Galveston County will see an upturn in COVID-19 cases in coming days, weeks or months.

There are certainties in life. One is that relaxing of stay-at-home orders, reopening businesses and the high volume of visitors to the area are a cocktail for numbers to rise.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to advise the best defense is a good offense: Remove yourself from general circulation by sheltering at home or within a smaller group of people you know when possible; wash your hands like crazy; and wear a mask to help reduce aerosol spread.

None of this should create panic. The spread is a mathematical formula — as are the consequences of relaxing restrictions.

People with compromised immune systems or preexisting health challenges are most susceptible. Advanced age also is a risk factor.

But let’s remember, there is not yet a vaccine. And the primary driver of all these restrictions on life and commerce was to “flatten the curve,” to keep the number of cases from overwhelming our health care system — not snuff the virus out. That will take a vaccine.

If projected numbers approach near capacity levels, circumstances will demand we rethink our public strategies. Until then, we move forward.

So where do we go from here?

An increase in cases is highly likely. What is important is we respond instead of react. The first is a thoughtful process; the second is an emotional one.

Let’s move into this new normal with the understanding protective masks are not a fad to be cast aside like mood rings and hula hoops. Wearing one is like holding the door for the person entering a store behind you — you don’t have to, but your mom told you to always be considerate to others. Your mask for facial covering says just that.

Be selective about where you go and what you do. As local businesses have reopened, they’ve invested countless hours and dollars in preparing their restaurants, retail stores and coffee shops to ensure a safe environment. Supporting those you believe are doing a good job with your return business will be critical. Jobs depend on your patronage.

And finally, consider this COVID chapter a long, slow burn. If you are in large groups, make sure you practice social distancing and use facial coverings whenever possible. Doing so will at least reduce your and others’ potential for spread. Totally disregarding protective practices will prove harmful to all, so use your good judgment and protect others.

We do not wish COVID-19 on one single person. We fully appreciate the dangers and risks it poses. But we also know we must adapt to the new world and that will take our active participation. You know the recommendations — make your mother proud.

A special thanks to all first responders and medical personnel. Your efforts during these times are critical in our lives.

• Leonard Woolsey

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;


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(5) comments

Ray Taft

Thank you. I’ve checked the reality.

The reality is that there’s nothing to fear about covid-19 except for how the Democrats and their stooges in the fake news media try to use it to control Americans.

We were told the China virus is so bad we need to stay locked down. Then the very same Democrats trying to lock us down joined the protesters out in the streets all across America. No lockdown concerns for any of them from Democrats and the media who encouraged them instead.

Ignore the Democrats and the MSM. Open your business. Get back to your life. Because there is nothing to fear especially when the WHO now tells us that Coronavirus patients without symptoms, or asymptomatic patients, are not spreading the virus. Meaning it’s patients with symptoms who are locked down spreading the virus.

Time to reopen America to end the lockdown and stop the spread and end the government contrived economic pandemic.

Terri Abraham

If that's true, then the worker at the nursing homes in Texas City intentionally went in to work sick, and infected all those people!

Also, "if patients with symptoms who are locked down" are the ones spreading the virus, how are they doing from their locked down site?

Ray Taft

Yes, it’s true. Your first statement answered your question.

The infected with symptoms are not self-quarantining. They are going out and infecting others.

Only the infected with symptoms should be locked down because according the WHO, the asymptomatic are not spreading the virus. Everyone else, except those who are symptomatic, can and should go back to their lives and work.

And in the case of nursing homes in several Democrat-run states; those Democrat governors forced nursing homes to accept infected patients. Thereby spreading contamination to those ordered locked down.

So the workers in Texas City nursing homes went to work feeling ill, or patients who were ill were transferred in. So yes; it has to be true according to the WHO.

Terri Abraham

I just read that today WHO clarified what they said yesterday, and said they don't know how many asymptomatic people are spreading the virus, that they need further study. So, once again, the authorities are saying one thing one day, and something else the next.

i don't believe that just because WHO says something it's true.

Susan Smith

The left has moved on from the failing pandemic.

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