I’ve asked a lot of my neighbors to describe their ideal city council representative, and certain words kept popping up: words like judgment, knowledgeable, and thoughtful, but the one that came up the most is responsive. It’s people’s No. 1 concern precisely because they feel it’s what’s missing.

They want someone who listens to them, solicits their input, works for their benefit, and most importantly, reports back to them. They want someone who does that all year long, not just during election season. People want a representative who cares more about their opinion than their vote.

So, this week I filed the paperwork to become a candidate for Galveston City Council District 3. Our district needs someone who will represent its people and its businesses first and foremost; someone willing to do the hard work to understand the tough issues; an independent who’s not an automatic yes vote for the powers-that-be and every big-money Houston developer who comes across the causeway.

Over the last two years, I have attended every Galveston City Council meeting and workshop, along with every Landmark Commission and Planning Commission meeting, because I care how the city is being run, and where our tax dollars are going, and I wanted to be prepared for the job.

But being a good city councilman is more than just showing up for meetings. It takes understanding the city charter, the law, zoning, and finance, all areas to which I’ve paid particular attention. We need a council that’s not afraid to make some tough choices, to keep taxes in check, and keep the focus on the island and its residents, and I’m ready and willing to lead that effort.

District 3 is Galveston’s most diverse council district, stretching from East Beach to Pelican Island. It has more than 8,000 residents, and over the next few months I’m going to try to talk to every one of them. I want to hear your concerns and your vision for Galveston’s future, and I want to take that vision to city hall.

Representative democracy can only flourish in the light of day. There are too many decisions being made behind closed doors at city hall, and that guarantees that those decisions are not being made with the best interests of the city in mind. This needs to change. Every decision must answer the question “How does this serve Galvestonians?” and it is city council’s job to make that happen.

The system only works when everyone has a voice. I challenge every citizen in District 3 to become a part of the process. Join me. Register, then vote on May 5.

David Collins is a city council candidate for District 3 in the city of Galveston.


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Jarvis Buckley

If you want to know what the model
City council person should look like.
In my opinion study Elizabeth Beeton.
Probably the best responsive council member in 50 years on the Island.....
Just my thoughts.

Don Schlessinger

Well said Jarvis.

Bill Broussard

I'm 100% with you on this Jarvis

Bill Broussard

By the way, Jarvis, did you know Collins was Beaton's campaign manager for most of her runs? I talks with Beaton regularly

David Collins

I was never Elizabeth Beeton's campaign manager. I helped her with voter data - one of my specialties - in the 2010 and 2012 council elections, and I'm proud to say I was a supporter, but I was never her campaign manager.

Bill Broussard

Sorry David. I got another fact wrong again. Glad your in this and thanks for doing it!

Jarvis Buckley

Bill , I really respect EB's work ethic &
Brain power. She is quite the lady. Hope mr. Collins learned something
about how you work day & night for your constituents . And then get criticized by staff & other council members. I remember when Steve had his staff March up to the mic. &
try to embarrass & shame EB . I remember she just smiled & shook her head. She is a strong lady.

Bill Broussard

It was a terrible night in Galveston history Jarvis. More so because Lyda Ann Thomas encouraged it as Mayor instead of putting staff in the proper place for staff and ending that horrible display of childish behavior. I had and still do a large amount of respect verging on awe for Lyda Ann.

I was also very disappointed that Wendy was a part of that. I thought she was a consummate professional until that night.
However, just when I thought things could not get darker, The City elected Crazy Louie for Mayor. While Mayor Jim came to City Council even when he had neck surgery and sat in a recliner obviously in pain, all you needed to do is say the wrong word and Crazy Louie stormed out of Council.

It did result in City Council being the most watched TV event in the City for several years. I guess we came away better educated by watching the freak show.

Jarvis Buckley

Galveston is a better place to live because of her efforts.

Melody Oelze

David-so happy to hear you are running! District 3 needs a councilman that works for the people of his district. A coucilman that listens, responds timely, and has integrity and respect for this very important job within our city government. We are looking forward to helping with your campaign!

David Collins

Melody, thanks. I look forward to working with you.

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