Gov. Greg Abbott is confusing many traditional conservatives with his recent decisions about managing COVID-19.

The Republican party is historically based on the premise of smaller government, less government intrusion into people’s lives and allowing businesses to make the best decisions for themselves and their employees.

Additionally, Republicans have long argued the best governmental choices are made by those closest to the people.

This summer’s actions from the governor have many conservatives scratching their heads.

Schools are struggling to determine the best way to bring students back to classrooms. And with vaccines not yet available for a significant number of younger students, many educators believe requiring masks is an appropriate way to slow or reduce the spread of coronavirus among students, faculty and administrators.

Certainly, allowing those local leaders to make those local decisions is something Republicans have consistently championed, arguing it’s Democrats who tend to govern top-down and from afar.

But as local schools, wary of the spiking cases driven by the delta variant, moved to require students and faculty to wear marks, Abbott stepped in and prohibited school districts across the state from doing so.

That action runs directly counter to traditional conservative values of local governance. It took a play right out of the Federalist playbook of a central government calling the shots for the many.

In effect, Abbott replaced Washington D.C. with Austin. By taking away local decision-making, he abandoned a foundational conservative plank.

Then some businesses moved to manage the health of their employees and customers by requiring proof of vaccination.

Those business operators can see what employing unvaccinated people will mean for their insurance costs and productivity.

Failing to successfully manage those bottom-line pressures threatens their ability to operate and make payroll.

The costs of poor productivity and loss of profits can leave companies unable to perform at levels needed to survive in their markets and ultimately kill jobs.

The governor’s heavy-handed position is in stark opposition to the traditionally light-handed attitude of conservative government toward businesses.

If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it’s individuals and businesses are resourceful and thoughtful about their decisions.

Abbott’s intervention in business management also is highly selective. Many companies require workers to wear steel-toe shoes for safety reasons. Employers can and do require hardhats, goggles, hair nets and body cameras, to name a few, and in many cases, require vaccination against a whole range of maladies.

Why is requiring workers to be vaccinated against a contagious virus that has taken more than 600,000 lives unreasonable?

The data is unquestionable — those most likely to end up in hospitals, on ventilators and dead are unvaccinated. These numbers are not even debatable. And unvaccinated people who recover often suffer life-changing disabilities. It’s called a pandemic because of the massive negative impact on populations.

Schools and workplaces are by nature hosts to collections of people; they present excellent opportunities for viruses to spread.

To force a significant number of people to endure the results of a minority making what is medically proven to be a dangerous decision is wrong.

If a school, local government or business wants to protect itself, it should have that right. Individuals can still make their own choices about being vaccinated or not. Employers can make decisions about whether to keep them on the payroll or not.

Public health and a free enterprise should not be about political posturing but rather allowing for the freedom of choice balanced with the overall good for society.

Let’s get the overreach of big government out of people’s lives and return the power to individuals and local decision makers. Texas is a proud state that bristles at big government telling it what it can and cannot do.

But, unfortunately, Abbott’s posturing seems more about political opportunity than rooted in traditional conservative principles.

• Leonard Woolsey

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;


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(68) comments

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Mr. Woolsey [thumbup]

George Croix

Gov. Abbott should reconsider. Nobody gets everything right.

Overall, a good article, but the part about political posturing over public health and free enterprise….which IS something best to not do… also best opposed no matter who does it, for whatever reasons, and whatever their political affiliation….that balance thingy…..

T.W. Day

Without question this article confirms that the Galveston Daily News is a liberal rag. That said, when local government begins to infringe on the rights of the citizen some entity must step in to stop that infringement. No one should ever be forced to have a medical procedure and no one should ever have their gainful employment taken from them because they choose not to have that medical procedure done. This is as Orwellian as it can get. To blame Governor Abbott for trying to protect the rights of the citizens who choose to not have a vaccine and say it is for the greater good is pure radical left at its best. Especially when the everything points back to those on the radical left that were involved with China in foisting this virus on the citizens to begin with. This country and the state of Texas were founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those on the radical left are so miserable with their anti-democracy philosophies that they want everyone around them to be just as miserable.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Day> You are so right! The LEFT does not understand what you and others are trying to preserve, because they are trying to destroy this country by first destroying the significance of the Constitution for the sake of political power!

