The Daily News has a long-standing policy against publishing letters and guest columns backing or attacking candidates on Election Day. In every election, just as voters go to the polls, we get last-minute allegations of facts we can’t verify.

Publishing those sorts of opinion pieces that late in a campaign would be unfair because it leaves the candidate without the opportunity to respond.

The bottom line is we just don’t do that.

The May 1 election falls on Saturday; therefore, The Daily News will not accept letters or guest columns endorsing or opposing candidates that come in after noon Thursday. Friday will be the last day any such letters and commentaries will be published. None will appear in the weekend edition, which publishes on Saturday.

But please submit your letters early. The editors plan to devote as much space as physically possible to publishing letters from readers. That space and the time remaining are finite, nonetheless. If we have a last-minute rush, we’ll be able to publish only a selection of letters.

Submissions that raise allegations or make other claims of wrongdoing won’t be considered for publication in the final edition before the election because there will be no opportunity for rebuttal. That edition is this Friday’s paper.

Submit letters of up to 200 words to Submissions must list a place of residence, not necessarily an address, but a city or recognized unincorporated part of the county and include a telephone number so we can verify authorship; we don’t publish the phone numbers.

Sermonizing about the rules aside, this is a good time to thank everybody who helps The Daily News publish what we’d argue is one of the best Opinion/Commentary sections in the state.

Letters to the editor and guest commentary are a fine newspaper tradition. They also are a waning tradition in many places. That’s driven at least in part by the fact people can comment and vent and spew so easily on social media and other forums.

That’s not the case here; at least not to the same extent it is elsewhere. The editors appreciate the fact that Daily News readers regularly submit letters and columns. We’re pretty sure the paper’s readers do too because those community submissions make the newspaper better.

We want them and, except for a few that violate one or another standard of simple human decency, we’re going to publish all of them.

• The Daily News Editorial Board


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George Laiacona

Please stand by your realistic policy of not printing the pros and cons of any election. Let your readers do their own homework and make their decisions on what each and every candidate brings to the general public. Comments about what is on any ballot is made public by election officials.

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