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Before I was elected lieutenant governor in 2014, I served on the Senate Education Committee for eight years, including as chair during the 2013 legislative session. Making our public schools better has long been a top priority for me.

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Boris Kushnerkov and Natasha Fatway celebrated the outbreak of Maga flu they had spread across the Canadian border to Frostbite Falls. Victims of the flu compulsively chant “Lock Her Up” or “Build a Wall” when led by the Mayor of Frostbite Falls.

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The thing I hate about riding buses is the “not riding” part. It’s the part where I’m standing at the bus stop, staring back up the street, longingly, hoping to catch a glimpse of a bus heading my way.

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On behalf of the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol — Galveston County Community Coalition, I want to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to all of our community partners, sponsors and attendees in helping us make our 2019 National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week — Interactive Healt…

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Every year, Americans go through the January ritual of honoring Martin Luther King Jr., our secular civil rights saint and martyr. Marches and parades take place and multitudinous recitations of his stirring “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

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Reports after Ike Dike meetings sounded like people don’t want it. But the issues are with barrier placement, not the Army Corps of Engineers’ strategy. The strategy is sound — create a coastal spine to protect against storm surge and increased water levels in the bay.

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Upon embarking into 2019, we citizens of this country need to have a serious reality check. There are those who must admit that something is definitely wrong, by the examples that are exemplified. Cases in point, when intelligent men and women knowingly support obvious, documented falsehoods…

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I’ve always known that I was adopted. My parents celebrated my second birthday Dec. 26, the Feast of St. Stephen. I knew that my heritage contained German, Irish, Scottish, Native American and a few other things mixed in. My parents were close to that, and my father made sure I learned Nativ…