Riots aren’t unique to the United States, but they’re woven throughout the tapestry of this nation’s history. Depending on how you define a riot, there have been hundreds — or thousands — since the 18th century.

A team of economists would have difficulty putting a dollar value on the cost. The violence, destruction, hatred and distrust build resentment that can cause another riot in another place and time. The frequency and violence of riots in the United States is appalling, but I have to believe that Americans can stop the evil that haunts us. The deaths are so tragic and repetitive that they should make us want to change our ways.

From 2017 to 2019, almost 5.5 million people participated in 4,296 protests for many different reasons. There have been at least 50 protests this year alone. My study of 96 race riots doesn’t include any First Nation, Irish, Italian, Chinese, labor (railroad, coal, automobile, dock workers), war protests or sporting events.

This is about people dying just because of the color of their skin. Between the New York City Slave Uprising of 1712 and the Milwaukee/Charlotte Riots of 2016, we lost 230 white and 2,907 Black people, more than were lost on 9/11.

The Black-led events started with attempts to gain freedom, while the white-led events were based on false pretexts or retribution for real or imagined wrongs. Police or white mobs fueled by an irrational fear of Black people would overreact and begin beating, shooting, burning and lynching Blacks to keep them “in their place.”

The “score” shows why Black people have reason to be scared of white people. Is it any wonder that they would rise up?

Whether they were called a riot, race riot, revolt, conspiracy, unrest, insurrection, mutiny, war, massacre, uprisings, rebellion or protest, they shared similar traits. White vigilantes and police departments are responsible for most of the killing. Police fatally shot 1,146 Black and white Americans in 2015; 1,092 in 2016; 986 in 2017; 990 in 2018; 1,004 in 2019; and 661 so far this year.

Each death contributes to the cumulative impact.

Most of the information on racial strife in the United States has been buried very deeply. Many white people deny the atrocities that Blacks have endured, just like white supremacists who deny the Holocaust. Some old newspaper articles indicate losses in Black communities weren’t considered particularly relevant and weren’t reported.

When President Trump wanted to hold a rally, he purposely picked Juneteenth (a Black holiday) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where 300 Black men, women and children were killed in that city’s Black Wall Street. Recently, anthropologists used drones to find an unmarked mass grave, but Tulsa officials won’t allow further exploration of the site that might hold as many as 1,000 Black remains. This is ongoing systemic racism.

It’s just insane to keep doing the same things but not address the cause that wastes the American lives and precious resources. We must find a better use of our national treasure.

John Machol lives in Galveston.


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Carlos Ponce

"he purposely picked Juneteenth" Trump did not pick it. His campaign staff conferred with Tulsa officials who agreed to the day June 19th. Hearing displeasure over that selection they changed the rally date to June 20th but even that day was met by disapproval by Trump haters. Results of the rally : In Oklahoma Trump leads Biden 60% to 35% in the Sooner poll, an increase for Trump over the pre-Tulsa rally. The polling is off, I believe, Trump's numbers are higher.

See: "Poll: President Holds Commanding Lead in Oklahoma Over Biden"

Emile Pope

Using anyone associated with trump to confirm anything is ridiculous...

Carlos Ponce

Go back to sleep again, Emile. You're not making any sense - again.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos , now that you are using polls again, below is the latest. This includes Trump winning Oklahoma. One state does not win a election.

2020 Electoral Votes --Trump 119--Biden 284

Things could change.

If you disagree Carlos, please lay out how Trump is going to reach 270

Carlos Ponce

Amazing! Jim is repeating that same FALSE meme from 2016: "Trump has NO Electoral path to election". The polls food you once:

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me!

But if someone keeps being fooled by the same thing they're just PLAIN STUPID!

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, You are the one that talked about polls. If you can not believe in polls, do not bring them up.

Since you have not said what states Trump is going to carry, I guess that you do not know or that you agree that Trump will not reach 270.

I will give you one state to start with, Florida. Do you think Trump will carry Florida?

Carlos Ponce

Trump will carry Florida. The Liberal press keeps talking about the transplanted Puerto Ricans. In Puerto Rico there are three groups: those who want statehood, those who want to keep Commonwealth status and those who want independence. Those who migrated to Florida are the more conservative types.

If you bother to read my posts concerning POLLS you will notice I always add the CAVEAT I don't believe those numbers. Add percentage points to the Republican view or candidate then you have something closer to reality.

