It’s been nearly a year since a mob, incited by President Donald Trump’s lies of widespread voter fraud, attacked the U.S. Capitol hoping to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote and deny Joe Biden the presidency he legitimately won.

In the months since, apologists for the twice-impeached Trump, led by Fox News, have either minimized the attack or deflected responsibility from him.

But text messages released this week by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 events show that as the violence unfolded that day, some of the network’s biggest stars were as shaken and frightened as everyone else. The texts were among the 9,000 pages of documents Mark Meadows, former chief of staff for Trump, turned over to the committee. After giving up that treasure trove of information, Meadows stopped cooperating with the committee, moving the House to vote in favor of holding him in contempt of Congress.

In real time, as they texted Meadows, the Trump acolytes at Fox knew who was responsible for the riot and who could possibly end it.

“Can he make a statement? Ask people to leave the Capitol,” Sean Hannity texted.

“Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home,” Laura Ingraham wrote. “This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.”

An aside, who is “us” exactly? Certainly Ingraham isn’t referring to all Americans and democracy.

“Please, get him on TV,” begged Brian Kilmeade. “Destroying everything you have accomplished.”

Despite what they now say on the air, back on Jan. 6, in private, they knew the president could stop a mob he had incited.

Donald Trump Jr. was also panicking. “He’s got to condemn this s—t Asap,” he texted Meadows. “The Capitol Police tweet is not enough. We need an Oval office address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far and gotten out of hand.”

Another aside, Trump Jr.’s tweets offer unintentional insight into a father-son relationship in which the son had to use a middleman to communicate with his father that he should stop a riot. More importantly, along with the tweets of the Fox News personalities, they echo the hypocrisy of Republican members of Congress who, during the siege of the Capitol were scared for their lives, but afterwards claimed it was no big deal.

These include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who made frantic calls to Trump on Jan. 6 for him to intervene, but who is now a shield and shill for the former president. And it includes U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., who, weeks after the attacks, compared the rioters to tourists despite photos showing a rattled Clyde helping to barricade House chambers against the “tourists.”

Despite the attempts of Trump supporters at Fox, in Congress and within his family to rewrite the disturbing events of Jan. 6, the record is clear they saw what we all saw that day and were united in fear with the rest of us — or most of us — about the attack on the Capitol.

As it happened, they witnessed a mob, inflamed by the lies from the president, attempt to use violence to overturn an election and the will of the American people. While they quickly pivoted to edit and revise the first draft of their immediate responses, that’s a history that can’t be rewritten.

Not when we now have the original documentation of those responses in the form of text messages.

• Express-News editorial board via The Associated Press



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(33) comments

Carlos Ponce

"The San Antonio Express-News on texts proving Jan. 6 can’t be rewritten "

Problem is.... THEY HAVE been rewritten, altered, doctored edited by the Adam Schiff committee. But lying and obfuscating on the House committee is not punishable if committed by a House member.

When the REAL, unaltered text is revealed you find out the meaning and intent changes.

Only the most brainless readers would accept what is presented.

"Not when we now have the original documentation of those responses in the form of text messages." They are there but not being used. Instead we get the ALTERED version.

Now we will see Liberals give this sham of an editorial thumbs up, and one will proclaim "an early Christmas present!"

"CONFIRMED: January 6 Committee Admits It Doctored Republican Text Message in Adam Schiff’s Presentation"

"During January 6 Hearing, Schiff Doctored Text Messages Between Mark Meadows And Rep. Jim Jordan"

"Jordan's office said the text from the Ohio Republican was a forwarded message and that the Jan. 6 committee misrepresented its content by shortening it."

Gary Scoggin

One way to address whether or not the “meaning and intent” of the texts were accurately portrayed is for the original texters to release them, in context of what else they may have been saying at the time. Personally, I don’t see the texts as a big deal, as I think almost all everyone believed that Trump could have ended the attack as soon as it started with the right TV appearance. It’s the fact that he waited so long that implies he was in favor of it.

Carlos Ponce

The instigators were not Trump supporters, Gary Scoggin. It was President Trump who wanted additional troops on hand. The Chief of Capitol Hill Police agreed. But Pelosi said "no". NOW WHY ISN'T THAT BEING INVESTIGATED?????????

Craig Mason

Yes they were Trump supporters, Carlos. You are just in deep denial.

Jim Forsythe

The speaker of the House does not have the power to reject a request for troops to DC, nor call them up. Trump could have called as many troops as he deemed necessary.

