Where’s the justice for Joshua Feast? It has been more than four months since La Marque police officer José Santos fatally shot Feast in the back. Why is the investigation by Sheriff Henry Trochesset and District Attorney Jack Roady taking so long?

The video from Santos’ body camera, witness testimony and an independent autopsy confirm that he shot Feast in the back. It’s likely that the investigation would’ve been completed and criminal charges brought against any other perpetrator much sooner. And it’s easy to see why the authorities are dragging their feet in this case — the killer is a cop.

Everyone deserves due process, but Trochesset and Roady should conclude their investigation now. Santos should be fired from the La Marque Police Department now and so should his supervisor, Chief Kirk Jackson. If City Manager Charles “Tink” Jackson won’t terminate them, the mayor and city council should replace him with someone who will.

And the district attorney should seek an indictment of Santos now. If these officials refuse to act — if Feast’s killer isn’t fired and the case isn’t presented to a grand jury — they make clear that Feast’s life doesn’t really matter to them. And nothing they say would obscure this ugly truth.

But Feast’s life does matter — not only to his family and friends, but to the several hundred people who have marched, demonstrated and prayed for justice in La Marque. Feast’s life matters to the many other African Americans across the country who’ve learned about his death through the national news coverage and know they, too, could be wrongfully killed by a police officer.

Feast’s life matters to the growing numbers of people of all backgrounds who are rising up today to oppose unjustified violence against Blacks, Latinos and other individuals.

Erica Chenowith and other researchers have estimated that between 15 million and 26 million people participated in protests last summer following the death of George Floyd. Even as we awaited the conclusion of the trial of the cop who killed him, we learned police recently killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago, 20-year-old Daunte Wright near Minneapolis and Marcelo Garcia, a man suffering a mental health crisis, in Harris County.

From Seattle to St. Augustine, people are asking: What will it take to end the scourge of police violence?

Understanding the role of police in a contemporary capitalist society is a prerequisite for answering this question. The main function of police is protecting the wealthy and their property — and exerting social control over people of color and workers. It will take a mass multiracial working-class movement to end the crimes committed by the police.

And while we should fight for reforms that will save lives now, only revolutionary social change, the dismantling of the capitalist state and the abolition of the police will end their reign of terror. We need a society in which those who enforce the laws are controlled by and accountable to the communities they serve.

David Michael Smith, Ph.D., is a former professor of government at College of the Mainland.


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Norman Pappous

I know exactly what it will take. There has never been a question of why society needs police. People exist who would prey on others and do harm. The police were created to stand between law Snider’s and law abusers. Smith is upset that this service to society cannot be accomplished without error. That is a juvenile attitude IMO.

Norman Pappous

“Snider’s” should read “supporter”

Gary Scoggin

“ And while we should fight for reforms that will save lives now, only revolutionary social change, the dismantling of the capitalist state and the abolition of the police will end their reign of terror.”

Ok, Dr. Smith, whatever you say. Is that “Imagine” by John Lennon I hear in the background?

Dwight Burns

John Lennon had it right. "If we could all live as one."

Charles Wiley

So we eliminate police. Now what do we do to protect our communities? I usually listen to those who dissent until they transition from uninformed to plain stupid. The “Professor” was stripped of his post at COM for his lunacy but continues to spew his venom and hatred for the police. When that transition is made we ignore them. They have become irrelevant in the discussion about criminal justice reform. This guy is among the most irrelevant!

Bobby Pope

Don’t have warrants, expired stuff, don’t run from the police, don’t fight with the police and don’t hang out with thugs. What else did I miss?

Carlos Ponce

"What will it take to end the scourge of police violence?" The premise is a lie. There is no "scourge of police violence". The handful of bad police have been dealt with. No indication Officer Santos or Chief of Police Jackson are bad actors. Sometimes a peace officer must use deadly force to take out a gun wielding bad actor. See GCDN article: "Video shows slain La Marque man pointed gun at officer, investigators say". The Supreme Court said the officer acted properly.

David Hardee

No amount of regulatory (police, legislation, social services, community organizing, etc.) will ever make a significant effect. The only opportunity to create a human that will be civil is at birth and a civil atmosphere through the formative years while the development of persona of self is being built. A human baby is unique among the species. Aide from the great apes the human baby is the only one that cannot locate or find the tit. If the tit is not delivered the human baby dies. Therefore the human is a slave to those that will provide substance, protection, and tutelage for the years until reaching majority (ability to be self-reliant). During these slave years that baby's tutelage will form and set most of that individual's patterns, attitudes, and personality roots. Effectively the die has been cast while the human psyche is being formed. From that point forward the events a human will encounter will be managed in concert with those formative patterns it has learned.

When our society began to let the progressive Democratic Big Tent convince us that the Village will raise our children and we abandoned the traditional nuclear family the die was cast for corrupting our babies. 73% of babies are born out of wedlock. Most of those babies are then abandoned by to one parent and live in a chaotic environment. and destine to a challenging life. Ergo, so go the children goes the society. Me-ism replaces empathy, civility, and no counseling, regulations or rules will be respected. No authority (police) is respected. No system (capitalism) will be effective. Society will be filled with malcontents that perceive themselves as victims. And their main target is any tradition. And when there is a majority in the population these malcontent will perceive/believe the majority is exercising a Class Superiority.

If the USA is to MAGA it must stop aiding, abetting and tolerating these malcontents. Persons that propagate a human into society without an intention and ability to provide are a scourge and deserve shame, stigma and penalty. The progressive liberals welcome these progenitors with open arms and build structures that burden society and release the culprits to repetitively offend. Lack of disciplining these culprits is enabling and insane.

Shame on us.

Jose' Boix

Reading such "essays" serves to remind me of two salient points:

1. I find that the most vocal and ardent supporters of "such failed ideologies" live under the protection of a capitalist system; jobs, good pay, freedoms; and,

2. The quote from Winston Churchill (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II. 1874-1965) who said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Just my thoughts!