Jim Forsythe

Trump won in Florida in 2016, 4,617,886 to 4,504,975. Because of the possibly of it being won this year by Biden, he has said that "Aug 04, 2020 President Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon that Florida voters should vote by mail "

Another factor is, Bloomberg to spend up to $100 million to beat Trump in Florida. With this extra money, the number of ads will increase.

President Donald Trump announced Friday he is sending $13 billion in disaster aid to Puerto Rico, an unexpected move years after a hurricane devastated the island and 45 days before the election. Will this change anyone's mind.

This year the results from Florida will be one of the first because "As much as 75 percent of Florida’s vote could be cast before Election Day and, because of the way the state tabulates votes"

If history holds, Trump must win Florida, to be reelected.

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the stakes are higher.

John Machol

Nothing happens that Trump doesn't approve.

Carlos Ponce

Trump listens to the experts whether it's medical relate or campaign related.

Bailey Jones

I haven't studied 96 riots, but the recent riots that come to mind all follow episodes of perceived police abuse. I've mentioned here before my own memories of the riot that followed the Santos Rodriguez murder by cop in Dallas when I was a teenager. Not much has changed in these 47 years.

I've also mentioned the following here before - if there isn't a recognition of the systemic racial injustices we have in this nation - both in the past and today - we will never fix these problems and we will never be free of protests, and the riots that co-op them.

I was particularly sad today to hear President Trump propose the brain washing of our children with his ridiculous "America First" educational curriculum which specifically denies that the injustices that precipitate these riots even exist.

This nation will make no progress on social justice as long as Donald Trump is president. His "law & order" and "left wing mob" rhetoric makes that clear.

On the other hand, I heard a bit of the Biden town hall tonight, where Biden (actually) answered a question about police abuse by promising to bring together police, police unions, legislators, and leaders from our black and brown communities to work toward solutions to prevent police brutality and remove bad cops from the ranks of our police departments.

Solutions to these problems require leadership that at least acknowledges that the problems exist.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, why would he not have done this during his eight years as vice-president under the country's first black president? Seems like that would have been the perfect moment to seize the initiative. I have a strong hunch police brutality didn't crop up for the first time four years ago.

I guess Mr. Biden believes in his heart of hearts you have to be the president of the United States before you can make any difference in the qualify of life for others. Either that or it takes more than eight years to get everyone together in a room and kick off the effort.

Bailey Jones

I do remember in 2009 when Henry Louis Gates was arrested for breaking into his own home. Obama had the famous "beer summit" which brought Gates and the officer (Crowley) together to discuss the issue. Gates and Crowley became friends, Gates asked Crowley for a sample of his DNA, and found that he and Crowley are distant cousins and share a common Irish ancestor. Crowley recently gave Gates the handcuffs used in the arrest which Gates donated to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Gates later revealed during a National Press Club luncheon that he had met with Sgt Crowley for a beer prior to the Beer Summit at the suggestion of President Bill Clinton. Gates said that he was moved when Crowley told him "Professor, all I wanted was to go home to my wife at the end of the day." Gates further recounted that Crowley had feared that another black man had been upstairs who could at any moment have come down and killed him. Gates said this brought tears to his eyes as he understands fear and that ever since he and Crowley have been really good friends. It was a small thing, but absolutely the right approach - bringing all sides together to talk, and more importantly, to listen.

As to your assertion - fueled by Trump and the Trumpuppets - that nothing was done under the Obama administration, I refer you to reality -

Was it enough? Obviously not. Was there the political will in the country and congress to do more? I don't think so. But the worm has turned and (most of) the nation is ready for real change, real talk, and real reform. Biden will follow the people's lead - or he will reap the people's wrath. Biden has called for a federal ban on police chokeholds, a new federal police oversight commission, new national standards for when and how police use force, more mandatory data collection from local law enforcement, and more power for the Department of Justice to investigate local police departments, etc. Trump has labeled racial justice protesters as anarchists and the destroyers of America. Trump has made it clear that he stands against the people, and against racial justice - denigrating and vilifying those who even dare acknowledge that it exists. I have no illusions that Biden is our savior, but there is hope with Biden. There is no hope with Trump.

