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Numerous letters to the editor and commentaries have been published recently in The Daily News concerning 2020 Galveston County property taxes, COVID-19’s effect on real estate values in Galveston County, a political request to Gov. Greg Abbott to roll back 2020 appraised values and the make…

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Two swimmers entered the water late in the evening at the San Luis Pass. A strong outgoing tidal flow had already carved a steep drop-off. The falling tide was exacerbated by having to funnel through the gap between Galveston Island and Brazoria County.

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Three of the last four Republican presidents campaigned for tax cuts that Congress passed and the presidents signed into law. These go primarily to businesses and wealthy individuals, which widens the gap between the wealthy and middle class.

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It’s convenient to blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic. And certainly, the Chinese government’s failure to be open about the threat was reprehensible, perhaps criminal. But this begs some key questions.

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There’s much talk and political activity these days about reopening and getting back to “normal.” We must resist getting back to “normal;” we must refuse to go back to the way we were. The ideals of our democracy demand that we construct a “new normal” and reject the former.

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Many Galveston County mainland nonprofits are working hard under difficult conditions to deliver services to individuals and families who are living with the consequences of COVID-19. In response, we have created a COVID-19 relief fund. Through this fund, we plan on allocating funds toward o…

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As our world persists during this global pandemic, we must recognize the essential services performed by our nation’s maritime workers to keep commerce moving, products loaded and delivered and our economy supported during a time of great peril.