Norman Pappous

@Jose [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Charles Douglas

The author of this OP-ED is keenly aware that demonizing, vilifying, excoriating, and eradicating the police in AMERICA is extremely important in transforming, and transmorgrifing our great nation from being a capitalistic free market society into being one like Cuba, Russia, or Red CHINA! See all those societies have a handful of powerful, rich oligarchs or filthy rich ndividuals supporting a man at the top calling the shots with everybody else on government subsidies, barely getting by! If you will notice, the police in AMERICA is not the only organization being attacked!

The American military is also being revamped, and jerked around just like our police are! Now, put all that together with, our Educational Systems being taken over, our Constitution being dismantled, Supreme Court being packed, the integrity of our Senate being destroyed, and what do you think is happening here?

Granted, I grew up in Segregation, perpetuated by Jim Crow and his friends, barred from walking in certain establishments, through certain doors, ...I attended horrific schools, worked, menial jobs supplied especially for me BY JIM CROW, but you don't have to be a "RHODE SCHOLAR" to figure out what President AOC, BEIJING JOE, and the LEFT are doing, and where they are headed with what we are openly seeing here! They are not hiding anymore! Notice that? They have laid their [censored] cards.on the table out in the open! What matters now is what is the American public going to do about it?

This is not a Republican matter! This is a American matter, because when the dust settles and power is established with our freedoms lone gone, a Democrat, will be just as bad off as a Republican in America! Now, you can take that to Moody National, or Texas First!

I would also like to give a thumbs up for the 8-9 posters who posted favorable toward the police on this thread. I cannot think of no reason to fight a police officer if one pulls me over, nor can I think of a reason to run from one! I for sure will not Try to teach one what the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or what the Texas Penal, or Texas Traffic Codes says they can or cannot do! Racial strife, Race-baiting, and playing the minority communities for fools have become effective weapons used by the LEFT in their quest for power!

Jose' Boix

So, David Michael Smith, Ph.D., should feel very much at home in say Cuba - a place I know! But no way he would trade his benefits in this great Country along with its freedoms!

David Hardee

We must find a way to save the baby's from the Democratic Party's indoctrination.

Charles, Carlos, Jack, and all others that have commented - We are speaking into a cavern where the effect is of little consequence other than self relief of frustration. The crucial element for the salvation of our society and humanity is where the corrupting mindset has not yet been established. Those that have already established their self persona are beyond redemption because they have and are part of and support of the cabal of anti-anything that they consider is an infringement on them individually with being required to meet the standards that are best for the general population.

It is obvious that for several generations the progressive liberals have successfully orchestrated, and maintained the indoctrination of our children to a me-ism mindset. The evidence is prolific from individuals and their union under the mantras of the groups that are parading in the streets. These me-ist children have grown into positions of power and are procreating an even more viral infection. And many have ascended into the positions of influence where they have megaphones to pond the society with seductive messaging to destroy all that was elements of civility. Our children are even being drawn forward to announce their allegiance to these bastardizing agendas. Words are revised and the peculiar sexual orientations are applauded. Schools are embracing curriculums that entice belief that victimization is the intent of the majority and authority. These portrayers of malcontent have infiltrated the media and project confusion and anger into our society. Now in the throes of anarchy, the herculean task of resurrecting a social order under the tenents of the Constitution seems beyond attainment. The top-down resurrection was stymied when the 2020 election produced a rejection of a vigorous irascible Trump with the decrepit puppet of the progressive liberals, Biden. The task of bottom-up (generations of children's education) is unattainable while the teachers like Smith have done and continued their dastardly deeds. And Parents are baby's mama, and my genitalia does not match my perception of gender, Pronouns are too specific, and a skin color defines Superiority and causes my depression from being victimized, and tho at 16 I was a fool on Judge Judy's nationally televised court and continued to be an anti-social menace that met death at the hands of a cop I am a martyr of reverence to have sacrificed my life for the proof of white police discriminate brutality on minorities, America is a corrupt bastion where every obstacle possible is keeping me suppressed, and burning and looting in the cause of my perception of injustice is a peaceful demonstration and etc. of never-ending complaints.

The children have and are being indoctrinated successfully by the woefully sorry and selfish impregnators that from lust and or irresponsibility produce a baby and have no intent to nurture and provide because the Democratic Party's Village will happily raise it to fit their agenda.

It is only by capturing and teaching the NEXT generation will there be any indelible and continuing effect - to produce - the resurrection of what was the best hope of humanity. It is the issue from the womb, a baby, and its introduction to humanity with the atmosphere of reciprocating consideration and reasonable acceptance that the good of the whole is the best for the individual and the rules that infringe on freedoms are necessary even if considered inequitable on occasions.

Action to restore the nuclear family, social mores, respect for authority, only, will put America on the path to Great Again.

Bailey Jones

A "me-ism mindset", really, David?

I don't see progressives running around screaming "America first!"

Or, "You can't make ME wear a mask!"

Or, "You can't make ME get vaccinated."

Or, "why should MY taxes pay for educating other people's kids?"

Or, "why should I have to pay for other peoples' healthcare?"

Or, "why should I have to suffer the existence of gays or trans people?"

Progressivism is:

"We should all pay taxes to educate everybody's kids."

"We should all pay premiums so everyone has health care."

"We should all wear masks and get vaccinated so everyone is safe."

"We should all accommodate gays, and trans people, and disabled people, and Muslims, and Catholics, and Mormons, and people with accents and dark skin, and immigrants, and refugees, and kids with special needs, and yes - even people who make what we consider to be bad life choices, because we are all in this together and we all share the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Carlos Ponce

I don't see progressives running around screaming STOP THE ABORTION MILLS.

David Hardee

Bailey, you always give my comments a more vivid illustration of the points I make, thanks.