Wayne D Holt

I was pretty good with most of what you wrote, Bailey, until you got to this: "Trump has labeled racial justice protesters as anarchists and the destroyers of America. "

Trump labeled rioters as rioters, looters as looters, vandals as vandals. He has made a clear distinction between exercising our God given write to protest and petition for change peacefully vs using racial justice issues as a red herring to collect swag and burn down the city.

In this, he has the overwhelming support of Republicans, Democrats, Independents...pretty much everyone but proto-Marxist agitators, the majority of which seem to be young whites. I don't blame black Americans for giving these losers a wide berth. An association with them is counter to everything civil rights heroes have worked for since the 1960s.

Bailey Jones

Trump has labeled the words "Black Lives Matter" a symbol of hate.

You can defend him if you want. I won't.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posted: "I do remember in 2009 when Henry Louis Gates was arrested for breaking into his own home." In reality he was arrested for disorderly conduct, NOT breaking into his home. Sgt Crowley knew Gates was in his own home after ID was produced. He then requested Gates go outside to discuss what Gates determined was an attempted break-in while in China. Gates' yelling "Yeah, I'll speak with your mama outside!" This was overheard by the dispatcher from Crowley's radio transmission. Since the case received so much attention, charges were dropped.

Arrested "for breaking into his own home"? No. Gates gained entry through his back door, no breaking in. It was his attitude which got him arrested for disorderly conduct.

Charles Douglas

Joe Biden is a RACIST CLOWN, and a FOOL who is spoon-fed pre-formed questions and rehearsed answers because his mind is shot! The man went public with his racism, and hatred for BLACK AMERICA many times, including on the floor of the SENATE, and it is really sad for LIBERALS to try to look an African-American in the face today, and say JOE BIDEN is other than what he has shown himself to be! He has even made LAWS to jail BLACK PEOPLE UNJUSTLY!, ...enforcing drug laws for possession of crack cocaine, and powdered cocaine differently by race!

JOE BIDEN has made racist statements about integration & busing! He has called BLACKS... PREDATORS, and a JUNGLE SOCIETY of people! who he did not want around his kids! ( That was code for he did not want his family to look like mine looks ). He was bosom buddies with Senators Fulbright, Helms, Thrumond, Byrd, and other KKK AFFILIATES who mentored him to be a HATER Of African-Americans! Joe did not support Civil Rights Act, and the NAACP along with African American Senator Ed BROOKE, said Biden and Jesse Helms did more to keep America SEGREGATED than anyone alive! Now, you tell me,... how can JOE BEING RACIST, bring this country together? All we can hear from the LEFT is how much they Love Black people! Some are falling for it...but there now are many more of us who are on to those strategic, pathetic lies, and will help VOTE TRUMP to another term!

Paula Flinn

People can change, Charles, except for Trump. Trump has been ingrained with racial misinformation since he was young. Trump even has trouble shaking hands with his white supporters, but not with Putin.

Joe Biden has changed in the last 20 years. He is no longer a segregationist. He got along with President Obama. You are bringing up “ancient“ history with Helms, Byrd, Thurmond, and the rest. Joe Biden has changed. He’s not a hater/divider. You should acknowledge that! 😃

Charles Douglas

Ms. Flinn just proved my points concerning how the LEFT deploys a smooth game of BLACK MANIPULATION against African-Americans! See what I'm talking about? She is saying, ".. don't believe your lying eyes, Charles,....take Joe by faith!" "Look over there.. TRUMP is the one to watch!" Joe Biden is a RACIST, and if he is not then George Wallace never was, and Neither was Robert Byrd who use to be the Grand Cyclops of the KKK!

Paula Flinn

Oh, I guess people can’t change, then. All of life’s experiences are for naught because we don’t learn and grow, we just stay the same.

Joe Biden is not a racist. Trump may not be a racist, but the only people he likes are rich donors. He doesn’t care about anyone who can’t do him any good. He’s a user of people. As soon as you disagree with him, Trump will turn against you. As soon as you tell the truth about him, you are disparaged and reviled. You are fired and sometimes the victim of revenge by him. The Democrats discovered that early-on. I wonder how long it will take for the Republicans to realize that they have no dignity or integrity backing this joke of a man. Joe Biden is no saint, but thank God he isn’t like Trump.

And, Charles, I wouldn’t presume to manipulate you. You have a closed mind.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, who said the didn't want his children growing up in a "racial jungle"?

