While Sen. John Cornyn (“My plan to reduce mass violence,” The Daily News, Oct. 27) pats himself on the back for his minimal proposals to tackle our national gun violence epidemic, people should realize they fall far short yet again of the action that is required to meet the moment.

Despite overwhelming support for universal background checks and red flag laws here in Texas, Cornyn’s bill doesn’t include proposals for either. Even if it did, that wouldn’t be enough.

The fact is that military-style semiautomatic assault weapons have no place in our homes, within our neighborhoods, or on our city streets. I’m in 100 percent agreement with Beto O’Rourke that a ban and buyback program for assault weapons is needed for lasting results that will keep Texas families and communities safer.

These weapons of war are intended for one purpose: to kill human beings with swift and deadly efficiency.

The science of it makes that clear — the high-velocity bullets fired by these machines move almost three times as fast as a 9 mm handgun, causing wounds far more severe and lethal. Victims left with baseball-sized exit wounds often have little chance of survival. Paired with high capacity magazines, these weapons allow assailants to kill or maim twice the amount of victims than conventional firearms.

Being a lifelong Texas native, I know many of my fellow Texans’ affinity for guns. I myself enjoy hunting and have many friends and relatives who believe our right to bear arms is more than a way of life. But in my conversations with hunters, law enforcement and gun enthusiasts, almost all recognize there’s no legitimate purpose, no big hunt, that justifies the need for an AR-15, an AK-47 or any other type of assault weapon.

And I should add that a majority of Americans agree. In a recent poll, nearly 70 percent of all registered voters favored a ban of assault weapons and nearly 60 percent supported a mandatory buyback program. Any argument that the political will doesn’t exist just doesn’t hold water.

Since the mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa, Texas, is now the state with the most mass shooting deaths in the nation. The lives of our friends, neighbors and fellow Texans have already been deeply affected. Yet, Sen. Cornyn continues to side with the National Rifle Association, accepting its money and political support. I intend to end that, and I believe voters feel the same way.

We cannot tolerate fearing that our children will be gunned down in our schools and streets by these weapons. We cannot tolerate a senator who is bought and paid for by the NRA.

I want to ask John Cornyn, how many more lives will it take before we do the right thing? How many students and teachers must die like those at Sandy Hook and Parkland? How many more victims like those in Odessa and El Paso will be needed?

We must come together and take meaningful action on this issue to pass a mandatory buyback program and replace John Cornyn as our U.S. senator.

Former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell is running against Sen. John Cornyn in 2020.


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(12) comments

Carlos Ponce

"Former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell is running against Sen. John Cornyn in 2020." First he has to get through the Democrat Primary before he can make that claim. His opponents so far include Air Force helicopter pilot Major Mary Jennings "MJ" Hegar, State Sen. Royce West of Dallas, pastor Michael Cooper, Jack Daniel Foster, Jr., Victor Hugo Harris, Sema Hernandez, Midland City Councilman John B. Love III, financial analyst Adrian Ocegueda, labor organizer Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez and Houston council member Amanda Edwards.

"military-style" - They look like military weapons but aren't.[rolleyes]

Gary Miller

Carlos> The guns our military are issued are for their protection. The m 16 is being replaced by the m 4 because it protects better than the m 16. Look for a revised AR 15 that looks like the M 4. The best personal protection gun is one that looks like a real military tool.

Bailey Jones

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We'll know very soon whether Cornyn's measures have any effect on homicide rates.

Paul Hyatt

Why don't you people who proclaim to hate guns so much go and disarm the thugs who are doing these killings? The thugs in Chicago, Detroit, LA, and in most of your major cities controlled by the democrats are where all of the action is happening. Go there disarm those people and see how much your murder rate goes down. We The People who own tons of weapons are not the problem. People like you who want US to have no way to protect ourselves from the thugs both foreign and domestic are the real problem. You all have set up gun free zones and that is one of your biggest problems, because that is where your biggest kill zones are at....

Gary Miller

Paul> Blue City crime can.t be controlled as long as Democrats run those cities. Gun free zones? Shoot here signs. Why would anyone put up a sign saying people here can't defend themselves?

Gary Miller

The killing zones in America are where anti gun laws make it difficult for law abiding citizens to own the means of self protections. Anti gun laws are responcible for the weekly death count in Democrat controlled cities. Those cities combined record the greatest number of deaths each week. More each week than the worst mass shooting anywhere ever. Enforcing anti crime laws will do more than any anti gun law. Nothing will ever be accomplished as long as voters elect Democrats. Crime is a Democrats profit business.

Susan Smith

Another uneducated democrat

Paul Hyatt

Not only and uneducated democrat, we also have a very uneducated media group that posts some of the most hilarious things that they try to pass as truth....

Charles Douglas

No Sir, and No Mam! In my opinion the Democrats are NOT uneducated! That is not one of their shortcomings. The problem is they THINK all conservatives are uneducated idiots, who won't fight back and will settle for anything they come up with. They are going to find out different though, messing around with that...that...that BADDDD ..MANNN in DC!

Charlene Adams

I agree completely! Assault weapons belong with the military only. I’m all for owning a gun for self protection or for hunting. I’ve never seen an assault weapon needed to do either.

Carlos Ponce

"I’m all for owning a gun for self protection or for hunting. I’ve never seen an assault weapon needed to do either."

Charlene Adams must have missed the article where Texas City ISD has bought AR-15s to PROTECT the students of TCISD. Here's the link:


By the way ALL weapons used for self-protection and hunting can be used for assault. The most common weapon of assault in the United States is a knife.

John E Sr. Macrini

OR a fist

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