A central tenet of any democratic government is the ability to transition peacefully from one party to another.

The Jan. 6 hearings have clearly illustrated what happens when tribalism interferes with the transition from one administration to the duly elected successor.

Joseph A. Willis lives in Galveston.


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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] It's as obvious as the sky is blue to anyone who has examined the election results that Trump lost, yet an amazing 70% of Republicans still believe his Big Lie. It's an astounding level of gullibility nurtured by decades of right-wing talking heads spreading little lies and half-truths every day, poisoning the skulls of otherwise mostly reasonable and decent people. I honestly believe that it is the end of America as a great nation and the beginning of a new Dark Ages.

Unfortunately, it's much easier to con people than to convince them that they've been conned. I suspect that they'll be along at any moment to defend the conman and prove my point.

Carlos Ponce

There is no "Trump Tribalism". Stay tuned as a lot will be revealed before the end of the year and the corrupt results are questioned..... and tossed out.[beam]

Craig Mason

Right on queue

Kim Baldwin


George Croix

“ The fact that millions of people want to believe the lie does not make it true.“

That’s a good statement.

It also fits well with the 2016 folks who to this day call that election illegitimate, and the 4 years of the every single day ‘Russia collusion’ hoax that turned out to be actually an orchestrated effort started by the Clinton campaign to beat Donald Trump then failing that to undermine a duly elected president during his entire term…

That was all a lot better, and no ‘threat to our democracy’ at all…

All these years of electricity dominance, and still gaslighting…..


Bailey Jones

George, For the record, I have always believed that our disgraced and defeated former president was indeed legitimately elected in 2016. HRC conceded the election and Obama fulfilled his constitutional role in the peaceful transfer of power. (Hillary's concession speech is here - https://time.com/4564480/read-hillary-clintons-concession-speech-full-transcript/)

A very simple question to you, George. Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president of the United States? Yes or no?

George Croix


Continuing, since you're not a Congressional Committee member with their 'yes or no' for-the-camera play acting...

That's yes, as I've answered herein multiple times.

In our system, once that Oath of Office is administered, the one taking it IS President.

The fact is, our disgraceful and lame duck at 18 months current President Biden got, as candidate Biden, more votes than the former President in 2020 when the count ended.

It's quite an accomplishment to get the lowest polling ever recorded since polling begain, and from such a wide range of respondents...including record low approvals from minorities .

But, I digress....

That many of those 2020 votes were illegal, because the rules for voting them were illegally changed by various 'authorities', is undeniable, but I think even if those votes were tossed the final vote would have favored Trump. Same for the routinely 'found' votes that happen to break 95 L / 5 R just about every election. Doesn't matter. Game over.

Too many voters wanted those mean tweets and the daily drama to go away.

It was brilliant on the part of the Left and Hillary to spend over 1400 days hollering Russia Russia Russia everyday because even though a through the teeth lie, it tired everyone out.

Wonder how it'll work in the other direction...maybe Hillary kept that orange Pants suit she used to wear....


Anyway, yep...Joe's The Man. On paper.

Pres. Rice and the Third Term of Obama aren't getting the credit they so richly deserve.

That's working great for the country, along with the progressive and 'green' (redundant...) policies that are making us an economic and international powerhouse, and 'saving the planet'.....

IMO, as always.....

Mr. Chairman, I yield the rest of my time on this to the Progressive Gentleman from Galveston....for now....

Bailey Jones

Thanks, George. I yield the rest of my time to the gentleman in the horned fur hat.

George Croix

At this point, that guy would have made a better President than what we got later that day. The bar is so low…

IMO, as always…

Kim Baldwin


Jim Forsythe

Bailey, Carlos finally set a time, when he will pay off on the $1,000 bet.

Carlos Ponce

And when Trump returns, what will Jim post?

Jim Forsythe

What is Trump returning from. He was voted out and unless is elected President again, he will not be President again.

Bailey Jones

Jim, I think he means, "When Trump gets out of prison."

Bailey Jones

Jim, here's my prediction - nothing will be revealed before the end of the year, and no results will be questioned, and nothing will be tossed out, and Carlos will never pay his debt.

I base this prediction solely on everything I've observed about his intelligence and integrity since subscribing to this newspaper 4 years ago. Still, it's fun to watch him floundering in the filth and muck of his disgraced and defeated former president - since he is truly representative of all believers of that peculiar faith.

Carlos Ponce

Question is, will Bailey pay his debt?

Bailey Jones

Carlos, per our bet - if Trump is inaugurated president of the US on January 20th, 2021, I will absolutely pay my $1K donation to your charity. I will also invest in your amazing time travel machine.

I'll go further - if, at any time between now and the end of history, if the 2020 election is overruled, declared illegitimate, made null and void, canceled, deleted, or accidentally left out in the rain, and Donald John Trump is somehow magically retroactively declared to be president of the United States - either by the Supreme Court, Congress, or Jesus, I will absolutely send $1000 to your charity.

Honorable people pay their debts. Dishonest people do not.

Carlos Ponce

Jesus has already declared Donald John Trump the winner in the November 3, 2020 election. ......by a LANDSLIDE!

Jim Forsythe

Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, “An election system lacks clear rules when, as here, different officials dispute who has authority to set or change those rules. This kind of dispute brews confusion because voters may not know which rules to follow. Even worse, with more than one system of rules in place, competing candidates might each declare victory under different sets of rules.”

