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Hurricane Harvey made landfall at the San Jose Islands on Aug. 25, 2017, then slowly made its way to the Houston-Galveston area, producing more than 51 inches of rainfall in a five-day period.

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Our support of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers’ basic protection strategy, a coastal spine, should come as no surprise. However, Texas A&M University at Galveston and its partner research organizations, Delft Technical University in Holland and Jackson State University, have studied and …

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Kelly Burks-Copes, project director for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Texas Protection and Feasibility Study, was quoted in an article (“Groups say maps show corps’ true plans for Ike Dike,” The Daily News, Dec. 4) stating that the Army Corps is “only at 10 percent design at this point.”

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This paper recently covered the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission’s staff report on the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“Scathing report says insurer on ‘brink of extinction,’” The Daily News, Nov. 26).

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The Galveston Project for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, called the Discovery Club, is a program that provides services to children that doesn’t have a fixed, permanent residence. Our office, here at the Galveston Independent School District, provides different resources to as…

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Seldom a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me the status of the more than $500,000 cyber-theft that occurred between March and May 2018. And while looking for someone to blame makes for good reading, the more important issue in front of Galveston County government is to understand the pr…

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On a cool December morning in 1956, the Rev. Paul Turner, a white Southern Baptist minister, escorted 12 black students to integrate Clinton High School in Tennessee. The integration plan started with the beginning of school in September, but protest and riots led the African-American studen…

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The thing about Trump that stands out in the two years of his presidency is that every thing is about him. He brags he’s the greatest president, and he has accomplished more than any other (he lies a lot on this subject, and many others). He attacks any person or entity that he thinks is und…

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Texas’s own NASA Johnson Space Center has served as the iconic beginning to some of the greatest moments in American history, from landing man on the moon to assembling the International Space Station, a triumph of engineering and international cooperation.

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Just over a year ago, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coastline and left devastation in its wake. In cities like Rockport and Corpus Christi there was substantial wind damage, which is typical of most Category 4 hurricanes.

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I’m proud to be part of a community in Galveston that honors its heroes. Whether it’s former Constable Clint Wayne Brown playing “Taps” as an entire cruise ship spontaneously applauds this past Veterans Day, or Cmdr. Michael Caballero leading the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 880, Galves…

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We recently took a cruise out of Galveston. The ability to drive to the port and to board a ship is another advantage of island life. Cruising delights the senses by providing a place to lock up your cellphone. We visited some Caribbean Islands, ate too much, drank too much and read some books.