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Carlos Ponce

"Shockingly, it was Trump who gave the rebel call......."

Can you point out where in his speech he called for what happened???? No one can.

Dan Freeman

The woman was Elizabeth Willing Powel of Philadelphia.

Robert Braeking

Benjamin Franklin is oft misquoted by those who want to put Democracy into the equation. He actually said, "A Republic, if you can keep it." Our founders knew of the dangers of Democracy as it lead to the demise of other self-governing experiments. That is why the question was asked. A "Democratic Republic" is an oxymoron the same way that "Democratic Socialism" is.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury." - Alexander Fraser Tytler

Curtiss Brown

It's a shame that Mr. Woods did not quote precisely, but Democratic Republic isn't an oxymoron. It is true that the founders feared direct Democracy but they appreciated democratic principles. Our republic is based on democratic principles. I'm sure that is what Mr.Woods intended.

Cary Semar

The meanings of words change over time. Of course you are right, Robert, about the wording of the original quote, but the meaning of words is dictated by usage and custom rather than authority. A dictionary only documents contemporary usage. Democracy is sometimes used to describe a system of government in which decisions are made by an assembly of the people, but this is impractical for a continent spanning nation of hundreds of millions of people.

The adjective "democratic" does not imply a democracy. A republic can be democratic or not, depending on how the electorate is defined. If the electorate is highly restricted, you can still call the form of government a republic, but you would have to say that it is "not very democratic."

Since the nation was founded, the electorate has been expanded from white male property owners to include non property owners, black males, then women. Today, the electorate is very democratic, although political parties sometimes attempt to restrict access to voting through various administrative measures when it is to their advantage.

Ron Woody

Just a question, but didn't we see what happened when the Speaker of the House called for protesters to be allowed in the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings? Oh, that's right GOP Senators had to be protected and ushered out.

Didn't we see what happened when BLM rushed the White House? That's right the President was ushered to a bunker and a second fortified fence was added.

Didn't we see what happened when there were BLM protests that turned to riots for over 90 days in Portland? That's right businesses and government offices were destroyed and lives lost as individual's life work was destroyed.

I would encourage others to do more than watch TV. Read the DOJ reports on Ferguson and Charlottesville. Read the Soros sponsored report following the 2016 election.

I do not disagree with the author's call for morality, but there is no morality without law and order.

The talk of sedition by DEMS and media is ludicrous. All of us watched as Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Schiff all knew there was no evidince of collusion and said so behind closed doors. Yet everyone of them went on media daily for three years and lied that there was, where are those charges of sedition for these individuals.

I would also encourage individuals to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, as the last 20 years in America is following that guidance.

BLM is a self-described Marxist organization whose goal is to upend the US economic structure, through chaos and misinformation.

Where is their plan to improve inner city education? Where is their plan to minimize inner city crime?

I continually hear about "systematic racism", yet I see Camaroonian, Ethiopian, Ghanan and other African immigrants own their own busineeses and become prosperous and productive Americans within a decade. Are they not black? How can "systematic racism" only affect African- Americans and not African immigrants?

Destroying an economy and society is not the way to achieve a prosperous equality. It can achieve equality, but at what cost?

I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors as I did this on phone.

Dalton Logan


Jarvis Buckley

I find myself in a quagmire over this article. Tarris Woods is playing to the liberal Democrats . Using all the talking points you can hear on MSNBC. Not one original thought in his article. It is obvious that Tarris didn’t listen to President Trumps speech . He talked repeatedly of peaceful protest.

This is uncomfortable for me to call Tarris out

LLike this. But it’s so obviously pandering to the left. He was a good council member. Not the most articulate , but he spoke what many people on the Island were thinking. Now he seems like he is preparing for another run at council. Almost seems as if someone wrote this article for him. I liked Tarris better when Tarris would just be Tarris. When he was a people council person. Just my opinion.

Gary Scoggin

Jarvis.... do you watch a lot of MSNBC? Just wondering.

George Laiacona

You can expect a lot of Republican negative comments regarding this article of truth. We are a long way from unity when it comes to our democracy. Time will tell.

E.J Petree

Just like you Tarris Woods to try to slip the race card into your argument. I remember when you tried that on me some 16 years ago. Didn't work then and doesn't work now.

There are plenty of incidents of real racism in this country without people like Mr. Woods trying to manufacture them.

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