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Charles Douglas

Mr. Davis! What can say other that to say, ...you covered a treasure trove....of information concerning what caused this nation to fall to the level we are located now! Great message, and great post concerning what is really wrong in this country and how it can be corrected. God Bless you sir!

George Laiacona

You are still missing the fact that the Republicans have been voting NO to Immigration Reform since the Reagan years. The Republicans will continue to say NO to any legislation brought forth by the Democrats because that is what the have been accustomed to since the Reagan years. Don’t expect any meaningful changes until we have had eight years of democracy again instead of the wannabe dictator trump

Carlos Ponce

Democrat Party plan - OPEN BORDERS.


President Reagan made a deal with the Democrats. In return for amnesty (the1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, Simpson Mazzoli Bill) Democrats would enact legislation to secure the border. Reagan kept his part of the bargain. Democrats did not. Illegal entry increased without the promised legislation.

Sharon Stratman

Saying no would be justifiable if anything listed were true.

Bailey Jones

I agree! "NO!" has become the guiding principle of the Republican Party.

Should women have autonomy over their own bodies? NO!

Should trans kids have autonomy over their own bodies? NO!

Should the LGBTQ community be able to get married, raise children, and live and work anywhere they want just like straight people? NO!

Should Texans be allowed to vote for Governor or Senator? NO!

Should the US lead the world in the fight against climate change? NO!

Is climate change even a real thing? NO!

Is science even a real thing? NO!

Should the US be a beacon to the world by welcoming more refugees? NO!

Should Americans accept the results of elections they lose - even after hundreds of audits and dozens of lawsuits have certified the results as valid? NO!

Should former public servants be required to follow the laws concerning the possession and protection of classified documents? NO!

Should the US invest billions to return semiconductor manufacturing to the US and train a new generation of scientists and engineers to ensure that we lead the world in information and electronics technology? NO!

Should we tap the strategic oil reserves to counter reductions in the world's oil supply? NO!

Should little conservative white snowflakes have to learn that grandma was a racist who spit on black children as they tried to attend school? NO!

Should kids have access to library books that reflect the diversity of their present generation and the moral shortcomings of our previous generations? NO!

Should addiction be decriminalized and treated as a public health issue? NO!

Should we have universal background checks on all gun purchases? NO!

Should we have limitations on how many guns/ammo a person can own? NO!

Should we have age restrictions on gun sales? NO!

Should we enact "red flag" laws to keep guns away from violent and crazy people? NO!

Should we do anything at all to address the epidemic of gun violence in this country? NO!

Should health care be a human right? NO!

Should we continue to fund Ukraine's fight against the war criminal Putin? NO!

Should our wilderness areas be protected from corporate exploitation? NO!

Should we provide housing for the homeless? NO!

Should we eliminate "dark money" from our elections? NO!

Should we extend taxpayer-provided education to include college and vocational training? NO!

Should we have a minimum wage? NO!

Should all school kids be fed regardless of their ability to pay? NO!

Should we reform our law enforcement agencies? NO!

Should we ensure the solvency of Social Security and Medicare in perpetuity? NO!

Should everyone born in the US be declared a citizen? NO!

Should we register citizens to vote automatically? NO!

Should we reinstate the Fairness Doctrine? NO!

Should we use nonpartisan committees and nonpartisan rules to fairly redraw our political districts after every census? NO!

Should renewable energy be subsidized? NO!

Should fossil fuels be subsidized? Shhh!

Craig Mason

Well I was going to respond to the hogwash in this letter, but Bailey covered everything and more of what I was going to say. I will just add Under the Trump administration there were two stimulus checks and the Fed was lambasted for raising interest rates. The writer failed to mention that.

Ed Buckner

Count me with Craig Mason in "jealously" lambasting Bailey Jones for already saying what needed saying. Anytime a writer (like the letter writer here) doesn't know the difference between babies and potential babies, it's a good sign he shouldn't be taken seriously, so (like Dan Freeman), I'll smile away.

Carlos Ponce

Another post from Bailey Jones of the Desperate Democrats of Galveston County.

Another one for your list, Bailey: Should we believe Bailey Jones' fraudulent claims? NO!!!!!

