Americans are at a critical point of choosing between communism and the freedoms of a representative federal democracy that has made us the most prosperous, generous, strongest, freest and, yes, fairest nation on Earth.

For years, we’ve been on a slow steady path toward the same communist society as China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and other repressive regimes have. Many in academia, media and politics have worked to indoctrinate our young people and others with the idea that socialism is compassionate and makes everyone’s outcome in life equal through legislation.

As Lenin once stated, “The goal of socialism is communism.” Socialism inevitably leads to communism. People are continually stripped of their rights until all that remains is a tyrannical, totalitarian regime with total control over the people.

Socialism uses “political correctness” to attack basic moral discernment and force everyone to be the same. This has come along with the normalization and legalization of all manner of anti-theist and profane speech, sexual perversions, demonic art, pornography and drug use.

This flies in the face of anyone who believes in God and aspires to a higher moral plane. This is done with the goal to marginalize and eventually get rid of anyone who disagrees with them.

Our younger generations have been the ones to view socialism most favorably and participating in protests and riots aimed at destroying our cultural heritage. Meanwhile, many in our society have come to support the idea that the government should provide health care, education, guaranteed income and perhaps eventually the entire cost of living.

Perhaps knowingly or unknowingly, we’re gradually trading our traditions and freedoms for a system that controls people. Socialism and communism claim ownership over all property and people. Big tech, media, Hollywood, billionaires and politicians should all take note.

This has all come to a head with the results of the 2020 presidential election with the credible allegations of election fraud. The nation that stands to gain the most from the results of the election is China. Also Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Communist China has ruthlessly ruled for over 70 years, resulting in the unnatural deaths of at least 65 million people.

America is in a battle between good and evil. Communism teaches people to replace belief in God with atheism and materialism and as a result good and evil have been inverted. Righteousness is cast as wickedness and vice as compassion.

I didn’t vote for President Trump because I liked him. I voted for him because he was and is the only person I can think of that would stand in the way of a movement designed to tear down and destroy our nation. One that is the greatest on Earth, and one that so many people sacrificed for and died for over the years to make it that way and one that I love and hold very dear. May God bless Donald Trump and the United States of America.

Bill Fullen Sr. lives in Galveston.


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(65) comments

Charles Douglas

Mr. Fullen, listen to me sir, i don't know you, never laid eyes on you, but this Op-ed is the most outstanding, hard-hitting staight-up truth about what's going on in this country I have ever read! You knocked it out of the "proverbial park!"

This country is about Fifty Percent taken over by China now! They are just keeping it quiet, until nothing can stop them from bringing us down economically, and neutralizing us militarily! This is what OBAMA wanted and what he was born to do, DESTROY AMERICA, in order to set ISRAEL up for destruction! Ever wonder why no Israel/ Arab peace deals of magnitude came under Obama/ Joe 60%'s watch? Remember his whispering "open Mike" statement to the Russians? "Tell "VLAD" I will be more FLEXIBLE after my next election!" China has been bragging that they have surrogates in high places all over America!

They were lying! They have surrogates all over ANERICA period... everywhere, even in Galveston County! You were right when you insinuated they are systematically stripping away our Constitutional rights and freedom guarantees one by one! They will keep doing so until we are like Hong Kong, and Cuba!

Some are begining to fight back but some will not be enough! We have Americans who go berserk if you say something bad about China now, they will call YOU RACIST, and even curse you out! Look how the fake news have been censoring conservatives now, even doxoing them, .. for speaking out! I predict before 2021 is over, we will be in another war abroad ...if not one right here in the states!

I predict ISIS will breathe big again, the JV TEAM will comeback alive! I predict terrorism financed by IRAN will return, & high taxes, on everybody in order to help pay NATO, EUROPEAN UNION, and everybody else's bills while they stab us in the back with the enemies our service men and women will be dying to protect them from! I saw great things with Trump coming back, but all hell is going to break loose now that BARACK OBAMA has a Third Term!

He is sure to make good on his bold statement made in 2008 saying, " I will fundelmentally change America and the world before I am done!" Four or Five months after he was sworn in he received the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for saying that, for doing nothing, but trashing out America. Joe 60% is on Time Magazine for hiding in a BUNKER, staying low until the fix was in. Well Thanks for the Op-ed sir, I throughly enjoyed It! You are a true Patriot who loves America, and I must say it seems as though the America we love about to go down in flames!



Gary Miller

Charles> A complete report accuratly presented.

Gary Miller

Charles> you always tell it true. I suspect Obama will succede in transforming America. Not the way he intended but by creating the Trump movement that will be the largest political movement in US history. The MAGA movement, to be called the Patriot Party, is already bigger than the GOP, DNC and MSM. Experts are already expecting a RED wave in 2022 which will target RINO Republicans, Corrupt Democrats and the MSM. All of which are doing all they can to make Trump the Martor of his movement.

