In the aftermath of the mid-term elections, I have to ask the question: Why is it that some intelligent and rational people continue to support lies, bigotry, and discrimination?

The question is raised by me because while volunteering at the polls, I met many individuals of different racial and political parties who stressed civility and honesty. We worked and talked together with a common sense of decency and respect.

It’s very sad that during the election process, racism and voter suppression once again reared its ugly head. There were statements made by elected officials that were unequivocally and extremely racist. It seems that no respect for a fellow citizen and false statements have become the norm. Constitutional norms have become shattered.

How can anyone who professes to have a relationship with Christ continue to support this type of behavior? To hear a United States senator make a joke regarding public hangings in a state that owns the record for lynching children of God is not a joke — ever. Worse, not one high-ranking official of the party to which the senator belongs, said a mumbling word.

The senator spoke in the same state in which the iconic civil rights activist Medgar Evers was assassinated for trying to register African-Americans to vote. In two other states, an African-American male and female had the audacity to run for governor. Their intelligence, political astuteness, and likability were vilified from the highest political office in the land.

Yes. The President chose to speak derogatorily and negatively regarding the accomplishments of the two civil rights leaders rather than speaking positively. In this instance, and from my perspective, he certainly made himself look small. Yet, to the surprise of no one, people continue to applaud and support this kind of behavior.

Personally, often I don’t support everything anyone says, I do support some things that are said; however, I will never compromise my morality. We may disagree on issues regarding taxes, health care, Social Security, union rights, Medicare and many others, but my moral values will stand. I believe that this president is void of empathy or the ability to compromise or express sincere sympathy for any reason.

Cases in point: He claims that he loves the military, but he fails to honor veterans on Veteran’s Day; citizens are being murdered daily; his thoughts and actions are on election results; parts of California has been destroyed by monstrous fires and hundreds of people are missing, and the president blames management.

In spite of it all, I see a silver lining. Our community came together to vote for bonds to improve the educational conditions of both the Texas City Independent school District and College of the Mainland. Our educational facilities will have 21st century status and The Settlement will prosper. I pray that this entire community will continue efforts to exist in peace and harmony throughout the season on which we’re embarking — Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have much for which to be thankful.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagles’ Nest Community Organization and lives in Texas City.


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Randy Chapman

The "Eagles’ Nest Community Organization" consists of a pickup with the name mentioned, driven by the author of this inflammatory post.

Brian Tamney

Not everything has to do withrace, the senator in ms didnt specify who was to be hung, and the two governor candidates were attacked not on their color, but their far left destructive ideas.

Carlos Ponce

"Why is it that some intelligent and rational people continue to support lies, bigotry, and discrimination?"
So Daniels, why do you?
Why do you persist in Identity politics? There has never been any monolithic group whether you use gender, race, ethnic background or religion as the basis of one's "identity". Doing so reeks of bigotry and discrimination.

Emile Pope

Interesting how no one denies what he wrote. No one tries to defend what was written. They just try to offer some false equivalency based on misinformation as a defense. There were far, far more votes for Democratic candidates than Republican and would have been more House seats going to Democrats except for gerrymandering by Republicans. The country is beginning to see what Republicans are about and walking (and running) away from them...

Paul Hyatt

Funny how you complain about what certain people did or did not write about and yet where is your defense of the so called Eagle? If one were honest and I do not see that in your post it was the demoncrats who started and still do the gerrymandering of districts.... Of course honesty and civility is not the strong suit of the demoncrats....

Emile Pope

Democrats received more votes than Republicans. Save your arguments...

Carlos Ponce

"Democrats received more votes than Republicans." Not in Galveston County, not in Texas.

Emile Pope

Just one state...just one county...

Carlos Ponce

Just ONE county????? Out of the 254 counties, 235 voted for Republican Abbott, 19 for Democrat Valdez.
Out of 36 US House seats, Republicans won 23 Congressional Districts, Democrats won 13.
In the US Senate Seat, Republicans voted for Cruz in 222 seats, Democrats won 32 counties for Robert No'Rourke.
Just one county? JUST ONE COUNTY????????????
Out of all statewide offices, Republicans won ALL seats, Democrats - ZIP, ZERO, NADA.

Carlos Ponce

Emile, one cannot control what goes on in another part of the country. There is NO gerrymandering in Texas according to the US Supreme Court. See
"Supreme Court Upholds Texas Voting Maps That Were Called Discriminatory"
" far more votes for Democratic candidates than Republican"
Since you're talking about Hose votes, let's look at CD 14
Randy Weber (R) 68,881 votes or 60.90%
Adrienne Bell (D) 42,187 votes or 37.34%
Emile, your neighbors voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidates. No Democrat candidate on Galveston County ballots won on November 6th.
Don't look at this as a hint to move away to a Bluer climate. Look at this as an opportunity to appreciate your neighbors, the majority of whom voted Republican, with NO Gerrymandering. People are flocking to Texas diluting Republican voting numbers in other parts of the country.

Jim Forsythe

Gerrymandering in Texas
The Texas court's decisions about CD35 and all but three of the Texas House districts were based entirely on its finding that the 2013 Legislature had not purged its predecessor's discriminatory intent. However, the court also held that three districts--CD27, HD32, and HD34--were invalid under §2 of the Voting Rights Act because they had the effect of depriving Latinos of the equal opportunity to elect their candidates of choice. Id., at 682-686; 267 F. Supp. 3d, at 775-783. And the court found independent proof that HD90 was a racial gerrymander. Id., at 788-794
FindLaw's United States Supreme Court case and opinions.

