Jan. 6, 2021, is another date that will live in infamy.

The pro-Trump mob took over the halls of Congress that day. The rioters scaled marble walls; they smashed windows to gain entry. Four people died, one by gunshot and three from natural causes.

They carried the Confederate battle flag into the United States Capitol. The secessionist standard originated during the Civil War, but it never entered the Capitol during that time or since — until Jan. 6. The mob filched memorabilia of their occupation, including a carved wooden podium bearing the seal of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

That morning Trump urged his supporters to head to the Capitol, and with Congress in session rioters dutifully stormed the building.

Also that morning, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, one of the president’s de facto lawyers, spoke at a rally in support of Trump and added his kindling to the bonfire: “What we have in President Trump is a fighter. And I think that’s why we’re all here,” Paxton said to attendees that morning.

“We will not quit fighting. We’re Texans, we’re Americans, and the fight will go on.”

Four hours later the Capitol was breached.

Paxton’s moment was several days in the making. Two days before the mob broke through the Capitol’s barriers, Paxton advertised on his Twitter account that he was “confirmed” to attend a “March to Save America” and that “all patriots need to be present to stand with President Trump.”

The day before the riot, Paxton tweeted: “Someday they will say that on Jan. 6, 2021, ‘some people did a thing’ ... those people were patriots and what they did was save a nation.”

Over the past four years, Americans became accustomed to such charged rhetoric. We always let it go. After the events of Jan. 6 we can no longer ignore inciting language. The First Amendment protects all kinds of ill-mannered speech, but the Bill of Rights doesn’t preclude political repercussions for elected leaders who know better than to encourage rioting.

The Texas Legislature convenes on Tuesday, and the Texas House should immediately use its constitutional power of impeachment to suspend Paxton from office for his outrageous behavior, which includes encouraging violence at the United States Capitol, filing frivolous litigation in the United States Supreme Court weeks before the riot, firing his office’s whistleblowing leadership, exposing Texas taxpayers to millions in judgments and private attorneys fees, and his alleged activities in using his office to support his major political donor Nate Paul, the employer of Paxton’s former mistress.

But the worst of it was Paxton’s behavior the morning of Jan. 6. Instead of tending to his duties in Texas, Paxton knowingly aided Trump’s ambition to overturn a presidential election. Paxton is no longer to be trusted to perform the duties of the Office of the Texas Attorney General.

I acknowledge that Trump’s election and presidency voiced a serious complaint among the American electorate, a discontentment we as a people need to understand and resolve democratically and constitutionally. My problem with career politicians like Ken Paxton is that they are not trying to resolve the voters’ concerns; they are satisfied with capitalizing on their grievances for personal and political gain. Enough is enough.

Joe Jaworski is a national mediator, former mayor of Galveston and a declared candidate for Texas Attorney General.

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(75) comments

Craig Mason

The sad part is Paxton is the top law enforcement officer of our state, and no one holds him accountable. It’s a crying shame and embarrassment for Texans.

Joan Carlin

Thank you for writing this. Paxton and the rest of the seditionists want attention, so let us give it to him and boot him out of office.

Troy Stringer

Well said Joe!!!

Carlos Ponce

Joe Jaworski, do you have information the rest of us do not? Do you know the identity and political affiliation.of those who stormed the Capitol building? Unless you do, blaming Trump Patriots for this is ridiculous. Granted there were a few but there are indications those who rioted were Antifa, not Trump Patriots. Your credibility is dwindling with partisan posts like this unless you can proove your statements.

Bill Broussard

Carlos. Granted it’s not all in yet but what we do know is that one of the folks who videoed themselves at the breach and inside is a newly elected Republican representative from West Virginia, the Viking headed jerk is a internet Quanon celebrity , one is a failed Republican candidate for state senate from Floridia and the slug sitting in Pelosi’s chair is a Gun rights advocate from Alabama I think

I suspect all you should know is “ I love you. Your very special people” transformed to “You will be punished” twenty four hours later as the nut job realized just how precarious his situation is

Patience. Our good President threw them under the buss yesterday and I’m pretty sure the FBI will let us know as the round em up cause there is a search nationwide going on.

Carlos Ponce

Until all are identifying, vilifying all Trump Patriots is foolhardy. Very partisan. Someone running for Texas State Attorney General making such a broad unsubstantiated accusation is not worthy of that office.

