted Gillis

Leigh, you actually read through Charles’ screed?

You’re a better person than I am. I usually can’t get past the first sentence or two of his posts before eye fatigue sets in.

Now Isaac, you may be right about Galveston not having a black mayor, but there have been Hispanic mayors in the past and several women. Steve mentioned Leon, a black mayor in Hitchcock. He was a great guy and admired by most everyone that met him. Now as far as Geraldine goes, she owns the reason for her removal. I had the unfortunate opportunity of setting next to her at a convention once and she was so disruptive and annoying that most of us had to finally get up and move away from her. I truly think she had a personality disorder, which has nothing to do with her being black. Galveston County had an elected black County Treasurer, however he fought Commissioners court the whole time he was in office. County Commissioner Wayne Johnson was very popular and would have probably gone on to seek higher office if he had not died so young. He did have his moments though, picking a public fight with Pat Hallisey in the papers. Pat never backed down though. Stephen Holmes has held the precinct 3 spot for several years now and has been popularly re-elected.

The city of Galveston had a black city manager for several years. He was popular, BOI and well liked up until the end when somebody in the Municipal Court decided to help themselves to the cookie jar. He was not responsible for that theft, but his title did include the word “manager” so the council lost confidence in him. Again, nothing do do with him being black.

So there has been successful black leadership in Galveston County. Will we welcome more?

By all means yes!

Walter Dannenmaier

Dear Isaac,

I encourage you in your efforts. But I am a patron of Jeff's Cabs, The Mail Room and Leon's World Famous Barbecue, so I know that there are certainly black-owned businesses on the Island. Maybe you have been in Texas City too long? I have lived all over the country and I proudly say that Galveston is the most tolerant place I have ever lived. It's a good thing too! We are pretty much all living out of each other's pockets! Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Bailey Jones


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