The DC National Guard in a unique situation, since they are controlled solely by the federal government, according to the DC National Guard website. That means they are the only National Guard unit out of all 54 states and territories that reports only to the President.

One of the reasons President Donald Trump can deploy so many federal forces in D.C. is because there is no statehood separating D.C. from his power. As a territory and not a state, President Donald Trump doesn't have to consult and communicate with certain local officials.

"The D.C National Guard was formed in 1802 by President Thomas Jefferson to defend the newly created District of Columbia,". "As such, the Commanding General of D.C. National Guard is subordinate solely to the President of the United States. This authority to activate the D.C. National Guard has been delegated, by the President, to the Secretary of Defense and further delegated to the Secretary of the Army."

Carlos Ponce

Craig and Jim, your presentations are fabricated.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, what parts are fabricated? Speaker of the House does not have that power, Trump did at that time.

Carlos Ponce

Fabricated? From you: "The speaker of the House does not have the power to reject a request for troops to DC" That is the propaganda spewed by the Leftr but it is NOT TRUE.

Are you against an investigation to see why President Trump's and the Capitol Hill Chief of Police's request was DENIED? Republican Congressmen have requested that but SPEAKER NANCY has denied that request too! I smell COVER UP!

Jim Forsythe

The claim that Pelosi was in charge of Capitol Police on Jan. 6 is FALSE. While the House speaker has some ties to Capitol Police oversight, saying Pelosi is “in charge” of the agency isn't accurate. The agency is overseen by a three-member board, none of whom are appointed by Pelosi.

In March, Capitol Police spokesperson John Stolnis said that the agency is overseen by the Capitol Police Board. Several congressional committees also oversee the agency, including the House and Senate appropriations committees, the House administration committee and the Senate rules committee.

The Capitol Police Board is made up of the House and Senate sergeants-at-arms, as well as the Capitol architect. The Capitol Police chief serves in a non-voting capacity on the board, according to the Capitol Police website.

Pelosi was not a chair or administrator of any committee supervising the Capitol Police at the time of the insurrection. She's not listed on any of those committees' websites today, either.

Jane L. Campbell, president of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, said "the Speaker of the House does not oversee security of the U.S. Capitol, nor does this official oversee the Capitol Police Board."

Carlos Ponce

Jim, time to give it up. Even Liberal Politifact says Pelosi held responsibility.

David Hardee

The legitimacy of Biden as president is no longer disputable; The purity of the election process that accomplished his win was highly abnormal with many distortions is also undeniable.

This article has as much veracity as the entire fiasco of the Democratic Party’s diabolical conduct during the 4 years of the Trump administration. The enabling despicable conduct by these yellow sheet journalists continues today. These deploreable publications promote the continued animosities in society from both sides. The 4th Estate needs to cleanse itself instead of publishing social irritations.

There are those that will swallow whole these constructed narratives without chewing and detecting the bitterness and biases. Give any that intend to create an article that is filled only with denigrating snippets enough time and the data they can weave a narrative causing the gullible to believe any conjecture.

The discerning intellect will recognize there is no certain purity in a circumstantial product without going under a severe cross examination.

Consider the character and history of the involved publishers of a hit job article.

Ex-Los Angeles Veteran journalist Marc Duvoisin has been named editor and vice president of the San Antonio Express-News in 2018. Last August, the newspaper's executive editor and publisher, Davan Maharaj and his deputy, Marc Duvoisin, were abruptly fired following the arrival of a new publisher and CEO, Ross Levinsohn. D'Vorkin's standing was also undermined by NPR's investigation earlier this month of his patron and former business partner Levinsohn. Some sexual misconduct and harrashment was inferred.

Also, consider Pelosi advocate San Antonio Express-News Publisher Susan Page wrote the book “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power.”

The value of a hit job article from the San Antonio Express to the Galveston Daily News subscribers is curious. The general character and cultures of these highly liberal Texas bastions of social chaos (San Antonio, Houston, Austin) are not desired by GDN subscribers.

To Trump’s ability to control the actions on Jan. 6th we should have the suspicion of the federal agents involvement also fully explained.

Carlos Ponce

What I don't understand how anyone in their right mind could think Biden was more popular than Obama and obtain far more votes.

Jim Forsythe

The first time Biden ran, 2020 he received 51.3% of the votes.

Obamas first win in 2008, he received 52,9% of the votes. So yes, Obama was more popular.

Clinton received 48.1% of the votes and Trump received 46% of the votes in 2016.