All the incidents/items you list are issued from the GOVERNMENT (top-down) mandates created by that ideology/Party in power at that time. These are intrusions into and on society intended as social engineering to FORCE society to make exceptions and or inclusions and then to appear as our benevolent master but really are especially intended to increase that Party's power by pandering for votes.

And to your dissecting society for "We should all accommodate" - accommodations were never the intent of the Constitution because accommodations are discriminations.

The Constitution "spells out Americans' rights in relation to their government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual—like freedom of speech, press, and religion. It sets rules for due process of law and reserves all powers not delegated to the Federal Government to the people or the States." Individual’s Freedoms are subjected to (State, city and community) rules for the good of that particular society. All the boundaries on the Federal government to restrict it from social engineering were breached in 1964 by the diabolical Great Society legislation and federal tentacles have now penetrated and corrupted our individual rights, even into our sex lives and raising of our children.

Note - the intent of the Constitution not to dissect the population by using only the word "individual: and "people".

Also, Note - that the first dissecting of the population was the 1793 Fugitive Slave Act. This abomination and flagrant corruption of the Constitution (Bill of Rights) was instrumental in causing the Civil war. The fact that Lincoln abolished slavery (proclamation emancipation) was a pragmatic endeavor to gather blacks into the war for assuring victory, not benevolence.

Also, Note - all of these actions were Government (top-down) with the purpose of benefiting the ideology/Party in power.

Ergo - Note - the acts of Government masked as benevolence are social engineering and the bain of society’s tranquility.

By no fault of their making the insertion of the slaves into our society was the most egregious and harmful act committed and that has continuously haunted every individual whether they are bigots or men of goodwill. Decidedly, that haunting had for centuries been only slightly addressed. Decidedly, that in the last 60 years significant improvements have been made and the flames of bigotry, tho embers exist, have mostly been put out. Taking all into consideration it is indisputable that all who are citizens of the USA, no matter how they are distinctive, are the most fortunate people on this planet.

Those among us that are malcontent with their position or treatment must fix themselves and stop projecting their woes as the intentional effect of others. These malcontents are the fodder the political hacks and the titillating media use to ascend to prominence while enticing/causing social chaos.

Bailey, in conclusion, I hope you will relent from your adoption of the progressive liberals as the benevolent governance vehicle. Theirs and the other ideologies coming from the FEDERAL government are simply social engineerings that are targeting impressional minds in our society that they want to convince that their ideology being our utopia path. They have successfully corrupted our mores, civility, language, and self-responsibility attributes. Our population is dissected by the categories you listed as a result of generations being taught me-ism above the good of community. Our schools are under attack with curriculums to implant on these impressionable/forming minds class and ethnic identities for selective treatment, and that is diabolical, please, agree!

I am not calling for discrimination or bigotry. We all need to be promoting Inclusion, but with the ability to discriminate using the - (I hate to have to insert what is going to be interpreted as based on or consisting of reports or observations of usually unscientific observers anecdotal evidence health benefits that may be more anecdotal than factual.) - the tenets and examples of the New Testament. Why, the New Testament - because it is that story of that man, we should emulate, who without the force of arms and without recriminations, except the money changers in the temple, enticed all by example to navigate life with the dignity of not joining in but not also not enabling the flaws of humans, and that is the way of truly using discrimination properly applied. Rendering to Caesar and to God are not diametric; yet they are the only method to achieve a tranquil life. I reject the classification of Christianity because it is the ideology created and abused by societies and the same is true for all constructions/religions/ideologies created by us flawed humans. The Koran, Old testament, Confucius, and etc. have evidence of force and or subjugation of opponents. Pardon my pontification. But it is an attempt to give the impact that ours is the responsibility to not enable me-ism and especially that which would create an innocent baby without the intention and ability to provide all the sustenance, tutelage, examples, and mores that start and can build an asset to humanity.

Lastly, benevolence also known as charity is the purview of the individual, and any organization or especially a government that usurps/forces it, is wrong. That Big Tent of inclusion and benevolence that is raising our children has been a disastrous plague on our society.

Help us, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

David, you certainly have an interesting take on things - which I disagree with, of course. I can't think of any more egregious government interference than mandating who people can love and marry, or which gender one must live as (assigned at birth on your government certificate). I do think I understand that you feel that the decriminalization of gay marriage and the criminalization of LGBT discrimination imposes something unpleasant upon you. Again, it's a point of view that I just don't share.

I will grant you that the "ideologies coming from the FEDERAL government are simply social engineerings that are targeting impressional minds in our society that they want to convince that their ideology being our utopia path." There is a reason why Americans think they ought to be free - it's the ideology coming from the FEDERAL government that seeks to social engineer America into a utopia of people who believe in freedom. I don't know about you, but as a child, I was forced to recite this ideology every morning, and sing it before every football game - and I actually believe it. It should come as no surprise then that every subgroup of Americans who was ever denied that freedom has risen up to claim it (blacks, women, disabled people, religious and ethnic minorities of all kinds, homosexuals, and now transexuals).

To recycle Thomas Jefferson, it does me no injury for my neighbor to be any of these. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

David Hardee

With every comment, I find that we have more commonality and consequently, no need for compromise.

I am a devotee of Jefferson - especially his adaptability through the cognitive process of evaluating events as they unfolded and ability to create expressions like the one (full context is more lucid) you use. Track Jefferson through the years of his life and you will find among his many quotes some that are offensive to your today position. Most important to understanding Jefferson’s progression in publishing his reflection which you snippet is that he was a slaveholder that came to remorse for that and wished to make a declaration for the enlightenment of other slaveholders - In that era. To utilize Jefferson in this era is an unjustifiable leap. Read Jeffersons’ addresses to the legislature of Virginia and his predictions on the freeing of slaves if they are not re-patriated. Danger is lurking as we are fulfilling his uncanny prophecy.

Back to the points in our comments - we diverge on our societal condition desire. Your Utopia vs my tranquility. Utopia - an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Tranquility - quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. Obviously, an overlap exists but perfect is non-attainable with human’s so let us not ponder further on that diversity.