Gary Scoggin

“ Jesus has already declared Donald John Trump the winner in the November 3, 2020 election. ......by a LANDSLIDE!”

I talk to him every day and he never mentioned it to me. When did he declare this? And to whom?

Bailey Jones

You didn't see it, Gary? It was all over YouTube.

Carlos Ponce

"I talk to him every day and he never mentioned it to me"

Listen to the PROPHETS:

Amos 3:7 Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

Are YOU a prophet, Gary Scoggin?

Jim Forsythe

Are YOU a prophet, Carlos Ponce?

Carlos Ponce

"Are YOU a prophet, Carlos Ponce?"

Gee,SENILITY must be common among Liberals. The question has been answered many times before.

So let me repeat for the feeble minded. I am NOT a prophet but God has given me visions into the future concerning certain things, mostly family related, some school related. And God has given me the gift of discernment to know who is a a true prophet and who is not. I listen to them.

Carlos Ponce

A word from a prophet, Julie Green:

"GALVESTON" - this name will be in BREAKING NEWS, it will be reported in this area.....


Charles Douglas

Just more garbage, nonsense, deflections, and mind games bought on by the LEFT to get voters' minds off the atrocious job, and service the Democrats have done as leaders before the November Mid-terms! They enjoy a majority in both houses of Congress now, and they have a LOONY NUT,..sitting in the fake Oval Office,...and all they have done so far is tear-down & shame America!

1) They came through the door attacking Fossil Fuel & canceling drilling leases along with supporting permits.

2) They increased their efforts at Race Divisions, and attacks on school kids. They labeled the kids' parents as Domestic Terrorists...and weaponized the Justice Department so they could investigate possibly prosecuting the parents on propped up charges!

3) They told the world's illegals, criminals and terrorists that the border was "OPEN" and they should come!

4) They are complicit with Drug Cartels, and Sex Trafficking, in the horrific deaths and life altering fates suffered by men,women, and kids who got caught-up in the web of hell which is & was allowed because of the Biden Administration's failure to even try to enforce border and immigration laws!

5) The Biden Administration tucked their arms like prairie chickens, and ran out of Afghanistan leaving behind many Americans, and thousands of Afghans who were in danger of being killed by ISIS, and the TALIBAN for helping and translating for the American military!

6) They caused and nurse-maided a 40 year high inflation rate by their incompetent spending policies!

7) Gasoline prices are now highest in history in America and going higher!

8) Our military branches are NOT filling their recruitment quotas for the first time in decades, because they are under attack by a WOKE Administration to change how they think, and how they must serve or else!

8) They championed crime and vilified police departments nationally!

9) They have weaponized BIG TECH, FAKE NEWS, & ACADEMIA who "Blacksouts" "DOXX", OR "CENSORS" OUT any news which is negative, or harmful to the WOKE LEFT!

10) After declaring war on the unborn, kids in school, ( with erotic sex education & CRT demands ) ...they have come full circle back to depriving our American babies of life saving baby formulas needed for them to survive, but they were careful to make sure any illegal babies entering at the border had warehouses stored to the roof full of baby formulas! ( go figure ).

I could go on and on and on! I could have exposed Joe China for shipping reserved oil to Europe and Asia while gas prices are off the charts here, but I did not. I could have mentioned the Biden daughter's diary where she made some interesting charges against her father! I could have mentioned the laptop from hell, which could explain why Red China has the run of house here in America while Putin & Russia are hated villains! My advice to the LEFT is don't fight it! This Red Wave is coming and there is NOTHING yall can do to stop it! Don't try to throw in a poison pill about some attack on democracy. The only threat to free speech, the Second Amendment, fourteenth Amendment, and all the other ones are happening NOW ..by this WOKE Administration! See, some of us old "Plow-Boys" from East Texas can still tell the difference between rainwater & urine! [wink][wink][beam]

Robert Braeking

And that's the abbreviated list, Charles. Willis wrote: "The Jan. 6 hearings have clearly illustrated what happens when tribalism interferes with the transition from one administration to the duly elected successor." I'm confused. Is he talking about the hand-picked committee members or what? When a bunch of good-ol-boys get invited into a public building they're going to look around. When the crowd is infiltrated by government operatives damaging property, it looks like a riot. If we had a legitimate press corps, the truth would ring out. But yellow journalism is rampant. Speaking of yellow - Pence could have done the right thing. Now I realize he is one of them.

Have you ever noticed that reported false and misleading statements made by Trump eventually bear out to be true?

Bailey Jones

Same question to you, Robert - Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president of the United States? Yes or no?

Robert Braeking

Bailey, Only if you count the computer generated ballots. There is no way on God's green earth that he got 81 million votes. Other than you I know of no others.

Bailey Jones

Thanks for answering, Robert. I'll put you in the NO column.

Bailey Jones

Robert, there's no mystery here. Voting goes up every election, and in 2020 voter turnout was the highest in 120 years - because of Trump. People either really liked him or really hated him. In Texas, Trump got 25% more votes in 2020 than he got in 2016. Nationwide, Biden got 23% more votes in 2020 than Hillary got in 2016 (as you recall, she won the popular vote).

