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Bailey Jones

I just finished reading a book about Claude Shannon - the genius who brought us the mathematical basis for the digital revolution. He was a scientist. But scientists write papers. To get science into the marketplace you need a whole train of people. Scientists make the breakthrough, engineers turn it into product designs, technicians, welders, machinists, etc, turn it into the stuff that you can buy and use, and marketers and business people figure out how to make it financially successful. You need all the cars on the train to make the economy run. I'm glad we have the College of the Mainland.

Michelle Aycoth

I especially like the higher taxes after the recent bond passage that add to an already high tax bill.

Andy Aycoth

Gary Scoggin

Drive by there and you’ll see where those taxes are going.

Jim Forsythe

The bind cost Interest and Sinking tax rate, which currently is zero because the college has no debt, would increase to .117 per $100 valuation/ Most if not all the increase is off set by the reduction in the past few year of the rate.

Sep 24, 2019

Trustees for College of the Mainland voted unanimously to adopt a new tax rate of 0.00204254 for fiscal year 2019. The new approved tax rate reflects a 4 percent decrease from the 2018 tax rate

College of the Mainland is one of only three community colleges in the state that has not increased its tax rate more than 2 percent throughout the last eight years.

COLLEGE OF THE MAINLAND adopts a 2016 tax rate equal to the effective tax rate of $0.208376 per $100 of value

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