Craig Mason

Carlos the Antifa lie is just that a lie. They are currently identifying and arresting these folks and they all so far have had deep right wing and Qanon ties. Don’t debase yourself by spreading misinformation from false radical right wing prophets.

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason, Antifa is responsible for the riot. Looks like you can't handle the truth. A few Trump Patriots were caught up in the frenzy - A FEW. But when they saw what Antifa was doing they backed off saying, "This isn't us, this isn't what we believe in."

Craig Mason

Wow Carlos you are so delusional, someone should make sure you are not at risk of hurting yourself. 13 arrested so far and all have an online presence and past actions that show them to be radical right wing nuts. One is an elected Republican delegate. No antifa fanatics arrested so far.

Carlos Ponce

And the rest, Craig Mason.......

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason posts, "No antifa fanatics arrested so far.". And why not? They were there tearing it up.

A law enforcement source gave this day-after account to The Washington Times.

“The professional protesters were in the crowd posing as Trumpers. They were preaching violence. As they approached it was announced that [Vice President Mike] Pence had said he has no Constitutional authority. The crowd got mad. The agitators used this to whip-up anger. If the Feds are really intent on making the linkage between the instigators and Antifa, the evidence is there.”


Marjorie Shaw

“Indications are” is not proof either.

Carlos Ponce


Carlos Ponce

"Joe Jaworski is a national mediator, former mayor of Galveston and a declared candidate for Texas Attorney General."

That last part explains this partisan rant.

Paula Flinn

Joe Jaworsky has every right to list the shortcomings and/or crimes of AG Ken Paxton whether he is a candidate for office or not. The First Amendment is for everyone!

Carlos Ponce

Yes he does but people who live in glass houses....

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Dear Mr. Ponce'.

You question everyone as if they need to prove their statements to you? Are you someone's judge? Or are you the gatekeeper here? Joe can say whatever he pleases and so can everyone else, for that matter. He does not need to prove anything to you. There was plenty of news coverage for all of last week's happenings. I would have thought you might have been glued to the Television or Radio but, that was not the case. You evidently left your shades on and forgot to charge your hearing aides.

One more thing, you seemed to have missed a few spots on your glass cage...

Carlos Ponce

I don't have a glass cage. I have the armor of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Keith Gray

The First Amendment is for everyone? Paula, apparently not if you speak the truth and go against the mainstream media.

Gary Scoggin

The First Amendment doesn't apply to private companies. If yoy don't like Facebook, go to Parler. The problem with Parler is that half the people blame Antifa; the other half are posting selfies of themselves in the Capitor.

Carlos Ponce

So, half the people blame Antifa. That the other half has been misinformed.

Paula Flinn

You just think you are speaking the truth, Keith, because you put your trust in an unhinged liar. The “Big Lie” is that the election was fraudulent, enough to change the results. Trump’s followers want to believe the “Big Lie,” so they were easily whipped into a frenzy in support of him.

The “Big Truth” is that Trump doesn’t give a damn about any of those people who marched on and broke into the Capitol. Afterwards, Trump threw them under the bus. He used them to do what he couldn’t do. He only cares about himself. This man incites hate, and he sanctions violence. The people were following his, Don Jr.’s, & Giuliani’s orders.

When will you (and others) ever learn?

Words matter. Actions have consequences.

Carlos Ponce

Paula posts "The “Big Truth” is that Trump doesn’t give a damn about any of those people who marched on and broke into the Capitol." He cares about all Americans, even the Antifa who "broke into the Capitol".

Keith Gray

no Paula, I mostly rely on videos from many different news sources including the ones you rely upon. I get, don't believe your lying eyes from folks like you... but the eye doesn't lie.

Gary Miller

Paula>First Amendment has been suspended for all big tech wants censored. The Patriot party must have their own media outlet.

Carlos Ponce

The First Amendment does not apply to private companies but they are working as "editors" which should be resolved by removing Congressional protections from being sued.

alvin sallee

Mayor Joe, thank you again for calmly, honestly explaining the case before citizens of Texas. Just as Pres. elect Biden is bringing sanity back to government, you will do the same. And those who spread bald face lies to over throw our institutions must be held accountable or we lose democracy. And those who attacked the US Capitol are now known as longtime Trump supporters who on social media have advocated the overthrow of our government. Either through their vanity or stupidity they are easily found out. Which of them killed the police officer, beating him to death with a fire extinguisher, will be tried. That is law and order.

Carlos Ponce

The Donkey Doo is getting deep here!

