At one time, watching the news was satisfying: no more. Because of the expressions of anger, half-truths, outright lies and hate emanating from the media, my desire to have someone tell me what’s happening to my world is no longer welcome.

Truth is, listening to the news wracks havoc with my psyche and is damaging to my overall health.

What has me truly bothered is the deterioration of our culture. We’re no longer civil; we’re no longer polite; we’re instead filled with anger, hate and a propensity towards violence toward those with whom we disagree. An example is the way many in our culture treat their president.

Admittedly, Donald Trump wasn’t everyone’s first choice; but, he was elected by the people of this country in the manner in which all past presidents have been elected and is, therefore, our president, and as such, is deserving of our respect, if not our admiration.

Unfortunately, many of the people making up our society give him neither respect nor admiration. Our forefathers would be shocked and appalled.

In 1950, at the outbreak of the Korean Conflict, it was my honor to be accepted into the U.S. Navy. At that time, and in that circumstance, my sense of patriotism was unbelievably alive. My country was my all. My sense of duty was beyond understanding. This feeling of love for country was maintained for most of my life, until recently.

Unfortunately, one can no longer feel that way when surrounded by a culture determined to inflict its political, religious and social values and beliefs on all of society, irrespective of how those who disagree might view various aspects of those values and/or beliefs. At this point in our history, it’s difficult for me to know what it means to be an American. Sad.

If we’re to survive as the world’s only republic, it will be imperative that we, as a culture, recognize how we’re changing, how this change is damaging our country and how we can go about bringing honor and civility back into our lives.

If we can’t address the dilemma we face, then we, as a nation, are doomed to the “dustbin of history.” Come on, let’s swallow our anger and our hate and gird ourselves with love of country and give our respect to those who deserve our respect, our president included.

Myles Knape lives in Galveston.


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Don Schlessinger

Very well said Mr. Knape, thank you.

Jarvis Buckley

Mr. Knapp you are a true hero. You speak words of wisdom. Both Republicans & the democrats should take a deep breath. Our President was duly elected. In my opinion serving his country well. In 2020 if
A socialist Democrat is elected so be it. The voters would have spoken. I would not like it but I would consider
that president my president.

Mike Zeller

Carlos Ponce

I thank you for your service and truly appreciate your sense of duty and love of country. Be comforted that there are still many who believe as you do in this country. [beam]

Chris Tucker

Mr. Knape. You are spot on!

Casey Alan

Respect for president went out the window when Obama was elected. I know you can show me a list of other presidents who were disrespected, but the gloves came off when he was president. Yes I agree the office of president should be respected. You said respect those who deserve it. Does this president deserve it? It is hard for people to respect someone who makes fun of people, lies, and disrespects different religions, different nationalities and has no problem with calling people names. Maybe people would respect this particular president more if he started acting presidential.

Carlos Ponce

" Maybe people would respect this particular president more if he started acting presidential."
Can you specify?
Inappropriate language has been used by most presidents. What it really depends on is how it is reported or not reported.
Calling out the press?
History will teach you most presidents have qualms about the press including Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, Truman, Johnson, etc. Remember LBJ urinated in the Rose Garden to avoid answering questions. Presidential?
Bottom line is how the press treats the president. Most knew of JFK's sexual trysts but did not report it.
You post "makes fun of people, lies, and disrespects different religions, different nationalities and has no problem with calling people names". Same can be said about MOST presidents of the United States. Remember I wrote "said" not "substantiated". Learn history. You might be surprised about what teachers could not teach you in grade school about past presidents.

Casey Alan

I said nothing about your post. I did say that someone will post a lot of stuff about past presidents that has nothing to do with this president. I agree personal stuff like having affairs doesn’t necessarily need to out there. I believe that when Clinton was in office. I believe also that if a presidential candidate use his campaign money to keep his affair quiet and according to the laws that is a crime. That should be investigated and the public should know. No president is above the law. If a crime has been committed before being elected or during the election or after an election there’s nothing disrespectful about reporting it and investigating it. Let’s not forget this is president while running had no problem bringing up Bill Clintons affair. Bill Clintons affair had nothing to do with Hillary‘s campaign but yet he had no problem pointing it out over and over again. He made a comment about Hillary‘s charities but yet his is the one who was charged withfraud and shut down. He can start acting presidential by stop tweeting insults and bullying people on Twitter. He can start acting presidential by stop telling lies. He can start acting presidential by treating other nationalities in this country other religions in this country and other people in this country who are not like him with respect. I hope this lesson on current affairs has helped you. God bless and have a great day.

Carlos Ponce

"acting presidential by stop telling lies" Does he lie? Or is what Trump said being reported as a "lie" by the press?
What the Leftist press construes as "lies" are mostly hyperbole, rounding off numbers.
Did Obama lie using the same criteria? Yes.
Did Bush I and II lie using the same criteria? Yes.
Did Clinton lie using the same criteria? Yes.
Did Reagan lie using the same criteria? Yes, all the way back to Washington.
Is there any president who was a paragon of virtue? No.
George Washington kept slaves. Do you consider enslaving people presidential?
"He can start acting presidential by treating other nationalities in this country other religions in this country and other people in this country who are not like him with respect." He does. Show me where you think he does not. Seems that you believe all of the mis-reporting from the media. I hope this lesson on current affairs has helped you. God bless and have a great day. [beam]

Paula Flinn

Trump can start acting like the President of ALL of us by not calling all Democrats “Evil.” Trump should apologize for that and for other nasty things he says. It’s what he says and does, while the cameras are filming, that is abhorrent. Most people judge others by their words and deeds, not what the media says about them.