Paul Sivon

They say “yes” to rapists’ right to be fathers. Almost like a repeat event, once by the rapist and once by the Texas Republican Party.

They say “yes” to requiring women by law, and only women, to give up their life for another. Uvalde and State law enforcement are not held to the same standard.

Ed Buckner

Quite well said, Paul Simon. [thumbup]

Ed Buckner

"Sivon" not Simon--autocorrect that I didn't notice. My apology.

Carlos Ponce

"They say “yes” to rapists’ right to be fathers. " FILTHY LIE, PAUL SIVON!!!!!! You short credit women on intelligence!!!!! Do women only know they have been raped AFTER testing positive for pregnancy? With the HEARtBEAT BILL, weeks HAVE PASSED SINCE THE RAPE before a heart beat can be heard.

Paul Sivon

A “Filthy lie” claim by the troll. You treat women like livestock with your post rape checklist and timeline. Great expectations from the not great. Trauma, a checklist, and threats are the gift of the Texas Republican Party.

Carlos Ponce

None of what Paul sivon posts is true. He ignores the number of women who voted for the Texas Hearbeat Bill. But you do know what a "woman" is. That's a step in the right direction. Many Liberals cannot the define what a woman is.

Paul Sivon

The GDN troll declares a “filthy lie”. How rich. You and the Texas (no) Freedom Caucus should consider a rapist auxiliary. The control freak checklist, timeline, surveillance, and threats you subject victims to may fit right in with their views. Women are intelligent enough to decide without your help, stop treating them as livestock. I’m sure women aren’t the only group you will victimize given the chance.

Carlos Ponce

Paul, your post is noted and dismissed.

Ed Buckner

Weird. Here's me thinking that if you have a counter-argument, then you should present it--not just airily declare your interlocutor's point "dismissed" when you can't refute it.

Emman Sull

Well said! Ignore Bailey, just like Democrats ignore, cancel and silence us. Add another crazy Democrat idea, the windfall tax for oil and gas companies.

Paula Flinn

Never ignore Bailey Jones. That was a comprehensive list of NO’s! Thanks for creating & posting it.

Carlos Ponce

Paula should give him an "A" for creative fiction!

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Ms. Flinn.

Craig Mason

Emman please explain how you have been silenced? Not being a smart ass I really am interested in your perspective.

Charles Douglas

TIME IS GROWING NIGH!!! [rolleyes][rolleyes]

David Hardee

though the speak of leadership of both Party's is to cast aspersion on the acts of each other there is not any confusion that there is extreme diametrically opposed positions on what are the better attributes in humanity. A liberal promotes inclusiveness and the belief that it is societies (government and or its institutions) responsibility to alleviate from any shame or worse recrimination or punishment any act by an individual. Conversely the conservative is discriminating with the belief that the act of an individual is to be judged by society (government and its institutions) as to the degree of culpability.

Therefore effectively the Democratic philosophy is summed correctly as the party of permissiveness (yes) and requires society (government and its institutions) to bear responsibility and remediation. And the Republican philosophy is summed correctly as the party of judging (discrimination) with the individual (not society or government) bearing the responsibility and recrimination.

There is the refinement necessary to take every one of the listed items under scrutiny as to whether a it is a Yes or NO as it interacts with a party or has a larger consideration as to whether it is that parties philosophy that will better humanity.

Try your listed items under the "permissiveness" and then under the "discrimination" philosophy's and the render a judgement judgement (yes or no) if you can. If you can conclude a simple yes or no you are permissive deluded and need to call the Government and get them to help you believe your idiocy is permissible. Call while Biden is still the idiotic leader for a coddling. Biden will arrange for me to pay for what is your debt, Be sure to mention any college debt, perceive victimization or bail you may have acquired. The Biden compensation program has unlimited funds and lots of bureaucratic/NGO to prop you up and convince you there is no shame attached.

Have the day you deserve as a Biden voter.

Virginia Stone

[thumbup]... Bailey.

Thomas Carpenter

That was almost as good as Astros winning the World Series Bailey! What a damning legacy the MAGA crowd leaves bobbing in their wake. The winners write history. I hope future generations read all about the MAGA cult and their attempt to overthrow the government on Jan. 6th, and the miserable cretin they hailed as their leader.

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