The Republican Party has transformed from the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to the party of Donald Trump, and it no longer represents American values.

This transformation begs the question, what happened to you?

What happened to fiscal responsibility? The Grand Old Party was the nesting ground for deficit hawks, constantly squawking against deficit spending. Trump, with a Republican-controlled Congress, created a trillion-dollar deficit with no end in sight.

The hawks of the GOP have turned into a flock of chickens afraid to say a peep against Trump, his out-of-control deficits and reckless fiscal policies.

What happened to law and order? The GOP bragged about being the party of law and order, tough on crime and the guardians of the Constitution, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Trump’s administration and staff refuse to respond to subpoenas from Congress, and many have resigned in record number for misusing taxpayer money.

Some of his campaign staff, his administration and his attorney are in jail or awaiting sentencing. Trump himself was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and yet the GOP remains silent.

What happened to the party of Lincoln? President Lincoln ended slavery and the worst chapter of America’s history. Now Republicans condone Trump’s racism, afraid to stand up and demand he stop. Many Republicans have followed his lead pushing the envelope of civility and racism.

Even the local Harris County Republican party chair thought it was cute to post a racist meme about Martin Luther King Jr. This isn’t the party of Lincoln.

What happened to conservative family values? Republican family values have been replaced with mocking disabled Americans, separating children from their mothers, calling heads of state derogatory names like a 2-year-old, making racist comments, pitting Americans against each other, siding with white supremacists, lying to the American people on a daily basis, lying about adultery and buying their silence to win an election, siding with murderous dictators over Americans and much, much more.

Yet Republicans are silent for fear of Trump’s wrath.

What happened to common sense? Gun safety and responsible ownership has been replaced with dressing like G.I. Joe with body armor and a finger on a loaded AR-15. Respect has been replaced with childish mocking. Science and scientists, that can save lives especially during the COVID-19 crisis is now replaced by high school dropouts spouting conspiracy theories.

What happened to you? The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan. It is the party of Donald Trump, a party that has lost its integrity, common sense, courage and moral compass, a party that is no longer recognizable.

In November, true conservatives have an opportunity to send a clear and strong message and begin restoring their party to its once great self.

If they don’t take that opportunity, maybe they should ask themselves, “What happened to me?”

John Cobarruvias is a political blogger in the Clear Lake area of Houston.


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Walter Dannenmaier

I guess you will be demonstrating your conservatism by voting a straight "D" ticket in November.

Claudia Burnam

Hogwash! E G Wiley

Don Schlessinger


Craig Mason

That’s the same thing I have been asking for at least the last two years. Just the deficit swell that took place even before the Covid hit has dumbfounded me.

Donna Spencer

I totally agree. You nailed it. The Republican party has left me, I did not leave the party.

Gary Scoggin

Danna.. exactly this. You and I are in the same boat.

Carlos Ponce

Gary, I seriously doubt you were ever on the boat.

Gary Scoggin

Once again, Carlos opines on something he knows nothing about.

Carlos Ponce

Once again, Gary who claims to be moderates slides to the dark side.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, you know that makes no sense. Eat breakfast, go for your walk. Maybe your head will clear up.

Carlos Ponce

Gary, my head is clear. Yours [scared]

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason, you've been asking that for far longer than that. Like Reagan, Trump had to rebuild the military decimated by Carter back in the 70s and Obama in this century. And that takes money. And not a word about the Democrats in Congress who added to that deficit in their omnibus spending bills? Craig, like the blind men and the elephant, you're having problems seeing the whole picture.

Craig Mason

The military did not need to be rebuilt. The only thing hurting the military was military men and women not re-enlisting at the same rates as before. That was due to ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But back to the point of the article. I have never in my life seen Republicans, who are usually more fiscally conservative spend like this and continue to swell the deficit. I think our local and state republicans have done a fairly good job, but nationally they have lost their minds.

Carlos Ponce

Craig posts, "The military did not need to be rebuilt." That is so untrue. They had equipment older than them and had to go to the "graveyard" for parts.

