Bill Broussard

Bill Broussard

Remember when we heard the commercial interests running our land development redesign brag about how they managed to rid us of that troublesome Special Use Permit?

Of course, it was mainly troublesome to the commercial interests in charge of writing the new plan — as were neighborhoods and residents troublesome to that group.

However, we gave them the benefit of the doubt. After all, no one who lives here ever supported a SUP that, once one was permitted, turned into a “Special Use Right” under threat of litigation by the next developer in line.

Well, folks we should have suspected a Plan B all along.

The latest move by Artist Boat to retrofit breached city regulations by use of a Planned Unit Development, page 79 of our Land Development Regulations plan, is exactly the same way a SUP was used in the good old days.

The misapplication of PUD intent and language is being done right before our somnambulant eyes by city management subverting the rules of our LDR, in the Artist Boat case. Not only is it a corruption of the PUD rules — but it’s also well after the fact. Syntax, grammar, verb tense and context of the rules clearly insist that PUDs are intended as a before-the-fact process.

There’s so much wrong with Artist Boat claiming to be a well-run business, while pleading that they just didn’t know they were in violation of their permits or their lease as they were building unapproved sheds and destroying the safety and decorum of two of our well-established neighborhoods to justify council voting no.

Rumor on the street says our city attorney is a large part of this official undermine of our rules.

Our “I will enforce our codes” mayor doesn’t seem to mind the code-subterfuge either.

This column isn’t talking about the ethics of the remaining LDR artisans on our planning commission. The list of financial entanglements, non-recusals and attacks on the public during session will make the ethics complaint irrefutable.

It’s not even about retro-legalizing illegitimate use of a property. The city has long been doing that on the West End by helping private property owners block beach access.

I’m talking about replacing the same old process council voted to abandon with a new title right before our eyes: corrupting the LDR and expecting we just won’t see it for what it is. We do see it for what it is.

Each of us have to ask ourselves if we want PUDs used as the hocus-pocus version of SUPs. If you do, expect PUD to become a “right to have” approved after the first couple squeak through. T

That’s where the current damage inflicted by the marina and Artist Boat to the neighborhoods will become a fundamental damage to the entire city.

Bill Broussard lives in Galveston.


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Don Schlessinger

Damn the homeowners, full speed ahead. And they wonder why the population TAXPAYERS on Galveston Island isn't growing.

Bill Broussard

Its actually the population RESIDENT. They have enough money from STR's, HOT and IDC to supplement most anything; why-they even enough to cut donations to good not for profits!

Meanwhile, former Ike Consulting firms win a judgment against us and the City gets another judgment against us from our own Police department on pensions. i'm pretty sure they will find a way to short change us to pay for the miss-management of those groups.

Did you notice that when the water charges started to rise because of lost water they had two paths to take: 1) is go after the fundamental leakage from very old pipes and 2) go after residents who's meters might be broken and aren't paying their fair share.
Guess who they go after first? Why the residents who are stuck with their expensive--were to last forever- broken meters of course. Meanwhile, they'll work on going after old pipes someday.

All the growth and wealth both the city and the merchants are getting today came after years or TIRZ's. miss-applied Bonds...basically, our credit cards and now we are the forgotten people of Galveston compared to figuring out where the next Motorcycle weekend will come from. Its a house of very inconsiderate cards.

Charles Olsen

I'm with you Don....Full speed ahead, stop all the whining.

Don Schlessinger

Thanks Bill, I noticed the omission of "resident" just as I pressed the send button.

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