At a legislative hearing in Austin last week, lawmakers from both parties grumbled about the murky costs of Operation Lone Star, Gov. Greg Abbott’s exorbitantly expensive election-year effort to crack down on unauthorized border crossers.

Sen. Charles Perry, a Lubbock Republican, complained that information prepared by legislative staff for Tuesday’s Senate Finance Committee hearing didn’t include a breakdown of the program’s spending, while Sen. Chuy Hinojosa, D-McAllen, said he’d heard that Operation Lone Star’s price tag was $4 billion — or maybe $5 billion.


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Don Schlessinger


George Croix

But not a word about the costs to Texas towns and cities and school districts and hospitals and such having to contend with all time high illegal aliens due to the open borders policy of Pres. Biden and his DHS Sec. Alejandro “ The Border Is Closed” Mayorkas.

Typical AAS…..

Carlos Ponce

Oh gee, why does Texas EVEN HAVE TO do what the Federal Government should be doing but refuses to? The Austin-American Statesman is looking at this all wrong.... AGAIN!

Carlos Ponce

Why not quote Sen. Joan Huffman (R–Houston), chair of the Senate Finance Committee?

“Securing our international border is a federal responsibility. We the states simply don’t have the resources to take on 100 percent of the security needs of our border indefinitely. But until the federal government steps up to ensure long term security, we have a duty to act to support effective border security to combat illegal immigration and foster lawful immigration."

Or Sarah Hicks, senior advisor and budget director for the governor’s office: “Border security is absolutely the responsibility of the federal government. But in the unprecedented absence of that security, Texas has no option but to step in and use every tool available.”

And if Governor Abbott didn't spend the money on securing the border Democrats and the AAS would be kvetching about that! Typical Liberal politics!

The "root cause" of these problems is.... Joe.

George Croix

So many dedicated to ignoring laws.

George Croix

“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday claimed that the southern border "is secure" -- even as Border Patrol agents are facing historic migrant numbers.”

Another beneficiary of higher education…

George Croix

“Recently, the result of a 10-month investigation by U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility was finally released. The resulting 511-page report fully exonerates the Border Patrol of the whipping hoax, declaring, "There is no evidence that [Border Patrol Agents] involved in this incident struck, intentionally or otherwise, any migrant with their reins." Yet, the agents were faulted with "administrative" violations, including yelling at the illegal aliens to stop and using the wrong radio frequency for communicating with the patrol station. Essentially the Border Patrol is blamed for the unlawful actions of the migrants.”

Very “progressive” …

Thomas Carpenter

Until the world does something about the corrupt governments in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and improve the lives of their citizens so they want to stay in their country, migrants will continue to flock to the United States to chase the American Dream. That's not rocket science, it's human nature.

George Croix

Welcome to migrants who follow the laws and come here legally.

Our current Administration encourages and facilitates, and lies through their teeth about, those who don't...must be that globalist New World Liberal Order that slipped out in an unguarded moment....

Come legally, and assimilate...

Like Californians moving to Texas, why leave the crap you voted for for years, then come here and keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome...

Build the wall.

Even one like Nancy put up around the Capitol so quickly would be better than nothing....evidently, fences and walls only work when painted with blue paint....

Thomas Carpenter

I thought the porn star gigolo said Mexico would pay for the border wall. Maybe the Fat Dotard cashed the check to pay for his lawyers. Somebody told me, quite a few people in fact, that Bunker Boy was lawyering up because of his attempt to overthrow our government following the fair and honest presidential election that he lost bigly. Looks like Cadet Bonespurs' mafioso jujitsu to find 11,000+ votes in Georgia has landed the stable genius in legal quicksand, as well as the dull bulbs who followed that traitorous path with their maladroit leader. I also heard from more than a few people, good people from both sides, that the Bible thumping adulterer needs more MAGA dollars to pay for his lawsuit against CNN. Make it rain MAGA cult! This is not a scam. Repeat: this is not a scam.

Carlos Ponce

TDS rears its ugly head.

David Hardee

The article does not reference Trump. Inserting this tripe in every thread is a nuisance.

Of all the derogatory monikers for Trump the only revelation is that you are so far into a psychoses it has consumed rationality. Using the moniker "Bunker Boy" will confuse because it describes Biden's favorite activity - dwelling in the basement.

An auditorium outfitted to create a stage with props for a puppet robot intron that recites a script and runs quickly away in fear of a Q&A that exposed him as a bumbling buffoon is a better description of the place they built for "Bunker Biden."

George Croix

Ted Gillis

Quit hiring illegals (the demand) and the illegals will quit coming (the supply).

I learned that in 1st year economics.

David Hardee

Ted, did you ever consider how free stuff - even if you don't want to be hired - will create a dome on and exhaust all the free stuff. Free stuff progressive liberals are the incentive of the invasion at our border. Mingle in are those who want to work - these are unprepared, language deficient, and take the jobs from those at the lowest level in society. Quit trying to justify the unjustified acts of your and your fellow voters for the most destructive people ever to exist in elected positions and the imbecilic people they appointed to power positions.