"I have never in my life seen Republicans, who are usually more fiscally conservative spend like this and continue to swell the deficit." Were you alive during the Ronald Reagan presidency? Same thing was said about him. And then later during the GW Bush administration following 911.

Jim Forsythe

According to an index of the military’s strength by the conservative Heritage Foundation, the military currently receives a grade of "marginal."

The military will never do away with the boneyard ("graveyard")!

It's good thing to have a boneyard to have replace parts in equipment that are still useable. One example is the B-52's that we still have 76 in active service. Unless we have the boneyard, we would have to make the parts at a huge cost. Beside the cost, the time it takes to manufacture new parts that are needed to keep our equipment running is important. Every part of every aircraft and other equipment they can save in the boneyard and pull back out later is one less part that needs to be bought or built . When I was working for bp, our boneyard was very important.

The US Air Force Global Strike Command, which maintains the bombers at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana and Minot AFB in North Dakota (with a few at Edwards Air Force Base in California) expects them to keep flying through the 2040s.

Over its sixty-year lifetime, the B-52’s avionics, flight hardware, and weapons systems have been upgraded. In 2006, the fleet received a “mid-life” upgrade to its avionics, adding modern processors and navigation systems. In 2014, the Air Force gave the B-52's (BUFFS) their first new communications system since the 1960s, including full-color LCDs to replace the old cathode ray tube screens.

Carlos Ponce

B-52s? Really?

Gary Scoggin

Love shack, baby.

Jim Forsythe

You have a problem with the B-52's. The plans now is to kept them in service through the 2040s which means we will get over 90 years of service from the B-52's. Just because it is not the newest aircraft does nor mean that it's not a important part of our military. Superior performance at high subsonic speeds and relatively low operating costs have kept them in service. Many other pieces of equipment have also been in-service for many years Why replace a piece of equipment when it is still doing the job?

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, which has continued to provide upgrades. The bomber is capable of carrying up to 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg) of weapons' and has a typical combat range of more than 8,800 miles (14,080 km) without aerial refueling

Superior performance at high subsonic speeds and relatively low operating costs have kept them in service despite the advent of later, more advanced strategic bombers, including the Mach 2+ B-58 Hustler, the canceled Mach 3 B-70 Valkyrie, the variable-geometry B-1 Lancer, and the stealth B-2 Spirit.

The B-52 strikes were an important part of Operation Desert Storm.

Carlos Ponce

B-52s? Really? Oh, that's right. Your candidate still thinks you listen to "record players". Jim still holds on to his vinyl.

Jim Forsythe

B-52 aircraft are a important part of our readiness, and you make fun of them.

Carlos Ponce

No one's making fun of the, It's just archaic. The US Army still has horses but they're not as common as in Calvary days.

Jim Forsythe

Wrong Carlos, they have been updated to meet the needs that they encounter now, and for the time until they are retired.

Carlos Ponce

There are far better, newer aircraft being constructed. You can replace the electronics but there is structural fatigue each time one of these old craft go up. Why endanger our airmen?

"The B-52H was the last model of the B-52 strategic bombers built by Boeing. A total of 102 B-52Hs were built during 1961 and 1962. Of these, the Air Force still has 85 in the active force and 9 in the Air Force Reserve. The average flight hours of these aircraft was about 13,500 in 1995. The high-time aircraft had 18,313 hours and 2,363 flights.

In 1990 a B-52 structures working group was formed with representatives from the Oklahoma City ALC and engineers from Boeing with expertise in fatigue, stress, design, and materials. The purpose of this group was to develop solutions to current structural problems and to address long-term aging issues. Some specific problems they have addressed in the past several years are

cracking in the bulkhead at body station 694

fatigue cracking in flap tracks

cracking in the side skin of the pressure cabin

cracking in aft body skins

cracking in the upper surface of the wing

fatigue cracking in the thrust brace lug of the forward engine support bulkhead

But with regular maintenance, "Based on the current utilization rate, it was estimated that this would allow the aircraft to be used beyond the year 2030."

