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David Hardee

The purpose/design is intended to cause havoc in our society and the destruction of the traditional USA. There exists an ideological war, on several fronts with battles against malcontents all at the same time.

There is one target that is identifiable, Tradition. And the antagonist is a cadre made up of malcontent. Tradition - identifiable has a structure that can be targeted, The malcontents are so diverse that there is no center structure that holds or defines them. The malcontent's lack of a core structure is/are the reasons that confusion exists. The term Guerrilla warfare is an appropriate description.

Tradition is the target. Any tradition is targeted as abusive to one of the malcontent guerrilla groups. i.e. :

The traditional majority is called abusive for Systemic White Superiority,

Traditional biologically GENDER definitions are abusive by restricting a perception of whether your male or female to over-ride biological facts.

Linguistics is abusive because word definitions are too rigid i.e. pronouns infer biological or sex. The word GAY has been re-imagined for identifying a sexual community.

And on and on all traditions (especially culture) are under attack.

As each of the malcontents achieved some power position they proliferated their brethren malcontents into those positions. The most obvious example is in the media of cable news. Note that these primary narrators are LGBTQ members.

Anderson Cooper, CNN

Steve Kmetko, QTN World News

Dan Kloeffler, ABC News Now

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC

Eden Lane, PBS

Don Lemon, CNN

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Charles Perez, ABC

Robin Roberts, ABC

Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Jessica Savitch, NBC News Nightly

Shepard Smith, Fox News

Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN

Each malcontent group is perpetrating on society a grievance and the diversity and frequency of the bombardment are indefinable and confusing, at least.

Additionally, the progressive liberals in the government are inciting as much chaos as possible. The border fiasco - defunding police - riots are peaceful demonstrations - if you loot a store it is a downpayment on reparations. And the most convoluted presidential election in our history.

The design is the destruction of the traditional USA.

Bailey Jones

I have no idea what the writer of the letter is going on about, but your "traditional" values are as clear as day, David, as always.

David Hardee

Bailey, his confusion is the result of the media (news, gossip, cable, and other sources) he is trying to glean creditable information from. His expectation of fact/truth from these sources is another tradition that was assigned to the once valuable 4th Estate which is now corrupted, also. It is unfortunate that there are still trusting people who are being confused with scewed information by these jabber/wokies that spout conflicting and skewed information while posing as journalists.

Bailey, us skeptics labor at trying to convince each other what and who believes is best of the messages and messengers - usually to no avail except irritation.

Would all of us be better if these messages and messengers were outfitted with a truth detector that inflicted pain and if they did it twice placed a scarlet letter on their forhead,

Till then thankfully, my respected foe, we have each other for the civil struggle of ideologies.

Stay safe.


Norman Pappous

Excellent column. Kudos.

George Laiacona

The secret is to read books. Not the fictional editions. But the nonfiction selections. Over the years authors have diff up information related to practically any situation. History repeats itself over and over again and again. Our libraries hold volumes of the truth only because the contradictions have been hammered out again and again. Choosing the no political versions of any subject will give you the real truth. What you do with the truth is up to you.

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