Paula, who eulogized his mentor who was a member of the KKK?

Charles Douglas

Ahhhhhh-hahaaaa. Ms. FLinn said I have a closed mind. Naw I don't. I keep it open just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit, ...when I'm conversing with LIBERALS! See yall have to realize what y'all are asking here! YALL want me, of all people, to ....Start Siding, Gliding, Hiding, & RIDING....with RACIST Joe BIDEN!!!!! [beam][beam] P.S. If Joe Biden is not RACIST ....I'm not BLACK!!!!!

Charles Douglas

I dont have much to say concerning this article. I started to bring up the SLAVES! I did not. I started to bring up BLACK manipulation, but I did not. All I want to say about this author's article is this:



John Machol

Yeah, Right! Except, in multiple comments, you hit them all. And don't blame me for following the correct way of writing (see my response to Wayne) What's up with capitalizing words in your comments. It makes sound STUPID!

Charles Douglas

Maybe I'm trying to sound like you, and all the rest of you LIBERALS who think all African-Americans are stupid.... and MONOLITHIC? [wink]

Charles Douglas

I understand it is hard to hear the truth, but I intend to keep pounding and bombarding the LEFT with the truth, in retribution to the horrific ..pandering lies ...they keep pounding concering TRUMP and the job he is doing. So, man up, and go with the Flo. ...

Wayne D Holt

I have noticed recently that in discussing race composition, African Americans are racially described as (B)lack, while Caucasian Americans are racially described as (w)hite.

Can someone provide the style rule or usage source that prescribes the different capitalization? I don't understand why they should be styled differently.

Bailey Jones

That's an AP style guide rule which I don't really understand - I believe it comes from the use of the capital White by white supremacists. I don't capitalize either.

Carlos Ponce

"The ink is Black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write. A child is Black, a child is white." Three Dog Night

AP has some serious issues (and I don't mean publications)!

Sharon Stratman

The short version is that Black is capitalized because Black people more generally share a common culture and history. There is more variation in the cultures of white people.

Wayne D Holt

Thank you for adding that, Ms Stratman. If true--and I have no reason to doubt that is why it's done--it's interesting that the homogeneity of black culture may to some extent be the product of involuntary social isolation and the challenges to integrating fully into the dominant white culture.

I'm probably go with the same solution Bailey mentioned above and just use lower case for both equally.

John Machol

Wayne, I don't understand it either. My original collum had both capital W and B. My wife made me change it-she is always right! But that isn't the point, now is it?

Carlos Ponce

Gotta keep the wife happy!

Gary Scoggin

Lost in all of this is the fact that the BLM marches in Galveston County have been nothing but peaceful. The cooperation between the organizers and the LEOs is worthy of our thanks in this regard.

Bailey Jones

"The vast majority of demonstration events associated with the BLM movement are non-violent. In more than 93% of all demonstrations connected to the movement, demonstrators have not engaged in violence or destructive activity. Peaceful protests are reported in over 2,400 distinct locations around the country. Violent demonstrations, meanwhile, have been limited to fewer than 220 locations — under 10% of the areas that experienced peaceful protests."

Yet, despite data indicating that demonstrations associated with the BLM movement are overwhelmingly peaceful, one recent poll suggested that 42% of respondents believe “most protesters are trying to incite violence or destroy property”.

This is the false narrative being pushed by Trump and his merry band of useful idiots - including those who frequent this forum. It serves no purpose except to further Vladimir Putin's goal of dividing and weakening America, a goal that Trump has embraced wholeheartedly (minus the heart).

To Trumpsters, Black Lives Matter is an enemy organization. To the rest of us, black lives matter. That's why the national canker has to be removed in November.

Carlos Ponce

"associated with the BLM movement" What about the Antifa movement?

220 VIOLENT demonstrations aren't anything to ignore.

In Portland alone there were over 100 violent days. I wonder if the Liberal bean counters count that as just one....

Carlos Ponce

Just pray they stay peaceful. After Trump's re-election the bad guys have promised "No Biden, no peace!"

Charles Douglas

There should be no complaints concerning peaceful demonstrations! However, all the burning, looting, killing, stealing, and beating Ole ladies with 2x4s for nothing,...that, .. I have a problem with! I said this before,..and I WILL SAY it many more times if necessary, to emphasize the anarchy, upheaval, and lawlessness which is being perpetuated and tolerated now in Democratic controlled municipalities and cities!