To the details of obtaining a society to meet our desires, we are in opposition as to what policy and procedures would evolve a pleasant society. Since the Pledge of Allegiance is the issue you have found to be the portrayal of a promise not. Yes, the force or requirement you experienced was and still is a reality in the society of every youth. That is true in every society. It is also true in every structure where youth is confronted with authority that places a requirement. I.e. at meals, the parents may require a blessing. Or in the schools, they force dress code, or if in a club the requirements are dictated to keep membership, etc. Youth do not have prerogatives if they wish to maintain membership. A youth that transgresses is to be punished in some form for disobedience/insult to authority. Without some form of punishment, the compliance to authority is lost forever, and the path to being a rogue member of society is the probable path for all rogue youth when reaching adulthood. And these are the individuals most likely to confortations with police.

To the adults’ revelation of the Pledge being unacceptable, no matter the reason, is irrelevant. But the actions of the adult in exercising FREEDOM to declare/demonstrate against it is where extreme relevance is. Here, Bailey, I will instead of itemizing the many absolute transgressions, leave it to you, to itemize the value of, at public gatherings, the overt insults, and disruptions being performed.

Utopia or tranquility is achieved only when the methods respect/comply with the established policies and procedures which our ORIGINAL Constitution gave ALL. Society is in turmoil and we are on the cusp of severe reactions because the Constitution has become an instrument of division by bastardizing ALL into specific parts of society.

Hopefully, we can solve The Allegiance problems if you, Baley, modify the pledge so it can be acceptable and post the revision in your next comment. See below.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands_, one Nation under God_, indivisible_, with liberty and justice for all.

Bailey Jones

David - "Utopia or tranquility is achieved only when the methods respect/comply with the established policies and procedures which our ORIGINAL Constitution gave ALL."

I'm not a constitutional originalist, and I never will be. A constitution that sanctions slavery is not something that I would ever pledge allegiance to. The constitution is a very poor document in terms of freeing mankind (and womankind) from tyranny. But it was the very best that could be come up with at the time, and included the genius of being amendable.

The abolitionist minister, Theodore Parker, once delivered this in a sermon - "I do not pretend to understand the moral universe. The arc is a long one. My eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by experience of sight. I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends toward justice." To my mind, the constitution is forward looking - meant to adapt to the times. And so is our democracy. I am a progressive, which is itself a forward looking philosophy, one which asks the question, "how do we make our society better?" Looking backward from a forward looking philosophy is to see all the faults of the original document, and the society that created it.

I'm not quite as old as you, but old enough to remember how, in the 1960s, my mom chafed against the limitations that society imposed upon her as a woman. Those limitations are gone now, at least in theory. But I also remember how my mom lamented the changes that came with that freedom - a higher divorce rate, latchkey kids, sexual autonomy, etc. Greater freedom often brings greater opportunity for irresponsibility - as we have seen in the abject failure of so many men to be responsible for the children they create, which is something I suspect that we both abhor.

Progressive policies are often seen as granting permission for irresponsible conduct. But that's not the case. Freedom simply transfers the burden for maintaining an orderly society from the government to the individual - it requires more personal responsibility, not less. For example, we'd have a lot fewer gun deaths if the government outlawed gun ownership. But we choose to embrace the freedom to own guns, and we demand a level of responsibility commensurate with that freedom. And we are often disappointed in the results. It's the same for all freedoms. Freedom of speech allows hate speech and pornography. Freedom of religion allows every kind of cult. Freedom of the press allows yellow journalism. This is the curse of being free.

Freedom grants personal agency. But personal agency requires two things - knowing what the right thing to do is, and possessing the means to do it. Our educational system - despite the laments of conservatives - is quite conservative, it doesn't provide the tools necessary to navigate a freer society. We grant people sexual autonomy, but refuse to impart the knowledge and tools to allow responsible sexuality. We demand that we get past racial animus, but refuse to teach the historical context and civic skills that make that possible. “It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue. If we suffer their minds to grovel and creep in infancy, they will grovel all their lives.” - John Adams, Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1765. It seems to me that we have too much groveling to support our freedoms. But that's not the fault of our freedoms.

Gary Miller

Bailey> The progressive you describe doesn't exist. All progressives want what someone else earned.They want you to pay for their education, health care and wealth.

Bailey Jones

Gary, I'm pretty sure I do exist. I can tell because the floorboards squeak when I walk across the room.

David Hardee

“Not an originalist,” says, Bailey, “because the Constitution did a poor job of setting free the specific parts of society.” The all-encompassing term “men” to Bailey was “poor” and the Constitution should have been specific with individual identity words - womankind, slaves, etc., and anticipated the new gender classifications and religions, etc. that have been created by this Progressive run amuck imagination Party of inclusion and new entitlements. Bailey, you don’t want a document you want a Wizard with a teleprompter that scrolls constant amendments.

You speak of Freedom as if Freedom is free. As long as each individual human has an intellect and body there is jeopardy to freedom lurking, somewhere. Freedom requires discrimination, borders, and the power to overcome the non-compliant. Peace can be acquired even among and between the diverse groups’ definition of freedoms as long as when a border is breached like the visitor in a home the intruder respects tenets of the host. And visa versa between the diverse groups so no one disturbs the peace. Peace on earth when there is goodwill and safe harbors for diversities. Sound like someone should design a Republic with component united under a democracy that gives ALL a place to practice their specific freedom and will act with E Pluribus Unum against any that will disturb the peace. Maybe a Union of 13 separate but equal States that secure for that States a place to practice their definition of freedom. Expandable so new can be added setting out borders where the diversity can be accommodated without disturbing the peace and destroying the union to which they pledge allegiance. Good idea and design, right, Bailey.

