When the interlocal conversation began, the city of Galveston initiated discussions among the Park Board and the Wharves Board, aimed at finding areas in which leadership could create efficiencies among the three.

The stated goal was to look for areas in which we might be duplicating efforts and find ways to streamline processes to the benefit of our community. This made sense, since our organizations have pieces of their missions that overlap, and we’re all recipients of public money.

Throughout the process, we believe we have found numerous areas in which we have accomplished this goal. The new agreement outlines significant strides in creating efficiencies in most areas; however, we do remain at odds over certain “sticking points.”

During our special meeting on Aug. 13, which centered around the interlocal, one of our newest trustees, Marty Fluke, put forward a motion to request a recurring joint meeting with council, with the first meeting addressing the interlocal.

Council liaison, David Collins, stated that he believes there are more areas of agreement than disagreement and would propose a potential joint meeting between the boards at the Sept. 12 meeting.

It’s through this type of frequent, transparent and open communication that we believe the organizations that make up the island’s governmental structure can work together for the common good of the island. We understand the enormous pressures that recent legislation that puts a limit on property tax collections has placed on the city budget and recognize the need to look for new revenue sources. We’re confident in our ability to reduce the tax burden on our residents, without sacrificing the visitor experience while on the island.

In an effort to continue to work toward fostering these relationships and shared visions, this request for regular communication respectfully asks the city to be a partner in this endeavor and establish mutual goals for the benefit of our community.

All of our trustees are residents of Galveston first, and business owners, hoteliers, attraction operators, etc., second. Let us help, as we were formed to do, by keeping the burden of tourism off the residents while having open discussions that involve them in the process.

Jan Collier is vice chair of the Galveston Park Board of Trustees.


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Raymond Lewis

Hopefully these much needed 'joint' meetings will be held alternately at the Park Board board room and the City Council chambers.

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