Gary Scoggin

I think all of us here "have a problem" with violent, destructive actions. This is rioting, not protesting. As I said earlier, I applaud the peacefulness of the BLM protests here. And I have every confidence that they will remain that way.

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup] Galveston County should be very proud of the way our fellow Americans here decided to exercise their God given right to speak out. We should be appreciative of the restraint shown and encourage other communities to look to this example as the right way to do it.

John Machol

I am very disappointed by the political comments that appeared here after my guest collum was published. Most of them had little, if anything, to do with the story: race riots kill. I wanted people to know how often they happen in the hope that we could do something about them. It is not a red/blue or white/black or Republican/Democrat problem. Riots affect all of us, you wouldn't treat a dog that way. Focus on the problem. Sheesh![offtopic][sad]

Bailey Jones

You like you never read the GCDN before.

Carlos Ponce

Perhaps if you wouldn't write fabrications like ""he purposely picked Juneteenth" ". Unless you have PROOF Trump "purposely picked Juneteenth" it is mere conjecture, subject to scrutiny and comment.

David Hardee

None of the commenters like the riots. It is your editorializing about causes and justifications that brought ou article into scrutiny and critique. There is a serious ideological war in our society. If there were a Mason Dixon line of division (border) you would be witnessing another civil war. Thank God it d isolated in the bastions of the Democtatic controlled cities. The BLM advocate in concert with the NAACP has tried on 3 occasions to accelerate the conflict locally. This election result is being set up by the democtrats to be as chaotic as possible. Be ready to either have a landslide victory or we will see a society that erupts into dastardly conflict. The Democrats are hiring lawyers in every electorial district with intent to disrupt/dispute/delay any count that is less than totally conclusive.

You had better vote wisely!

Jim Forsythe

The President and his staff knew about Juneteenth.

Not knowing is not an excuse, because he knew or his memory is fading.

Presidential Message on Juneteenth, 2019

Issued on: June 19, 2019: Melania and I send our best wishes for a memorable celebration to all those commemorating Juneteenth.



John Machol

Bailey - No, I've never bothered reading the reader's comments before, this time I thought I would see if there's anything that would help find a solution. But don't worry I'm a fast learner and I won't do that again.

Carlos - Do you know what the word count limit for a guest column is? 500 words! I started with 1000 words and had to cut it down quite a bit. But there is not a limit on this page so here goes. I thought about that statement for a long time. I didn't even want to mention trump since the problem is old and will be with us for years. I have heard enough, and read enough to know that Mr. T is an egotistical narcissist that wouldn't let anything t happen that he hasn't thought long and hard about. He is a one-man-band, the be-all, and end-all, the Alpha and Omega of his own fantasy world. It's obviously been true in his business dealings. Without his approval, nothing happens. Notice how he treats his family, the way treats White House, staff, the Joint Chiefs of Staff? He is really smart, doing all of this on purpose. He only pretends to be dumb, and incompetent. Maybe he is setting up a self-defense plea deal. My guess is that if he loses this election he will try to take Air Force one to Russia as he defects in late December. That is too wordy, so I decided that since it was an opinion piece I could say whatever the F*** I wanted. You sure picked up on that phrase and the capitalization of the word black. Way to go Capt. obvious! Don't bother responding I'm turning this computer off, you can just listen to yourself rant all you want

Carlos Ponce

"The President and his staff knew about Juneteenth." And your point is they cannot have a rally on June 19th???? It was a day selected by Tulsa officials and the Trump Candidacy Team. Tulsa officials would not have approved if it interfered with anything else or was considered "insensitive". Are you suggesting that NOTHING can occur on June 19th? Send the word, Jim says NOTHING can occur on Juneteenth. No professional sports, NOTHING.

Carlos Ponce

"I didn't even want to mention trump" You should have left it at that. Turn off your computer, go to sleep. [yawn]

Gary Scoggin

David, there is a big difference between a peaceful protest and trying “to accelerate the conflict.” Your inability to differentiate says a lot. Ms. Yancey and others have been very deliberate in making their marches peaceful and constructive. In fact, the only threat to civil order seems to be the counter-protesters trying to stir things up. Perhaps that right there shows why the marches need to happen.

