We’re less than 40 days from the presidential election and the Democrats still don’t have a candidate running for the presidency.

They should be ashamed of themselves for putting Joe Biden and his family through this embarrassing situation. And to add insult to injury, they pick a vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, who brings nothing but shame to their party. It’s common knowledge she was Willie Brown’s mistress while he was Speaker of the House in California.

In spite of all this negativity, the Democrats have a lock on 232 electoral votes; all they need to win is to win a few states that will give them the necessary extra 38 votes to win the presidency.

You may ask why they have that many votes in their pocket already. In 2016, Hillary Clinton received that same 232 electoral votes by winning the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii and D.C.

As of today, they stand to win all those states again. They have a very good chance to also win Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and if that happens they will win the presidency.

Donald Trump, despite all the accomplishments he has done for the country, is disliked (a mild description) by a large percentage of the population. Democrats outnumber Republicans 72 million to 55 million, so that’s understandable.

Having antifa, who is backed by George Soros, and the news media on their side, the Democrats are causing disruption and chaos in a lot of major cities: Seattle, Portland, New York, Milwaukee and Minneapolis to name a few. Democrats, like Maxine Waters, are telling their constituents to “get in their faces” and cause disruptions in restaurants, service stations, stores.

Donald Trump has done so many positive things for our country that there’s not enough room on this page to mention them.

Locally, he has pardoned Jack Johnson, Galveston’s own World Heavyweight Champion for a crime that was bogus.

Republicans on the other hand, have the remaining 30 states that they will probably win. But they will have to win a couple of the “swing” states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

There’s a possibility that states like New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado and Nevada could fall outside of the grip of the Democrats and make the race interesting.

Everybody reading this column has benefited by President Trump’s actions of cutting the income tax for individuals and especially corporations. Corporations brought all their manufacturing jobs back to America for that tax break. Plus, if you have any type of retirement income, you have benefited by the stock market’s progress.

Be sure you vote this November. Vote with your brains, not your emotions. Meanwhile, stay safe from the virus and get your flu shots.

Charles Killebrew lives in Galveston.


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(34) comments

Curtiss Brown

You are not going do Trump any good in Texas Charlie. I suggest you move to Wisconsin.

Charles Douglas

One word Mr. Killebrew .."LANDSLIDE"...take it to the bank!! Note that I did NOT...say close win! DID I ? Lolololo

Carlos Ponce

Democrats don't have just one presidential candidate, they have an entire COMMITTEE running. That's why their spokesman Creepy Joe keeps changing his stance:

One day against fracking, next day for fracking, next day for fracking but phasing it out then back to being against fracking immediately because the clock is ticking on Earth's doom etc, etc, etc.

His stance depends on who is writing his script that day and the same is true about a multitude of issues.

Problem is Creepy Joe cannot remember what he said the previous day.

Craig Mason

So by the author’s thinking it is ok to have a mistress or two or three but not ok to be a mistress. That is kind of a pot kettle argument I think. Personal life aside because most people don’t care unless, the candidate is using campaign money to pay hush money to the mistresses. I hope that folks are healthy enough to make it to the polls in October and November with this Trump virus still circulating. Oh and it is the Trump virus, because he chose to downplay it when it was still the coronavirus, so Trump owns it now.

Carlos Ponce

There goes Craig Mason again! Must be nearing election time! The Democrats are getting antsy! Not to worry Craig, Trump will be re-elected! With more rants like yours he will win with a wider margin!

Craig Mason

I am not a democrat, but Trump is. He was buddies with the Clintons and was a liberal from NEW YORK CITY. He bragged on Howard Stern about paying for abortions for his mistresses. He is a RINO who fooled a bunch of traditional republicans and evangelicals into thinking he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. He is con man who is making the Republican Party look like a bunch of Rubes. I am sorry that you don’t see it, but he is doing irreparable damage to the party. Do not get your hopes up about re-election. They will probably have to drag the little carnival barker out of the White House by his badly dyed hair and I hope he he doesn’t leave orange marks, from his spray tan, on the walls of the White House as he is dragged out. Everything about him is fake!

