An islander we’ve known for a while, and who’s generally well known about town, approached the newspaper this week with an interesting story and an intriguing proposition.

The Islander, to whom we’ve granted anonymity for the first part of this project, had been tooling around the West End on a golf cart when he found a piece of jewelry.

He’s had some experience in that line and estimates what he found is worth something like $30,000.

Clearly, it’s no run-of-the-mill bit of bling at issue here.

Here’s where it gets interesting and why The Daily News is willing to contribute some time, ink and paper to the case of the found jewelry.

Our sharp-eyed islander wants to get this valuable item back to its rightful owner.

He’s not looking for a reward or even accolades; he just wants to do the right thing.

He also wants to put a little distance between himself and the public at large while he tries to accomplish that; hence the nom de guerre.

The Daily News has agreed to act as the middleman in this effort.

We’ll accept emails claiming the item and pass those on to The Islander.

This part is important to keep the newspaper’s attorney in good humor — The Daily News will in no way play any role in determining the ownership, or not, of this found item. The newspaper is a mere conduit between the public and The Islander.

So, the details. The Islander was on his golf cart on the weekend of Dec. 7 when he found the item very near the entrance of the Dollar General Store, 14322 FM 3005.

It was a little worse for wear, however, indicating it might have been dropped elsewhere and ended up near the entrance after being run over a couple of times.

The Islander inquired at the store. No one has come looking for it there.

He’s asked around the general area. No luck.

He’s even posted queries on social media. Nothing.

We’ll admit that much vested interest in The Islander’s noble quest. Can an old-fashioned newspaper solve a mystery after newer media has failed? We think it can, and so does The Islander.

Like the hard-boiled detectives of page and screen always say — somebody out there knows something.

Nobody loses $30,000 worth of anything, except maybe cocaine or the kid’s college money in Vegas, and says nothing to anyone about it.

If you lost this item, or know who did, send an email to and we’ll pass it on to The Islander. Send a good photo of the item if you’ve got one and detailed description if you don’t.

This has everything needed to make a true human interest story — a tale about an honest man who went above and beyond to simply do the right thing.

We hope to write a Hollywood ending for the story of the lost jewelry and reveal The Islander’s true identity.

Help us out.

• Michael A. Smith

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;

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(2) comments

Patricia C Newsom

An island story looking for a happy ending!

Mark Ciavaglia

Kudos to this honorable person for showing real character in trying to reunite someone with their property. Thanks also to The News for its critical role in this worthy endeavor. You all are a blessing!

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