I looked as if I were going for the Charlie’s Angels look. Or maybe even Veronica Lake.

One of my friends declared I looked like a teenager. But my coiffure might’ve been a little too light.

Yes, I had been sporting 7-month-old hair. I assume I was one of many. Men and women.

There were many weeks when no professionals were cutting hair.

Finally, some salons and barbershops were open once more.

Yet I dallied. I’ve been in isolation, mostly because I figured if I got the virus, it would probably kill me, considering my preexisting condition and my age.

And so, I waited.

Then that glad day finally came. I felt like I had been let out of jail.

I got a haircut. I gloried in the whole operation. Told Mary just to cut something appropriate, and she did. Of course.

I imagine most of you went unshorn for a long time. Maybe as long as I did.

I think probably more women than men went longer without a haircut.

Many of us were tempted to start mowing our own mops. I’ll bet a lot of women started trimming their husbands and boyfriends.

Some had pretty good success. Some not so much.

One friend of mind confessed she got the scissors and got busy with her own locks.

Then, as fate would have it, she went into a local store and ran into the lady who has been cutting her hair for quite a while.

“Come in when it grows out a little,” the professional told her. Not critically. She understood.

One of the people I’ve noticed as lacking a current haircut is Stephen Colbert on late-night TV. Unlike many others who are looking too shaggy, his is looking properly mod and curly. I’m not a big fan, but he’s one of the ones who needs to keep the longer look.

I saw David Letterman guesting on Jimmy Kimmel’s show the other night.

And there’s one who needs a lot of sartorial work. I’m sure he’s really proud of that big shaggy beard. Personally, I think it needs to come off.

I’m having a hard time tolerating all these TV men with their beards. Even hidden by a mask, they’re atrocious.

The big bushy beards only look good on certain people, like the Smith Brothers. Maybe Abraham Lincoln.

While on the subject of TV, I began to glory in another celebration.

The wonderful occasion of Election Day.

Not because of the winners and the losers, some of which may still not be known.

But because we can finally celebrate the end of TV political ads.

I’ve never been so happy to see the end of all those accusations and defamations.

If you didn’t have a pause and fast forward on your set, you had to watch side-by-side glorification and denigration of people like John Cornyn, but mostly about people you’ve never heard of. Running for offices you’ve also never heard of.

We need to declare a new holiday. Celebrating no political ads on TV.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cathy.gillentine@comcast.net.


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