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Steve Fouga

I'm happy to receive this more official news of the Park's closure. Like Mr. Turner, I was also under the impression that the entire park would be closed; seems like I read about it somewhere -- probably this newspaper -- and misunderstood what I read.

Hopefully the beach itself will remain open, so walkers and cyclists can use it during the 3 years...?

David Schuler

This makes it worse - three years to complete work on just the beach side?

Bailey Jones

There's a simple lesson here - before you go to the trouble of writing an editorial, go to the trouble of checking the facts. It took me exactly 2 minutes.

John Merritt

I think the Galveston News story clearly said the park was closing for 3 years.

Stephanie Martin

Only the beach side? I can assure you that when most families come to Galveston, the beach is their main destination.

Reese Turner

Beach side of state park, the best side by far! We “sun-worshipers†hook up motorhomes and campers while we go out to eat at Gaido’s, Pier 21 or play mini-golf, or real golf. Five nights last trip. We spent over $250 for beach stuff, food, beer, wine and gas at Wal-Mart alone. My wife was in “Strand Support†mode while I played golf at Moody. What do day-tripper, nature-walkers spend? Bay side is “day-tripperâ€, bug chaser, bird-watcher, fisher-person side. Not for us. Home is three hours away. I don’t drive for hours to walk a nature trail or kayak. No sleeping, no spending! Grand-children demand beach time, having no time for nature walks through mosquito breeding areas. I salute the wonderful investment, BUT three years closure for only 136 parking spots with water and electricity with a few baths and main building? I’ve watched entire Wal-Mart parking lots created in a month and Super-Centers built in six months. Who benefits from this three year delay?

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