George Croix

Pretty sure that jobs is not the only motivation in play, although it probably was the main one before the Great Invitation…that and the anchor baby business.

Now, watching the news videos and the shelters fill up and the schools fill up and the taxpayer funds for support services empty out is a pretty good education, too.

George Croix

“On Friday, NPR promoted their coverage of New York City and Washington D.C. struggling to handle increasing numbers of illegal immigrants being dropped off in their cities by Govs. Greg Abbott, Texas, and Doug Ducey, Ariz. The title of their article read "GOP governors sent buses of migrants to D.C. and NYC — with no plan for what's next."

No plan for what’s next…..

The Biden/Mayorkas ‘plan’ was bring in hundreds of thousands of illegals to southern border states, with zip nada doodly squat for ‘what next’ except bus or fly some to other places mostly politically unfriendly, and buy up the available baby formula from THAT debacle and stock it for illegals and citizens could go pound sand. Now, the whiny two faced East Coast liberals have blown themselves up with their own petards, courtesy of Governors who decided to give them their own medicine.

Not a big Abbott fan but sent his campaign 100 bucks just for slapping both faces on each of Adams and Bowser…

Beto, with his open borders crap, would’ve putting the CBP officers on buses and sending them away…..chuckle

David Hardee

Beautiful - George don't we the public have a horrific challenge to cull the wheat from the chaff when the supposed 4th estate produces such idiocy into the audience where many simple-minded people consume and absorb as honest these obviously agenda promoting articles.

Thanks for clarifying and exposing this particular NPR convolution. The NPR is a swamp bureaucracy that needs to go the way of the Bill Moyers (precious NPR host) and Judy Woodruf - the current NPR swill producer - needs to be scrubbed with turpentine to remove her stench.

George Croix

I dont think they're simple minded.

I think they're indoctrinated and/or intentionally power grabbing.

The leftist agenda is firmly entrenched in the teachers unions (but not all teachers), and way too many school curriculums, starts in elementary school, and is insidious....

One of the main building blocks for this garbage is to convince students they are smarter than others, just because they believe the left's dogma...and lately it's to teach them they are victims or suppressors. Odd combo, isn't're smarter, but you can't avoid your skin color based lot in life.

It's the worst trash imaginable for kids to be exposed to, as it sets up years if not a lifetime of actual intolerance and hatred of anyone different, literal base level tribalism, while all the time accusing OTHERS of that, because you were taught you were better than them, and/or that they are systemically evil.

The parents who care got ignored before and now investigated by Garland's DOJ as domestic terrorists, and too many parents just pay zero attention, or worse, agree.

This is right now the worst garbage I've seen trashing this country in my lifetime.

But, hey, no more mean tweets....eating corn flakes rather than steak and walking to work and no savings left but no more bad orange man.....

The corrupt AG Merick Garland's ideologically weaponized DOJ as terrorist seekers in school board meetings will now most likely be joined by the newly double sized IRS to go Nixon on the 'progressive' enemies.....too bad they don't all end up like Nixon...

Those enemies are Middle America and especially minorities taken for votes granted for decades who don't buy what they're selling....more taxes makes a nice addition to inflation....

IMO, as always...

ps: It's never good, imo again, to dismiss this crap as simple, simpleness, as it's actually an orchestrated at all levels effort.

Remember when Obama gave his speech that this was the greatest nation the world had ever known, now join him in fundamentally changing it? Well, why the heck would anyone want to fundamentally, that's majority part, change the greatest of something.

MORE importantly, why would anyone elect 'leaders' who openly hate the very country/state/county/city and people they are leading.....

Nobody wants to fundamentally change something they like...

David Hardee

Another excellent offering, George. The term "simple-minded" encompasses the larger group of people that are affected by all the forms of - teaching, influencing, indoctrination, etc, -. As you point out - students and others that are subject in the formative period of developing a self are victims - yet these are qualified as simple-minded-mislead.

George Croix

My Grandma used the term to describe anyone who couldn't even chop wood (at her house, if you wanted to eat hot food, or take a hot bath (in a washtub, after pulling the water up from the well 2 gallons at a time, or get warmed in winter, you chopped wood...electricity was for lights....even the 'ice chest' really was one)

so there's quite a bit of definition wiggle room....

I just don't like, myself, to offer ammunition to someone who might want to start a shootout...

George Croix

One tiny example of the garbage:

"A school district in Wisconsin is proposing new "Human Growth and Development" curriculum that would include gender lessons for children as young as kindergarten, and lessons for third-graders about gender identity, sexual orientation and pronouns.

The updated curriculum will be presented to the Wauwatosa School Board on Monday for an initial overview, and the vote for final approval will be held later in August, according to a letter regarding the curriculum on the school district’s website.

The third-grade curriculum includes gender identity, sexual orientation and pronouns, and describes girls as "students who do or will menstruate." Outcomes of the third-grade lesson plan include defining sexual orientation, understanding the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, and recognizing differences exist between sex assigned at birth and gender identity."

Can't read, write, count, or know who the first US President was, but can 'identify' as whatever you want if you complete the course per intended outcome....

Baghdad Bob is alive and well and, by any other name, working in school districts across the land....

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