There's nothing inconsistent in these numbers - they are exactly what you would expect to see. Just like every other aspect of the Big Lie - there's nothing here. The ONLY reason ANYONE is saying there was election fraud is that Trump said so. There is no evidence to support it. It's a lie.

Carlos Ponce

"There is no evidence to support it." Yes there is.

Jim Forsythe

Please post it.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, it's been posted in these forums since November 2020. You really need to talk to your health provider about your memory loss!

Jim Forsythe

Same response you have whenever you have nothing. Please post the evidence.

Carlos Ponce

Same response when Jim gives when he can't remember what has been posted dozens of times. Senility is sad. Check with your doctor.

Robert Braeking

Bailey, The mystery is that you cannot see past the nose on your face when it comes to the mountain of evidence of voter fraud. Albeit, the evidence is difficult to find as the press is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Obviously you are not comfortable with seeking the truth.

Carlos Ponce

Here's a reminder Jim:

Gary Miller Jan 5, 2021 11:33pm

Jim> One at a time proves fraud does happen. If you will look for Democrats commiting election fraud you will need more ink for your count.

Jim Forsythe Jan 5, 2021 11:56pm

Gary, please list a few.

Shall I list MORE examples or will you forget you keep asking the SAME question over and over?

Jim Forsythe Jan 6, 2021 12:25am

Gary, please do not keep the proof to yourself. Share the names of the ones that voted in a illegal manor.

Doyle Beard Feb 9, 2017 11:43pm

Gary lots of truth here but you know liberals, they have never been about the truth, only their agenda.

Jim Forsythe Feb 10, 2017 4:42am

There’s nothing illegal about people being registered to vote in two or more states, as long as they only vote in one. In a country with a lot of mobility, it’s exactly what you’d expect, it’s completely legal, and it’s not evidence of fraud at all.

And there are times you admit to fraud ... but claim it's not enough:

Jim Forsythe Feb 14, 2017 2:39pm

You are so right, small pockets of fraud, not the huge amount some claim.

Jim Forsythe Feb 14, 2017 8:46pm

If I was going to vote illegal in Texas , I would do it by mail. Who is checking ID for mail in ballots?

And there are those who TRY to answer your question. Does Jim even bother to read?

Gary Miller Mar 12, 2021 10:56am

Grave yard voters, Felons living on an alias, Non citizens. Voters a photo ID keeps from casting illegal ballots.

And there are those who admit the truth:

Bailey Jones Mar 11, 2021 11:15am

The greatest election fraud of our lifetimes!

But Jim isn't the only pne who keeps asking the same question:

Ted Gillis Mar 11, 2021 5:34pm

Show some proof Carlos.

Carlos Ponce Mar 11, 2021 5:53pm

Proof is coming!

Gary Miller Mar 12, 2021 12:56am

Charles> The truck load of Biden votes were hauled from Long Island to Harrisburg Penn. in a pickup truck. How many illegal votes can be carried in one truck? 1,000 or 1 million? Enough to steal an election in one state?

Charles Douglas Mar 11, 2021 5:25pm

Mr. Ponce> ..and they used 18 wheelers to help facilitate the theft!

Problem is... in a few days, Jim won't remember... So sad![sad]

Carlos Ponce

Same question to you, Bailey - Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president of the United States? Yes or no?

Bailey Jones

Yes, Carlos, Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States.

Carlos Ponce

I'll ask you the same question when truth is revealed. Stay tuned!

Bailey Jones

Same question to you, Charles - Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president of the United States? Yes or no?

C. Patterson

Man clearly needs help. I think the ONLY 2 people NOT involved with Russian Collusion was Trump and the Russians… everything is just another faux crisis in an attempt to take him down. I thought it was particularly poignant to see these Democrat clowns marching to the Supreme PAST Capital … what a bunch of clowns, how about you turn around, get on the floor of the house and PASS SOME BILLS! Get in the Senate and PASS SOME BILLS! Fix something from this disastrous President who's greatest skill is blaming everybody else. 81 million votes my a**… Democrats KNOW whats coming but to all the others who pen delusional articles such as this, my advise to you come November next year is brace for impact. Reality is going to blow your mind

Diane Turski

The Supreme Court is poised to strike a final blow to our democracy when they decide the NC elections case that they will hear this fall in their next session. They plan to "legalize" Trump's failed coup attempt by ruling that state legislators will be able to select whatever electors they want regardless of whom the voters selected because the State Supreme Courts will no longer be allowed to stop them.

George Croix

And yet, the 2016 presidential elections saw Hillary supporters urging electors to be faithless, and .

One thing that can be counted on from the left at least 95% of the time is whatever they are going on at someone else about at any given time is something they are up to, or have been, themselves....

From The Hill, 3/3/19:

"A plan to circumvent the Electoral College is gaining momentum among blue states after Democrats suffered two crushing defeats in presidential elections over the past two decades."

Pass or fail that would seem to be blowing equally hard on 'our democracy' as this latest cherry-picked 'final blow'....

Gary Scoggin

They might have thought of it. But they didn’t execute it. Much less storm the Capitol with a hangman’s noose.

George Croix

A noose…

Here’s one:

It’s from CBS, that white supremacist network…


Those darn petards….


Worth repeating….kinda takes the steam out of the kettle …

Gary Scoggin

I don’t think whataboutism like this takes any steam out at all. What was the intended message for the noose and gallows at the Capitol? Don’t you think it’s more serious than some politician using it as a prop for a campaign ad?

