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George Laiacona

Right on Mr Bill ! It is not a secret that Texans opted to stay out of the National Grid quite some time ago. Now is the time to right that wrong. Our legislators must change the way our electricity is distributed. By now they should know how to make the necessary changes, but will they ?

Carlos Ponce

Read the bill, Bill -


AN ACT relating to preparing for, preventing, and responding to weather emergencies and power outages; increasing the amount of administrative and civil penalties.


From Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick:

“Following the winter storm in February, I made a personal commitment to find out what happened and fix it. Today, we’ve taken a significant step to addressing the problems we identified on our electric grid. SB 3 includes substantive reforms that will ensure that Texas’ grid is stable for decades to come. The proposed changes in SB3 will revolutionize Texas’ prevention and preparation strategies for any energy emergencies we encounter going forward. High points in SB 3 include:

“SB 3 requires the weatherization of all generation, transmission and natural gas facilities and pipelines in the Texas supply chain and includes a penalty of up to $1,000,000 per day for companies that fail to comply.

“SB 3 prohibits wholesale index plans.

“SB 3 requires mapping of the power supply chain.

“SB 3 establishes a power outage alert system to ensure Texans are properly notified of when power demand may exceed supply.

“SB 3 directs the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) to categorize winter storms the way that hurricanes are categorized.

“SB 3 requires utility providers to defer bill collections during an extreme weather emergency and to work with customers to establish payment schedules.

“SB 3 ensures a more reliable electric grid by requiring renewable energy sources to have backup plans to fill in the gap of any energy they fail to provide during critical periods.

“SB 3 formalizes the Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC) and its duties ensuring the state’s natural gas and electric reliability needs are met.

“SB 3 establishes a state energy plan advisory committee to create a state energy plan.

“SB 3 directs the PUC to create an emergency pricing mechanism.

“I congratulate Sen. Schwertner and the Texas Senate on passing SB 3 unanimously today. I hope that Speaker Phelan and the Texas House will take up SB 3 quickly and send it to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.”

Robert Braeking

“SB 3 prohibits wholesale index plans." This is a very bad provision. It allows only fixed rate plans that are priced well over the market price because the market price is uncertain over the term of the contract.

We were well satisfied with our Griddy® market price plan. When the price, reflecting demand, was high we would conserve. We wouldn't run the electric dryer when the price was high. We baked at night when the price was low......and the kitchen was cool.

The price spike of $9.00/kwh during the declared emergency was a stroke of the pen of the PUCT/ERCOT cabal. It had nothing to do with the true market. In fact, it was price gouging. It allowed the electric generation plants to inculpably enrich themselves.

Carlos Ponce

"We were well satisfied with our Griddy®". On March 15, 2021, Griddy Energy LLC (“Griddy”) filed for bankruptcy.

Robert Braeking

They had to file because the PUCT/ERCOT cabal put them out of business. That ignorant wholesale pricing during the storm killed them. It also killed a lot of other retail providers such as the Brazos Electric Cooperative.

Robert Braeking

What the PUCT/ERCOT cabal did was akin to raising the price of gasoline to $300.00 a gallon along a hurricane evacuation route in order to encourage conservation.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I agree Bill. I'm still waiting. SB 3 has been sitting in the Texas House for weeks. This should have been passed already so that power plants can go offline to winterize before the summer peak loads arrive. Winterizing power generation is only half of the equation - the other half is winterizing of the natural gas supply chain. Hopefully, Texans will be paying attention when the House does whatever it does on this.

Robert Braeking

Most of the work necessary to winterize power plants has to do with insulation of cooling pipes and heating of gas lines and pressure reducers. They don't have to shut down to accomplish most of it.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts: "SB 3 has been sitting in the Texas House for weeks."

Look at the history:

2021-03-30 House Received from the Senate

2021-04-07 House Read first time

2021-04-07 House Referred to State Affairs Committee

2021-05-06 House Scheduled for public hearing

Yes it has been sitting. Being introduced in the Texas House, read in the House, referred to committee, public hearings..... Perhaps Bailey needs a refresher from Schoolhouse Rock:


Carlos Ponce

Bailey, I've rewritten it for Texas SB3 just for you:

Boy: Woof! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get to this Texas Capitol Building here in Austin. But I wonder who that sad little scrap of paper is?

I'm just a bill.

Yes, I'm only a bill.

And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.

Well, it's a long, long journey

To the capital city.

It's a long, long wait

While I'm sitting in committee,

But I know I'll be a law someday

At least I hope and pray that I will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: Gee, Bill, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage.

Bill: Well I got this far. When I started, I wasn't even a bill, I was just an idea. Some folks back home decided they wanted a law passed, so they called their local Congressman and he said, "You're right, there oughta be a law." Then he sat down and wrote me out and introduced me to the Legislature. And I became a bill, and I'll remain a bill until they decide to make me a law.

I'm just a bill

Yes I'm only a bill,

And I got as far as Capitol Hill.

Well, now I'm stuck in committee

And I'll sit here and wait

While a few key Legislators discuss and debate

Whether they should let me be a law.

How I hope and pray that they will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: Listen to those legislators arguing! Is all that discussion and debate about you?

Bill: Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. Most bills never even get this far. I hope they decide to report on me favorably, otherwise I may die.

Boy: Die?

Bill: Yeah, die in committee. Oooh, but it looks like I'm gonna live! Now I go to the Texas Senate, and they vote on me.

Boy: If they vote yes, what happens?

Bill: Then I go to the Texas House and the whole thing starts all over again.

Boy: Oh no!

Bill: Oh yes!

I'm just a bill

Yes, I'm only a bill

And if they vote for me on Capitol Hill

Well, then I'm off to the Governor

Where I'll wait in a line

With a lot of other bills

For the governor to sign

And if he signs me, then I'll be a law.

How I hope and pray that he will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: You mean even if the whole Legislature says you should be a law, the governor can still say no?

Bill: Yes, that's called a veto. If the Governor vetoes me, I have to go back to the Legislature and they vote on me again, and by that time you're so old...

Boy: By that time it's very unlikely that you'll become a law. It's not easy to become a law, is it?

Bill: No!

But how I hope and I pray that I will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Legislator: He signed you, Bill! Now you're a law!

Bill: Oh yes!!!

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