David Hardee

Great! Your disgusted - like most are. Your recitation is creditable on the moralistic issues. And your correct that on the political stage Trump is a egotistical maverick with many foibles But as to his effectiveness and good accomplishments Trump deserves at very least a better mark the any Democrat candidate. So Craig, don't let the frustrations stop you from voting. Your criticism are appreciated. But keep in mind my warning about BLM.


Carlos Ponce

Trump is not a Conservative but his policies are.

"He bragged on Howard Stern about paying for abortions for his mistresses."

I'll believe Craig if he can find me a link where Trump says that on Howard Stern. It doesn't exist.

What we have is Howard Stern on "Good Morning America" saying “The guy I knew ... I didn't know this was him. I don’t believe his stance on abortion, for example. The Donald I know, I think he’d probably needed to get a few people abortions. I don’t know what he’s doing. The stance, the women don’t have a right to choose what — you don’t have to get an abortion, but if you want the right — I remember the days of women in the back alleys with coat hangers; that’s not acceptable."

"...I think he’d probably..." is not proof.

Someone posted The Dallas Morning News attributes Tweets allegedly made by Trump offering to pay for a woman's abortion. Problem is, the alleged mention of the Tweets NEVER appear in the DALLAS MORNING NEWS. It doesn't exist. A search of the Dallas Morning News reveals ZERO, ZIP, NADA. A search of Trumps Tweets, reveal no such Tweet. Someone made it up.

Be on the lookout, folks. A lot of LIES will appear between now and election day. Craig Mason is not the first and he's not the last. He just caught up in an-anti-Trump frenzy.

Larry Grissom

You might want to actually educate yourself prior to answering.

Trump was a Democrat for over 30 years before becoming disillusioned and changing parties years ago. Hence the answer to your questions.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you seem sure Trump is going to win. Which of the toss up states below is Trump going to carry? Please do not use, Trump is going to carry all as that is not going to happen for Trump or Biden. If this is to hard for you , just say so.

Florida from Lean D to Toss Up

Nebraska's 2nd District from Lean R to Toss Up

Wisconsin Toss Up

Arizona Toss Up

Ohio Toss Up

Virginia from Lean D to Likely D

New Mexico from Lean D to Likely D

Pennsylvania now Leans D

Since you are so sure, please analyze these states and discuss each as who is going to carry each.

It is easy to say a person is going to win, but hard to back up the claim with so many states up for grab.

Carlos Ponce

It doesn't matter. Trump will win!

Jim Forsythe

It is easy to say a person is going to win, but hard to back up the claim with so many states are up for grab. What makes you think Trump will win enough of the toss up states to win?

Carlos Ponce

Trump will win. [beam]

Jim Forsythe

Is all you know is to say Trump will win or can you talk about the toss up states and how many Trump will win. In order for Trump to win, he will need to carry most of them.

Carlos Ponce

Trump will win. If before a football game you asked "How will your team win? How many first downs, how many touchdowns, how many points after, how many field goals, how many safeties, how many pick sixes, what about the other team?", would any of that matter? No. What matters is who has the most points at the end of the game! And Trump will win because he will have the most "points"!

David Hardee

So Craig the fact it came into existence, went around the world and all countries suffered horrendous loses of life and freedom you determine that your President Trump performed horribly by as you say "downplayed it." evidently you or one of your Democrats like Como, Biden, etc. would have done a better job and not said what Trump said, right.

Your simpleton analysis reflects a narrow mind analysis and a conclusion that exposing that bias has overcome logic, in your case. It is highly probable you are also a supported of BLM and all they deliver into our society. If you cast a vote for Biden hopefully BLM will visit tour house and express themselves in their usual way.

Good luck and get prepared.


Craig Mason

I wouldn’t have a problem with that. What I do fervently believe in is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The free exchange of ideas as well. Although I don’t agree with your asinine opinions, I would defend your right to espouse them. Good luck in November I hope the Trump virus does not visit your home and express itself in its usual manner.

