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David Hardee

In this publication Michael Smith says,

"But that’s the argument Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson used last year to kill a similar bill that also had fairly wide bipartisan support. Johnson complained about the potential cost of creating a new federal holiday and wanted the Senate to compromise by eliminating another federal holiday from the calendar."

"Johnson’s is a false argument, of course. It’s a poison pill

meant to divide Americans into warring blocs each defending its holiday."

Here is another journalist report on Johnson's position in 2020 and Johnson's position has not changed.

WUSA Author: TEGNA Published: 11:07 AM EDT July 23, 2020 Updated: 11:07 AM EDT July 23, 2020

WASHINGTON — 'Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has stopped a bill in the U.S. Senate, designating Juneteenth as a national holiday, from advancing citing "costs to the American taxpayer."

The Wisconsin senator argued that the paid holiday would cost taxpayers "up to $600 million a year" to pay federal employees. Instead, he proposed an amendment to the original bill which would take away one of the federal employee's days of paid leave.

"I object to the fact that by naming it a national holiday, what they're leaving out of their argument, the main impact of that is it gives federal workers a paid day off that the rest of Americans have to pay for," Johnson said from the Senate floor Wednesday.

Johnson often takes hardline stances on government spending and has repeatedly cited the growing $26.5 trillion debt of the U.S. government."

After reading the two reports - do you recognize a slanting that Smith is OPINING -

Smith's implied intent of Johnson is a figment of Smith's reading Johnson's mind. Smith further castigates Johnson for frugality in not wanting to add to the national debt.

Ergo, Is Johnson the despicable "poison pill" distributor intending to "divide Americans into warring blocs each defending its holiday"- ,that Smith claims, or is Johnson a logical Senator with frugality of the tax payer intent?

Your opinion is requested.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I agree. Recognizing Juneteenth recognizes the abomination of slavery and our victory over it in the Civil War. It recognizes the failures of our 1776 and 1787 governments to achieve the promise of Liberty and Justice for All. It's a reminder of the hubris of powerful majorities who seek to profit at the expense of the freedom of others. And it offers every American the opportunity to make a concrete step toward reconciliation and racial unity - neither of which can happen until our original sin is acknowledged.

Juneteenth will become the middle holiday between Memorial Day - the day on which we celebrate those who died for our freedoms, and July 4th - the day on which we celebrate the independence of white Americans from British rule.

The Juneteenth story - which is centered around Texas, and Galveston in particular, is in its very essence a celebration of human independence, greater than any celebration of mere nationhood. I look forward to it becoming a grand new tradition for all Americans with fireworks, parades, BBQ, and a moment to remember how far we've come from where we began, and how much farther we've yet to go. America has always been a work in progress. Juneteenth will serve us as a reminder that the arc of justice is never fixed in our history, it must be renewed, by each of us, each and every day.

David Schuler

Do we want two Separate but Equal Independence Day celebrations? Because that's where this is headed. I fully support the idea that we should celebrate the end of slavery and wish I had an alternative to suggest.

Bailey Jones

Why wouldn't every American celebrate Juneteenth?

David Hardee

They do. As emancipation Day without the castigating of 1776 and the founders and the Country's dead that made it possible to eliminate slavery.

Bailey Jones

Juneteenth = Emancipation Day. And yes, by all means, let's leave the Founders out of it. They had nothing to do with emancipation. Let's celebrate those American heroes who did.

David Hardee

Although your nuancing and being cute does not escape my notice I will restrain a impulse to provide an appropriate cruel rejoinder. Here instead is a laborious attempt to persuade you to be nor inclusive of the opposing positions you find repugnant and consequently heap on them unreasonable castigation.

Let it be understood that the intent of the founders was to cohese diverse society into a nation with the best of virtues.

One virtue always necessary in any diverse society is compromise for the common good. The common good does not always satisfy every individual in the society. The fact that the slavery and other forms of indenture were not released is an expediency (the quality of being convenient and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral; convenience.) is was and always will be held by shallow and cynical (concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate standards in order to achieve them.) persons as a justification to inflict shame on the origination or person who founded this country.

The eventual Emancipation of slaves was again an expediency while also less than popular compromise and is held by the shallow and simple minded persons as an affront.

Stop the me-ism and get to the work of common good and MAGA.

These (including your) recriminations and castigations are the rhetoric that supports and foments civil animosities. These simple minded malcontents use these acts of expediency to incite actions of destruction and brutality under mantras, flags and banners FREEDOM to doe so need to be rejected and prosecuted for the criminal act of their comrades'. There are legal structures by which all conflict can be resolved, peacefully. Those structure have proven reliable thought cumbersome and slow.


Bailey Jones

What a load of crap. [tongue_smile]

David Hardee

Bailey, the load is apparently to heavy for you to lift. And since the aroma you smell is from the putrid comment you made on our founders and country I will refrain from efforts to help you, till you recover from your funk.

Bailey Jones

David, I don't believe I've ever posted anything untruthful about American or the founders. I'm sure that if I had, I would have been corrected, and no such correction has come. What I post is destructive to the mythology of America and its founders, and it is intended to be. Myths are useful tools for teaching lessons to children, but they are, in fact, lies, and we aren't children.