Gary Miller

Alvin> for over 4 years the Democrat party tried to overthrow an elected president and some people, like you, did or said nothing. Jan 6 America changed, the Patriot party was born, a new political party that will fight for it's rights, unlike the Republican party it replaces.

Paula Flinn

The American people used to be able to count on the Republican Party for “law and order.” Here lately, ever since The Contract On America with the accompanying gerrymandering and voter suppression, the Republicans have slipped in their morals and integrity in being the law & order Party.

Enter Donald J. Trump, and people want to give a businessman, rather than a career politician, a chance to be President. Only this businessman is a narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar. He is a bully and a sexual predator. He is a con-man with a corrupt family.

Trump practices revenge politics on people who have different opinions than his by firing them. He is volatile and calls the opposite Party members “Evil.” He attacks mainstream media because they discover truths about him which they reveal. He turns groups of people against each other with inflamed rhetoric at his rallies. He sees himself as a dictator, for maybe 3 terms. He manages to whip up emotions in others to a frenzy and then slink off, like the coward he is.

So, I hope you are not counting on this Third Party you called the Patriot Party, to be a long-lasting thing. The Republicans should dump Trump and try again to rebuild a Party of law & order instead of violence and chaos.

Paula Flinn


Carlos Ponce



Now find where Trump incited the riot or admit IT'S NOT THERE!

David Alquest

Why do the other people in this forum even bother to respond to the illogic and hatred of Carlos Ponce? He should be ignored.

Carlos Ponce

David, there is TRUTH in what I post, not hatred. If you want to ignore my posts,that''s up to you.

Dru Walters

I scroll right by ignoring the delusional - if there are 10 comments I can be sure Carlos has responded five times. There’s an ad with a guy who is counseling people not go look at the weirdo and says something like “ we all see it, we all see it” That’s Carlos.

Charles Douglas

Why? I'll tell you why, ..it is because I found out he is one of a few I've observed on this forum past and present who posts without hidden party agendas & narratives, juxtaposed to the truth. He has maintained that distinction over years of participation on this forum! He stays well informed and uptodate on local, national, & international events! He like myself, don't give a RIP weather you are BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, or POLKA-DOT, when he is addressing the facts or the truth! Now, those criteria labels do not fit many who hang out on this forum!

Just posting my 1st Amendment Right which I not only inherited, but earned on the battlefield! [wink].

Martin Connor

As the identities of many of the individuals who stormed the Capitol are being identified, it's clear to see the majority were Trump fanatics. While I know this majority of Trump fans do not condone this, trying to blame it on antifa is ludicrous. Many who got swept up in the moment and believed they were doing something patriotic, are now finding themselves without jobs when they return home. I wont place blame on the politicians, however i will place blame on the fanatical conspiracy driven talk shows and websites these cult followers have latched onto. At the end of the day, the people involved believed they could send a message to the government. Unfortunately it backfired and they came out looking crazier than ever.

Carlos Ponce

Happy New Year, Martin to you and your family!

It is clearly apparent you have misconceptions based on your news sources which are Left leaning, including FOX. There's a lot of video out there showing non-Trump Patriots in the Capitol Building confronting police, destroying things. But the videos are taken down quickly by Liberals. Did Trump Patriots enter the Capitol? Yes, they did. They followed the Antifa brigade into the Capitol and were caught up in the ensuing frenzy. The Air Force veteran was shot while she was trying to stop the mayhem. There's video out there confirming this - or there was. The mainstream media is not reporting the names of the malefactors who destroyed. It does not fit their narrative. Tell me what Mr. Parker thinks happened.

Martin Connor

I sure miss Forrest lol. Mr. Ponce, As i stated, the majority were die hard Trump supporters. Were there any Anitfa? I'm sure there were, however Antifa doesn't care about political parties, they only thrive in chaos. Destroying any government is their ultimate goal. Trying to label them democrats is wrong. I don't know one democrat that defends their agenda. They hijack any cause they can. And no, I have not gotten any of my facts from the TV news. I have researched this on the internet, and i have read articles from both sides of the fence. And yes, i know the difference, because the liberal new constantly uses the term MOB in this instance and not in the others cases last year when the term "Protester" was the only word used for the exact same things. I'm sorry if people believe peaceful Trump protesters got caught up in Antifas dirty work, but i don't. There were plenty of Trump fanatics there with intent to cause mayhem.

And wishing you a Happy New Years yourself Mr. Ponce. See you in the fall.

