The official observance of Memorial Day is Monday.

The core meaning of the day often gets lost among all the other things it has come to represent — the beginning of summer, the end of the school year and the first weekend of make-it-or-break-it time for many local businesses.

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Charles Douglas

Many good points by the author! China unfortunately has discovered how to compromise those souls who work for American constituents in Washington DC. It is called " payoffs!" You will be.surprized at how many in DC are taking Chinese "payoffs" one way or another. Ahhh what an individual will do for money! Tell Labrun James how bad China is and he will cuss you out. So will Nancy Pelosi, Moscow Mitch, Hollywood, & the NBA! Ole Slow Joe will tell you what good FOLKS they are! " China is good FOLKS, ...FOLKS!" " China ain't ...competition for us FOLKS!"

Well when China is. putting billions of dollars in pockets, partnerships, and fake companies, for you... that would be a proper thing to Say. I thought the Clinton Foundation had a monopoly on selling American Influence, but the Biden Family learned and learned well the intricate techniques of selling America Influence from the Clintons who got FILTHY rich doing It, and they carried it to a whole new level!!!

Craig Mason

It’s not just China. Some of those hoping to control our elected leaders are home grown.

Diane Turski

Our democracy is worth fighting for!

Pete Nanos

Thanks for pointing out how conservatives have acted out in recent times, while conveniently neglecting to mention liberals, progressives and democrats have in more recent times. You mention your side in the distant path in an effort to portray them as reformed somehow, yet neglect to mention more recent aggressions, like continually trying to curtail freedom of speech, Obama weaponize the government against conservative citizens ala IRS and Lois Lerner, FBI and Comey/ McCabe plotting against a sitting president, DOJ and Garland after parents who raise questions at school board meetings. You continually put out slanted editorials with a leftist agenda in mind. While mentioning the sacrifices made, you couldn't just leave it at that. Sometimes your inclination to justify your own mindset, you take away from the importance of the moment.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Nanos> There are LEFTIES cringing in their boots after reading this! See they must think conservatives are not paying attention! Yeah Obama used the IRS against conservatives, & Slow Joe weaponized as you alluded to... the FBI, & the Justice Department against conservatives!

They want to bring this country down bad! No Exceptuallism for America ...not with the LEFTIES in charge!

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