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Emile Pope

Neely was marched down the street in the middle of summer tied to a horse. No justification for that.

Carlos Ponce

"tied to a horse." WRONG. At the other end was a policewoman, NOT the horse. True she was on the horse. True Donald Neely told his sister the arresting officers were "nice".

Bailey Jones

To believe that systemic racism is a thing of the past is to be willfully ignorant of reality.

Carlos Ponce

Racism exists today. Take Planned Parenthood with an overwhelming percentage of Black babies killed. Margaret Sanger would be so PROUD! [sad]

I believe Black Babies Lives Matter. Don't you????

Paul Hyatt

One of the great things that Obama did while he was President was to divide this nation like it has never been divided before. Now with the MSM like the GDN and race baiters that are out there, I doubt that we will ever see a period of calm in our nation again as to many have allowed hate to fill their hearts to the point that they can not control it. Being "white" is now considered a sin and one day this is going to get out of control by the ones who hate the whites....

Paula Flinn

President Obama did not divide the nation. White supremacy and racism of the right divides the nation. Look around before you point fingers. What’s going on at our border is despicable , and this present Administration doesn’t know how to handle it.

In the Neely case, the word, “dragged,” should never have been said. Words matter, especially when coming from an authority to a handcuffed subordinate. If you doubt that, consider the Miranda Law when a person is arrested for a crime. The hate and intimidation that has been spread by this current President is unparalleled. He has called all Democrats “evil.” We are American citizens who love our country. We see an abuse of power and corruption at the top. We also see and hear his hate and revenge for those who oppose him. I don’t need to cite proof or references. All you have to do is listen to him for five minutes. The hate for his political opponents is palpable.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Flinn> "President Obama did not divide the nation. White supremacy and racism of the right divides the nation. Look around before you point fingers. What’s going on at our border is despicable , and this present Administration doesn’t know how to handle it." Really? Remember the Church of "GD AMERICA" he sat in for years and defended his racist pastor after he was elected to office? How about his relationship with Louis Farrakhan who hates Jews with a passion? I recently observed a picture of Obama grinning, with his buddy Louis all cozy together! The Left Media hid that picture for eight years during his presidency! Tell this old plowboy, "WHAT WERE THEY TRYING TO HIDE ALL THOSE YEARS?" I also read where Al Sharpton was a regular and mainstay at the WHITE HOUSE while Obama was in office! Al Sharpton is not and never will be a Dr. MLK!!! Dr. KING was not a selfish person nor a racebater! You say Mr. TRUMP called Democrats evil, what did CROOKED HILLIARY call Mr. Trumps supporters? ( A basket of unredeamable deplorables. ) You say yall love America, does that means Mr. Trump's supporters does not? What did that freshman Palestinian Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib call the President? I'll tell you! She used the "MF" word in front of the whole universe. The problem with Many politicians today is they have never observed a Republican or conservative President who will not roll with the punch but in fact WILL PUNCH BACK! I'm glad, because I appreciate a fighter! I always have! As far as the border is concerned ...if you were concerned you would know that those cages the Left is ramming down the nation's throat was built by Obama's people! Ask any border guard and he/she will tell you so! Many things Obama did was hidden by the Socialist loving media, juxtaposed to their magnifying, analyzing, and lying about everything that President Trump tries to accomplish! This country is a country of laws which must be obeyed and not just laws the DEMOCRATS want to OBEY! We have border laws and immigration procedures! Many people are waiting in line in order to realize the American dream and it is grossly unfair to watch the DEMOCRATS destroy or delay those dreams by allowing handreds of thousands of immigrants, gang members, drug lords, and SEX TRAFFICKING SCUM, to crash the border at will under the guise of asylum, .....while the DEMS are hoping to procure their votes later on in order to gain power! If you will notice, there are many minorities who were mentally enslaved by this master plan are now freeing themselves from those shackles of mental slavery by becoming better educated and better informed! They realize that everything cannot be FREE!!!!!!

Paula Flinn

The world is full of imperfect people. I am happy you don’t have to associate with them. Jesus talked to prostitutes. That doesn’t mean he approved of what they said or did. Rev. Al Sharpton does not pretend to be Dr. MLK, Jr. There will never be another Dr. MLK Jr.

Have you ever had a friend who said or did something you wouldn’t say or do? I have. That doesn’t make me love my friends any less. We are all different. President Obama did not approve of some of the things his Pastor said. He quit attending that church. Looks like you have bought into Fox Fake News and their lies.

I really have no knowledge of a “master plan that mentally enslaves minorities,” by promising that everything will be free. I would like to see affordable healthcare and medications for all. Some people have died choosing to eat rather than paying exorbitant prices for their hospital stays, surgeries, and medications. If that makes me a Socialist, well so be it.

Gary Scoggin

Charles, I gotta say there is a lot of “whataboutism” in this post. That’s usually seen as a deflection away from the matter at hand.

Charles Douglas

Gary> "Whataboutism" in my post. Gary, you are absolutely correct. No question about it. My reason was to get Ms.FLINN to realize that she couldn't fairly vilify a Conservative politician for name calling the opposition's supporters if the Leberal politicians are doing the very same thing to conservative supporters! She said Trump called Liberals EVIL! LOOK what Hilliary called conservatives, irredeemable deplorables!!! Look at Ole BETO O'Rourke, the guy "cuss" like a drunk sailor. Look at Aunt Maxine over in California!! All she does is name call. However, Crooked Hilliary is the worse of them all. She acts like she is coming back!!!!!! She can't let go! I admit President Trump talks to much. His mouth causes a lot of undue heartache and problems because he knows all of Washington and the Deep State are licking their chops to find something to take him out with. I don't think he should be treated BETTER than others, but he shouldn't be treated any worse than anybody else either. That's just my MHO.