Since 2008 the person receiving second lowest percentage of the vote, is Trump, as he received 46% of the vote.

The person with the lowest percentage of the vote during that time period was John McCain at 45.7%.

Carlos Ponce

NUMBER OF VOTES, JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Forsythe

One cannot compare the number of votes from 4 years ago. The number of people has increased, the percent tells exactly how one person did compared to someone in a different time.

One cannot compare FDR to JFK in the total votes cast because many more people voted in one election vs. the other.

By your way of thinking, Biden was more popular than Trump, in 2020.

81,282,903 votes cast for Biden and 74,223,030 votes cast for President Donald Trump.

Gary Miller

This story is nothing but a edited hit peace by a Trump hater supported by the HATE TRUMP media.

Carlos Ponce

From Liberal

"Security at the 1.5 million-square-foot U.S. Capitol building does not fall solely to the speaker. Though Pelosi does have a role in the hierarchy overseeing security, there is no indication she controls its day-to-day operations."

So .... Nancy Pelosi oversees Capitol security... Hmm....

President Trump asked for additional security for the capital and Capitol.

The Capitol Hill police chief asked for additional security.

But it was denied. Who was in position to provide or deny additional security?

Nancy Pelosi oversees Capitol security.

"The chain of command for Capitol security does include Pelosi, but it does not fall solely to her .... " is Politifact's conclusion.

BUT SHE BEARS SOME RESPONSIBILITY! which may explain why NO investigation into who made the decision to deny additional security requested by The President and Chief of Police. Instead we get Schiff doctoring texts.[rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

One of the reasons President Donald Trump can deploy so many federal forces in D.C. is because there is no statehood separating D.C. from his power. As a territory and not a state, President Donald Trump doesn't have to consult and communicate with certain local officials.

"The D.C National Guard was formed in 1802 by President Thomas Jefferson to defend the newly created District of Columbia,". "As such, the Commanding General of D.C. National Guard is subordinate solely to the President of the United States. This authority to activate the D.C. National Guard has been delegated, by the President, to the Secretary of Defense and further delegated to the Secretary of the Army."

Carlos Ponce

Washington Post (Jan. 11, 2021):

"Outgoing Capitol Police chief: House, Senate security officials hamstrung efforts to call in National Guard"

"To be on the safe side, Sund asked House and Senate security officials for permission to request that the D.C. National Guard be placed on standby in case he needed quick backup.

But, Sund said Sunday, they turned him down.

In his first interview since pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol last week, Sund, who has since resigned his post, said his supervisors were reluctant to take formal steps to put the Guard on call even as police intelligence suggested that the crowd President Trump had invited to Washington to protest his defeat probably would be much larger than earlier demonstrations.'

Who is ultimately in charge of Capitol Security? NANCY PELOSI and MITCH MCCONNELL! Politifact singles out the Speaker of being responsible for security, maybe because the House has more members.

Paula Flinn

Give it up, Carlos. You would blame Speaker Pelosi for the entire assault on the Capitol, if you could.

Biden got more votes than Obama because after four years of being told lies by Trump, most people were ready to vote for ANYONE BUT TRUMP, especially since Joe Biden has been in the Senate and has read the Constitution. Most Bernie Sanders supporters voted for Joe Biden. Rep. James Clyburn’s endorsement of Joe Biden made him popular with minorities. What I don’t understand is why 74 million people voted for Trump again when it is so obvious that he gave tax breaks to the rich and large corporations, and he continues to be a con-man and a liar.

Carlos Ponce

Wait until after the midterms, Paula! Truth will be revealed. Then the whole world will know who the real criminals are.

By the way, do you still think Cuomo was a great governor?

Paula Flinn

Yes. Cuomo’s great leadership skills peaked when he led New York City and State through the first Co-Vid Virus spike in 2020.

Trump, however, has the same kind of personal problems as former Gov. Cuomo has, as approximately 20 women have alleged, or claimed, sexual assault or abuse by Trump. Do you still think Trump was a great President? Do you think he is a good, moral man? Two different questions. Your idea of “greatness” might include or exclude his morality.

Why do you care what I think? Just baiting me, I think.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Carlos Ponce

"Cuomo’s great leadership skills peaked " Riiiiiiiiiight...........

And Paula has not kept up with those women who alleged Donald Trump did something. Allegations have been DROOPED indicating they were just for PURR POLITICS.