2030 is not that far off. Why train airmen and airwomen on a dinosaur that is being phased out? If any are still in use they'll be 68 or 69 years old by the time they are removed. Don't our air crews deserve the best?

Carlos Ponce

Calvary horses have been updated? Who knew.

Jim Forsythe

The B-52 has suffered from its share of structural fatigue problems. To cure these problems, many modifications have been made to the aircraft during its long-lived career. Force-wide inspections and identified corrective actions for each of these problems you outlined have either been or are being implemented. Inspection happen at a predetermine number of hours of use.

A 60-year-old B-52H Stratofortress ( called the “Wise Guy”) has been dusted off and pulled out an Air Force “Boneyard” in Arizona and is now cleared for duty. “Wise Guy” is the second B-52 to be returned to duty, with “Ghost Rider” being the first.

The Air Force still has a dozen more H-models sitting in Arizona. All of these aircraft are currently in “Type-1000 storage,” Type-1000 storage means the Air Force keeps the planes at the ready, in case the Air Force wants to get them back into action.

Why is the B-52's so important?

The B-52H BUFF [Big Ugly Fat Fellow] is the primary nuclear rolled bomber in the USAF inventory. It provides the only Air Launch Cruise Missile carriage in the USAF. The B-52H also provides theater CINCs with a long range strike capability.

Carlos Ponce

John Cobarruvias [thumbdown]

Carlos Ponce

"In November, true conservatives have an opportunity to send a clear and strong message..." The message will be clear when Trump is re-elected.[beam] But not clear to John C. who will continue Leftist propaganda for four additional years.

Wayne D Holt

Even untrue, wavering, nose holding, on-the-fence conservatives are going to run in the opposite direction from a Democrat party that seems to be unable to tell people pillaging American cities and unilaterally deciding what art may remain in the public space to just stop it.

Lecturing those who may support Trump about scrupulous adherence to honesty is a joke that falls flat when the DNC coronation is for a grifter who used all that spare time vice-presidents have to feather his son's nest, a continuation of a long history of such family entrepreneurial efforts when he wasn't sniffing strange women's hair. If by some miracle Hillary emerges from a smoky back room, we will have the opportunity to vote for someone who, while Secretary of State, broke national security laws but managed to jolly her way out of an indictment.

This piece sounds like someone out of touch not just with conservatives but middle of the road Americans of any political persuasion. Unless he was suggesting a draft Ron Paul coup at the Republican convention, it makes no sense.

BTW to save Democrat supporters some time in typing a lot of vitriol about me loving Trump, I sent political contributions to Tulsi Gabbard this time around as the most viable anti-war candidate that I was aware of. Of course, not being in favor of the war profits machine that runs Washington no matter which party prevails, she was buried by a mass media that is a wholly owned subsidiary of that same death machine.

Carlos Ponce

"May 29, 2008 - NASA employee suspended for partisan blogging, the Web site for Federal Computer Week magazine, reports that a Johnson Space Center employee was suspended for partisan blogging:

A NASA employee has been suspended for soliciting donations and writing politically partisan blog posts and sending e-mail messages while at work, violations of the Hatch Act.

Office of the Special Counsel officials said a Johnson Space Center employee promoted local and state political candidates in 2006 and 2007 through his Internet writings.

The officials also found the employee solicited small campaign donations two times in 2006 through blogs.

The employee has been suspended for 180 days without pay. The suspension started March 30.

The suspended NASA employee is John Cobarruvias, who writes the Bay Area Houston Blog.

Cobarruvias recently stepped down as president of the Bay Area New Democrats to take a more active role in the campaign of Sherrie Matula, the Democratic Party candidate for the Texas House District 129 race. He is listed on Matula’s Web site as the volunteer coordinator."