Diluting Republican voting numbers in other parts of the country.
California sent more people by far to Texas than any other state.
LOS ANGELES — In the wake of a near-political annihilation in California that has left even longtime conservative stronghold Orange County bereft of a single Republican in the House of Representatives, a growing chorus of GOP loyalists here say there’s only one hope for reviving the flatlining party: Blow it up and start again from scratch.
“I believe that the party has to die before it can be rebuilt. And by die — I mean, completely decimated. And I think Tuesday night was a big step,’’ says veteran California GOP political consultant Mike Madrid. “There is no message. There is no messenger. There is no money. And there is no infrastructure.”
“The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead,” wrote former state GOP Assembly leader Kristin Olsen, who startled fellow Republicans with a brutally frank op-ed this week saying Republicans must acknowledge their “serious problem” in California, particularly the effects of toxicity of President Trump.

All statewide elected offices were won by Democrats. Democrats have recaptured the US House of Representatives. This is the first time the Democrats have controlled the chamber following the 2010 elections.
Democrat J.B. Pritzker resoundingly defeated incumbent Republican governor Bruce Rauner 54-40.

FindLaw's United States Supreme Court case and opinions.
FindLaw's searchable database of United States Supreme Court decisions since

Carlos Ponce

Jim, update your information with the Supreme Court decision. NO gerrymandering in Texas. What you cite is OLD and overturned.
(1) The Texas court held that CD27 violates §2 because it has the effect of diluting the votes of Nueces County Latino voters, who, thecourt concluded, should have been included in a Latino opportunitydistrict rather than CD27, which is not such a district. Plaintiffs, however, could not show that an additional Latino opportunity dis-trict could be created in that part of Texas.
(2) The Texas court similarly erred in holding that HD32 and HD34, which make up the entirety of Nueces County, violate §2. The 2013 plan created two districts that lie wholly within the county:HD34 is a Latino opportunity district, but HD32 is not. The court’s findings show that these two districts do not violate §2, and it is hard to see how the ultimate Gingles vote dilution standard could be met if the alternative plan would not enhance the ability of minority votersto elect the candidates of their choice.

Kelly Naschke

Don't confuse Emile with facts.

Emile Pope

The Supreme Court upheld slavery and segregation at one time...

Carlos Ponce

Note on Dred Scott decision. Dred Scott was freed after the decision, several years prior to the Civil War but died of of tuberculosis 18 months after freed.

Emile Pope

He was bought and given his freedom. The scum that owned him before never freed him...

Randy Chapman

I guess the 2016 presidential race proves your point?

Mike Meador

emile....go to californational....your taxes and everything else will go to EVERYONE, BUT you.

Emile Pope

People who cannot afford to go to California don't get an opinion as to whether I should live there...

Jarvis Buckley

Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mr. Daniels.

PS- Hope one day you get past all your racism.

Kelly Naschke

The overwhelming hate that flows from this, so called "Rev", is unbelievable. To continually be bombarded with his same hate filled rhetoric over and over like a scratched record has worn thin. All of his commentary is based on one thing and one thing only. Getting sad to see such hate filled guy brooding away his golden years. One thing is for sure....Daniels lets everyone know who the real racist is.

Steve Fouga

Happy Thanksgiving to all on this forum. I enjoy all of you.

Rusty Schroeder

Well said Steve. I bet your gonna go pedal off that dinner aren't you ? [wink]

Steve Fouga

Yes sir, Rusty! I'll be on the bike tomorrow!

Jim Forsythe

Steve, have a happy Thanksgiving bicycle ride.
Queen - Bicycle Race

Jim Forsythe

Grace plays a hard driving V, and Cat is very good to.
You may not like this type of music, but it is one of my favorite types. Hard driving, straight to the bone.
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - "Paris" - Mountain Jam VI - 6/6/10

Jim Forsythe


Steve Fouga

Jim, I do like that type of music. I like all kinds. But the person who really likes that kind of music is my wife. She loved this song and this group, so thanks doubly for posting.

Steve Fouga

Thanks, Jim! Will do.

Wayne Holt

One observation Rev. Daniels has absolutely right is there is a huge gulf between the way average citizens all around this country treat each other and the way the leadership of BOTH parties try to exploit real and imagined differences to gain a political advantage.

The average American of any race generally gets along well with others, race and religion not withstanding. But you couldn't tell that if you listen to those in Washington. Leadership in both parties seems to me to be 100% out of touch with what the rest of us out here in the REAL AMERICA are doing. Generally we're working, getting along, raising children, trying to better ourselves.

The day all Americans wake up to the head games that have been played on us by government and media manipulators will be the day we will begin to see a reflection of a much more unified and positive America. Washington DC is not that America and has not been for many years.

Don't let the sensationalism you see on your TV or read in the paper distort your experience of getting along with your fellow Americans...we're better than that.

Kelly Naschke

Well said Wayne.

Dalton Logan

Mr. Daniels you state, 'I will never compromise my morality' but yet you support pro-abortion candidates. Mr. Daniels, or anyone else for that matter, please post what scripture in the Bible that supports your view for abortion? just guessing but I think your morality has been compromised greatly already. Will pray for you.

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