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Charlotte O'rourke

This latest judgmental fiasco puts TRIED IN THE PRESS TO SHAME.

While I disagree with this awful public pillorying, I agree that truth counts.

I’m glad the superintendent resigned as the meeting in April -which probably encouraged Gibson’s job search- was painful to watch.

Which of the 6 Trustees on School Board is next on the hit list? A website said 6 of 8 are left since Gibson was ousted. Not a single word was said about school board Trustees violating policy - creating troubling questions of hidden agendas and politics.

As I listened to speakers wanting to teach daughters that they don’t “need a man to push things through”, I understood the need to speak against gender bias, but also wondered, are we teaching our sons and daughters about mistakes, compassion and forgiveness and that gender bias goes both ways?

Welcome back, Dolph.(144)

Bill Cochrane

Why not just ask the superintendent these questions at each meeting?

1. Are you comfortable and satisfied with your job here at GISD?

2. For any reason, have you considered employment elsewhere since our last meeting? If so, explain.

Cause for termination? Lying

David Smith

Pray tell we hire from someone working their way up through the ranks .

1) that way youve had many years to see if said candidate is a good fit ..


You dont waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on someone who will just use Galveston AS A WHISTLESTOP


Noel Spencer

David, I would have to agree. Are they including existing GISD leadership in their search ? I would hope so. Sometimes the best choice is right in front of you.

Lisa Blair

Three things that might have impacted Dr.Gibson’s ability to manage the negative fallout of the groundbreaking speech.

1. The Board President hadn’t immediately condemned and apologized for Dr. Gibson’s remarks before and without allowing him the opportunity to speak for himself.

2. A trustee hadn’t spoken to a newspaper making allegations of gender bias that had, to my knowledge, never been reported or investigated through the proper channels of GISD.

3. A GDCN editorial had not pronounced Dr.Gibson “ done in Galveston” before the School Board had even met to discuss his future. Many of Dr. Gibson’s detractors feel that removing him promotes a more progressive culture for GISD, but others have a quite different agenda.

Dismantling the “team of 8” by replacing “the 6” with strident conservatives is the agenda. Folks who didn’t want Covid protocols or vaccines and fight against “woke” culture. Our community should be very cautious of opening that door.

David Hardee

The comment by Mr. Smith resonates with the long well established and successful tradition of grooming and promoting from within.

The GISD has an organization chart on their website that details all the personnel that are "administering" the non-teaching functions. Aside from the job titles reflecting they are running an institution for the socially deficient people these are all high paid positions and surely some where is a prospect for advancement.

Cindi Lyons

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Tillotson's opinion regarding GISD superintendent Jerry Gibson's departure. I would add the process to recruit and hire a permanent superintendent should be transparent. Resumes and hiring documentation should be available on the district's website for public view. Transparency in the hiring process will serve the public's best interest. Many states have laws that require this already.

David Smith


. The reason I wrote that is because in the 90s .. this happened in Texas City .

The man rolled into town .. sleeves rolled up and ready to

Take TCISD To education heaven ..

His first order of business was a BOND ISSUE.. and after it FAILED .. he was off to another

School district ( Tyler) .. He left town faster than a Santa Fe freight train.

Then the Dallas supt job came open .. and he intervieed for that .. But Dallas saw right through this con artist.. .

It is disheartining to work your way through the ranks your entire life only to be overlooked by a select commitee doing a search wasting 10s of thousands of dollars

(IF NOT MORE) when a loyal dedicated person is right in front of your nose


Craig Mason

I completely agree. Look at an assistant superintendent who has some skin in the game to make your choice. They have usually spent their careers in the district working their way up through the district and know the nuts and bolts of the operation.

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