John Cobarruvias, I suggest you try to fix your own party. It's in a huge mess led by the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party. Let Republicans handle their own party.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, I suggest you try to fix your own party. It's in a huge mess led by a TV personality. Let Democrats handle their own party.

Below are just a few of Trump's people that have committed violations of the Hatch Act.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was found to have violated the act by retweeting an endorsement from Trump in October.

Dan Scavino, the White House social media director, was also found to have violated the act last year after CREW filed a complaint accusing him of encouraging potential GOP challengers to oust Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) in an upcoming primary.

Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to President Donald Trump, violated the Hatch Act on "multiple occasions," Conway gave press interviews in her official capacity as presidential adviser in which she advocator for and against candidates in the 2017 Alabama Senate special election.

Stephanie Grisham, first lady's spokeswoman transitioning to White House press secretary and communications director. In July 2018, Grisham was flagged for tweeting the hashtag MAGA along with a photo from a 2015 Trump campaign rally. The OSC found that she was in violation of the Hatch Act.

An investigation from the special counsel in March found that White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on two separate occasions, once after using her official position to promote products from the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump

.Ryan Zinke, former Interior Department secretary OSC in December 2018 concluded that Zinke violated the Hatch Act by tweeting a photo of himself wearing MAGA socks.

Dan Scavino Jr., White House social media director, assistant to the president. In 2017, the OSC determined that Scavino violated the Hatch Act by calling on Twitter for Republican Representative Justin Amash to be defeated.

Carlos Ponce

Jim Forsythe [yawn][yawn][sleeping]

Carlos Ponce

Jim, if you read my post you will see my concern is not with the Hatch Act or who violates it. Maybe you didn't read that far.

Jim Forsythe

What is your concern?

If it is partisan blogging, that the same as some of the ones I posted got in trouble for.

Carlos Ponce

Partisan blogging is not my concern. Read the last lines of my post to see my concern.

Jim Forsythe

Why post all the rest, if the last line is all that is important? Trump and his people have been in violation of the Hatch Act many times.

But, I guess that is OK with you.

Are you saying that Biden is a Marxist?

Carlos Ponce

"Why post all the rest......" To Show John C.'s real political colors.

"Is Biden a Marxist?" He's not, his handlers are. He's so out of it he'll repeat all they they hand him.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, are you saying that Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon are Marxist? What facts do you have to back that up?

Carlos Ponce

I don't know the people you mention.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, If you don’t know those people, then specifically who are the Marxists you are referring to? Or are you just making stuff up?

Jim Forsythe

Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon are the ones you said were Marxist.

Since you do not know who they are, how can you call them Marxist?

As Gary said, specifically who are you are referring to?

Carlos Ponce

This is the ONLY reference to "Marxists": "John Cobarruvias, I suggest you try to fix your own party. It's in a huge mess led by the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party." In that group I include AOC and the rest of the "Squad" along with Bernie and others.

Jim Forsythe Jul 8, 2020 7:38pm posted, "Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon are the ones you said were Marxist." Since I don't know who they are how can I call them Marxists? Show me where you think I wrote that. Otherwise you are a LIAR.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos Ponce Jul 8, 2020 3:31pm

"Is Biden a Marxist?" He's not, his handlers are. He's so out of it he'll repeat all they they hand him."

If you are going to accuse someone of being a Marxist (Biden's Handlers), you need to know who they are, before saying something like that.

These are Biden's handlers, the ones you accused of being Marxist.

Michael Donilon has been Senior Adviser to Joe Biden since 1981.

Mike’s brother is Tom Donilon. Tom’s wife is Cathy Russell. Tom and Cathy are Joe and Jill Biden’s handlers too.

Which handlers who did you think are Marxist?

Why are you calling me a LIAR? That's not very nice, and if you want to be a person like that, be one.

Carlos Ponce

Those are Biden's handlers? No.

Carlos Ponce

Since I never mentioned those names you wrote I mentioned that makes Jim a LIAR!

Carlos Ponce

"These are Biden's handlers, the ones you accused of being Marxist." I still don't know who they are and never accused them of anything. Why do continue to LIE, Jim?

