Let me preface my comments with a disclaimer: I’m a white conservative who doesn’t believe the current culture of political correctness is healthy for America. Defund police? Tear down statues of white Jesus?

A real estate friend told me the other day the master bedroom is no longer called the master bedroom for fear of offending someone. If it wasn’t really happening, I’d swear I was living in an “Onion” article.

So, why would an un-woke white man from League City suggest we replace the Confederate monument in front of the county courthouse with a monument commemorating the historic reading of General Order No. 3 on June 19, 1865? The answer is simple: Even in these contentious times, we should all be able to celebrate a moment when this country moved closer to the ideals set forth at its founding.

If you can’t get behind the idea of celebrating the moment when individuals who were considered property found out that they were now equal in the eyes of the law, you aren’t an American, and you sure as hell aren’t a Republican.

The Republican Party was founded for the express purpose of abolishing slavery. Our first convention was held in 1856 with one resolution calling for the repeal of laws enabling slaveholding in free territories and “resistance by Constitutional means of Slavery in any Territory.”

And let’s face it, that moment alone is far more worthy for us as a community to commemorate in the form of a statue. A statue of Juneteenth would highlight one of our nation’s shining achievements, a moment where again, the world looked upon us as an example of the system succeeding.

Just reflect on the trials we as a nation face today in the light of those who struggled in the past. Are you having a tough time with the coronavirus? Suffering from all of those oppressive masks?

How about trying on the concept of actual oppression? And then imagine the moment you find out you are free to chart your course. Imagine the moment that you heard the news that “the pursuit of happiness” actually applied to you now. America became better at that moment. We should commemorate that.

I’m not suggesting we tear down the old statue, just move it somewhere else. Also, if preserving history is truly our intention, it might be nice to add a plaque that says, “We fought hard and lost. America is better for our defeat.” Let me add, I’m unaware of any current popular celebrations about the efforts of these individuals. We all agree it’s important to honor and preserve our history, but it’s not as if we’re holding an annual Johnny Reb Regatta in Galveston Bay these days.

In conclusion, let the scales fall from your eyes. Juneteenth is something we can all celebrate. The citizens of Galveston County should petition their elected representatives to replace the Confederate monument located in front of the Galveston County Courthouse with a statue honoring Juneteenth.

Andy Mann is the Position 1 city councilman for the city of League City.


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(21) comments

Bailey Jones

I agree, entirely.

On a related note, in engineering we often used the terms "master" and "slave" to talk about control processes, etc. In a recent discussion there was some talk about replacing the terms with something less antebellum. So, in my own designs, I'll now be using the terms "puppet' and "puppeteer".

Jose' Boix

Bailey: Quite the clever and crafty redefinition of a common instrument control loop! One however that comes with "strings attached"...I am afraid!

Bailey Jones


Gary Miller

Bailey> LOL

Carlos Ponce

Some suggest moving the statue to a museum. The statue is currently at 722 Moody. The nearest museum is the Galveston County Historical Museum located at 722 Moody. KISMET! It was paid for by the UDC, given to Galveston County in 1912.

Galveston's Juneteenth statue is at Ashton Villa, 2300 Broadway and was placed there in 2006. It was paid for with private donations.

If Andy Mann wants an additional statue will he pay for it?

Gary Scoggin

Will Andy Mann pay for it? I imagine he’d donate to help. As would I. As would many people. In general, all monuments should be privately funded.

Carlos Ponce

The Aston Villa statue only cost $100,000 in 2006, Very generous of Gary Scoggin to offer to pay for another.

Gary Scoggin

Offer to help pay. You're welcome.

Bailey Jones

Sign me up as well.

Gary Scoggin

So, Carlos, are you in?

Carlos Ponce

Why? They'll want that torn down too.

Kathleen Nebout

I am with Carlos, They'll want that torn down sooner or later.

David Hardee

As it is in the best of interest of gratifying and satisfying an irritation this article is sound. But when considering all the aspects of values to the entire society there is always the consideration of making every participant in the opposition commit and admit so no values are lost and all will be credited with making give and take for the sake of togetherness.

When the opposing participants are men with grievances frequently powerful emotions supersede and drown reason. The total satisfaction of the opposing participants must be the result of winning for both.

On this courthouse property is plenty of room for two historical representation. History does have value and deserves respect. When the opposing parties both give they will have that lasting satisfaction of mutual winning.

Let the existing stand and join with it a new representation that enhances history.

Kathleen Nebout

I agree with Mr. Hardee. Tearing down statues doe not erase history and it should not be erased. We should learn from our past.

Jose' Boix

Since this "effort" seems to be nation-wide, perhaps there should be the creation of Statue Park USA located in some location in the mid-center of the USA. All the statues will be amalgamated in single central location. Just a thought.

Charles Douglas

I would not give a PENNY to what the author suggested here! I get so tired of deceit ..today so much ..I just don't know what to do! Years ago in East Texas, ,when I was a kid, African-Americans knew how to celebrate Juneteenth! It was a time that if you even thought about going to the fields on that day, you would almost be ostracized! No sir, families and groups of neighbors would get together ...dig a shallow grave in the ground, kill a goat, a calf, and ample amounts or chicken, then Bar-B-Que them down home style! We would have everybody to bring their favorite dish enough to feed their family then some. We would have big tin wash tubs sitting filled with ice and red, orange, root beer, and Coke soda water! There were no such thing as bottle water back then! While all that was going on, people were rejoicing, talking, reminiscing, and having fun in celebrating the Freedom Of African-Americans! Fast forward, years later when my family moved to the coast, NOBODY came close to the celebration, of Juneteenth the way I explained it here, and in time my family didn't either! I said all this to say, IF IT IS NOT FROM THE HEART, ..if it is just for show because of politics, WHY BOTHER? Now let me say this, show me a hungry person, and I don't give a (d$&) ..if they are Black, White, Blue, Pink, or Poka-Dot in skin color, and I will feed them, show me a thirsty person and I will donate thousands of dollars like I do now, to help dig water wells even in foreign countries that they may drink, but I will leave it to others to finance the building and erecting of statues or idols! I don't even notice them, and could care less about them one way or another! I like LIVING MEMORIALS ..which is what I am for Christ! Hunger, Poverty, and Thirst are works of the devil! Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, now that he reeled me into his fold, it is my job also! So keep building or tearing down statues of DEAD people, and I will keep being a BLESSING to people who are ALIVE,... and a stumbling block to the devil!

Gary Miller

Charles> A few words of truth> thank you.

Gary Scoggin

A "few" words? Charles never says anything in a few words. ;-) (wink)

Kathleen Nebout

Mr Douglas, I like your message and completely agree with you.

Michelle Aycoth

Pandering at its best !

The Good Andy ( Andy Aycoth)

Ted Gillis

A few words of blabber.

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