The chaos that Donald Trump has fostered, since he first became a presidential candidate, came to a very tragic culmination on Jan. 6.

The lies and divisive statements, that he frequently made, resulted in a larger following while his influence expanded as president. His mob-boss type conduct and the false appearance of being a good leader pulled followers into his spell, similar to a cult leader controlling his flock.

Leadership is good and desirable when devoted supporters are provided with facts. Armed with the truth, reasonable and logical people will reach proper and good conclusions.

Trump has always projected himself to the forefront and factored in only self-serving actions and narrative. This translated into encouraging these influenced followers to respond to requests (no, commands) from Donald Trump to march on the Capitol building.

The question is, how can one man cause so many people to do such destructive things? The signs leading to the events of Jan. 6 have been there all along. We held our collective breaths and hoped his conduct would improve.

We now know that wishful thinking isn’t the answer. An important lesson must be learned from this lawlessness.

It’s apparent, to all reasonable people, that Donald Trump is culpable as the instigator of the criminal acts carried out by the mob. He, and only he, planted the idea and directed the group to storm our national Capitol.

The inflammatory comments that triggered this terrible event came directly from Trump and were based on lies and figments of his imagination. If this isn’t a criminal act, then the question arises, what is? This man is dangerous.

I authored letters in the past which were delivered to two U.S. representatives and were forwarded to our two senators, voicing concerns about the frightening conduct of Donald Trump.

The indicators of his disconnect from reality and truth compelled me to plead with our elected officials to intervene on behalf of our national interest. Our nation must unite.

William Grimes lives in Kemah.


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(3) comments

Carlos Ponce

[yawn][yawn][yawn] Another Liberal Group Think piece.......[sleeping]

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Well said, Mr. Grimes. Your analysis is right on the money.

Charles Douglas

Another XI JINPING or Red China surrogate if I ever observed one. I think this author would much rather have a President just inches away from being on Welfare and Food Stamps, called " Lunch Bucket" Joe! This type will sell his country out, by taking behind the back money from people like Ex. California SENATOR Barbara Boxer who just sign up to be RED CHINA'S Chief Lobbyist in DC! ( SIC ).

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