Ellen Morrison

Have you seen the video yourself? I have.

She wasn’t trying to stop the mayhem, she was shot while she was trying to crawl through a broken glass door.

Carlos Ponce

And why was she trying to go through the door? She was trying to stop the Antifa according to those with her.

Carlos Ponce

" Videos taken of Trump supporters gathered at the West Front of the Capitol during Wednesday’s protest show that they stopped a person whom they believed to be an Antifa thug who was trying to break windows in the Capitol.

In one of the videos, Trump supporters can be heard calling out, “Don’t break the window!” “No Antifa! No Antifa!” as several Trump supporters intervened and stopped the attack by someone dressed and acting like Antifa but with a Trump sticker on the back of their helmet.

A second video taken from a closer position shows the ‘Antifa’ thug again beating on the window with a baton, weakening the glass, as Trump supporters loudly boo and call out, “Antifa! Antifa!”. A Trump supporter wearing a red MAGA hat grabs the ‘Antifa’ thug and forcibly shoves the thug away from the window as the crowd cheers."

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Mr. Ponce,

Have you ever considered taking up the game of solitaire.? I hear it can provide hours of concentration/ I think this e great to keep you occupied am sure anyone on this site would more than happy to send a deck of cards your way.

Carlos Ponce

Lynne Springer, you are not my boss. If you play solitaire that's your business but don't tell me what to do.

Gary Miller

Martin> More angry than ever. Trump invited his folowers to come and tell congress to follow the constitution and reject illegally gained votes. Antifa said they would be there wearing MAGA gear and ready to cause trouble. Antifa members have learned how to avoid arrest while causing riots.

Ron Binkley

Ted Cruz? Ken Paxton? Two men that we should be ashamed to be called Texans. Paxton needs to finally go to trial for his crimes.

domenico nuckols

Go Joe! Paxton should have been tossed out of office along time ago.

Carlos Ponce

Joe is a big fish in a little pond. There will be a herd of Donkeys lined up for the Democrat Primary. Let's see what happens. But I see much cronyism in Texas Democrat Party politics. That's why they don't win on statewide elections. Bigger fish are after the job.

Craig Mason

I will vote for you Joe

Gary Miller

Craig. You are free to waste your vote any way you chose.

Carlos Ponce

As a native Texan I am pleased with their actions.

Paxton has already paid his fine as per Texas state law. What remains is purely political.

Gary Miller

Ron> Ted and Ken are Patriot party favorits. Will be re elected or ellivated next election. Your candidates are loosers who need not run.

L'ee Graham

Well stated, Joe. He was supporting the sedition and the insurrection at all points. He should resign.

Dan Freeman

Joe let us know when your campaign starts seriously raising money. Remember early b=money is like yeast.

Gary Scoggin

Every mention of Ken Paxton should include the phrase “who is under felony indictment for numerous other matters.”

Carlos Ponce

Ken Paxton is doing a good job.

Bill S.

Joe, you are a Democrat. Your prose on this subject proves that you are fully engaged in political assassination in the early stages for your own good. Disgusting! However, I expect nothing less from that particular pack of heathens. Ken Paxton is very likely the one remaining Patriot in the Texas Cabinet and is against the fraud and corruption - and yes, I said that - the video doesn't lie. Your constituents in LaMarque need you. Do you plan to visit?

Craig Mason

Paxton is criminal and the Texas Rangers will be charging him with new charges soon

Thomas Carpenter

The Patriot Party has been around for a long time, it's called the KKK.

Carlos Ponce

Not the same thing, Thomas Carpenter. Why do you LIE?

Carlos Ponce

The number of those who identify as the KKK has dwindled but their racist goals still exist in a political party which carries out Margaret Sanger's goal of the extermination of minorities in this country especially those of African descent. Through her "Planned Parenthood" minority children are killed under the guise of "a woman's right to choose". Now that party wants to extend the murder of innocents to other countries by funding abortion using American tax dollars. The KKK has always identified with the Democrat Party since it's conception.

Ted Gillis

That’s all a bunch of deflective BS Carlos. Nothing you stated is true. You’re a true racist and it shows.

Carlos Ponce

ted, I love you too but you are SO wrong. If it is BS, tell me what you THINK is wrong and I'll provide proof.

Jim Forsythe

Thomas, you are right that the Patriot Party has ties to the KKK. Some will try to distance them from the KKK , but the past stays forever. They are also very pro Trump.