Charles Douglas

[ Legitimate: Conforming to the law or to rules!] During the elections I heard about to many ballots being mailed out to many people who were not supposed to have them. I heard of 18 wheeler trucks under the cover of darkness pulling up to voting polls, ( Where they were never supposed to be ) ..in the early mornings where the polls were closed with Trump leading, but the next day, "WHAMO" Joe Slow, magically took the lead! I saw on Videos where after polls were closed, big trunk like suit-cases were seen being pulled out of closets where they obviously were hidden there.

I heard the Democrats rebelled against conservative poll watchers and would not allow them to do their jobs! When compelled to allow those poll watchers to work, the LEFT made them sit 10 to 15 feet away from the ballots being verified! The complaints were the poll watchers could not see if ballots were Ligitimate or not! Then after it was all said and done, a known do-nothing racist, African-American hating KKK affiliate got more votes and in particular more African-American votes that Barack Obama did,.. and that I will NEVER BELIEVE!

Hell will freeze so cold it will cool off the "LAKE OF FIRE"..which is seven times hotter than hell before I believe Joe China LIGITIMATELY won that election! Same with "Crooked Hilliary who weaponized the FBI & COMEY to set Trump up! Same with Stacey Abbrams in Georgia! She is still running around in a hissey...lying saying she is the Legitimate Governor of Georgia! This is the same woman who filed voter related law-suits in her sister's jurisdiction & courtroom! Her sister is a judge!!!!!

What I learned from all of this was that the WOKE LEFT will go to any extreme, length, or do ANYTHING TO OBTAIN AND KEEP POWER! ANYTHING!!!!! One day the truth will come out about the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia too! I'm amazed at the time, efforts, recruitment, and expense the LEFT went to frame Trump for conspiring Russia when it was Crooked Hillary who did the payoffs, set-up, and conspiring!


If my memory serves me correctly...the DEMS use to have a little honor in men like Sam Rayburn, now all they have is men like Adam ( I got conclusive evidence on Trump) Schiff, Joe ( If you don't vote for me- you ain't Black) Biden & Crybaby Chuck Schumer! It is a shame, indeed a real pity!

Bailey Jones

Thanks, Charles. A simple NO would have been sufficient, but I appreciate your enthusiasm, as always.

C. Patterson

I just spent $131.00 to fill my tank 5.49 gal at the Texaco on Broadway… MEANWHILE Biden is sending millions of gallons of oil from our National Strategic Reserves to CHINA and the CCP! That which was put there by Trump was intended for emergancy use IN THIS COUNTRY and he’s giving it to our enemy! And its going to cost US 2X to replace it. Just a tine bit of the lawlessness of this President…bet you didn’t hear about this MSM, did you? Have you heard about the 800 plus DEATHS that have occurred at our southern boarder or that 30% of the girls and women will have been raped repeatedly, so much so they send them with contraceptives and morning after pills since it expected ! Biden has released all control of our boarder to the Cartels and Miyorkes is LYING! How about the migrants coming across from 100 different countries through just one county alone?

Or that the number 1 cause of death between the age of 18-45 is Fentanyl, its pouring across our boarder into every town. 1.5 MILLION Migrants have come across our boarder not including the “got aways” never vetted or tested for communicable diseases. Boarder Patrol has been reassigned AWAY from the boarder to administrative duties so the Cartels are in control. This is an INVASION of our country. These migrants will impact the working class jobs and cost us the tax payers billions but more importantly this is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW and this president not only does NOTHING, he encourages this disaster… its disgusting! On every measure this country is headed in the wrong direction. We’re in economic collapse. Inflation, immigration and on and on. At this point if you continue to support this president then you’re part of the problem

Bailey Jones

"C" (and George, and Charles, and Robert, and all the rest of the Trumpsters in Trumpville) - the question on the table isn't whether Biden is a good president, or whether or not you like him, and yet this is all we ever get when questions of the election come up.

We've had good and bad presidents before - many of them. We will (hopefully) have many more. Whether a particular president is good or bad is not the issue (currently, Trump is rated by most historians as 3rd worst.) The issue is the legitimacy of our republic, adherence to the Constitution, and the peaceful transfer of power.

Our disgraced and defeated former president, Donald John Trump, is the only president in our nation's history to refuse to accept the will of the electorate. He is the only president in our nation's history to call upon his supporters to march on the US Capitol for the expressed purpose of preventing Congress from performing its Constitutional duties. He is the only president in our nation's history to refuse to obey the verdicts of dozens of federal judges - including those he himself appointed, and the Supreme Court, and the Legislatures of a dozen states, and the United States Congress.

This is the defining issue of our day - do you believe that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States, or do you believe Donald John Trump's claims that he is not? Do you believe that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acted unconstitutionally when he administered the oath to Joe Biden? Do you believe that the United States Congress acted unconstitutionally when it certified the results of the electoral college? These questions are important to the very survival of our democracy. How much you spent on a tank of gas is not.

George Croix

'Trumpster", Bailey?


That's a lie.

Stop it.

Charles Douglas

Count me in the same scenario as Mr. Croix! I'm not a Trumpster! I never have been! I'M a ....

"TRUMP-ITE!" There is a difference! Lolo.

