In this season of giving, some may find themselves asking, “Why should I give to United Way?”

The answer is quite simple: To help people in need. So many people go through life needing help and some never seem to find the help they need. The United Way is here to make sure that help is provided. By contributing to the United Way you, too, can help someone in need.

The mission of United Way is to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in its communities. United Way Galveston County Mainland achieves this by supporting its 29 partner agencies that work hard to serve the people in need in Galveston County. Some of these agencies include, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Interfaith Caring Ministries, and National Alliance on Mental Illness Gulf Coast. Together, mainland United Way and its partner agencies work hand in hand to improve lives in the neighborhoods in Galveston County.

Mainland United Way raises funds every year to support these local nonprofits. When you give to mainland United Way, your local dollars stay local. That means your gift goes to help those in need in your Galveston County community. Mainland United Way also works hard to make its fundraising as efficient as possible. This means 91.5 percent of all funds donated go directly to Galveston County residents in need.

Not only does the United Way continue to operate its annual campaign, mainland United Way steps up when there is an urgent need in its community. Hurricane Harvey didn’t discriminate, and affected all walks of life. Mainland United Way provided help when people desperately needed it.

Through its disaster relief fund and numerous donations from community partners, mainland United Way has dispersed more than $1.6 million into Galveston County for Harvey relief and recovery. Even over a year later, there are still so many in need and recovering from Harvey. Mainland United Way is continuing to work with its partners to help get Galveston County residents back in their homes.

We can all help make a difference through the United Way. This holiday season, by contributing to the United Way you, too, can help someone in need. Help you neighbor. Help your community. Help those in need in Galveston County through United Way Galveston County Mainland. Visit to make an online contribution today or call 409-948-4211 to get involved.

Chris Delesandri is the executive director of United Way Galveston County Mainland.


(5) comments

Bailey Jones


Blanca Bell

Keep up the great work Chris.

Gary Scoggin

Chris, thanks for all you and those that donate to United Way do for our community. As you helped us form Galveston County Recovers right after the storm, I was there first hand to see the good work you guys did. I am proud you guys were well managed enough to be able to effectively respond so quickly.

George Croix

Chris has always been one for volunteerism.

The photo looks the same as you did 12 years ago when I did my first retirement.

I cannot say the same for myself.............[ohmy][wink]

Jose' Boix

Joining all other posters with the well deserved "kudos" for Chris D. A great leaders, visionary and volunteer par excellence! His approach to helping others focuses on giving people a hand up, not a handout. Thank you Chris!

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