In response to the editorial by Laura Elder (“Police union, city should continue on cooperative course,” The Daily News, July 25): To say your editorial about the negotiations between the police union and the city was bizarre is an understatement.

If you’re applying to be the head of the chamber of commerce for your friends at Galveston City Hall — they owe you a big thank you.

Since you’re obsessed with my company over at the island’s only newspaper, I thought it was important to set the record straight.

I sent one of my photographers down to Galveston after “your” newspaper complained about the lack of transparency in the ability of the people who “pay” the taxes to actually watch if they want to know how their money is spent. What a concept. No one asked me to go.

This is America, and the last time I checked public meetings are free for any citizen to record, even someone as aggressive and misbehaved as you apparently think I am.

Your reporter was in attendance, but apparently you’re still living in the 1920s where television didn’t exist and you got to decide what people get to know. That’s a problem for folks on Galveston Island. Forgive me for thinking that the men and women who protect you and everyone else on the island shouldn’t have a horrible pension or lousy pay, or old beat up patrol cars.

Forgive me if I think that the public has a fundamental right to know how few patrol cars are on an island that invites millions of people to come visit. I’ve talked with folks at your paper and was rudely told I was essentially crazy that the Port of Galveston should actually help pay for the police that protect all those visitors.

Do I think the city and the police should all get along? Of course. Do I also think the city would keep treating them badly if folks like me didn’t say enough was enough. Yep. Because you guys have failed to do it. I’ve been repeatedly called by your newspaper more worried about who paid me to come down there rather than why I was down there. Tell your benefactors at city hall they can call me themselves.

You should be embarrassed by this editorial. Not because you recommend people get along and do what’s right, but because your first responsibility is to watchdog the public’s right to know. In the meantime, tell your city hall pals that when I see someone worried about my big, bad TV camera, I’m inspired to show up more.

Wayne Dolcefino is president of Dolcefino Consulting and lives in Houston.


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Wayne D Holt

Wayne Dolcefino; what a piece of work. I hope he doesn't consult on effective communication because that piece was a major fail. He's been doing this wartime shtick since, well, maybe 1920 and it hasn't aged well at all. He could have made every single point more effectively by not trying so awfully, awfully hard to be a tough guy. Is the police union using this paragon of diplomacy to make the public more sympathetic to the police bargaining position? If so, they ought to look carefully at that investment because it sure doesn't have that effect on me. This approach plays into every stereotypical characterization of anything police-related as using a sledge hammer on a fly. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a minus eight. BTW kudos for getting the picture of his head in without using a two-page spread.

Jim Casey

Sir, your condescending tone does not change my opinion of you.

Jack Cross

I don't live in Galveston so I don't have a fish in the pond and I want to make clear I am not railing against the police or the Galveston News which seems to be the issue with Mr. Dolcefino. After reading his guest column, I said to myself, wow Laura must have really stepped into it. So I dug yesterday's paper out of the recycle bin and very carefully re read it. What I found and I think any honest person would find is a honest presentation of the facts surrounding the ongoing dispute of the issues between the city and the police union. What she wrote about Dolcefino's consulting firm is true and presents transparence who he represents. Anyone who goes back and reads what Laura wrote you will see that although this was an editorial opinion piece, there was hardly any opinion on her part, it was mostly quotes of others involved and a fair and accurate description of past negotiation tactics. As a side note, from time to time I have my differences with the GCDN and I think I have only met Laura Elder one time. I also ham a huge supporter of the police and am outraged over the attacks taking place against the police. I realize that with so many tourist in Galveston along with traffic congestion, The Galveston police have an extra hard job and that should be taken into consideration. But Laura Elders article was what journalist should do, present the facts in a accurate and fair manner and she did that.

Paula Flinn

I am for anyone who shines a light on what is going on in my city. If there is anything to hide, we citizens should know about it. I welcome Wayne Dolcefino and anyone else who wants to know and publish the truth. In the past, information in Galveston was “controlled” by certain groups of people. It is not as bad now, but still the public needs to know the truth—good or bad. We can take the criticism as well as the kudos.

Ray Taft

What a surprise! In a city led by a Democrat, Mayor James Yarbrough, the Democrat leaning, TDN complains about the lack of transparency in Galveston. Then when an investigative team arrives to provide transparency about how badly the city treats its police, TDN complains even more! Typical Democrat tomfoolery by the out-of-date TDN.

Craig Mason

You go Wayne, no one should be afraid of the truth. I also loved when he exposed the Harris County Toll Road Authority about the their massive revenues and the promise to take down the toll booths when roads were paid for. Of course that never happened and Wayne called them out on it.

Trudy Deen Davis

Yikes! I don't think I read the same editorial by Laura Elder that Dolefino did. It's no wonder he's no longer creating chaos on TV as a reporter. They probably had their fill of his theatrics. Keep providing fair coverage as you always do, Laura!