Bailey Jones

If you repudiate the label, George, I'll certainly withdraw it, with apologies. You all look alike to me.

George Croix

Another wit….

There’s a pair of them..

Don’t tell…..etc….

Actually, it WAS a pretty funny line…

Harkens back to those golden years of, oh, the 50’s….

David Hardee

As to the legitimacy of Biden being President it is unfortunately yes. As to the irregularities in the election process that resulted in Biden's achieving president it is undeniable that convolution and suspicion is logical.

As to this article it is nothing more than a reiteration of all the suppositions that have spewed into and from the media. The media is awash with talking heads blabbering every titillating item that will draw attention and ratings.

We can argue every aspect of the corruptions that have befallen our society relevant to the 2020 election but one thing that is certain is that, in the recorded history of presidents, that those that voted for Biden are guilty of putting the most bumbling, personally repugnant and stupid persons - Biden, Kamala, Buttelege, and cabal - ever to administer our country.

Therefore undoubtedly every Trump voter has every right to bitch about the convolution of the election process and especially the results, Biden's administration.

Charles Douglas

I think Mr. Jones should tell us what he thinks all those 18 wheeler trucks parked late in the mornings by the polls were about after the POLLS were supposed to be CLOSED? Then explain what all the hidden suit-cases were about which were caught on videos being rolled out of closets at polling places?

Were they there for someone going on a early morning trip? Lolo Come on Mr. Jones,..we answered your question, so you are almost obligated to reciprocate out of common courtesy. Question 3: Do you Mr. Jones believe that Joe Biden got more African-American votes than Barack Obama did ( 1st BLACK PRESIDENT) .. and went on to beat Trump by the margin bought forth to be ratified and certified as correct?

Bailey Jones

Charles, I'm not familiar with those particular urban legends, if you can point me to the locations of these alleged events I'll be happy to try to point you to the knowledgeable election officials who debunked them.

As for the 2020 election -

Biden received 81,268,924 votes to Trump's 74,216,154.

Obama received 69,498,516 votes for McCain's 59,948,323.

Biden received 92% of the black vote compared to Obama's 95%. So, no - I don't believe that Biden got a larger percentage of the black vote than Obama. But since about 26,000,000 more people voted in 2020 than 2008, I have no problem believing that he got a larger number of black votes. That's just math.

Yes - I believe the election results were correct. I believe this because of the multiple recounts and audits held in every state that were verified by election officials of both parties, and which have never found fraud sufficient to have changed the outcome of the election. And because to date - 18 months after the election - Trumpville has yet to bring evidence of any significant fraud forward to any court of law, and what they have brought forward has been laughed out of every court they're tried, including the Supreme Court.

David Hardee

The question has been posed - Who voted for Trump)? I voted for Trump - not against Biden. I ignored Trump's personality flaws. Knew the Russia collusion was a Democratic party attempt to tarnish Trump. Knew the impeachments were a Democratic party concoction. Knew Trump was a clever manipulative negotiator. Knew the IRS was stupid and Trump took full advantage of tax laws. Knew that Trump was accused by women of sexual assault, disrespect/misogamy. Knew his children had a resident father and they cleaved to him. Knew his past 4 years while under continuous attack had the fortitude to prevail. Knew he was astoundingly energetic for his age. And knew he was American first in every action he orchestrated while he was president.

I could recite on Biden but that should be done by Biden's voters.

Now, will some of these Biden voters demonstrate integrity and recite the reasons and the attribute that caused them to vote for Biden. Stand up - show some courage in your conviction - aren't you proud of your decision to vote for Biden?

We will see!

David Hardee

Evidently there are no Biden voters here or they can't bear the shame of admission.

Just as expected, result.

Bailey Jones

David, I haven't voted for a presidential candidate since Obama. I'm proud to say I voted against our disgraced and defeated former president twice. I'm equally as proud to have voted against as many of his oleaginous toadies as opportunity has presented, and I will continue to until natural selection removes the last of them from the universe.

As for Biden's performance, he gets a "meets expectations" from me. I feel no need to defend him - as long as he continues to not be Donald John Trump he will continue to get my support.

Jim Forsythe

Why would you need to know who people voted for? In Texas the vote went for Trump.

Trump lost the popular vote in the USA both times he ran. That means more people did not want him then did.

The person I wanted as President, did not win the primaries.

I looked at Biden and Trump values and did not vote for Trump because of Trumps lack of.

If you have been watching the Jan. 6 hearings, you would have noticed that so far, most if not all that have testified, have been Republicans.

This has reenforced that I voted for the right person, when so many people that worked for him, testified under oath, what bad things Trump did.

David Hardee

Bailey and Forsythe are stand up men. They made a commitment to Biden and convinced They did best and accept the results - as all men with integrity would.

A deal is a deal whether by contract, hand shake or vote - aka - a word is a bond.

Though it is obvious, Mr. Gillis hasn't even offered one of his snarky quips on the matter. And Turski probably doesn't think "integrity" is an attribute associated to all genders (persons).

David Hardee

Evidently this thread is finished. Two stood up and showed they had integrity by their selection. They were disgusted by Trump's conduct primarily due to his voracious lying. Consequently they were electing the best considering the options. That is a reasonable action when the choices are only two. So, the expectations and the responsibility for the results can be minimum.

