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Ray Taft

Harris ‘Shrub’ Kempner is an admitted Democrat crossing over to vote for Faircloth. A Democrat telling Republicans who to vote for in their primary. Kempner thinks we should have a rep in Austin who will not work with our governor and Lt. governor. Looks like he wants a Democrat or someone who resembles one.

Kempner wrote that Faircloth consistently delivers on flood control projects! Amazing that we had such devastating flooding during Harvey then.

Republicans should vote for Middleton.

Steve Fouga

Ray, I think Mr. Kempner is telling Democrats, not Republicans, whom to vote for in the primary. In much of Texas, a Democrat's vote in the Republican primary has more power than the same Democrat's vote in the general election. In a sense, when Democrats vote in the Republican primary, they have a chance to vote twice.

Carol Dean

Fouga wants to vote for someone who "plays well with democrats".

Vote Mayes Middleton for Representative Dst. 23! The man for ALL Conservative Texans!

Steve Fouga

Nah, I think I'll take Shrub's advice. I'm no Democrat, so I'll feel right at home voting in the Republican primary. For Faircloth.

Jim Forsythe

If things go as Republican's plan , more Democrats will vote for Republicans in some races.
"straight-ticket option will be no longer available beginning in 2020"

Carol Dean

SF, so I guess you must have been a Straus supporter. Most Republicans are happy to bid him goodbye for now!

Steve Fouga

Meh. I liked Srauss better than most TX Republicans in office, but you can't really call me a supporter. Pick of a bad litter.

Jarvis Buckley

While I respect Shrub & his family's contribution to Galveston, I feel he is
just another democrat trying to drive a wedge in the conservative agenda.

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