Kyle Gainer-Lewis


George Soros

"Meanwhile, many in our society have come to support the idea that the government should provide health care, education, guaranteed income and perhaps eventually the entire cost of living."

Oh no heaven forbid the government actually provide services for its citizens! The Horror!!

Carlos Ponce

George Soros needs a lesson on Federalism, things that the Federal government can do and things left up to the states or the people. What you want is COMMUNISM! No thank you.



Gary Miller


Don Schlessinger

Gee isn't that great, no reason for personal responsibility in America now that the Socialists are in office. FREE, FREE, FREE!

Gary Miller

Don > Paid for with the accumulated wealth of the middle income.

Claudia Burnam

It's not the government. It's the taxpayers that pay.

Gary Miller

Claudia> Taxpayers called Middle income Americans.

Gary Miller

George? > The only thing government must provide is the right to life, liberty and seeking happiness. All else we need to earn.

Gary Miller

Soros? > When the middle income of America learn their accumulated EARNED wealth must pay for the free services with higher taxes, inflation and higher prices they will not support it.

Gary Miller

George> The purpose of legitimate government is protecting citizens rights, not providing services. Government services are citizen choices.

Ted Gillis

So the profanity that is used by the right against the left is the fault of socialism?

Carlos Ponce

Profanity is preferred to the physical attacks the Left uses.

Gary Miller

Ted> No it's the wisdom of WE, The People.

Gary Miller

Ted> Socialists are responcible for that by their conduct.

Mike Box

So we vote for a candidate for president and we elect the person the majority thinks should represent us. Biden wins and suddenly we're not a democracy anymore. Now we're socialist. Then Trump runs and wins in 2024 and now we're a democracy again but the Constitution hasn't changed. And all those black and brown (and white) folks who voted for a Democrat are godless atheists. Sometimes we go a little overboard in our rhetoric. There's an election every four years. We get tired of the abuses of the Right and we vote Left. Then we get tired of the abuses of the Left and we vote Right. As long as we get to vote every four years we're still a democracy. Let's all chill and let this play out. It's been going on for 200 years.

james cussen

Well said Mr Fuller.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Labels become meaningless. I'd rather talk about policies.

Gary Miller

Mike> Trump will not run again but his MAGA movement will vote in 2022 against RINO Republicans, Corrupt Democrats and Lying MSM.

Emilio Nicolas

Your credibility falls apart with your claim of "credible allegations of election fraud" when one considers that not any of Trump's lawyers has claimed fraud in any of the more than 65 failed lawsuits. Instead, they make every other claim and present NO EVIDENCE, can't even get Bill Barr to go along with this un-American garbage.

Carlos Ponce

Mis-quoting Bill Barr again. How very progressive of you.

The investigation had started the DAY BEFORE, Bailey. And he said, "To date"....

He NEVER said there was no fraud, but what he had seen after one day would not overturn the election. They're finding evidence. If your news service has not informed you blame yourself for picking that source.

Emilio Nicolas

Carlos: Once again you demonstrate there are only extremes in your way of thinking. You are quick to label without knowing a thing about someone. I sincerely think you should try a laxative. You would likely see more of the world.

Carlos Ponce

Sounds like you take laxatives on a regular basis.

Carlos Ponce

Change Bailey to Emilio.

Paula Flinn

Some people are so worried about Joe Biden & China while DJ Trump collected $5.4 million from China and had a “secret” bank account in China. Ivanka Trump received many trademarks from China.

Obama says one statement to Putin, overheard “off the record,” and people make such a big deal of it. Trump has secret meetings with Russians in the White House, with no one else present, called on Russia to find and release Hillary’s emails, plus relaxed sanctions against Russia, etc. No one cares (except maybe the CIA).

I predict that Joe Biden won’t call 1/2 the electorate “evil.” I predict that Joe Biden will try to reach across the aisle to try to work with and compromise with the Republicans. I predict that Joe Biden will follow the Constitution because he actually has read it and understands it. I predict Joe Biden will follow the Rule of Law.

There will be no Venezuelan Socialism or Communism, no Red Scare or Sky Falling.

Joe Biden didn’t steal the election. People were tired of the chaos and unpredictability of President Trump.

Carlos Ponce

Trump's business relations with China was well known and presented in his Financial Disclosure statement he submitted in 2016.

Paula, if "secret" why does everyone know about it????

To do business in China you must have a Chinese bank account.

"Joe Biden didn’t steal the election." That I agree with. The man is so senile he didn't know Democrats stole it for him.

Paula Flinn

Paula Flinn

“Secret” Chinese bank account was discovered in Oct. 2020.