Gary Miller

Myles! Your opinion is I believe the majority opinion. When Trump disagrees with the media they call it a lie but he may be the only one telling the truth.

Casey Alan

Does he lie?! What planet are you from? Here is the latest example. Watched TV. Out of his ow mouth he says he will be proud to shut down the government. That he will take full responsibility. Then he blames it on the Democrats. Then he claims he never said it. This is just one example of the several hundred you can go back and check by video with his lips moving and his voice coming out. Go back and read his tweets that he said he never posted. This is public record. No one made it up. And if you want to believe the propaganda from him that is your choice. My heart goes out to you and I will pray for you that you may one day see the light. But I realize some people are lost causes.

George Croix

Acting Presidential is a meaningless term.
It's like declaring what is pretty, or what makes one smart, or which cookie tastes best.
NONE of the Presidents in my lifetime, 13 of them, have acted alike.
If mannerisms and practices define Presidential, then we HAVE this President precisely because he was totally different form the last one.....
The same will be the case for the next one, 2024......[beam][beam][beam]

Kelly Naschke

Very well said Mr. Knape.

Emile Pope

I remembered the respect they gave President Obama when he was in office. No one called him a Muslim or a non citizen or referred to him and his wife as monkeys...

Carlos Ponce

"No one called him a Muslim or a non citizen or referred to him and his wife as monkeys..."
That's the way I remember it, Emile.[beam]

Casey Alan

Trump did. Trump said he was not born in this country. He was called a Muslim because of his name. And I say big deal so what if he was. And yes his wife was called a monkey. If you need help looking these things up on the Internet just let me know I’ll be more than happy to help you. Let me help refresh your memory.

Carlos Ponce

I was just agreeing tongue-in-cheek with Emile, Casey Alan.[beam]
And for the record, Trump said Barack Hussein Obama was not born in America. That is an undisputed FACT. But his son Barack Hussein Obama II has a Hawaiian birth certificate. It really doesn't matter since Jr's mother was an American. Under the legal concept of "jus sanguinis" he would be considered American no matter where he was born. If you need help looking these things up on the Internet just let me know I’ll be more than happy to help you. Let me help refresh your memory. [beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Rusty Schroeder

I respected the office of the US President and President Obama. I did not vote for him but any time I was asked he was my president, I had arguments with friends that didn't share my beliefs. But now that the office is now President Trump's, that kind of thinking by the majority of the left has disappeared. Things so far from right have been said about him and his family. People were fired for saying things about Obama's children and about him. These days that is a memory, we have a new member of congress calling him a MF'r, and she is praised instead of punished. I can't even imagine how bad it will get when republicans take back the house at the start of President Trump's 2nd term.

Jim Forsythe

House member Rashida Tlaib, did call him that. It was not on the floor of the House but at a private party she was at.
Rusty how should she be punished? If she is punished, should all in DC including the President be punished for what they say, even in private?
Examples of Trumps, a shithole country or bragged about grabbing a woman by the p----- or called a professional athlete a SOB.
Some of what Trump said was when he was on the campaign trail and some after he was elected. What punishment should he get. If we are going to punish one , than all must receive the same.

Carlos Ponce

Was Donald Trump an elected official when he made what he thought was an off mike statement to Billy Bush? Was he running for office at the time? No, and no. NBC had that footage when Trump had a network show (The Apprentice) with them. Did NBC fire him for that remark in 2005? No.
Was Barack Obama an elected official when he referred to an African nation as a "sh*t show"? Yes he was. He was president of the United States. Gonna punish him too?
Are Trump and Obama the only presidents to use colorful metaphors? No.
Harry S. Truman referred to people as SOBs while in office including General MacArthur.
Does a president forgo his FREEDOM OF SPEECH when he takes the oath of office? No. If people are offended they won't vote for him or re-elect him.
"...called a professional athlete a SOB." So did a lot of men who fought for that flag. So did a lot of families whose loved ones fought and died for that flag. Notice any "kneeling" during the anthem lately? It had its effect. It reflected the mood of the country. They can make a point but chose the wrong venue.

George Croix

Jim, for 'punishment' comparisons, compare the time spent by the MSM on Pres. Trump's use of vulgarities since elected to that spent by the same media on his opposition......just the elected ones......any of them.....not even counting the TV talking heads and pundits and the deranged talk show hosts and about half the country's citizenship, and likely most of it's non-citizenship.....

As an honest person, you cannot...cannot....claim ANY semblance of impartial reporting and coverage....can you.......??

