A president issues an executive order. A court throws it out on a technicality. The president issues a new order, addressing the court’s concerns. Another court throws that out, on another technicality. And on and on.

This is no way to enact national policy, and it certainly is no way to treat hundreds of thousands of people whose legal status hangs in the balance.

We’ve lost track of how many different executive orders have been issued regarding the right of lifelong American residents to stay here. President Joe Biden has promised yet another version of the order to address issues that a federal judge says invalidates the current one.

The issue seems simple enough: Do people who were brought to this country as children and know no other homeland have a right to stay here? It seems logical: “Dreamers,” as they are known because of the proposed legislation that Congress failed to pass in 2001, did not come to this country of their own volition; they’ve lived, been educated and worked in the United States their entire lives and have proven they benefit their communities and our country has a whole.

It’s popular: A February poll by Vox and Data for Progress shows that 69 percent of likely voters “strongly” support offering Dreamers a path to citizenship; the number rose to 86 percent when they were asked if they “somewhat” supported naturalization. Other polls similarly indicate that more than three-fourths of Americans accept them as compatriots.

For more than two decades Congress has failed to resolve the issue. As a result, the Obama administration in 2012 issued a policy, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, allowing people who met certain guidelines to apply for renewable two-year visas enabling them to live and work in this country without fear of deportation.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of Brownsville declared in June that the policy was invalid — not in principle, but on procedural grounds; the new policy was enacted without required steps such as public hearings and public comments. The Biden administration has appealed Hanen’s ruling but also took steps to address his concerns, submitting a rule proposal Sept. 27 on the issue. Public comments are being taken through Nov. 29. People can offer comments through the regulations.gov website, referencing DHS Docket No. 2021-0006.

This is only the latest legal hurdle on Dreamers’ path to acceptance. Even President Donald Trump’s efforts to rescind the Obama order failed not on their merits, but on administrative grounds; the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Trump order offered insufficient grounds for the action and did not address the arguments that were used to justify the original order.

Immigration policy must be set by Congress, not by the courts. Chief Justice John Roberts made that clear in his majority ruling on the Trump order.

“We do not decide whether DACA or its rescission are sound policies. The wisdom of those decisions is none of our concern,” Roberts wrote.

The presidents’ actions — and Congress’ inaction — must not be tolerated any longer. Biden needs to pressure lawmakers to stop abdicating their responsibility and start working on real, sensible immigration reform.

• The (McAllen) Monitor editorial board via The Associated Press


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Jose' Boix

Once again, our Legislators need to basically eliminate any immigration mandate, act or rule that uses terms such as "Deferred" (as in the DREAM/DACA and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans DAPA) or "Temporary,"(TPS for Temporary Protected Status) to just name two.

It is beyond rational to have folks admitted into this great Country and for 20 years or so, still being left unsure of their status. And then, we have folks taking issue with the term "amnesty" to somehow negate a "path to Citizenship."

This is insane in my opinion, as one who is grateful for having gone through the Cuban Refugee Program of the 60's - with a define path to Citizenship.

What is the most effective next step to a final solution? I am sure not deportation as a fix! Just my thoughts.

Carlos Ponce

There's already a path to legalized residency and citizenship on the books. Some want blanket amnesty and blanket citizenship for those called "Dreamers". Not a good idea to let them jump in front of the line.

Charles Douglas

Amennnnnnnnnnnn Mr. Ponce! You are consistent and on point as usual weather you are dealing with BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, BLUE, or POLKA DOT! I like that,...though that practice might be unpopular in today's woke logic, and ways of thinking,....IT IS HONEST! I'm just like that, and if I'm sitting in line for citizenship for 5-10 years, I FOR SURE WONT LIKE IT A BUNCH OF ILLEGALS FLOWS ACROSS THE BORDER AND CUT IN FRONT OF ME! That is the way am, and I don't care where the illegals are from either! [smile]

Jose' Boix

Mr. Ponce, I would like to read the numbers of "Deferred" and "Temporary Status" immigrants receiving residency and/or Citizenship. My "path" was set at the start - Refugee in 1961, Citizen in 11/11/1969, about 2 years shorter since I married my American born wife. I don't think there is such a defined "path" and that is a failure of the programs as developed. Just my thoughts.

Ted Gillis

Then I say “speed up the line”.

Jack Cross

I completely agree with Jose, but at the same time I am disappointed in the Editorial board of the Galveston News. They pick and choose these editorials that cleverly advances a political agenda. This editorial touches on the hearts of the readers because these children did no wrong.

Most Americans agree with the editorial as written. The problem is that facts that are central to why nothing is happing was left out of the issue, why?

Granting citizenship to children who were brought here (DACA) is a major long standing political issue that the democratic party is using as a political issue against republicans. But that is misleading because republicans do agree on a path to citizenship for dreamers providing border reform is linked to it, otherwise this problem will never end.

Republicans have reason not to trust democrat. Thirty-Five years ago, in 1986, president Reagan wanted to solve this issue once and for all. Both political parties agreed to grant citizenship to all in the country illegally in return for securing the border. Three million immigrants were granted citizenship but the border was never secured.

So again, we move on with democrats accusing republicans of being mean spirited and republicans accusing democrats of trying to use illegals to increase their voting blocks.

Blaming congress is justified, but unless the press returns to doing its job acting as a refugee by providing readers with fair balanced reporting, none of this would be happing.

Gary Scoggin

Jack…. Making sure I understand. “ But that is misleading because republicans do agree on a path to citizenship for dreamers providing border reform is linked to it, otherwise this problem will never end.”

So the path to citizenship for these people is not a humanitarian issue, it’s a bargaining chip. Is that correct?

Jack Cross

Wrong Gary, reread my post, you only cited half of the sentence that said; " if you grant citizenship and don't secure the border, this problem will never end" Gary that is a common sense statement. I even took it a step further and cited the 1986 immigration law where Reagan wanted to end this problem when congress gave citizenship to 3 million illegals, the largest number in the history of the nation and the democrats burned the Republicans and did not carry through with their pledge of securing the border. I am shocked that people can't see the harm being done by this. This is costing schools billions of dollars and that is why school taxes are more han all the property taxes combined, And why Texas has more students in public schools than 28 stated have totaled population and why almost 66 percent of them are classified as economically poor. And why after the CAD does their appraisals and property owners complain that they are too high, The state comptroller's property tax assistance division PTAD says that the state Property Tax Survey PTS

shows that appraisals are too low and the CAD has to raise them.

I know this is confusing, but the state intends to keep it confusing because this is how the state is taking $10 Billion dollars of local property taxes to fund hundreds of property poor school districts. This will continue to grow as more Illegals come here and schools must admit them, no questions aske and provide free education.

U.S. Supreme Court Tyler Tx Plyer Vs Doe. The the state must provide equal funding. Texas Constitution plus Texas Supreme Court.

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