Slavery as I stated previously was the first progressive bastardization of the Constitution in 1792 when the Constitution itemized non-citizens - indentured, native Indians, and others. That was the compromise that S. and N, Carolinas and Georgia demanded of ratification. They wanted their brand of Freedom. It worked until the visitor and the hosts began to intrude and disrespect each other’s tenets. From there we are here in chaos with more progressives taking their imagined tenets of Freedom from the teleprompter of the malcontents.

Bailey asks “How do we make our society better (his imaginary utopia). Not and never will there be a Utopia when the individual has a body and intellect. We can have tranquility (peace)by doing what I stated in the previous paragraphs, Borders, and respect for tenets. Seems that the stats rights were a mechanism that was effective till borders were breached. Slavery was an abomination undeniable. And it festered has caused unending turmoil. And the tractor and gin would have made it obsolete in the cotton and sugar industries, eventually, probably. Would those technical advancements have mitigated all the harms? A progressive can work on imagining that question’s answer as an exercise but the reality is it did not happen.

States rights or Freedoms got trampled and safe harbors for those that wished to leave one bastion of freedoms to one more acceptable vanished - the culprit was Federal Government usurpation, More usurpation as the Federal Government toyed with the Bill of Right and extracted the ALL and replaced it with a series of civil rights specific individual and group identifications. The Great Society was this culprit and reach into the individual psyche as to even the gender and sexual orientations. More Freedoms gone.

Bailey, at 81 am senior to most of the population. I Live in the transition of Galveston from the peaceful and segregated well-run debauchery era to today’s chaotic social and activist Babel era. WWII, Korea, the TV draft-dodging Vietnam and the female sex liberator Pill, Communes, Fads, assassinations, Huey Newton, and many anarchies played out before me. SS tax to Fica funding the Great Society and Mass Transit (Barry Goodman first of many unsuccessful Hou. Metro Directors and eventually Galveston Ombudsman), fiasco, Savings Loan busts and all the Hud by Frank/Dodd legislation waste and fraud, Enron, etc., has made me an old wise and wary citizen, Like AllState - I know a few things because I saw and experienced a few things personally. All the smoke (bs) that has been blown at me would challenge Krakatoa’s record.

Now back to your response. I am glad I did not try and convey what you conveyed in the last paragraph because I would not have been able to create so succinct and eloquent a presentation. You have struck a tone that resonates with the choir, my conservative choir, with very few details that are missing. Since I am effectively your choir I recommend that you publish this paragraph as a Guest Column so all can enjoy this message. I do worry that this will NOT resonate with the progressive choir especially those in a tantrum about all the atrocities they are suffering and want to be corrected. Those damn statues, and those damn words that reflect diversities, and that most egregious fact that a majority exists causing a superiority and minority depression. Also, won’t resonate with the tantrum progressives is - policemen get called to manage their anti-social activities by intending to kill them. And not understanding that a progressive’s confusion between genitalia and imagination needs to be provided whatever is need (surgery, access to any bathroom or sports event, etc.) regardless of traditional gender exclusion, outfitting the entire population with an ocular correction that creates a universal image of everybody so size, color, intellect, and psyches do not cause the universal bain (discrimination) that cause any of the RACISMS that are existing.


If it is NOT broken a progressive improve it in that quest of the unattainable utopia. And the quest for a utopia only ensures an imaginary illusion with never-ending chaos. Taking apart the best hope of humanity to experiment with social engineering is that which the cabal of Progressive liberals and now infiltrated Federal government, media are achieving.

Last is your assertion that the children are rightful to be targeted to a national political indoctrination that oscillates dependent on the philosophy at that time in power. That assertion couched in a scenario of applaudable sanctimonious (making a show of being morally superior to other people ) rhetoric cancels all veracity and illuminates the ill within the imaginary progressive minds. Every institution of adult management over children has been a place of questionable value. The tutelage of the unmanaged playground where the formative mind grapple with that microcosm of a functioning society is where all the opportunities and challenges are experienced. That is the school of life’s reality. That is where innocence evolves into cooping effectively. And where the minds develop/understand by the incremental process of cognition, to know, who I am and how I can manage effectively that I will encounter. There is no better tutelage than life on the playground, right.


Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee> Well articulated brother! You put it out there very flexible too! You assembled it to where squirrels could nibble off it, and giraffes did not have to bend down to get their share![wink]

David Hardee

Mr. Douglas, I envy your ability to produce such an impact with a hilarious visual thought pattern. Do more, please, we understand and enjoy at the same time.


Gary Miller

David> Your last sentence sums it all.

Jack Reeves

Smith would be the first one to scream for help if someone pulled his hair on the street. I have found (in a police car) that liberals are usually the ones who scream the loudest when someone violates their space or, their beliefs. The average citizen usually avoids conflict with their neighbor or anyone else for that matter. The average Joe also doesn't burn down his neighbor's home or business when things don't go his or her way. It's not a "party" issue; it's a decency issue. The police come when they are called; we don't judge you based on race, creed or religion; we judge you by the way you interact with others.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Reeves> [thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Miller

Jack> Love your insight! If black parents taught their children to respect the enforcers of law their life would be longer and better. The laws police enforce are intended to benefit all citizens equally. Black criminals die by resisting compliance with laws society wants enforced. A fault shared by too many black criminals.

Gary Miller

Poor DR. Smith. No one agrees with him.

Jack Cross

When Will the Cops Stop Killing Us?

Smith writing in a communist newspaper


By David Michael Smith

November 6, 2014

The fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old Black man, by Darren Wilson, a White police officer, in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9 outraged scores of millions of people throughout the United States. It is difficult to see how the killing of an unarmed individual by police could be justified under virtually any circumstances. And in Ferguson, the massive military response to the subsequent protests, the pointing of semi-automatic rifles at unarmed protesters, the misuse of rubber bullets and tear gas, the physical threats against demonstrators, and the unlawful arrests of journalists were unconscionable. Although politicians of all stripes and highly paid pundits have criticized those who threw rocks and bottles at law enforcement officers in Ferguson, as Robert Stephens II wrote in Jacobin, angry demonstrators were “far from a mindless, violent mob.” They were simply, in the words of one young Black man, “fed up.” So were the scores of thousands of people who participated in subsequent protests across the country.