Also in The NY Times in Oct. 2020. It was a “secret” because it was under a company name and not DJ Trump’s name.

Joe Biden has no such account!

Carlos Ponce

Paula, no secrets.

Fact: Everyone knew Trump had a business relationship with China prior to election.

Fact: To do business in China you must maintain a Chinese bank account.

Looks like everybody knew... except for Paula,

This was brought up in GCDN discussions before and after election in 2016. Looks like Paula was not paying attention.

"The names of his companies indicate that he has businesses tied to Brazil, Canada, Israel, Dubai, Egypt, India, the Philippines and South Africa. His menswear line famously had neckties sewn by contractors in China." Nov 13, 2016

Gary Miller

Carlos> I don;t think Biden is smart enough to steal a banana from a blind chimp.

Jennifer Lance

Biden's wife was seen feeding him words in an early interview. He is clearly senile. Why in the world did Democrats want him as President?!


Wow all of a sudden biden going to do something for USA after 40+ years of doing nothing,,,miracle

Gary Miller

Hank> Biden will do something, For Biden crime family,

Jennifer Lance

Biden is senile. Someone else will have to do all these things after explaining to him what the Constitution is and what the word "compromise" means.

Carlos Ponce

"Biden is senile" True, but he reads teleprompters with enthusiasm. Question is, who is his puppeteer?

Gary Miller

Paula> China isn't after millions or billions. Their goal is Trillions $$$ from the earned wealth of our middle class.

Charles Douglas

"Abraham Lincoln's career as America's 16th president spanned about four years, from March 4, 1861 to his murder on April 15, 1865, by a Confederate sympathizer. Long before entering Washington, Lincoln's life was in danger; his entire presidency was marked by civil war and contentious conditions!"

It was the same with Trump. No matter what the LEFT says, It was not the girls they say he spoke harshly of or the business deals they did not like or names he called people, which were the causes of so many hating him! It was because of the calling of greatness which was on him which was there for all to see!

It was his call of destiny, and a SUPERNATURAL deeply rooted SATANIC hate directed towards both Lincoln and Trump which served as the catalyst needed to facilitate an all out long determination used to destroy both men! Lincoln was dispised for his Liberating and freeing BLACK PEOPLE! The same type people hates TRUMP for the same reason. He enabled African-Americans and Hispanics to be self-responsible by helping them to rise up out of poverty, getting better educated, and to live like other demographics of people.

They destroyed Lincoln for it and they went out their way to do the same to Trump! Trump was not a traitor, and the LEFTIST RADICALS knew IT! He did more in three years than any President in history did in four or eight, and NO other American President could rival Trump's success other than Lincoln! He brokered Middle East Peace Deals others said would never be done!

He got a Vaccine for the public to combat one of the worst Pandemics in world history.... in months instead of years when others said it was IMPOSSIBLE, & while vilifying, mocking, and excoriating him for saying he would! He signed trade deals helping America after other Presidents signed deals hurting America, and Americans! He made America Great Again, the RADICALS plotted and conspired together with the deep state, and foreign governments and stole the last election from him, in front of the.WORLD!

It was a betrayal of catastrophic proportions, which the world has never seen before in history! America will never ...NEVER...BE...THE SAME...AGAIN!

Gary Miller

Charles> I think you just listed the reasons the Trump legacy will be the new political party that will drain the swamp starting in 2022. It's said the new political party, starting with 75 million voters who didn't cheat, will be called the "PATRIOT" party. Already bigger than the DNC or GOP.

Gary Miller

Charles> Saying it true again, as always. MAGA was and is still a hated phrase by all leftists. They hate the idea of a sucesful conservative country being the best in the world,

Gary Miller

Cgarles> Bad news for MSM. A few MAGA people recorded the vidio of DC police escorting ANTIFA buses to private parking lots close to the capital the morning of the DC rally. Antifa doesn't attend Trump rallies for any reason except trouble.

Robert Braeking

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." - Isoroku Yamamoto

American patriots are today's sleeping giant. We are too busy working and earning a living to be involved in political rantings such as the rioting and vitriol coming from the left. The cheating in this election is the straw that broke the camel's back. To add another quote from the 1976 movie, 'Network'. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore."

When all the smoke clears and the court cases have been dismissed by the opposition, you can be sure that the 'sleeping giant' will rise up and destroy the political machine that has been cheating in elections for decades. When looking at county by county voting trends this entire country feels cheated. We're not going to take it anymore.

Gary Miller

Robert> Change always follows when the situation gets too bad to last. The Trump new political party has already started looking at the DNC and RNC primaries. Eliminating RINO Republicans is as important as eliminating corrupt Democrats. The Tea Party made the mistake of targeting RINO Republicans.