David Hardee

Mr. Machol - The platitude title of your article echoed the sentient of all citizens of goodwill. But in the text, you exposed your sentiment and that means you are taking a stand, good, this is a serious and volatile issue. When you later comment "my first --and never read a comment," revealed you are superficial in the research and efforts to the information you process in this and probably the entire political arena. That impression iritates those that are so convicted that they are seeking every morsel of information and then subjecting that morsel to research and evaluation of its truth and credibility. It is your superficiality that is frightening and destructive to the voting process, especially now. Sir, you castigating Trump for egotism and harsh manners is the ultimate degree of a simple-minded voter. Every candidate for President is an egotist and has to have fortitude. Those attributes for the career politician are managed to elicit maximum appeal. Trump is no POLITICIAN - what you see and hear is what you get. Rhetoric and demeanor from a politician is a bucket of spit. Our country is in desperate need of change that will restore the sinue and muscle that the wimp progressive liberals have eroded over the last 60 years. Those liberal are directly responsible for the degrading of morals with their "its ok the government has a program for your problem" agendas. Responsible for the convoluted culture by open borders and even transplanting into communities masses of refugees (Minnesota - "Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide, according to the U.S. Census and refugee-support agencies. With 2 percent of the nation's population, Minnesota has 13 percent of its refugees.Jan 13, 2018" - that is a contradiction to assimilation. Vietnamese, Arabians Mexicans all have localized and displaced the American culture, morals, and language. I point this out and I am a racist, wrong. There are 350 languages spoken in the USA today, is that a racist statement. New Jersey reported the highest percentage of Muslim residents at 3 percent, is that a racist statement. Etc, etc., These are the things that Trump is DOING something about and ACCOMPLISHING because he is not a wimpy-poll following-pandering politician.

I expressed the determination of MARRIAGE and EDUCATION earlier.

Either Vote wisely or don't vote and screw up the country. It is not a popularity contest it is the future of my and your children.

David Hardee

Gary, I have read Yancy's guest column where she used "white skin currency" as the culprit for all the ills of the black community. She is an NAACP president that prances around dressed like a plantation debutant calling for BLM demonstrations and even issued a veiled threat if the statue was not removed. There have been several demonstrations without incidents, thankfully. Guns were on display. The peaceful demonstration, repetitive, with guns on display increases the potential and probability of eruption into a disaster, right. So it is a risky venture. There are some dastardly groups and moronic individuals that will see and grasp any opportunity to explode their hatred on our community. Gary, just yesterday another innocent victim was shot during a gunfight in LaMarque. Should not the NAACP and the local BLM concentrate their efforts in our community, as highest priority, before they enbroil us in a National movement.?

Jim Forsythe

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump was unfamiliar with the significance of June 19 when his campaign scheduled a rally for that date in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but rescheduled the event when he learned the day know as Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the U.S., according to Sen. Tim Scott.

Does Trump even read the statements the WH issues? Does he not remember the speeches he gave in the past about Juneteenth?

6/18/2020--"I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous," Mr. Trump said, referring to news coverage of the rally date. "It's actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it."

The article added that it was at roughly this point in the interview that Trump paused to ask an aide if she'd heard of Juneteenth. She replied that the White House had issued an official statement commemorating the day each year of his presidency.

"Oh really? We put out a statement? The Trump White House put out a statement?" Trump said. "Ok, ok. Good."

Carlos Ponce

Outside Texas Juneteenth is celebrated by a few but for Trump to say "But nobody had ever heard of it" was hyperbole. In fact outside Texas most Americans have never heard of it.

Jim, you contradict yourself. In one post you quote the Donald Trump declaration honoring Juneteenth for those who celebrate it. Then you post that he "was unfamiliar with the significance.

Read: "White people learn about Juneteenth, celebrated by millions of black Americans every year"

The columnist writes: "I bet President Trump didn’t imagine he’d be the one to introduce the holiday to much of white America."

And CBS News reports "Juneteenth is a major event in black history — and yet, many people are just learning about its significance now, in 2020."

Since it happened in Galveston and Jim Forsythe lives in Galveston County that's how he knows.

But many said there was no problem holding a political rally on June 19th. It continues the celebration in which Trump would tell of the pre-pandemic economy when Black unemployment was the lowest it has been in 50 years. And those days will return with his re-election.