David Hardee

Craig, thanks for the response. The only opinion I expressed was that it was PROBABLE you were a BLM supporter . If that was asinine I am pleased. Are you a BLM supporter?

worry not for my getting a visit by either the BLM or virus. I defend myself vigorously from both the Virus and BLM with everything at my disposal because both want only to destroy and neither have any salient value to humanity.

I hope in November it is not a matter of luck but that our society exercises logic and wisdom over emotions and re-elects Trump. A fairly large portion of society has been infected with much worse than the virus, anti-Americanism.

George Laiacona

Well Charlie I guess you must have been out of our country for the past four years. Why haven’t any of the promises made by the “Tax-Dodging,Boob-Tube Celebrity” been kept? Where is the tax cuts for the middle class? Where is the Health Care improvements? Where is the Infrastructure work? Where is the wall paid for the Mexicans? There are many more promises that have never been kept, too many to mention in this response column.

David Hardee

MR, Lalacona, seems you have a bad opinion of Trump. His performance does not meet you expectations based on the what he said. Your description “Tax-Dodging,Boob-Tube Celebrity” is precise. Trump used tax code to avoid taxes, and he had a celebrity show. And he saved money and got recognition as a celebrity. The only part that indicates you are ignorant of his accomplishments is that he instead of being a BOOB he became richer and more prominent, Therefore the BOOB is anyone that considers those accomplishment as NOT a job well done.

All the other you are angry about are that (legislative items) did not meet your expectation, are at minimum partially accomplished - the wall iis being completed and the Mexican army (payment) has stopped the caravans. Tax Cuts for the Middle class happened but apparently they singled you out as a malcontent that was passed over. Health Care is lying on the floor of the democratic controlled House alongside many other legislative actions.

Charles is trying to conjugate your diatribe. Till then, why not mention that the SLEAZY DEMOCTATIC CONTROLLED HOUSE impeached him or that he could not stop that obstruction while living under the corrupted SWAMPS false prosecution. Hard to believe some one with you vitriol toward Trump would not include those as denigrating items.

Your life is apparently miserable and you have found the reason for part of your misery. Tell us what is really bothering you in a response.


George Laiacona

Mr Hardee, apparently you are a”Trumper” I go along with George Washington and have no allegiance to any political party. My allegiance is only to the American working class people. I see where you are not familiar with my father’s definition of TV is. He called it the “Boob-Tube” because that it where the naive TV watchers get to maintain their ignorance. In other words their unworldly information comes from the celebrity like Trump. By the way how did the Republicans come up with another celebrity to head their party. The uneducated voters that put an entertainer in the White House by now should that just because they had an infatuation with “Your Fired” doesn’t mean that the “Bankruptcy King Was the right kind of person to head the Republicans in 2016. Now the Republicans are stuck with an entertainer that is bringing my country into his favorite place-Bankrupcy

David Hardee

Sorry to be so brief. But your recitation is so narrow minded it does not deserve much effort.

Your Dad and I are in agreement about TV.

Your diatribe about Trump dwells on his pre-taking office and his personal accomplishment which you consider as disqualifiers for office. His accomplishments as President are astounding.

Your narrow minded evaluation reflects on your fairness and character. It sounds like an Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow regurgitation.

Trump's energy, fortitude and production are the exact prescription to disinfect the germs in the deep state and flush the creatures out of the swamp.

Vote wisely and it will be a step toward MAGA with Trump.


Carlos Ponce

George, you must have old-timer's disease.

I got my middle class tax cut, didn't you?

Health care improvements were not passed by the Senate in 2017, not Trump's fault.

Money for infrastructure is stalled out by Pelosi. Don't blame the Senate on this one!

Through USMCA Mexico will pay for the wall.

Jim Forsythe

So what you are saying, if Trump wins we will get 4 more years of excuses why he can not get things done!

Carlos Ponce

He's gotten things done, Jim. But Jim can't see them! Jim sees NOTHING! Jim hears NOTHING! Jim knows NOTHING!