Protests have continued every day since August 9 in Ferguson and St. Louis County. The uprising has led to Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson apologizing to the Brown family, three local police officers being fired or forced into retirement for misconduct, and Ferguson cops beginning to wear body cameras.

In addition, some politicians are demanding that area police departments recruit more people of color. A local grand jury is considering possible charges against Wilson, and two related U.S. Department of Justice investigations have also been launched. But while several witnesses have reported that Brown was killed while his hands were up in the air, most people in the community doubt Wilson will be brought to justice by the local grand jury or the Department of Justice.

From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, demonstrators seeking justice for Brown and his family have expressed the same pessimism and vowed to create a new mass movement to end the continuing scourge of police brutality in America once and for all.

The imperative need for such a mass movement has been clear for a long time. Popular calls for collective political action to stop cops from killing and brutalizing innocent people have been issued regularly for the past half-century. Tragically, unjustified police violence has persisted despite robust but intermittent opposition for decades, and progress toward reining in killer cops has been limited.

In the wake of the August 9 tragedy in Ferguson, it is time for those of us who are committed to helping end police crimes to answer two vital, interrelated questions. How significant and how systemic is police brutality? And what will it take to stop the cops from killing us? Developing a realistic answer to the first question is essential for developing a realistic answer to the second question. And getting both of these questions right—in practice as well as in theory—is indispensable for the development of a popular movement that can end murders, physical abuse, racism, and other misconduct by police officers.

Police in the United States have historically played—and still play today—a central role in the subjugation of workers, people of color, critics of the existing social order, and the population as a whole. As Victor E. Kappeler, Gary Potter, and other researchers have pointed out, local and state governments created America’s first law enforcement forces in order to protect the economic order developed by European slaveowners and capitalists and to control the behavior of workers and people of color.

European settlers from New England to St. Louis launched constable and police patrols to “protect” Whites against Native people. Plantation owners in the southern states initiated slave patrols to enforce discipline, monitor those in bondage, and apprehend escaped slaves. Merchants and industrialists supported the creation of police departments in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other major cities in the 1840s and 1850s in order to exert social control over the growing numbers of impoverished workers and immigrants, and to prevent any “disorder” they might cause.

The proliferation of police departments across the country led to a great deal of unlawful violence, criminal corruption, labor suppression, and virulent racism by cops. The term “police brutality” first appeared in the New York Times in 1893, but Americans from diverse backgrounds had already been complaining about police crimes for decades.

In addition, as workers struggled to form unions and achieve workplace reforms, cops demonstrated that they would “serve and protect” big business. Police, state militias, and soldiers killed about 100 workers during the Great Railroad Strike in Pennsylvania and other states in 1877. Chicago police killed several workers at Haymarket Square in 1886. Police and other armed agents of the state killed almost 200 workers in various labor struggles between 1902 and 1904 alone. Police killed about a dozen members of the Industrial Workers of the World near Seattle in 1916. Local and state police killed dozens of workers in the multi-state Steel Strike of 1919. Chicago police killed ten striking steel workers in 1937. As Philip Taft and Philip Ross have observed, the U.S. had the “bloodiest and most violent labor history of any industrial nation in the world.”

Local police forces and the Ku Klux Klan presided over an even more horrific reign of terror against African Americans in the South for almost a century after the Civil War. Police led a racist massacre which killed 46 African Americans and 2 White supporters in Memphis in 1866. Between the 1880s and the 1940s, about 5000 Black people were lynched by White racists, often with the approval of local law enforcement authorities. In 1917, White cops and vigilantes killed 39 African Americans in East St. Louis.

The same year, Houston police killed several solders from the all-Black Third Battalion of the Twenty-fourth Infantry assigned to Camp Logan. When 100 armed members of the Third Battalion marched into Houston, a firefight left 16 dead Whites (4 of whom were cops) and 4 dead Black soldiers. The federal government executed 19 Black soldiers and sent 50 others to prison for life. As Professor Benjamin Johnson has pointed out, Texas Rangers killed as many as 5000 Mexican insurgents and Tejanos during the second decade of the 20th century. Racist violence by cops also led to uprisings by Blacks in New York City in 1935 and 1943 and by Latinos in Los Angeles in 1943 and 1951.

By the 1960s, labor militancy had largely abated. But the historically unprecedented social upheavals against racism and the Vietnam War were met with unrelenting violence. Local Sheriff’s deputies murdered three civil rights activists near Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964. State troopers shot a Black man to death during a voting rights march in Alabama in 1965. Between 1964 and 1968, police brutality sparked uprisings by people of color in Philadelphia, Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, and other cities, which resulted in the deaths of more than 200 people, primarily Blacks and Latinos. Scores more died in the uprisings which erupted in more than 100 cities after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968.

A few months later, cops beat and brutalized hundreds of people protesting against the Democratic Party National Convention. In 1969, Chicago police assassinated Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. In May 1970, Ohio National Guardsmen killed four Kent State University students and Mississippi police killed two Jackson State University students protesting against the invasion of Cambodia. By 1972, police in several cities had killed about 35 Black Panther Party activists.

In recent decades, unjustified police violence has continued to plague the country. In 1985, a Philadelphia police helicopter dropped a bomb on the Black organization MOVE’s house and killed five children and six adults. In 1992, after a jury acquitted four cops of assault and excessive force against Rodney King, an uprising in Los Angeles led to 53 deaths. In 1998, New York City cops beat and sodomized Abner Louima with a broom stick. In 2001, after 15 Black men had been killed by local police in recent years, mass protests and street violence erupted in Cincinnati. Police killings of Eli Escobar in Houston in 2003, of Sean Bell in New York City in 2006, and of Oscar Grant in Oakland in 2009 attracted national publicity. Between 2000 and 2009, New York City paid almost $1,000,000,000 to resolve lawsuits involving police misconduct.

