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Public schools have existed on Galveston Island since 1884. In those 138 years, many notable individuals have walked the halls of Galveston schools, and soon those who’ve distinctly distinguished themselves as role models within their profession or in their communities at large will be memor…

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Since I’ve mostly pared myself down to T-shirts and blue jeans, I’ve been thinking about how this sloppiness happened and where it all came from. (Warning: This column is mostly for women because I’m not much of an authority on men’s fashions.)

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The world froze as a small group of people huddled around the back of the car leaning on each other for support. You couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began, and you got the feeling that each wouldn’t be able to support him/herself alone.

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With all of the confusion mayhem and constant hateful rhetoric on display everywhere, 24 hours every day, it’s mind-boggling to think that those of us who’ve lived in Precinct 3 since its inception are now having to contest a redistricting map which is designed, on its face, to disenfranchis…

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All you word lovers out there, the few, the mighty, enjoy from time to time lists of long words, unknown words, interesting words.