Jim Forsythe

Juneteenth is a public holiday in 46 states and 1 federal district, where it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

The only four states yet to recognize Juneteenth are Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

Unless someone lives on one of these states, they knew about Juneteenth before Trump tried to cover himself about the timing of the Tulsa event.

Trump had nothing to do with most people knowing about Juneteenth.

David Hardee

BIGJIM, states have many "public holidays" Texas has 17. Few are celebrated with demonstrations or demands. Consequently, they are unnoticed by those who are not directly associated. That had been the situation with Juneteenth across the country. Galveston was an exception since it was the place the event occurred.

So actually, Trump did give NATIONAL prominence to the non-black national audience with his attempted rally..

Has Trump ever satisfied you?. Did the improvement in black unemployment please you? Has the recent negotiated treaty in the middle east upset you?. Is it your opinion Trump wanted to mishandle the China virus and wanted people to die? Is trump anti immigration/Mexican because he is building a wall and wants only legal immigration?

Trump is a BIG man like you. He stands up and does what he thinks is right. And like you he is forceful when he is convinced. And like you he says what he means, and people contradict him just like some contradict you.

And Trump is not a worn down wimp like Biden. Trump has energy astounding for his age unlike Biden who was shelter for 4 months from public exposure,

Never Trumpers are Never minded to the any of his accomplishments.

Be fair BIGJIM it makes you a BIGGER man.


Carlos Ponce

Tulsa officials saw no problem with having a rally on that date.

It is not a state holiday in Oklahoma.

"Trump had nothing to do with most people knowing about Juneteenth." Trump's aide, the Washington Post's columnist and many others beg to differ.

Jim Forsythe

Juneteenth is a public holiday in many states and DC, where it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Texas has 17"public holidays" but how many business are closed so people can celebrate these?

What did Trump have to do with increasing awareness in the states that give the day off for Juneteenth?

Carlos, for some reason you think that other states do not teach about Juneteenth.

Since I grew up in Kansas, I can say that I did know about Juneteenth before I moved to Texas in 1971. I grew up in a town of 500 people .

Below is just a few of the celebrations that happen in Kansas

2014 On Saturday Salina joined in celebrating Juneteenth, This year’s theme was “We Are Not Invisible.” Multiple events and activities were held throughout the day. The day began with a pancake feed, and then a parade through Downtown Salina. The highlight of the parade was a reenactment appearance by Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. The Nicodemus Buffalo Soldiers Association Horse Riding team was also a part of the parade. The buffalo soldiers performed as they rode through Downtown Salina, riding their horses in information, chanting, and singing.

Stardusters Crime Prevention is embarking on our 23rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration. Hilcrest Community Center, Hilcrest KS Juneteenth 2000: A Family Tradition....A Time to Remember June 16-17,2000 -- Douglass Community Center Manhattan, KS The Olathe Branch of the NAACP will sponsor the Johnson County Annual Juneteenth Celebration 2000. Olathe, KS This resulted in many African Americans relocating to states such as Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri for greater opportunities, land purchase and work. Juneteenth has been celebrated in Wichita Kansas as early as the 1900’sMakeda Peterson established Juneteenth KC in 2012 to carry on the Juneteenth tradition in Kansas City, modeled on the work of her father , Horace Peterson

Feb 12, 2009 Event Muskogee Public Schools Muskogee OK Lecture Series in Muskogee Public Schools. The Oklahoma Juneteenth Historical Foundation (OJHF) invited the public to attend a Lincoln Bicentennial Lecture Series in Muskogee Public Schools, on Thursday, February 12.

I may be wrong, but Oklahoma did take action about Juneteenth National Freedom Day.

SECTION 2. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 82.4 of Title 25, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows: The third Saturday in June of each year is hereby declared an official holiday, to be known as Juneteenth National Freedom Day.

SECTION 3. The Secretary of State is hereby directed to distribute copies of the resolution to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. SECTION 4. It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.

Passed the Senate the 27th day of April, 1994.

Passed the House of Representatives the 11th day of April, 1994.

Carlos Ponce

In school I learned about the Emancipation Proclamation issued on September 22, 1862 proclaiming an end to slavery on January 1, 1863. Because of slow communications and the war Galvestonians did not get the news until June 19, 1865.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos said, "Outside Texas Juneteenth is celebrated by a few but for Trump to say "But nobody had ever heard of it" was hyperbole. In fact outside Texas most Americans have never heard of it." That is not true, people outside the USA, know about it.