But as to the lying of Trump there is there are some proofs presented that I find are lacking in veracity. First in reviewing what the Washington Post claims as the 15 most disastrous lies I find that none of those lies had any effect on the lives of the citizens except for maybe reflecting if he lied about those thing he may lie about more consequential thing - though no evidence of more serious lies are presented.

see CNN analysis: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/16/politics/fact-check-dale-top-15-donald-trump-lies/index.html

Second the the Washington Post, "Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years." Washington post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/01/24/trumps-false-or-misleading-claims-total-30573-over-four-years/

30573 divided by 1460 days Trump was in office = 21.9 lies per day. That is difficult to comprehend. So if the 15 worst had little effect on policy and lives Trump repeated those 15 every day or if there were other lie he made they were definitely less consequential then the 15 that CNN claimed worst.

But is it probable that the media and the internet public discourse sites so pounded the public with negatives about lying, fake Russia collusion, Ukraine bribery, Misogamy, tax evasion, narcist and irascible flaws that the populous that did not weigh Trumps effectiveness as America first policies against the pounding negatives - and cast a vote under fraudulent impressions. It could happen!

Jim Forsythe

David, if you want to back Trump, do so. But more people each day, are not backing him. Some people that were on the fence about Trump are watching the Jan 6 hearings and changing their minds about Trump. Today at 12 noon they will presenting what happened on Jan 6 in regard to Trump.

Trump, during his life has done many things I disagree with. From the way he treats his daughter Ivanka, to the way he calls people names he disagrees with, He also treats leaders like Putin as a person he would like to be like. Also, if one pays attention when he was with a group of leaders from other countries, they tried not to be close to him when in public. This stemmed from Trump trying to burn down treaties and such, that have been in place for years.

He said he had the best working for him, yet how are in jail or waiting to find out what will happen to them. Trump used the people guarding him to make money by staying in his places he owned many, many times forcing you and I to pay high prices for them to stay at his places, because they were required to be in contact with him.

But what has turned many against him, is when he knew that the Jan 6 mob was chanting, hang Mike Pence and he agreed with them.

If Trump runs again for President, he will lose with a larger margin then he did against Biden.

Carlos Ponce

"But more people each day, are not backing him. " Liberal propaganda.

David Hardee

Jim, you made a comprehensible recitation on why you dislike Trump and voted against him - and supposed a growing populous are agreeing with you as the result of the Jan. 6 prosecutorial inquisition - prosecutorial inquisition is a grand jury procedure where only the prosecution lays out its case without any defendant representation or cross-examination - for the purpose of letting uninformed, unbiased panel to decide whether to indict or not. That Democratic Party Jan. 6 show meets none of the requirements of a grand jury or any other recognized procedure at law or precedent. So, Jim, they have successfully reinforced your existing bias that caused your anti-Trump vote and Biden's presidency.

Review your recitation Jim, It contains no element that was destructive to American citizen's life or wealth. You have a disgust for Trump that is vested in primarily personality attributes. We, the American citizens, are reaping the reward of voters that have your qualifications of irrational judgement.

All of us citizens are boiling in the pot your irrational behavior inflict on us - The worst fraud perpetrated ever, a president Biden.

David Hardee

Bailey, "Biden performed to your expectation" and Trump and his administration were GREASLY (oleaginous), you say. If Biden is what you expected would it be acceptable if I declare Biden and his administration as SLIMY.

Hopefully, we will all (only citizen that are qualified) have procedures and policies that are not suspicious (with millions of un-vetted ballot scattered) judiciously screen the (only 2 ) nominee's and make the choice on the characteristics of (not popularity or smooth tongued or a FIRST) past performance as a (not a controversial politician or lawyer or activist or suddenly out of nowhere) a proven administrator from a business (preferably) or State or institution that produced an outstanding peaceful result for humanity ( Gandhi assassinated by (Muslim) foe).

That previous set of hopefuls is a difficult climb especially considering how shallow the average voter will to exert the efforts to be well informed. The dishonest agenda oriented media is constantly pounding us with garbage. And the majority of voters are not able to cull or refine that garbage. Garbage in (consumed) is garbage out (results). And we are having garbage elected, to often.

Jim Forsythe

David, you may think Trump is qualified to be President, but I do not.

The Jan 6 hearing is just that, a hearing and most if not all that have been highlighted have been Republican's that work for or were part of Trump world.

Trump could have testified if he wanted but refused.

The people that saying what happened are under an oath to tell the truth and if they do not, they could go to jail.

Your and Carlosses mind will not be changed, which is OK since enough people do not see it like you do.

Is your idea of a President that loses the election, but would not transfer power to the next President, a person you would elect again?

Do you want a President that was Ok with people trying to hang Mike Pence?

We can talk more later as I'm getting ready to watch the hearings at noon!

Carlos Ponce

Jim, very little of that hearing would stand up in a court of law. No one with brains is being influenced by them. Low ratings, debunked witnesses, hearsay evidence. This hearing is trying to get people not to vote for President Trump. Those they are reaching would never vote for him in the first place. They're just playing to their base.

Jim Forsythe

More than 20 million viewers tuned in for the committee’s first week of hearings, a huge number for House committee business and nearly 1 million more than tuned in for the “Game of Thrones” series finale.

Public opinion is shifting. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans now believe Trump should be charged with a crime for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 attack. That’s a big jump from January, when only 41% of Americans believed Trump should be referred for criminal charges.