AOC on the other hand is Marxist and is on Biden's advisory team.

"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has joined one of the joint policy committees Joe Biden has created with the Bernie Sanders, according to Biden."

Jim Forsythe

Just because you do not know who they are, does not make me a LIAR!

The names I posted have been Biden's handlers for many years. Mike Donilon has been with Biden as a handler for 39 years.

When you said Biden's handlers were Marxist , you were talking about them.

AOC has a full time job in the House. She is not a handler for Biden, as she does not do what a handler does.

Bernie Sanders also is not one of Biden's handlers.

A political handler is not a the same as a person that is a part of a advisory team.

"Since I never mentioned those names you wrote I mentioned that makes Jim a LIAR!" Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon are Biden's handlers and you said his handlers were Marxist. This means you called Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon, Marxist.

Carlos Ponce

"Just because you do not know who they are, does not make me a LIAR!"

If I NEVER posted those you name as "handlers" how in the world can you state I posted them?

Enough. Just quit making up stuff about me.

As to Biden's handlers watch the news about the "Unity" pact formed with Bernie Sanders.

"Biden-Sanders task forces unveil joint goals for party unity"

Jim Forsythe

Cathy Russell, Tom Donilon, and Mike Donilon are Biden's handler.

Carlos Ponce

Apparently Jim isn't paying attention to the news.

Paula Flinn

Any respect for you that I had, Carlos, just left when you attacked the messenger and not the issue or message. Mr. Cobarruvias didn’t deserve your attempted “take-down”. It’s so Trumpian to smear the messenger and had nothing to do with your last paragraph, which isn’t true. Please don’t try to defend yourself. It is indefensible. I still respect Mr. Cobarruvias, no matter what you write.

Carlos Ponce

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set ye free."

Connie Patterson


Gary Scoggin

MAGA-gree— Agreeing with and supporting the President even when he’s obviously wrong, often to the point of looking foolish.

That sums up many of the problems of the Republican Party. They tossed their principles aside to follow a con man dressed up as a Messiah.

Carlos Ponce

Accepting the Leftist propaganda as factual is Gary Scoggin's problems.

Scoggins says "he’s obviously wrong, I heard it on the Leftist news and read it on Leftist websites so it must be true."

Gary Scoggin

Feel free to list - specifically- news sources that you deem reliable.

Carlos Ponce

None. Seek truth in each. learn to differentiate between fact, opinion and outright lies. This isn't hard to do. It's an elementary school TEKS objective. Too much of of what is reported by Leftist sources is either opinion or lies especially about the president. Case in point Trump NEVER said drink Lysol or any disinfectant. He was taking about the use of disinfectants and asked if we COULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT to cleanse the body. Not the same thing! But the Liberal press claims he said it. And the gullible viewers, readers say "Yup, yup. He said it!"

Gary Scoggin

How about right wing sources? Are they just as unreliable. Or are you going to dodge this question, too?

Carlos Ponce

I answered your question. You don't like my answer? TOUGH!

Gary Scoggin

No you didn’t. But we are all used to that.

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin posts, "No you didn’t. But we are all used to that."

Let me put my answer CAPITAL LETTERS so you can see it this time.

I answered the question. I posted "NONE". Can you see it now?

Gary Scoggin

And, of course, your implied assertion that the President has never done anything obviously wrong, helps us illustrate what a MAGA-gree-er is. Thanks for the demonstration.

Carlos Ponce

And Gary Scoggin would say the President hasn't done anything right! If the President said, "Good morning!" Gary would say "No, it's not!!!!!"

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, like many things you post about me, that is simply not true. Two examples...

1. Regulatory rollback. Although I quibble with some of the specifics, it was a good idea that on balance has benefited the economy and the country. (I posit that based on the environmental regulations that I’ve looked at, since that is my area of expertise.)

2. Tax cuts. I think that they should have been targeted further down the value chain rather than at the top, But they did provide a stimulating effect. I was worried about the impact on the deficit but all the Coronavirus spending has made that moot.