Paul Sivon

There’s good news Mr. Fullen. You can easily reach that moral higher plane by just pulling yourself out of the muck of religious bigotry and scapegoating. Also, your understanding of causes leading to extreme socialism and communism are so flawed, you need not worry. At least for now, the threat to continued democracy has been removed. The door to true socialism, communism, and autocratic regimes (which you may be ok with) is extreme social and economic inequality, commonly fueled by a prolonged episode of corruption. We just dumped an extremely corrupted autocratic aspirant. That’s good news for you and the country. We now need to be wary of the trumpists who are creating a Christian version of the Egyptian Brotherhood that is threatening our freedom and democratic republic.

Bailey Jones

You are correct, Paul. A survey of history shows that governments don't inexorably slide from socialism into communism. It's just the opposite. "Socialist" programs - like labor unions, fair wage laws, etc., are what keeps revolution out of troubled democracies. European countries have had socialist policies for over a century - and yet none of them have become anti-democratic communist states (except by external conquest). Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., on the other hand, were all autocratic states rife with crony capitalism and extreme economic inequality before they exploded into violent revolution and turned communist.

Marx believed that the USA was like a steam boiler about to blow into a workers' revolution due to the exploitation of labor in the US. "Socialism" came along with collective bargaining, a 40 hour week, child labor laws, social security, civil rights legislation, etc., and let off the pressure. This happened all across Europe as well.

Charles Wiley

A commentary well done! Our youth would do well to read and head. Thanks Bill!

Thomas Carpenter

I don't feel cheated. The sleeping giant gave a pink slip to Cadet Bonespurs.

Carlos Ponce

Poking fun at a person who has a physical medical problem. How very Progressive of you.

Curtiss Brown

Happy Birthday, Bill

Curtiss Brown

Happy Birthday, Bill

Bill Sterchi

THANK YOU, Bill!!! Precisely nailed it! So glad someone had the fortitude to scribe what every American is thinking. Good job!

Brian Mobley

Ladies and gentlemen, America has a national debt of 27 trillion dollars....this is unsustainable and it is our own fault, We the People for allowing it to happen. We need to prepare ourselves and our families for when the interest rates start to rise so will the national debt, a house of cards can not stand.

Gary Miller

Brien> $27 trillion is one third of the wealth our Middle class has earned and banked for retirement and heirs. Socialists think they have a plan to use that wealth to pay for free. Inflation, taxes and higher prices are the way they expect to use.

Gary Miller

The higher taxes won't be on middle income earnings but on what we buy. Inflation is a government way to extract money from wage earners.

Ron Shelby

This piece is one of the worst examples of fear mongering I've ever seen. Simply ludicrous. If the author truly believed in this, he'd want to get rid of public schools and public funding. He'd want to get rid of any public hospitals and public funding for those such as UTMB. He'd want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. I'm betting he doesn't want to cross those lines in the absolute. He simply wants to generate fear to push people to one side of the political aisle over the other.

Gary Miller

Ron> Conservatives don't want to get rid of all the things you list. Privatizing them is a better option.

Gary Miller

222 socialist democrats and 10 RINO republicans voted for a REVENGE impeachment of Trump. Solidifying Trump as the leader of the Patriot/MAGA party. The Patriot/ MAGA party now has a complete list of people and their districts to target in the 2022 midterm elections. Trump failed to drain the DC swamp. Patriot/MAGA will get it done. Without ever running again Trump can watch the movement he built achieve his dream.

Carlos Ponce

Just got a call from the RNC asking for a donation. I told them no. I do not want one cent going to any of those 10 traitors. Instead, I will give to individual local candidates.

Michael Moriarty

"Socialism," a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Last time I looked, the majority of the businesses in Galveston were privately owned by individuals or corporations. I'm not aware of anything "owned" by the government producing a profit. If I'm incorrect, please provide evidence!

Now, there are a number of businesses that receive government aid in one way or another directly or indirectly through the tax system. Might this be the "socialism" providing the gateway to "communism?" Might the Federal money that helped transform the Strand area some 45 years ago from a no man's land to what is has become "socialism?" Have any of the variety of entrepreneurs who profited from the social investment now become communist's?

Government interaction in the daily lives of Americans through grants and subsidies for roads, sanitary systems, healthcare and numerous other benefits we enjoy as Americans are "socialism" at its best and the various programs supporting these benefits have been around a lot longer than you or I, yet, the last time I looked, we were a democracy fighting the attempt at fascism of the past four years.

Mark Seelbach

Make sure you don’t take your socialist programs like social security and Medicare. Also send you stimulus check back to the government

Bailey Jones

You'll want to skip that socialism developed/distributed vaccine as well.

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