Carlos Ponce

" great leadership skills" Apparently you had no friends or relatives who died in adult care centers in New York due to the governor's inept policies.

And President Trump provided New York state with ventilators respirators, a hospital at the Javitz center and a hospital ship - all which were underutilized due to his ineptness. Do some research.

Jim Forsythe

The President is in charge of National Guard in D.C. The President can call them out without interference from anyone else, because the President is at the top of the leadership chart.

Carlos Ponce

"The President can call them out without interference from anyone else, because the President is at the top of the leadership chart."

In testimony, President Trump is said to have called on National Guard at Mayor Bowser's request... BUT IT WASN'T DONE!!!!!!

That's why this needs to be investigated which Pelosi refuses to call.


Former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told a House of Representatives panel that he spoke with Trump on Jan. 3, three days before the now-former president's fiery speech that preceded the violence and led to his second impeachment.

According to Miller's testimony, Trump asked during that meeting whether the District of Columbia's mayor had requested National Guard troops for Jan. 6, the day Congress was to ratify Joe Biden's presidential election victory.

Trump told Miller to "fill" the request, the former defense secretary testified. Miller said Trump told him: "Do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights."

Testimony before House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform:

On December 31, 2020, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a written request to Major General William J. Walker, Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard, seeking unarmed National Guard support to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services for planned demonstrations scheduled for 5 and 6 January. The

Director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency provided additional specifics regarding Mayor Bower’s request to General Walker. Because the District of Columbia is not a state, its mayor needs Presidential approval to use the D.C. National Guard,

unlike state governors who can unilaterally mobilize their National Guard forces. The President had delegated his authority in this regard to the Secretary of Defense. The Army has day-to-day interaction with and operational-level oversight of the D.C. National Guard when it is providing support in an Active Duty capacity (as opposed to “drill” status on weekends or for Annual

Training). As such, the request was first transmitted from General Walker to the Secretary of Army and then relayed to me.

Over the following weekend, the Secretary of the Army, Ryan D. McCarthy, and the Army Chief of Staff, General James C. McConville, reviewed Mayor Bowser’s request and

presented it to me and Chairman Milley on Monday, January 4, 2021. I formally approved the request that morning and conveyed it to the Secretary of the Army. The Secretary of the Army further confirmed the approval of this support to the Deputy Attorney General of the United States. I will add that over the weekend, I had several conference calls with Department of Defense leadership and had informed them that I was planning to approve the request but would not do so formally until the concept of the operation – the plan – was finalized.

In the days leading up to the January 6 Electoral College certification, Department of Defense personnel monitored and met regularly to review the situation relating to the planned demonstrations and potential disturbances locally and nationwide relating to those demonstrations. A principal concern for the Department of Defense was the apparent lack of coordination, synchronization, and information exchange with and between the numerous

domestic law enforcement organizations having primary jurisdiction and responsibility over such matters in the District. To properly provide military support to those agencies, necessary to confer, coordinate and synchronize with, among others: the D.C. Metropolitan Police

Department; the Metro Transit Police; the Capitol Police; U.S. Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Department of Justice (including the FBI); U.S. Department of the Interior; the U.S. Marshals Service, Federal Protective Services; the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Park Police.

See more:

Jim Forsythe

I do not who you have worked for, but when my boss said to do something, it was done. In this case Trump was the boss and when he told them to do it and if they did not, he could have ordered them to do so.

Carlos Ponce

That's why it must be investigated because it did not happen! Pelosi is blocking the investigation. Jim Jordan would have asked those questions but in her COVER UP, Nancy had him removed from the committee.

Jim Forsythe

That has nothing to do with Trump had the power and did not use it.

Stuart Crouch

Never argue with a fool; it only guarantees that there are two of them. And do not argue with the stupid, either. Once they get you down to their level, they can beat you with their experience (tenure). All of you FOX-suckers just keep on being who and what you are. Merry X-mas.[wink]

Carlos Ponce

So... we should never argue with Stuart.

George Laiacona

Republicans Denial, is that the same as deNile in Egypt ? Maybe not! The traitor Republicans chose to try and destroy our capital and democracy all in one day. Their wannabe Dictator sent the fools directly to the capital from his White House rally. The Republicans will continue to be in denial and try to convince the intelligent American voters that January 6th was anything other than what it really was. To try and destroy the Electoral vote process in order to keep their TV celebrity hero in office. We can only hope that in the next election that American voters will eliminate as many traitor Republicans from office as they can.

Carlos Ponce

Laiacinan jabberwocky.

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