Gary Scoggin

Now, Carlos, can you give me a single example of a mistake made by Donald Trump? Or are you unwilling to lose your virginity on this issue?

David Hardee

Gary, only a lunatic would assert "never done." Carlos works hard, is sincere, committed, and polite with his postings.

When criticizing Trump play fair and evaluate the actions, not the tweets and rhetoric. The rhetoric including mine and yours is actually cathartic for the frustrations we are all experiencing. Trump is getting a double dose of frustration from constant bombardment and is in my opinion quite restrained. Tweets are his unloading of frustrations like your and my posting relieves us.

Consider these few of Trump's actions: Kim and Iran are bellowing and teasing for attention, but relatively quiet. Out of WTO and NAFTA are good actions consideriing the detrimental effects they had on our country. The wall and border disciplines have had good effects. A bigger deficit was inevitable if you want to save the country in a pandemic. Fiscal conditions were hurt by the virus but recovering as is unemployment rates falling, again. Has Trump's actions hurt the morals of the country that was experiencing 73% out of wedlock birth from inseminator (do not qualify to be called fathers) that abandon the mother and child. Is Trump responsible for the mayhem of indiscriminate murders in Democratic megacities that consider dead babies as just collateral damage? Gary, could you or I do better be more energetic and more optimistic than the 72-year-old Trump? I think not.

Give my flawed president a fair analysis based on countrywide results.

Gary Scoggin

Although I am willing to differentiate actions from tweets I submit both are important. Whenever the President speaks, he speaks for the nation. If he’s frustrated than express it privately, not for all to see. The ability to do this is a prerequisite for the job. What he says (or Tweets) matters and his behavior here portrays a lacks discipline in a bigger sense. So these are a big deal.

With regard to actions, I listed a couple that came to mind that I support. Im sure there are more if I think about it. I was never a fan of the Iran deal, so pulling out of it counts. So there’s three. With regard to morals, I don’t see how his record of morality serves as any type of role model for anyone. (Unless you want to dismiss reams of evidence, including recordings, and claim none of it is true. Many MAGAs like to try that but I believe you are smart enough to know better.)

Carlos Ponce

So Gary admits to "quibble with some of the specifics" of regulatory rollbacks. And admits "I think that they [tax cuts] should have been targeted further down the value chain rather than at the top. Even the NYT admits they were.

Thank you Gary for proving my point.[beam]

Carlos Ponce

"Now, Carlos, can you give me a single example of a mistake made by Donald Trump? " I have in the past. Asking for amnesty for illegals that goes beyond the DACA kids (now adults) who filed. You're not paying attention! I had students like you in the past. They wish they had listened.

David Hardee

Gary, a cynical purist would do the same as you in demanding no flaws or faults from a president.

Trump DOES speak for the nation when he is at the podium with a prepared presentation. Also, he knows every morsel of his tweets will fall on the pinheads that and media hacks and they will treat them as fodder for jabbering among themselves. I, if president, would enjoy the irritation of these internet dumpster divers.

Nor would I join those dumpster divers in exposing my image, experiences, or thoughts to the neuritic participants on Facebook or similar worldwide dribble communities.

It is my pleasure to post here where the majority of authors and commentators struggle with producing a thoughtful rational product.

Gary, do us a favor and allow our president to be a unique president (non-politician) that will be a role model for those who will plainly express themselves in rhetoric that shows the President is a human and not a political hack. A smooth mouth and shallow character is what we have had too much of from presidents. Red lines that don't stand and impeachment for perjury and resignation for abuse of office all came from LAWYERS that we pure politicians that achieved President of the United States of America. Trump is a president wounded by a partisan orchestrated Democratic cabal.

That cabal is still active and has coopted many with the mantra America is a despicable racist bastion of systemic white superiority.

Don't be a cynical purist that dances with the fowl partner of progressive liberals to Rev. Wright's lyrics of "God damn America.