Bailey Jones

I've heard this talking point before -"Obama was the most divisive president in history." I'm curious about the basis for it.

I know his very existence enraged every white racist, white nationalist and white supremacist in the country - but other than his being black, I don't recall much about him that was divisive, certainly not racially divisive. I do remember the "guns and religion" remark - "They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." But I think that's been well proven by the election of Donald Trump who successfully campaigned on that very platform. But other than that - what are you (or more to the point, the media that informs your opinions) referring to, exactly?

My memory isn't all that anymore, but I don't recall Obama ever referring to any white enclave as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess", or any calling any poor white countries "[censored]-holes", or calling any group of white people drug dealers and rapists. I don't remember Obama ever claiming that he couldn't get justice from a Federal judge because the judge was white, or of European ancestry. I don't remember Obama calling a white congresswoman (or anyone else) "low-IQ", or calling a British ambassador (or anyone else) "a very stupid guy". I don't recall Obama ever claiming that anyone who disagreed with him politically was "disloyal" or "un-American". I don't believe he ever falsely accused any member of congress (or any religious minority or anyone else) of dancing in celebration of 9/11.

So - I ask again. Which specific Obama policies or pronouncements are the basis for your accusation that Obama "divide(d) this nation like it has never been divided before." (Apart from his existing and being black, which I have already acknowledged.)

Kimberley Jones Yancy

“Fanning hate?” You don’t have to fan anything if the winds are already blowing. It’s amazing to me that persons who rarely experience daily and systematic racism love to say what it is or how it feels. The biggest shame is a Christian who say they are in love with a Jewish Jesus -kill his people & justify racism with a burning cross. Neely was an optic gone wrong without a written policy and a structure system that refuses to make the details clear within 45 days. Release the tape. And let’s talk about the bigger issue: The lack of mental heath facilities in Galveston and the extremely long wait periods to be seen.

Jim Forsythe

Hope Donald Neely and his family is getting the help they need. Why are we rehashing this again? By saying "Anyone who has been around livestock knows the risk of being trampled, knocked off your feet or dragged; it’s something that will happen if you’re around livestock long enough. " means that if Donald Neely had been hurt by the horse, it would be OK, as it is part of being around livestock. All of this could have been avoided by waiting for a car or van.

President Obama has nothing to do with what happened with Donald Neely!

Cary Semar

Thanks for reminding me of this story, George. My flames almost had gone out.

Bailey Jones


Kris Graves

This story was blown way out of proportion.....but that is what the NEWS does to sell papers or keep people watching TV. It is too bad the NEWS today seems to fan the flames anytime people differ on opinions. As far as Trump goes - he isn't a Politician, he isn't tactful and he doesn't owe big business or lobbyist anything - which is among the reasons he was voted into the office of President. The lack of respect some people have for the Office of the President is sad. He isn't perfect - but none of us are. Why would someone with his money and lifestyle want to take on all the crap he gets from having this job. The democrats are still trying to find something else to bring him down since nothing else has worked. This time impeachment for a nothing phone call....REALLY?? Where is the outrage for Biden who actually DID abuse his office as vice president to get his son a sweet deal??? Whatever happen to presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty??

Paula Flinn

This story + picture made the National News. The picture made Galveston look really bad! Plus, many people thought it was a racist act, but many did not. That’s what News is and does. It shines a light on what has happened or is ongoing.

Carlos Ponce

A picture paints a thousand words but not all of them are true.

Mike Zeller

“Truth isn't truth,” Rudolph W. Giuliani

Carlos Ponce

Mike, Rudy did say that but in context it makes sense.

Rudy G.: "I am not going to be rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped into perjury. And when you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he's going to tell the truth and he shouldn't worry, well that's so silly because it's somebody's version of the truth. Not the truth."

Chuck Todd: "Truth is truth".

Rudy G: “No, it isn’t truth. Truth isn’t truth.”

Chuck: “Truth isn’t truth? This is going to become a bad meme.”

Rudy G.: “Don’t do this to me. Donald Trump says, ‘I didn’t talk about Flynn with Comey.’ Comey says, ‘You did talk about it.’ So tell me what the truth is.”

If two people make statements that contradict each other, which is the truth? Whose word do we take? Giving credence to Comey but not to Trump because of political bias?

Think football. Even with instant replay two individuals will argue as to whether or not an infraction occurred. "Yes it was interference. And That's the TRUTH! You can see it with your own eyes". "No it was not. The referees didn't call it and the instant replay shows it wasn't. And that's the TRUTH!" One "truth" isn't truth. It depends upon which fan jersey you wear as to whom you would believe. Do referees always get it right? No they don't but their opinion is the only one that counts. I'm certain you've seen referee huddles where they debate a penalty. Usually they take the refs' word who had the best view of the infraction. And the "BOOS" tell us many disagree with that opinion.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Flinn,...you equate Jesus Christ's love with Al Sharpton and what he says and does, because he is imperfect you say, but in the same breath you vilify and excoriate President Trump as being unparalleled in evil. Do you consider President Trump to be off the Lord's radar because he is not imperfect like Sharpton? Now, I am not going to harp on this but I will respectfullý request that you explain yourself. You might be a liberal supporter, but I count you as a fair liberal supporter. So there seems to be a need to explain about what seems to be partisanship in play here! I'll wait.

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