Between 2008 and the present, Houston police have killed 10 unarmed people and wounded more than 20 unarmed people. Since 2010, Albuquerque cops have wrongfully killed 26 people, and related litigation has cost the city about $30,000,000. In 2011-2012, police brutalized and injured Occupy protesters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities.

Popular opposition has forced the US Department of Justice to investigate police departments in Newark, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, and about 20 other cities and counties.

Unfortunately, federal intervention has not ended unjustified police violence in these jurisdictions. And it is neither an accident nor an oversight that no comprehensive database on wrongful police killings currently exists. Most politicians across the country still deny the scope and significance of police brutality. However, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and many other organizations have strongly criticized police brutality. And the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) recently declared, “The excessive use of force by law enforcement officials against racial and ethnic minorities is an ongoing issue of concern and particularly in light of the shooting of Michael Brown…This is not an isolated event and illustrates a bigger problem in the United States.”

When will the cops stop killing us? The historical record suggests that the answer is: When we, the people, make them stop—and not until then. Although the limited reforms enacted in recent decades or demanded today have merit, they have failed and will continue to fail to prevent unjustified police violence. The perennial argument for improved training cannot be disputed, but changes in training have been going on for decades and have not significantly reduced police crimes in most cities.

Similarly, the need to recruit more people of color in many police departments is an urgent imperative. But most police officers in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles are people of color today, yet these departments continue to kill, maim, and mistreat innocent people on a regular basis. Recent calls for all police officers to wear body cameras rightly point to an impressive decline in police use-of-force and civilian complaints during a study in Rialto, California. But while this new technology is promising, its effectiveness depends on not turning off the cameras or manipulating the video record, as some cops in New Orleans and other cities have already done.

Even videotape evidence of police crimes sometimes fails to ensure that the perpetrators receive justice. The videotaped beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles did not lead to a conviction of the police officers involved in their first trial in 1992. The videotaped shooting of a mentally ill, homeless man in Albuquerque did not even result in the police officers involved being indicted last March. And the videotaped assault and illegal chokehold that killed Eric Garner in Staten Island last July may not lead to an indictment of the police officer involved either, though a public opinion survey has found that 64% of voters in New York City support an indictment.

The virtual impunity with which some cops commit violent crimes against innocent people is a reminder that genuine, consistent accountability for these perpetrators is tragically lacking in the criminal justice system. Although more than 100 citizen review boards exist across the country today, they are generally ineffective, in part because most of them do not have subpoena powers and independent authority to authorize prosecutions.

Local prosecutors, grand juries, trial juries, and political leaders from both major parties share responsibility for the persistence of police brutality. Prosecutors work closely with police and will not usually seek indictments against cops accused of killing or injuring citizens. Grand juries are often composed of older, more conservative White men who are more inclined to rationalize the commission of crimes by officers in the line of duty. Houston’s own “pick-a-pal” method of empaneling grand jurors has been strongly criticized as unjust by Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenburg. Even on those rare occasions where police perpetrators are indicted, trial juries usually acquit them because of misplaced faith in law enforcement, racism, or class bias. Republican politicians routinely defend cops no matter how horrific their actions, and Democratic politicians may lament the most egregious of these crimes but never support the systemic changes needed to end this terrible problem.

We need a multiracial, working class-led popular movement which can energetically struggle against not only police crimes but also against mass incarceration and racial and class bias in the legal system. Such a movement must also fight against class exploitation, poverty and economic insecurity, the oppression of women and LGBT communities, imperialism and the other social ills inherent in capitalism.

Such a movement must challenge White supremacy and help women and men of all nationalities and creeds to understand that “an injury to one is an injury to all.” Such a movement must fight for “radical reforms” like genuinely effective citizen review boards and democratic accountability for prosecutors and juries but be firmly committed to achieving fundamental, revolutionary change in society as a whole.

The notion that the armed agents of the contemporary state will ever “serve and protect” the masses of people, especially as workers increasingly confront the contemporary crisis of capitalism, is a dangerous fantasy. And as Karl Marx warned in another context long ago, “The demand to abandon illusions about our condition is a demand to abandon a condition which requires illusions.”

Bailey Jones

Who knew that "Marxism-Leninism Today" was a thing? [lol] I normally don't read Mr. Smith's letters - but this one that you posted (which seems to have disappeared from that site) is worth reading. Opinions aside, it is largely factually correct in its history of policing in the US. And that history needs to be acknowledged in any discussion of police reform - so good on you, Jack, for posting it. (Let's not talk about the history of policing in the USSR or China. [batman])

Gary Scoggin

Over 45 years ago, I had a friend in high school who used to distribute copies of "The Militant", which was the newspaper of the Youth Socialist Alliance. I used to get a copy whenever it came out. Even then I recognized it as journalistic trash but it was fun reading but just having it around used to annoy my parents to no end. Which, as a seventeen year old, provided considerable value. By the way, that old friend is now a very prominent criminal defense and civil rights attorney.

Bailey Jones

In college, a few of us at the dorm published a satirical rag - it was apolitical - which eventually got shut down for being judged "legally obscene." One of the editors later became a DA. And is now a criminal defense attorney. What is it with lawyers, anyway?

Carlos Ponce

"criminal defense attorney" That figures.

Jack Cross

Bailey, David Michael Smith has been part of a large web of Marxists who are dedicated to overthrow the government. Here is part of his address to fellow communist professors in 1999. Everything that is happening today, Smith said 22 years ago said was needed. Of course i don't agree but it is brilliant on Smith's part. it is lengthy but here are a few paragraphs. Keep in mind, Smith was speaking to a group of educators.

Papers Presented at the Conference “Projecting Marxism into Y2K,” University of

Nevada, Reno, 15–17 October 1999

Source: http://homepages.spa.umn.edu/~marquit/nst114a.pdf

This is only cut outs of his presentation if you want the entire thing

email me at jcross002@comcast.net. just think, this was 1999 and all these

educators massed at this convention have been instructing our kids.