I question the patriotism of any adult who can only love the America of myth, not the America of fact. I understand why, for instance, the guardians of Jefferson's legacy refused to acknowledge his paternity in the Hemmings family until scientific evidence proved them to be liars, but it is what it is. The fact that, on balance, we can still see Jefferson as a founding hero only adds to his esteem in my opinion. But his imperfections, and the imperfections of his peers, are the imperfections of our country. It's our duty, and our inheritance, to make our nation less imperfect.

There seem to be two competing interpretations of American history. One is that America was created, by God or Providence, perfect - and has been going downhill ever since. The other is that America was created imperfect, but with the mechanisms of improvement built into it. And so we have abolished slavery, and given equal citizenship to women, and people of color, and the LGBT+ community, and created social systems that provide for the education of our children and the dignified retirement of our elders, and so on. I subscribe to this second interpretation, obviously.

I suspect that we can agree that the America of today has its problems. I don't believe those problems can be understood, much less addressed, by perpetuating myths and lies. We cannot unify as a nation unless we can all agree on the facts of our history. And that's why I post the truth.

David Hardee

Always a pleasure to encounter, my alter ego, Bailey.

So, Bailey, After all this back and forth it is obvious that we are both after - results - that will improve society. The difference is in our selection of what society is. Often the term “common good” has appeared in our tete-a-tete and is assumed to be identical in the propositions we make. After strict scrutiny I find that our society’s are not the same. Consequently, “common good” is not always the true objective.

Defining “common good” means - the benefit or interests of all. Well in a diverse democracy that meaning is superficial at best.

So, when a proposition is made and qualified to be for the common good it means the “for the good of MOST.” When referring to a society MOST is a qualifier and can be parsed into a good for any segment that can be defined. Here - definitions are the culprit, when we make recitation and or propositions.

So far, when we publish recitations we have not properly defined the recipient of the proposal. Our past recitations have always been made with implied definitions of recipient. I frequently used the term ‘Common good ' implied is the MAJORITY. While your are mostly implying the MINORITY(s) of a particular persuasion as recipient of the GOOD. So, my friend, it seems we will, unless society becomes homogeneous, will never have any recitation that is universally for the “common good.”

Universally a tranquil society is achieved when the natural order is accepted. The natural order is majority dominance - without brutality of force - by the majority. And inversely the minority is naturally rebellious - without creating trauma. In our society the minority has available a plethora of tools of democracy to reap participation in the power and other largess available.

Finally, Bailey, I conclude, from the animos in your statements about the USA, expressed in this quotation, “What I post is destructive to the mythology of America and its founders, and it is intended to be.”, says Bailey. Effectively, you desire and foment what you say in this quote “I suspect that we can agree that the America of today has its problems.” Problem(s) is inadequate to describe some of the atrocities being perpetrated. Your denigrating statements couched with animosity will never be GOOD of any minority, or majority, or tranquility of our society. Stop it!


David Hardee

S/b Emancipation Day

Charles Douglas

I think holidays are good things, no doubt about it! I just resent the unbelieverble amount of race-baiting, race-card playing, race-agitating, race manipulation, CRT being forced down little, WHITE & BLACK kids' throats ...trying to control and brain-wash them politically!

Don't fix the kids, fix the schools, education, which produces opportunities where all kids gets the same start in life in order to be a success! You can celebrate MLK Day, CINCO DE MAYO, & JUNETEENTH ...12 days a week, and 39 hours a day, and it will be to no avail if minority kids cannot read, or do math at the prescribed levels, and cannot compete for top level, good paying employment as adults!

These kinds of problem consequently never gets corrected becomes it seems to be systemic, generational, and repetitive now in the lives of the poor! Manipulating our emotions, should not be a priority, but giving us a fair, equitable chance at the American dream should! Back in the day when kids grew up in my house, it was a CLASS A FELONY ...to walk through my front door with a "C" or below grade on a report card, and it would be " HELL TO PAY THE CAPTAIN" if that law was broken! To disrespect a teacher was a CLASS "B" FELONY with a promise that I would leave my office, and come to the school to take care of business on site in front of the staff!

See ...thats how I was about mine!!!!! Both young'ons went on to achieve Master Degrees from Big time Schools, and did very well! It is so true that parents helps to set priorities in their children's lives early on, and many times when poverty is existing in a home, the focus is on survival first, and not so much education coming from the parent(s). Many times kids will seize opportunities to take advantage of the order of things tolerated in the homeholds, and make bad choices which ends up hurting them in the long run! I cut that off at the pass with the "carrot & the stick" methodology! So then, what's my point? Okay, Poverty, & a good Education, should be focused on in minority neighborhoods! That will solve many problems existing in the hoods of America![wink]

Charles Douglas

Nobody said "AMEN"...so let allow me to do it! AAaaaammmmeeennn![whistling]

David Hardee

Charles - Amen sincerely. The volumes of subjects and the amount of detail to make a honest effort to be appreciative to those that are sincere to debate and comment is not always appreciated. Stay the course and continue to toss us a little levity, we need it.


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