Gary Scoggin

“Quibble with some of the specifics” - I’m basing that on my evaluation at the time of the roll back in Environmental regulations. As I seem to remember at the time I thought about 75% of the rollbacks were appropriate. There were also some that I thought should have been rolled back but weren’t. So it wasn’t perfect but directionally correct. Burt I realize that in your eyes anyone who thinks Donald Trump isn’t perfect is a Leftist. With regards to your other point, the NYT doesn’t speak for me. And vice versa.

Sharon Stratman

Carlos, when you call Gary Scoggin a leftist, you're showing either your ignorance or the Koolaid stains on your lip. Gary is a normal conservative, if you are actually able to recognize one when you see it..

Gary Scoggin


Carlos Ponce

"Gary[Scoggin] is a normal conservative" No he's not but thanks for the laugh!

David Hardee

The author is so busy cranking up opinions that reality and facts have no room to reside much less get processed.

As to a Party that has fallen into decay consider this. Which Party is instigating the demonstrations that destroy burn and loot anything in their path? Which Party controls the cities where murder has become so indiscriminate that babies are considered collateral damage? What is your opinion on that Party, of Democrats.

Give us your judgments of which American values are being adversely affected, by Trump. Start with the mores: lack of truth from the politicians and media make Trump How do you feel about morality when out of wedlock births are 73% and those are abandoned by the inseminator (definitely not qualified as a father). Do you feel abortion rates and divorce rate increasing over the last 60 years is being hurt by Trump? You feel Trump is hurting the literacy rate and ISD's floundering and the student failings all causing the USA to the lowest in the rating of the world's education rankings, ever.

Money was the only tool to get the economy out of the near depression and stagnant condition, unemployment, bring defense to a safe level, and put a few dollars in people’s pockets (tax cuts). The deficit from the prior administration was humongous and without any really good effects. And Is it stupid to spend money to offset the effect of a Chinese sponsored pandemic? That money was necessary to help American citizens and businesses survive? Trump decided, to hell with the deficit, lives are at risk.

The Party did not meme MLK. But MLK’s Party did twist his accomplishments that elevated our society to new heights of assimilation of the races. MLK’s followers have fallen prey to progressive liberal panderers and extortionist. Trump cannot mount the pulpit and preach a message to the black community. All he can do is enact and promote programs that will have a positive effect and hope that community recognizes he is in quest of the best for Americans, all-inclusive.

Do you realize there were enough traditional conservative families with conservative values scattered across America to have overcome the popular vote from the megacity populations to make Trump president in 2016? And it “MAGA” will happen again in 2020.

Gary Miller

David> Keep thinking. You put things in order for all who can understand. Trump Deficit? Yes but by the actions of Congress. When the Covid 19 pandemic shut down the economy Trump and congress, both parties, believed lives were more important than money. A Democrat president, like Democrat mayors and governors, would have decided votes were more important than lives.

Ted Gillis

“Conservative values”. That term makes the hair on my neck stand up. Conservatives have very few values these days.

Carlos Ponce

"That term makes the hair on my neck stand up." A good barber will take care of your problem, Ted.

Conservatives have values. Liberals twist with the wind or even a whisper.

Jim Forsythe

Conservatives have values, and these values are?

Do conservatives and Trump have the same values?

Carlos Ponce

Conservative Values:

Following the original intent of the Constitution, the laws of the United States. Trump is not Conservative but his agenda is.

Jim Forsythe

I guess you can not list what they are!

What are Trump's values?

Carlos Ponce

"I guess you can not list what they are!" I listed it. If you don't like my answer too bad!

Jim Forsythe

What are Trump's values?

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you follow this? Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 of the original Constitution prohibited Congress from passing laws that banned slavery until the year 1808, 21 years after the signing of the original Constitution. Do you want to go to the original with all that had to be cleaned up?

Carlos Ponce

Jim. That part was removed.