Jim Forsythe

I know about good news that was announced.

Judge blocks Texas from eliminating straight-ticket voting due to COVID-19 and over 860,000 Americans Have Already Voted, Compared to Fewer Than 10,000 by This Point in 2016. "These states are the ones they have current data on mail ballot activity,"

I also know that less will get done if Trump wins, because he will be a lame duck that DCers will not care what he thinks.

Carlos Ponce

It doesn't matter, Trump will still win.

Jim Forsythe

It is easy to say a person is going to win, but hard to back up the claim with so many states are up for grab. What makes you think Trump will win enough of the toss up states to win?

George Laiacona

There is no such thing as a middle class tax cut. You must be one of those upper class people who have benefited from Trumps tax cut package . Trump has never introduced a infrastructure package. The infrastructure package worked up by the House has been stalled by the Senate.anything that the Democratic House sends to the Senate died on McConnal’s desk

Carlos Ponce

"There is no such thing as a middle class tax cut." ARE YOU JOKING???? But thanks for thinking of me as "upper crust".

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA)

Single filers (2018) Under previous law Under TCJA

Rate Income bracket Rate Income bracket

10% $0–$9,525 10% $0–$9,525

15% $9,525–$38,700 12% $9,525–$38,700

25% $38,700–$93,700 22% $38,700–$82,500

28% $93,700–$195,450 24% $82,500–$157,500

33% $195,450–$424,950 32% $157,500–$200,000

35% $424,950–$426,700 35% $200,000–$500,000

39.6% $426,700 and up 37% $500,000 and up

Carlos Ponce

Married filing jointly (2018) Under previous law Under TCJA

Rate Income bracket Rate Income bracket

10% $0–$19,050 10% $0–$19,050

15% $19,050–$77,400 12% $19,050–$77,400

25% $77,400–$156,150 22% $77,400–$165,000

28% $156,150–$237,950 24% $165,000–$315,000

33% $237,950–$424,950 32% $315,000–$400,000

35% $424,950–$480,050 35% $400,000–$600,000

39.6% $480,050 and up 37% $600,000 and up

Charles Douglas

Trump Diesel is the greatest Prsident to ever set foot in DC!

Kicked the &÷$ ..out of the DEEP STATE!

Roughed-up the Never-Trumpers, chased off Mad-Dog & Kelley.

Slapped Iran upside the head, by killing the IRAN deal by Obama

Withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord debacle.

Fulfilled a promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Helped establish opportunity zones in low income minority areas.

Established annual funding for Historical Black Universities.

Signed a law giving another chance to MINORITY inmates wronged.

Created more jobs for Minorities and Women in 50-70 years here.

Withdrew for the Job killing NAFTA agreement Biden supported.

Successfully started building miles & miles of border walls.

Destroyed the ISIS CALIPHATE.

KILLED Abu Al Baghdadi.

KILLED Soleimani the Number One Terrorist in the world.

Bought China to the negotiating table after years of them stealing.

Made NATO and the European Union own up to obligations!

Married the most beautiful woman in the world.

Took Hilliary Crooked to the woodshed!

Two time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for work in the Middle East.

Signed a new Agreement for Trade with Canada and Mexico.

Reestablished our military as the number one power on earth.

Built the greatest economy in the history of the world x two.

Caused the BIG 10 Football League to get back on/field.

Beat Joe Biden by a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Douglas

Oh by the way, in 47 years ...what has Joe Biden done? What has he done for Minorities? BLACK? Hispanics? Asians? Judge... I rest my case!

Larry Grissom

It’s a shame that so many post what they hear but never bother to fact-check.

Trump has done more for everyone posting than they appear to realize. Shame.

I’ll be voting to extent my quality of life under the a Trump administration and hope those undecided follow facts and not the baby pablum the Democrats are feeding their voters. It’s like wearing a badge of shame to be a Democrat but hey if you want Galveston to turn into Portland? Vote for the dementia addled Joe Biden.

TRUMP 2020

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