The Jan. 6 committee is making a compelling argument that many top Republicans had their hands deep in the events that became the Capitol insurrection

If you are talking about former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s, she talked about what she saw, what she heard and what she knew, all under oath. She is now being protected in a safe place because of the death threats.

George Croix

Tell the rest of the story, Jim.

That was about 20 million but spread across 12 networks. The 3 major networks get 18 to20 million viewers for the nightly news. Context makes the picture clearer.

Then, second dog and pony show was half, about 10 million…

Great revelations revealed that were previously unheard of could be counted on no fingers. The average American tends to understand fairness, and knows what a stacked deck is..

The average American of any Party understands that a trial by prosecutors who all previously voted to convict the defendant on other charges is a sham…only the usual suspects think it’s just fine.

One does not have to like another even the tiniest bit to at least expect a fair trial…

This clown show will move the needle nowhere….

Carlos Ponce

"More than 20 million viewers tuned in for the committee’s first week of hearings.." And subsequently ratings went DOWN as people discovered it was a boring nothing. Oh, they did tune in when a surprise "witness" was announced but when they discovered she was repeating HEARSAY they tuned out.

Ratings went from 19 million to 10 million.

"Ratings slump for second Jan. 6 hearing as around 10 million tune in"


And DOWN she goes!

"Game of Thrones"???? Is that a game show?

Jim Forsythe

George, no one is being forced to watch the hearings. Maybe while watching you learned nothing new, but I did. If you did not watch, it's hard to commit on something you did not watch.

Yesterday they tied together how the people that were calling the shots, for the groups that were called to DC (Proud Boys and such), were working together. They also showed how they were planning this for many months before the event on Jan. 6. They also showed the Rudy and Rodger Stone were working with these groups.

You can believe that VP Pence was in no jeopardy, but I believe that if the mob had found him, he would have died. They laid out in more detail how close it was from happening.

You can believe or not, that Trump would not listen to all his staff in the White House about how he had no hope of staying in power.

A late-night meeting in the Yellow Oval office with people that were let in the back door and did not sign in to verify they were in the White House was stopped by Trumps staff to keep from doing stuff his staff said was stupid. Part of what they stopped was a plan that would have had Trump activate the military to seize voting machines, which is just one of the things, they were planning in this meeting.

Ater his staff stopped this meeting is when Trump penned the note “Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” which groups all over the country said was the reason they activated their troops. They had one person, a Proud Boy, testify that was the reason why he went to DC and entered the Capital. He also said others pick him up at his house on the way to DC and was also the reason they were going to DC. This type of info was broadcast on the dark web and other sites they were using, so other could not see what they were planning.

George Croix

Jim, I didn’t say anything about forced to watch anything.

My point was simply it’s a lot of new smoke but no new fire.

I equate The Commission to Geraldo opening Al Capone’s safe on live TV…. a big fat dud for the breathless all wound up about it …

Jim Forsythe

In 2020 we had a record number of voters. Biden won with the most ever for a person running for President. Trump had the most votes ever, for a person the lost.

A number of videos went viral after the 2020 election purporting to show fraudulent handing of ballots, but they were misleading. In one video, an election worker in Georgia was seen throwing away a piece of paper. Social media posts accused him of throwing away a ballot when he was actually tossing a list of instructions, as proven by the Fulton County Elections Supervisor Richard Barron.

Another video showed a man in Detroit taking a box from a white van and moving it into a polling center. While many speculated the box had ballots that were going to be counted after polls had closed, it turned out the man seen in the video was a cameraman from a local news station who was loading equipment. Yet another viral video misrepresented a shot of Georgia election workers pulling a case of ballots out from under a table. It wasn't fraud or fake ballots — it was a routine part of the legitimate vote-counting process, which was entirely video-recorded for security, explained state voting official Gabriel Sterling.

Ted Gillis

The comedian George Carlin was right. He once stated that if you think about the stupidest person that you know, you can be rest assured that 1/2 the people in the world are stupider than that!

That’s how I fell every time I think about a Trump voter.

Robert Braeking

And.....Ted makes 2. There are still 80,999,998 Biden voters to find.

Jim Forsythe

Here they are, 80,999,998 Biden.

Pete Nanos

Mr Gillis. If you ,think Trump voters are stupid, how about the smart voters who voted for Biden. We now have the worst inflation in over forty years, gasoline prices are more than doubled, food prices have gone through the roof, Covid deaths were far greater under this administration of misfits, peoples pension funds have lost trillions, our borders are being overrun, Crime is way up , I could go on, but I "think" you can see just how smart Biden voters turned out to be. When you say what you "think", maybe in the future you should keep that to yourself., You're only half as smart as you "think" you are.

David Hardee

Ted, a Freudian slip exposed your true feeling when you use "fell. instead of "feel".

Wallow in the pride you deserve as one of the perpetrator of the disaster of a president named Biden on us. No longer is it necessary to challenge the convoluted process of the election in order to prove that the result of his election no mater valid or not it was a travesty. had those that hated Trump had the integrity to rationally evaluate both candidate equally and wrote in "non of above" or Sanders the tally for Biden would have been reasonably acceptable. We are a shameful population for what we allowed to happen - Biden as president.

George Croix

Trump tribalism.

