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With all due respect to Michael Smith and staff at The Daily News, I must disagree with the conclusions drawn in his editorial regarding the logic and statistical basis for the assumptions made (“Abbott’s extension justified, locals should follow suit,” The Daily News, April 1).

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As sea turtle nesting season on the upper Texas coast nears, hundreds of volunteers with Turtle Island Restoration Network would be prepared to patrol Texas Gulf Coast beaches daily to find and protect nesting sea turtles and their eggs to help their survival.

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The coronavirus has changed the way we live. Many of us are with our families more than ever. Families are delicate systems and can easily be thrown into crisis if the rules change overnight. In the best of times, this can be overwhelming, but when you add the pressure of disease, lost incom…

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It’s amazing how quickly our lives change. Last week, we were out enjoying some really nice beach moments as the coronavirus cloud started to close in. Suddenly, the mayor and city manager made the difficult decision Sunday to close the beaches. If you drove down the seawall Sunday afternoon…

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Opening day for baseball is an exciting time that crazy baseball fans, like me, look forward to as soon as the last game is played. It’s a day we would’ve been leaving the office early, way too early, because of our excitement in anticipation of watching our boys of summer take the field.

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I think a time and circumstance like today’s invites comparisons. There’s nothing like a national disaster to call attention to leaders who act to protect their constituents and those for whom a decision is either too difficult or beyond their capacity.

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So, while I seldom venture out to our local Walmart for a number of reasons, I did recently in an effort to pick up some bread and milk. With more time on my hands lately, I decided to “explore the store a little more” and saw an older fella with nothing in his shopping cart but a few roles …

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A couple of weeks ago, a group of local religious leaders helped write a community prayer to ask God to spare us from the spread of the coronavirus. It was truly a joint effort, with input from priests and ministers from the Catholic, Episcopal and Greek Orthodox religions.

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University of Texas Medical Branch scientists and subspecialty physicians are committed to finding ways to treat and prevent COVID-19, and our Galveston County Health District epidemiologists are working day and night to track people exposed to the virus to limit the spread among unsuspectin…

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Many Texas small businesses are already feeling the impact from the spread of the coronavirus and its disruption of the American way of life. Today, small businesses statewide are eligible to apply for U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). We’re proc…