Life is about overcoming and maturing before we make it to the finish line; the end of our lives on Earth. However, what happens when we keep stumbling and stalling just shy of the line? The story we tell ourselves.

The story we tell ourselves of not being good enough, being a number nine, the fear of failure and success. Yes, even success. We often live someone else’s dreams, and then realize it’s a counterfeit victory and we crumple. Then what?

The stories we tell ourselves are all rooted in the past — the good and the bad. It’s past demons that have taken up residence in our ears that whisper negativity and fear anytime we choose to live honestly. Opposition doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re on the wrong track, but perhaps a test that demands we show up, suited up, and ready to fight the battle no matter the story of defeat or shame we keep telling ourselves.

We must seek a higher purpose in life than merely being a consumer of relationships and things. Deciding to be a vessel of love in whatever season and serving others, is what will help us negate negative voiceovers and live with purpose and contentment, no matter the situation.

Those who realize their dreams are the ones who despite the troubles and hardships will cross the finish line even if it’s crawling; they completed the course. Regardless of whether the business, relationship or career moves in the direction of our expectations, what matters is that we choose to do whatever it takes to have a place in the race and the assurance that we’ll make it over.

To be able to live life without the anxiety, we’re missing the mark; it’s about having freedom to be who we are — the good and the flawed. So accepting that, should give us the confidence to step out into the things we want to do.

Champions and heroes in life are the ones who know that only single-minded perseverance will lead to triumph, who believe the saying, “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll still land in the stars,” moving the trajectory of life forward.

We must do the work to eliminate the defeatist mentality, and take back what others stole because of the story we believed in. Cast out all doubt, confusion, fear, anger, and bitterness, and become a person of authenticity. We may lie to ourselves and place all the blame on others, but the fact is that we make our own destiny, the good and the bad.

Time never waits.

Everyone gets 86,400 seconds in a day; use it wisely, so that it adds up to a life well-lived, and others will reap the good you sowed as well. Let us not be people who live in quiet desperation and die with the music still in us. Revise the story you have been telling. Make the hard the good and make it count.

Leslie Cappiello is an educator in Galveston.


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Charles Douglas

Ms. Leslie Cappiello, what a most inspiring article. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I can only speak for me but this went straight to my spirit, strengthening it in my continuing quest for more self-control over what I think, speak, and act upon! Thank you!!!!

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