Carlos Ponce

Jim asks again, "What are Trump's values?" Let me answer AGAIN:

Following the original intent of the Constitution, the laws of the United States. Trump is not Conservative but his agenda is.

Jim Forsythe

That is the reason I asked you what are your values. You said the original intent of the Constitution, which includes Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 of the original Constitution. Which other parts are you not going by. It would be easer for you to list what your values are instead of going through the whole Constitution. Women's suffrage is not part of the original intent of the Constitution. Many more parts have changed from the original intent of the Constitution . Is Trump going by original intent of the Constitution or some other set of values?

Carlos Ponce

Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 is no longer part of the Constitution.

Jim Forsythe

You said you go with the original intent of the Constitution.

The original excluded women. Are you are saying you do not go by the original intent?

Carlos Ponce

Ok, Jim, since you are being obtuse let me just say I go with the original intent of the CURRENT CONSTITUTION IN USE! SHEESH!

Dan Freeman

Well that was the expected fun fest.

Charles Douglas

Trump Diesel bar-none is the greatest leader of this nation I have ever seen come through! I don't know about all the Slave Holding Presidents, or the ones who were undercover KKK, or ex KKK, members! I'm talking about the ones I've seen come through! Nobody can touch him. The LEFT is facilitating another Civil War in this country right now and everybody acts like a cat got their tongue! Charles Manson predicted something like this! Ilhan Omar said she and her posse will,... in essence destroy this racist nation and all the regular so called Democrats can do is Stand silent, not say a -- the --- thing! Then talk about how much they love this country! I have no idea what that is but is sure is not love! They started by tearing down statues of Lee, Stonewall Jackson, but now it expanded to Grant, Lincoln who freed the slaves, & Washington the father of this nation! Now they went after the Black Soldier's monument commemorating the service of the 54th Regiment who fought for the Union, and of All people Fredrick Douglass' Statue! For those who don't know it, Douglass was BLACK! Lots of people better hope that man who doesn't know his wife from his sister wins in November, because if he does, America is shot! All HELL will break loose in Democratic Neighborhoods first and will expand to the rest of this nation! Yes it is on the way, ...especially in cities like Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Alanta, and Baltimore! Trump is the only hope we have, like it or not! If by some freak occurrence Biden wins, I will proceed to purchase an AK47, in short order!

Stephanie Martin

What a misguided soul.

Charles Douglas

Misguided soul? We now have our national government infiltrated by Marxist, and Socialists Congresspeople, one or two being former refugees who have publicly stated their intentions to dismantle our system of government! The same LEFTISTS are allowing looters, and rioters to drag down statues, set buildings on fire, shoot little kids dead in the streets all over the country, beat old men and women with 2x4(s) ...kill cops, and threaten home owners in mass numbers, saying they will kill their dogs, burn their homes, and do bodily harm to the homeowners! Joe Biden is not in control of his faculties, and is not qualified to be President! If he wins ....a group composed of the same Marxists making threats on, indicating they will DEFUND and ABOLISH police departments, will move forward implementing their promised agenda for changing this nation! All hell is going to break loose here, and I am a misguided soul for preparing to protect myself? Yeah right!

Stephanie Martin

The misguided soul is the opinion letter writer!!!

Charles Douglas

Thanks, Ms. Martin, my mistake, and apologies. I think he is misguided ,misinformed, and indoctrinated. November elections will cure much of what's bothering these DEMOCRATS .

Gary Scoggin

I just saw this quote and it explains the approach of the MAGAs around here...

“The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.” ― Garry Kasparov

That’s exactly how they argue. Since their “facts” never come together they just want to exhaust you until they can have the last word. For some reason, they equate this with winning. So much winning.

Carlos Ponce

"It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth." Well that's certainly what happens with DNC propaganda!

Jim Forsythe

“Dictatorships must be feared to survive so they cannot bear to be mocked.”

― Garry Kasparov

Carlos Ponce

Certainly applies to the Obama regime. Criticize Obama and [scared].

Jim Forsythe

“The hate is strong in that one,”

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