United Patriot Party has it roots from White Patriot Party which is associated with the KKK.. They changed names after their leader, Miler, was imprisoned for sedition, the same thing that Trump is being accused of.

The White Patriot Party (WPP) was an American anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, homophobic, white supremacist paramilitary political party associated with Christian Identity and the Ku Klux Klan. It was led by its founder, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., through various organizational incarnations. The organization began in the mid-1970s as the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. It was involved in the incident in Greensboro, North Carolina, when a confrontation between Klansmen, Nazis and communists left five people dead. The organization became the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1980s and the White Patriot Party in 1985.At a time of a poor farming economy in North Carolina, the group built support by blaming economic problems on Jewish bankers. Estimates were that its numbers might have been as high as 3000. On April 6, 1987, the group declared war against the federal government, which they called "Zionist Occupation Government" (ZOG).

The WPP collapsed after Miller violated an injunction against paramilitary activity and was convicted of threatening the civil rights activist Morris Dees. He was imprisoned from 1987 to 1990. In a 1988 sedition trial in Arkansas, Miller testified for the prosecution that he had received $200,000 in stolen money from The Order to finance operations of the White Patriot Party. The Order was also called the Brüder Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood.

Ted, try not to engage him. if you do, false words will continue.

Bailey Jones

I generally try to avoid organizations that have the word "patriot" in them.

Patriotism - while a fine sentiment, is devotion to one's country, not one's democratic institutions. I'm sure Nazis, monarchists, and Communists are all fine patriots. It also has the connotation that those who aren't in the Patriot Party aren't patriotic, which I'm sure is a core belief of the Patriots. I prefer names like Democrats, or Republicans, or Conservatives, or Progressives, Socialists, Greens, Libertarians, etc., as these all point to differences in political philosophy, not who can and cannot qualify as "patriots".

I'm old enough to remember the "America Love it or Leave it" bumper stickers of the Vietnam War era, a truly stupid phrase if there ever was one, but quite patriotic, and I imagine still very popular among "Patriots".

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, the New England Patriots are sad to hear you "try to avoid organizations that have the word 'patriot' in them." I avoid them, too but then again, I do not follow professional sports.

Carlos Ponce

Democrat Party is the home of the KKK even in 2021.

Jim Forsythe

You are right, Bailey.

Carlos Ponce

Does Jim Forsythe believe in Margaret Sanger's goal of removing "undesirables" through abortion? And she includes African-Americans on her list for removal. The Democrat Party believes in it. So did the KKK.

Charles Douglas

You are right Mr. PONCE! The Democrats are the party of the KLAN! They know this too! They burned, looted, lynched all over the South! They have another form of SLAVERY going now, with the maintaing of third rated schools in DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLDS, inside crime ridden cities & municipalities, being over-populated by minorities, who end up in prison, or dead early, but vote LIBERAL all their lives because they dont know any better! I got some in my family, who voted for the LEFT, this year for that $2000!

The KLAN murdered those three Civil Rights Boys in Mississippi who were registering Black Folks to vote, and many more while Joe China was making RACIST laws, and learning his RACIST trade in politics! He wanted to show his brothers in the KLAN that he was doing his part. When I went to school in the South during segregation, I had to be schooled on how to avoid the KLAN!

One of the things the RACISTS will always do is accuse others of doing they do, and being WHO they are! It is all so LUCIFER like! They accused TRUMP of conspiring with the Russians when Hilliary Crooked bought and paid for a fake dossier and help launched four year, 40 million dollar fake investigation on an innocent man! Obama got caught on an open MIC conspiring to get with THE RUSSIANS secretly behind the American people's back, but they tried to hang TRUMP for their Santanic Treachery! It is so sic-ny-fying!

Charles Douglas

Those Democrats knew what they were doing when they offered those people in Georgia $2000 for relief!!!!! That is why the Republicans lost those two Senate RACES there! Trump tried to tell Mitch McConnell and rest of those imbeciles they were facilitating their own defeat, by blocking that $2000 and the fools did it any way!

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Ken Paxton has to go! It’s time.

Carlos Ponce

Find a good candidate. Democrats can't seem to find any so its up to the Republican Party to either retain or replace him.

Gary Scoggin

Justin Nelson got 46.5% of the vote running against Ken Paxton, who is under indictment for numerous matters. Nelson was a very good candidate.

Carlos Ponce

And the bottom line, Justin Nelson lost to Ken Paxton.

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