Using your own examples, would to actually DISPUTE the validity of his crude, but accurate, assessment of so many of the Third World places?
There's an abundance of evidence, visible to all who can see, of what type holes too many are. Anybody wanta vacation or live in them? No???
That use of language is a bit less comparably valid to a direct comparison to a personal pejorative alluding to Oedipul incest, based on political differences, not observation, is it not, common usage of both terms notwithstanding?

And, you keep deflecting that the newly elected rep. made the comments in a bar, not on a job, when HER EXACT WORDS, QUOTED (see earlier post), show she was repeating at that time what she'd EARLIER said TO HER SON in answer to his question.
Personally, THAT is my objection to her choice of words. The Pres. is a big boy, and cheap shots come in (and go out) with the job.
As such, dear old 'mom' is a bigger part of the 'civility' problem, to me....
But then, I obviously raised my own child, I may be biased....

Despite the current effort to make all of Trump's molehills mountains , and the opposite for all others, there HAS to be some 'smidgen' of honest comparison left somewhere on the, well, Left......?? Or, maybe not................

George Croix

The professional athletes play football.
The self-important protesters protest on the job.
The coward in charge of it all bends over, forwards, for them.............

Carlos Ponce

Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also caught flack from fellow legislators for an anti-Semitic slur leveled at her Congressional colleagues. Looks like the Freshman Congresswoman is on a roll.[rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

George, Carlos my commits were too Rusty, asking him if punishment should be for all, or just in this case only
Many in DC has said things they should not have and done things that they should not have done.
Could the reaction be because she is a Woman. Would the reaction have been the same if a man had said the same thing?
This is a question that is going to be tested, as the Senate now has 25 Female Senators.

Once we go down the road of punishment for what a DCer says, we will need to have equal punishment.
Are all these type of word equal in being bad?
The other problem is who would decide what words are illegal to say..
As far as it being at a private party and being filmed, is it not the same as the" locker room talk" film?
I do not care for any of this type of talk , but it is protected under first amendment.

Freedom of speech is the first amendment and if swearing is part of your speech then you have the freedom to speak it. The government has somewhat of a strong interest in restricting this type of speech because the people want the government to stop the profanity.

George Croix

"Could the reaction be because she is a Woman."

That must be the reason.
What else could it possible be...................[whistling]

George Croix

The First Amendment.
The Great Shield of the 'resistance'.....despite their own intolerance of anyone else invoking it..........

There's a lesson there.....[beam][beam]

George Croix

Yes, Pope. You are right about that.
There WERE comments made just like those. Reported duly by the MSM and the night shows talking heads.
Although not even a smidgen in total compared to what's going on now, ONCE was too many, and anyone doing so to Pres. Obama should be ashamed.
BUT, that's NOT the daily, 24/7, news coverage, real and phony, vetted or dreamed up, and the mutli-multi millions of deranged 'resisters' calling for PHYSICAL harm to anyone disagreeing with them, then DOING it, and refusing to even let anyone of a different mind speak, acting exactly the way THEY said would be 'a direct threat to our democracy if the results of the election were not honored'.
As expected, you take a pin prick and equate it to being impaled by a lance......
Typecasting is rarely a good thing....................

Emile Pope

Some people can dish it out but can't take it. Spare me the hypocrisy. Where were those calls for civility when Barack Obama was President? People said the most vile and disgusting things about him with nary a complaint from the right wing. Now that their guy is on the receiving end they want to holler foul. And I notice that your call for civility doesn't apply to donald. He uses the most foul language to describe those who disagree with him or he personally dislikes. So why shouldn't people be allowed to respond in kind. Did Barack Obama insult and harangue those who he disagreed with? And your statement that criticism of President Obama was only a smidgen of what is being done to donald is patently false. It's just that people ignored it at the time.

George Croix

Pope, you are, well, you...the permanent victim of yourself.
I didn't tell you not to respond.
I AGREED with you about that about Obama.
And said anyone calling the Obamas those things should be ashamed.
You can't even take yes for an answer.

BE the perpetual victim.., then.
I don't care..............
I had a tin horn when I was a kid, so I'm used to handling them.............

George Croix

It's just me, no doubt, but palling it up with trash that calls for DEAD COPS and yucking it up not a 1/2 hour after notifying the nation that a US citizen was BEHEADED, and best of all lying about why 4 DEAD AMERICANS are in the condition beats all hell out of being crass and course.
But, as an expert on 'patently false', you should feel free to deny THOSE realities, too.....
Here's a clue....EVERYTHING is not black and white................

Emile Pope

What you wrote is false.

George Croix

All common knowledge, easily verified.
But keep pretending otherwise.
It adds to your resume'.

Van Jones

I agree and there’s an easy fix. Elect a president worthy of our respect.

Carlos Ponce

Since all presidents are human, I doubt if you will find one that fits your idealism. Think about all the presidents in your lifetime. All had faults. Can you name one who did not? No one unless you're willing to overlook foibles that others cannot. The answer is in respecting the office if not the man or woman in the Oval Office.

Jarvis Buckley

Emile , read his research paper he wrote at Harvard. Oh that's right they won't make it public. As far as the Monkey comment. That's simply an uneducated untruth. Racism is always used when you are on the losing end of an argument.

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