Carlos Ponce

See, " Police, city should continue on cooperative course" By Laura Elder The Daily News Jul 24, 2019

Mindy Comstock

I think Mr. Dolcefino serves a needed purpose that has existed since the dawn of time. There is nary a day that there aren't people wielding some kind of power over those that don't possess it. There are back room, bribes, undeclared campaign contributions, good ol' boy deals, and countless other ways to exploit those without power. Often, a person's only recourse is to expose those people or a system that claims transparency only because that is politically beneficial, but in truth demonstrates such actions that are anything but. Sometimes it takes getting a "big name" on your side to expose the truth. And, often, those wielding this imbalanced power remain unaccountable despite the efforts to even the playing field. I have watched Mr. Dolcefino throughout the years continue to help whistleblowers and he has been awarded countless awards and media industry trophies to recognize his good works. There are few left in the media industry, locally, who do what he does. I have witnessed first hand problems in Galveston County and City of Galveston. I even owned a home on the island and worked at UTMB for years. Is the City of Galveston worse than any other city in it's corruptive practices or it's lack of true transparency? No. But Mr. Dolcefino can only fight a few of them at a time. I think the people who blindly instill their faith in those with power and authority are shameful for not standing up, as Wayne does, to call attention these age old practices of corruption. He just gets hired to do it. But I don't think he would take a case that he doesn't believe in. And the injustices that the City of Galveston police have endured from the city needed to be exposed. Likewise, his investigations into the local family court systems, family law attorneys, and all associated with the Harris County family law system, as well as other adjacent family law systems have begun to be scrutinized....and that scrutiny is long overdue. Mr. Dolcefino stands up for those of us at a "systems" mercy. When the elected and appointed officials, law enforcement, congressmen, assorted Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, and judges do not do the " right thing", there is nothing left than to go get a big name advocate, a Jack Russel, who is going to go down that rabbit hole and clamp onto whomever is responsible for the moral, ethical, or legal infraction....AND NOT LET GO. That is what infuriates these wrong doers. Mr. Dolcefino is relentless, still has command of the media world, and is able to bring light to an otherwise dark world. Speaking of full transparency, my parents hired Mr. Dolcefino in a theft case by a former family member. They are also getting help from him in a case asking the Friendswood Police Department to release body camera footage from a raid on my Friendswood home, 7/31/18, in which 2 minor children were seized without a court order or warrant and my 78 year old Father was handcuffed, and he has appeared at a few trial dates for my ongoing divorce case in Galveston County. And, yes, my parents have hired and paid him for his good work. So you see, we are no one... a small family that has been on the receiving end of what we feel are sometimes unethical or illegal actions performed by persons, groups, or systems that have power over us. When those wielding that power choose to do so in a corruptive manner, you go find someone that is used to helping the "little guy"; someone who can even the playing field; someone who can bring light to a very dark world that these power mongers live in. I will shamelessly suggest you Google Dolcefino consulting to see for yourself all the good works Mr. Dolcefino does. And if you are ever fortunate enough to visit his office on Kirby at US 59, take a look at all the trophies his peers have awarded him with over the years. From Channel 13 Investigative Reports to now, he remains a legend. I'm glad he provokes fear into the dark hearts of those he pursues. And his son is running for elected office in Houston. I'm sure he will be just the man that his Dad is. If I lived there, he'd have my vote. So don't believe the bad press you read about his efforts or his motivations. I have first hand experience with Mr. Dolcefino and his staff and am grateful he is still doing what he does.

Don Schlessinger

Every time I read something by Dolcefino regarding the Galveston police and their union I lose a little more respect for them. If they can afford him do they really need a pay raise?

Wayne D Holt

Good investigative journalism doesn't require snide asides, chest thumping/fist pumping or self-aggrandizement, all things synonymous with his style of reporting throughout a long career. I saw a lot of innuendo in his response, but actual facts...not so much. Being civil and persistent are not mutually exclusive.

Clinton Stevens

Every time I read a comment about police posted by you it furthers my suspicions that you have an inherent bias against law enforcement. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you post anything positive about our police. Our police have a difficult job to do in this city and they need your support. It’s more than a little disconcerting that, for one reason or another, you consistently advocate that our police shouldn’t be provided with a competitive retirement, fair wages and good equipment to do their jobs.

Don Schlessinger

I think you might be learning too much from Mr. Dolcifino. I support our police, I just don't want to be bled to death doing it.

Charles Douglas

Allow me to ask a better question and it might provide an answer to your question, "Do the GPD need a raise?" Here goes, "Should Galveston have a police department period?" Of course those men and women need a raise! They risk their lives for law and order. They have families to raise, montages, and living expenses like everbody else! I would not want to live in a world without law and order!

Ron Shelby

I've just read the column in question. Laura's piece was a simple reporting of the facts of what happened at the meeting. But she was also very clear that there were concerns by the city about potential abuse of the recording made by Mr. Dolcefino's videographer who was not a party to the negotiations. This third party recording by a non-news agency was "out of the norm" for a typical meeting, thereby causing inquiry. Given the misleading messages "spun" using billboards in the past, during negotiations between the police union and the city, its not surprising that someone would have questioned the potential for biased edited video recordings being released on the internet ....and they raised them. Too bad Mr. Dolcefino doesn't have the same "thick skin" he expects everyone else to have, nor shares their concern about possible "fake" news.

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