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From the beginning of time, rulers have lusted after absolute power. These autocrats only shared power to the extent necessary to prevent a coup by their lieutenants. “Peasants” had no voice in how they were ruled unless they banded together to overthrow their ruler. To minimize the potentia…

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A group of 17 stood in the sand outside of a green and white trailer at Stewart Beach. Their feet were so dark they had a greenish tint against the white sand because they worked with minimal sun protection. Walkie talkies were issued as they joked around and made plans for after work.

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Like a weighted blanket, the stifling heat covers the city of Philadelphia in 1787. The Founding Fathers of the Second Continental Congress endure days of oppressive heat in an airless room, hammering out the details of creating a new nation.

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Many parents aren’t really sure what the fine arts are and what they do for young people. The term comes from the visual arts where it notes a difference between something made for the beauty of the item, purely for its aesthetic value rather than something made for a purpose. One can make a…

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In his commentary (“The Daily News is just fanning the flames of hate,” The Daily News, Sept. 28) George Grace asserts those who have posed legitimate questions regarding the arrest of Donald Neely “fan the flames of hatred and mistrust.”

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In November 2009, Galveston County attempted to hold a countywide vote center election and was unsuccessful for two reasons: First, because a couple of its polling places weren’t Americans with Disabilities Act compliant (disabled voters had difficulty accessing polling places) and because i…

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I wrote about homeowner associations in general — and mine specifically (“Homeowner associations are toxic to the very core,” The Daily News, Aug. 31), but didn’t like where I left the story. “Toxic” is broad brush. Absent specifics, it could leave the reader with impressions, but little else.