“The wheels of bureaucracy turn slow,” is an antiquated axiom, but the notion contemporarily still has merit. Markedly, for many, progress in government seems to move at an esoteric pace or, worse, effective policy seems dormant. Not surprisingly, numerous citizens become cynical relative to the hegemonic process as entrusted leaders have become complacent with the status quo.

To that end, the cynicism perhaps could be justified, given within the past couple of years, communities such as Texas City’s District 1 have been devoid of the leadership warranted to both uphold its vibrancy and move the district forward economically.

Conversely, instead of giving credence to cynicism, viable solutions must be offered. Remedies will include equitable policy initiatives that will foster economic growth, in addition to implementing essential social programs to address District 1 needs. Therefore, I, Keith Henry as a candidate “for” Texas City, City Commissioner District 1, will propose and advocate for amenable policies.

Notably, my plans will consist of community policing, community revitalization, “ban the box” (for municipal employment applications). In addition to two-generation initiatives that provide single and indigent parents with affordable access to health and child care, workforce development programs for the community’s youth, as well as promote women in government leadership programs.

Accordingly, the policies mentioned are all programs in which I have had measurable success in managing throughout my decade’s long career in public service. Furthermore, my vast academic qualifications, which consist of a Bachelor of Arts from Buffalo State University, a Masters of Public Administration from Texas Southern University and Doctoral studies in public policy augment my experience in governance. Nevertheless, it’s not my pedigree that qualifies me for the position; it’s my lived experience of being raised by a single mother that has provided me a visceral purview of the everyday challenges of working- and middle-class families.

To that end, this is why I’m the best choice for District 1 albeit, I’ll be the first to admit, that I’m not a perfect public servant. I will and have made mistakes; notwithstanding, I will always work laboriously and diligently on the issues within our beloved district one community. On balance, it was my mother who instilled in my twin brother and me the virtues of integrity, candor, and hard work.

Further, my mother held firm in her teaching us responsibility, always noting that we are duty-bound to serve our country, family, and community. Additionally, she reminded us that rhetoric and action aren’t mutually exclusive; and that only an active approach is tenable to achievement. Thus, it’s within this I write this narrative to the constituents of District 1, let’s make progress through the process by electing a new leader whom you can trust.

Keith Henry is running for District 1 commissioner in the city of Texas City.


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