Ten Theses on the Future of Socialism PAGE 413

By David Michael Smith

Social and Behavioral SciencesTeam

College of the Mainland Texas City, Texas

Is Socialism really dead? A critical social scientific analysis of the contemporary world must acknowledge that socialism is at a historical low point, but each of these questions should be answered with a resounding “No!”

By socialism, I do not mean social democracy or reformed capitalism, but instead, a society characterized by the abolition of capitalism, public ownership of the means of production, economic planning, and the exercise of state and social power by the working class. By socialism, I mean the first stage of communist development.

This is only snips of his presentation

If you want the whole thing, email me at jcross002@Comcast.net

It’s like Smith wrote the plan of what is happening today.

By David Michal Smith 1999 -

Is Socialism really dead? A critical social scientific analysis of the contemporary world must acknowledge that socialism is at a historical low point, but each of these questions should be answered with a resounding “No!”

I would like to advance ten theses on the future of socialism. I will not pretend that these brief theses constitute a fully developed prospectus for the rebirth of socialism, or that such a thing is possible at this historical conjuncture. But I hope that they will be found to be thought-provoking, at least. I should make one thing clear at the outset.

By socialism, I do not mean social democracy or reformed capitalism, but instead, a society characterized by the abolition of capitalism, public ownership of the means of production, economic planning, and the exercise of state and social power by the working class. By socialism, I mean the first stage of communist development.

First, let us reaffirm that the socialist revolutions and the founding of socialist states in the twentieth century were truly extraordinary, truly world-historic achievements by the workers and peasants of the world. The Great October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and the victory of the People’s Revolution in China in 1949, in particular, demonstrated to all of progressive humankind that capitalism and imperialism can be overthrown, and that new states and new societies can be created to advance interests of exploiting classes. The victory of popular revolutions in Vietnam, in Cuba, in Angola, and in several other countries demonstrated the global potential of socialist development.

Here in the United States, the proverbial belly of the beast, the present rulers boast of unprecedented prosperity and the dangerous resurgence of racism and sexism, with a growing right-wing effort to demolish what precious few rights we have, and with widespread alienation from both bourgeois political parties, there are tens of millions of workers in our country who could potentially join in a new mass movement for radical change in the years ahead, the illusion that we call “the American Dream,” s.

Seventh, a rebirth of Marxist politics, a revolutionary and democratic socialism for the twenty-first century, must return to its political and ideological roots, as outlined by Marx and Engels, and Lenin. In brief, this socialism must reclaim and rekindle its commitment to both revolution and workers’ democracy.The successful rebirth of socialism requires a rededication to the historical understanding that capitalism can only be abolished through revolutionary means. As Marxists we are duty-bound to explain to workers that capitalism cannot be abolished unless we dismantle the capitalist state, create a new workers’ state, and use the power of the new workers’ state to take capital away from the capitalists. And as Marxists we are duty-bound to rid workers of the illusion that this process could ever occur entirely through electoral or constitutional means. Electoral and other political struggles within constitutional processes are necessary and proper but only as part of a broader revolutionary strategy that eventual direct action by workers’ councils and the masses of workers, and the forcible overthrow of the capitalist state. Marxist party and militant workers must lay the groundwork not only by educating the masses, but by helping the masses to transform themselves

Tenth, and finally, new working-class parties and movements committed to revolutionary and democratic socialism are going to have to take the struggle against racism, national chauvinism, and sexism to a higher level. This is vital, in part, because of the escalating menace of resurgent racist and chauvinist forces of all sorts. But it is also vital because momentous demographic changes are occurring and will continue to occur in the United States and Western Europe, in particular. It is no exaggeration to say that the populations in these parts of the world will be increasingly multiracial, multinational, and multicultural in the decades ahead. The struggle for working-class unity in the pursuit of revolutionary social change will require greater, more consistent, and more successful efforts to bring together women and men of all racial, national, and cultural backgrounds. No serious renewal of socialism will occur without bringing more and more workers from diverse backgrounds together. Similarly, the need for dramatically expanded representation of women in leadership as well as membership will be a vital prerequisite for the success of new Marxist parties and movements.

Bailey Jones

"By socialism, I do not mean social democracy or reformed capitalism, but instead, a society characterized by the abolition of capitalism, public ownership of the means of production, economic planning, and the exercise of state and social power by the working class. By socialism, I mean the first stage of communist development."

This is a dead end as far as I'm concerned. I've never read Marx - I know how the story ends.

Virginia Stone

Thank you, Dr. Smith.

Charles Douglas

I see where the LEFT is trying to fix it where I do not have to take math any more! Ahhhhh the LEFT! What would I do without them? You mean I don't have to take math because it is RACIST? LOLOLO..Ahhhhh! These people are a joke ..ahhh Lololo! I will wager that the Chinese are still teaching and requiring math!!!! Nuff said! If I bad kids in schools they would learn math no matter what CHINA SURROGATES in this country says!

Charles Douglas

These modern day RACISTS are worse than their ancestors back in SLAVERY 1.0 back during the Civil War! These LEFTISTS ought to be back in the magnolias ...and "Gone With The Wind" ..and with Ms. Scarlett & Rhett Butler' nem! Lololo! Let me get clear on this: Math is Racist and harmful to BLACK FOLKS now? RIGHT? See all of what I have been saying about Beijing Joe, Laughing Kamala, AOC, ILHAN OMAR and all the rest of those who want to tear this Democracy down and go Socialist/ Communist was on point! To add insult to injury they are walking on the backs of minorities to do it! Charles Manson the psyco California Cult Leader predicted this very thing!

Curtiss Brown

For your reading pleasure.


Richard George

Simple: #ComplyDontDie . You can always seek monetary compensation for wrong doings, just comply.

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