Carlos said, "I bet President Trump didn’t imagine he’d be the one to introduce the holiday to much of white America." Most people already knew about Juneteenth including people in other parts of the world.

Carlos said, "Since it happened in Galveston and Jim Forsythe lives in Galveston County that's how he knows." As I outlined, I knew about Juneteenth before I moved to Texas.

Some of the places all over the world that celebrate Juneteenth.

Each year the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma hosts a weekend-long community event called Tulsa Juneteenth. Home to the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 – in which the entire town of affluent Black residents were burnt down and injured over 800 men, women, and children – their Juneteenth events are also celebrated in remembrance of that tragic event.

SOUTH KOREA USAG-Daegu/DFMWR/BOD/Hideaway Club - At the HIDEAWAY COMMUNITY CLUB on Camp Carroll, South Korea on Sat, 18 Juneteenth starting at 1900.

NIGERIA Our Community is Essence International School, Kaduna, Nigeria. We will celebrate Juneteenth with Afro-American jazz music, popular music, and African drumming.

TOKYO, JAPAN - Japan African American Friendship Association (JAFA) TOKYO JAPAN - Japan African American Friendship Association (JAFA) On Saturday June 21st, 2008 JAFA presents Juneteenth/Black Music Celebration at the Pink Cow in Shibuya. ACCRA, GHANA W. E. B. Du Bois Center for Pan-African Culture

"Juneteenth: Freedom Has Many Names" Sunday 19 June 2005

Program Highlights: The Story of Juneteenth and Other African American Celebrations (by a member of AAAG

TAIPEI CITY - TAIWAN, JUNE 19, 2004 DAP-TW (Descendants of African People - Taiwan) What: A Juneteenth Celebration Where: The Livingroom (Nanjing E. Rd, Sec. 5, #8 3F corner of Nanjing E. and Kwangfu N. Rd)

Why: Juneteenth celebrates the day that the last slaves were notified of their freedom. The holiday serves to celebrate that glorious day and emphasize growth, education and achievement amongst African Americans.

Paris France Here in Paris, lives an African-American community. My organization is called the Sisters. We have a Juneteenth celebration annually in a Paris garden.

CHINA "A teacher in china sends you greetings at this most wonderful celebration. This week I am teaching my students about Slavery and This celebration."

ITALY: "NSA La Maddalena will be holding their 1st Annual Juneteenth Celebration, 17 June 2000

PUERTO RICO "San Juan (Fort Buchanan) The Fort Buchanan Black History Committee is sponsoring a "Juneteenth" Celebration Luncheon, which will include a soul food buffet, guest speaker, gospel music, poems and much, much more

GERMANY "Spangdahlem/Bitburg: 24 Jun 2000, Bitburg Middle School Courtyard. Let's have an "Old Fashion Family Reunion" for the Juneteenth Celebration


I am a Louisiana native now I live in Parague, the Czech Republic, where I teach English as a foreign language. I am using your web site to teach some of my more advanced students about Juneteenth, African American culture and American history.

KUWAIT The men and women of Ahmed Al Jaber, Air Base, Kuwait will be holding a Juneteenth celebration on June 19th.

Carlos Ponce

Anecdotal. Most Americans, most in the world no not know of it nor celebrate it. With Trump's help though.....[beam]

Carlos Ponce

"Oh really? We put out a statement? The Trump White House put out a statement?" Trump said. "Ok, ok. Good."

Jim doesn't get it. In the WSJ interview,, Trump was trying to explain that because of him, more people knew of Juneteenth. In the interview he says that upon inquiry most did not know about Juneteenth outside of his statements.

Let me translate for Jim.

Because of me [Trump] ,more people know about Juneteenth.

He then talks to an aide and asks how she knew about Juneteenth.

From school? No.

From her parents? No.

From friends? No.

From media or social media? No.

From where then???????

From Trump's official White House statement. She got it from HIM!

She confirmed the point Trump was trying to make with the WSJ.

Charles Douglas

There is one other thing about this whole situation which was overlooked altogether and NOT even mentioned here. I will tell y'all what it was: " TRUMP DIESEL....IS MY MAIN-MAN!!" [smile][beam]

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