On June 16, 1858, before he became President of the United States, Sen. Abraham Lincoln stated in a speech that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

At this time, we should all agree that the people of this nation are divided. The people in power refuse to lead this nation as one nation under God. We’re being led by the personal wants and desires of our leaders. It’s really lugubrious that our two major political parties have chosen to divide rather than unite us.

There doesn’t appear to be a desire to find common ground with each other. The situation is so bad that individuals are able to perpetrate lies and falsehoods in order to gain popularity.

Truth and facts are being ignored because lies and innuendos are allowed to take precedence. However, I know that truth pressed to the Earth will rise again. No matter how much a person may hate, godly love will win the day.

Presently, there are those who sit in seats of power at all costs, it appears that their souls are gone. They’ve forgotten that there’s a power which is greater than any earthly power.

I’ve dedicated my future endeavors to supporting my school district and board of trustees, especially in their stance for the safety and security for our children and grandchildren in the midst of all the anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Because of the sentiment surrounding the anti-mask and no vaccine hyperbole, I lost a son, and my children lost a brother. We’ve watched as many friends of our family have died because of COVID. None of them had to be counted among the multitude of Americans who’ve died because of the virus, but they did.

Some of our leaders choose to ignore statistics and continue to watch people die. As a very young individual, a Boy Scout, I learned that leaders should be willing to sacrifice. Lessons were taught regarding respect for law enforcement and authority figures. We were also taught that in every phase of life we would witness individuals who have power and who will abuse their given power.

That was another lesson because we learned that internal rules and regulations are used to rectify wrongdoing behavior. In my Scout days, the Order of the Arrow were the greatest. Now, I understand why I felt so proud.

Because of the fact that our community should control our destiny, there are things, according to “Rev. Daniels 101,” that we must do. First, the Westend Ministers and Leaders Alliance will continue the relationship that we’ve forged with our police departments.

Secondly, we will continue to stress the need for our city fathers to generate ways that our youth can be offered and gain employment.

We’re witnessing too much economic progress for any segment of our community to be left out. As a 54-year union member, I believe in keeping and spending money at home. Locally, we control our destiny.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagles’ Nest community organization; co-chairman of the Westend Ministers and Leaders Alliance and lives in Texas City.


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(6) comments

Charles Douglas

Rev. Daniels bought up some great points we as a community need to be very cognizant of. I've always thought his team's Texas City/LaMarque City & Police Alliance Organization was a great and helpful idea! Now, from looking around it seems that other communities are establishing similar organizations to improve their communities,...which is a good thing for those communities.

A community working together to address it's many areas of responsibilities, things affecting or which could affect them,...including schools and education,.. can only mean more success for the whole community! [thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Scoggin

See Charles, we do agree on some things!

David Hardee

I join with Mr. Douglas's comment. It is refreshing to have a man of the cloth give the public a much needed sermon enticing their better qualities and to put away that sad and dismal rhetoric that has created vitriol in our society.

Bailey Jones

Well said, Rev, Daniels. I still have my Order of the Arrow sash in a box of my scouting things. A lot of us took the laws and oath of the scouts as gospel. Those principles have never steered me wrong - when I remembered to apply them.

My condolences on your family's loss. We've recently lost two members of our extended family to COVID as well.

Charlotte O'rourke

Thank you for a caring message of love, faith, healing and coming together for common goals of educational and job opportunities. Condolences on your losses.

Jack Cross

I have to give Rev Daniels credit, he consistently promotes his heritage, History, community and education. And I appreciate that he doesn't jump to conclusions with police actions and waits until all the facts are in.

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