That’s the pot calling the kettle black….

George Croix

Personally, I don’t want Trump back in elected office again. As on old guy, only way I want another one as President is if it was me, with a mandate…to reassert ourselves as still the greatest nation the world has ever known, rather than electing people who hate the country and want it ‘fundamentally changed’…we’re in the third presidential term of that now.

No, right now, I’m favoring a DeSantis run…get the conservatism with far less drama.

Of course, the usual suspects will emerge from their safe spaces to complain…same folks who thought it just fine to lionize a scumbag drunk who left a woman to drown then waited till next day to report it…after sobering up…the Lion of the Senate….

Vote for anything…and get exactly that….

David Hardee

George, nothing in your comment is disagreeable. Your appraisal of DeSantis I agree with and if he is the nominee his performance and demeanor meet my criteria for a vote.

Your recollection of the Chappaquiddick unprosecuted criminal brings again the fact that a swamp exists today and was instrumental in making the 4 years of the Trump presidency a constant barrage of attacks by weaponized bureaucracies headed by swamp bastards. I do not isolate my denigration of those bastards because the attacked Trump only. They existed for Teddy and other - and against Trump and others and still exist today - drain the swamp was a axiom forth of pursuit now.

George Croix

Progressivism is all about do as I say, not as I do.

David Hardee

That "say do" is only the tip of the spear they "Progressive Liberals" are jabbing in the heart of our "best hope of humanity." Their liberalism has morphed in first a social permissiveness intended to make the malcontent (minorities) of perceived victimization free from the shame of their self inflicted harms - addiction, criminal acts, abandoning children, abnormal lifestyles. That USA permissiveness has morphed into a " inclusiveness " intended to encompass the Globe. Globalization to progressive liberal agendas is the new pursuit. They have the USA in turmoil, have you noticed?

George Croix

Even better, they have themselves in turmoil…

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry, George Croix. Trump will make you happy when he returns.[beam]

George Croix


Trump is a jerk. I only liked his policies.

Carlos Ponce

Just wait. And don't listen to distractions.

George Croix

I’ll give you the same slack I gave Ted, Carlos. Pay all my bills, then tell me what to do. I’m not interested in guessing games, either.

I’m never political about that…same for all….except my real boss at home, of course


Carlos Ponce

I still think you will be pleasantly surprised.[beam]

Ted Gillis

Wow George, you are reaching way back in time with that analogy. I personally don’t think that Ted Kennedy was even in that car when it ran off of the bridge. If he had been, he would have probably drowned himself. I’m not a big conspiracy freak, but I suspect the Mary Jo kicked him out of the car earlier (after he tried getting frisky with her). She then drove off herself, in the wrong direction, missed the turn and then ran off of the quaint old bridge with no guard rails, and drowned. The unsuspecting senator walked back from were he was kicked out and on to where he was staying and then slept it off. That is why he was all dressed up and spiffy the next morning, as he had no clue. His staff and family publicist most probably came up with the story that he tried to heroically save the girl but failed. So he had to stick with that flawed story for the rest of his life. Either way he was a drunken scumbag, privileged beyond what he deserved. His brothers handled their privileged status a little better than he did, but then look at what happened to them.

So George, keep us on point please and quit taking us down rabbit trails.

George Croix

I always get what I expect from you, Ted.

And, soon as you start paying all my bills, you can tell me what to do….until then, keep on trucking….


George Croix

The ‘tribalism’ sure doesn't endorse crap like this…that would be the domain of the usual suspects…


Insanity, thy name is Biden Admin….not Joe’s fault…it’s Anybody Else’s

My President is exceeded only by his VP and entire Cabinet in capacity for I Hate America and incompetence…

Imo, as always…

Thomas Carpenter

Great! Another Ponce prophecy doomed to disappoint those MAGA cultists who refuse to accept the fact that Bunker Boy got clobbered in the election. The Jan. 6th investigation unveiled the childish (throwing plates because he's a loser), evil antics (betraying Pence to the mob) of the two-time loser, twice impeached incompetent, only president to refuse a peaceful transfer of power. Cadet Bonespurs continues to disgrace himself with his plaintive wails of a stolen election two years after judges laughed at 60 court cases claiming election fraud. Swing state officials recounted again and again and still Bunker Boy lost. Attorney General Barr, election officials in every state declared the elections honest and fair. However, facts mean nothing to the MAGA cult and their disgraceful, fascist leader Bunker Boy. And guess what Ponce, you do owe Bailey $1,000 and everyone knows it. Funny how your buddies neglect to mention on this forum your Christian responsibility to pay your debt. You're a liar and a thief and a fascist who deserves all the exposure and mockery you receive on this forum. You lie to the public about the election results just like you lie about the prophets. Can' wait to hear your reasons why Cadet Bonespurs failed to return to the White House in 2022..

Carlos Ponce

Bunker Boy.....June 24, 2022- Biden’s Secret Service detail rushed him to a safe house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Saturday when a private plane violated the airspace above the vacation home he owns in the small seaside town.

Then there's the time Biden was in his basement bunker for months during 2020.

Bunker Boy refers to Joe Biden.

And when President Trump is declared the winner of the 2020 election and the squatter is removed from the White House Thomas Carpenter should keep this number in mind "988".

Thomas Carpenter

988, did Bailey give you a discount?

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