Note that they don't talk about what "Taliban Joe China" is doing to this nation!!! He is selling us out, getting our young military fighters killed needlessly, making deals with the Taliban, giving them biometric printouts on Afghan Interpreters and Afghan Americans which will be used to murder them once he finally leaves Afghanistan with his tail between his legs. What kind of leader uses his own enemies who are forcing him to run, to also provide security for his soldiers? This is the quality of leadership we have sitting in the Oval Office Now! Do you hear Laughter coming out of Moscow, Tehran, or Beijing? I do! I am beginning to hear cursing coming out of NATO & the European Union too!

Oh he was intending to stick his chest out and brag, on Nine-eleven because he ended the war, but he and his incompetent crew will never do that because they have screwed everything up as usual! Somebody convinced Taliban Joe that he could be "engineered" into the Presidency without knowing how to lead!!! Now he and his Left enablers are getting people killed, because he does not have a clue as to what he is doing OR what comes next! I personally think Russia, and China, are "BLACK-MAILING" Taliban Joe, and Hunter with videos of them doing something they had no business doing on those secret trips they have been taking around the world to different places, selling America out!

T.W. Day

Spot on!! What you wrote is the absolute truth!

Ron Woody

There simply is not A SINGLE STUDY that shows masking school children makes a difference. NOT A SINGLE STUDY!

The study of one million that individuals quote, was only a study of those wearing masks and none without.

For 2020/2021 school year Florida had dozens of districts requiring masks and dozens that did not. There was no statistical difference between the distrixts of COVID cases. Couple this with the farce that all masks are created equal and it is maddening.

Now does anyone want to talk about Natural Immunity and the Israeli study of 700k showing the long lasting stability of anti bodies from natural immunity compared to the vaccine.

From virus origins, masking, social distancing, lockdowns, treatments, etc. there has been little honesty from government and media regarding COVID.

There is now evidence that government agency health officials allowed politics to dictate their decisions.

The "Big Lie" of 2020 is not the election it is "We are following the science".

Threatening individuals who posses natural immunity with their careers is totalitarianism to a degree that is untenable.

If the Daily News truly cares about people why not fight for those with Natural Immunity.

We are now learning there is not a bed shortage because of COVID, but a nurse shortage because of policies. So a nurse with Natural Immunity is now "unwashed and unclean" and unable to provide the care she provided a year ago when she was unprotected. HUH!!!

Craig Mason

Ron so when you have a surgical procedure do you want the team operating on you to have a mask on? I know most people prefer that they do.

Carlos Ponce

Craig, surgeons wear REAL masks, not what you see the majority of people wearing in stores and on the streets. Nor the classrooms.

Ron Woody

To also compare a supposedly sterile operating room to the bars, classrooms, restaurants, stores, etc. that we frequent is somewhat absurd.

I also think many of us would be surprised in today's micro surgical world how often masks are not worn for surgical procedures.

Comparing lying with an open wound in a sterile environment to walking around in daily life is farcical.

Gary Miller

Craig> Of course they do. Masks are good at protecting from bacterial infections bu near useless against viral jnfections. Several stidy's by different countries say 90 % or more of Covid dead were wearing a mask or two when infected. The other 10% may have been infected by people wearing masks.

Comment deleted.
Paula Flinn

Over and over again we are told and shown that wearing a mask works best when both people, or all people, in an inside space are wearing them properly. The pictures of sneeze particles or cough particles not going very far with masks on have been out since the beginning of the Pandemic. We, who wear masks at the grocery store, are not mask Nazis. We are normal, reasonable people who think it’s not too big of a problem to wear a mask for an hour to keep our neighbors safe. If we also keep ourselves safer by doing this, it’s a huge plus.

We reasonable people also think the vaccines are safe and recommend everyone over 12 years old get vaccinated . The misinformation about Ivermectin preventing CoVid is disturbing. Do not follow what commentators on Fox News have said. Poison Control has had to tell people that it’s dangerous to take animal worming medicine for preventing this virus that some of them recommended.

Follow the REAL doctors and the latest scientific trials and tests that have proved the vaccines are safe.

Galveston County had its worst day yesterday. 452 new cases of CoVid. Many people are getting very sick, and some of them are young children. Our hospitals are full. Our first responders are overworked and exhausted.

If you are in a car wreck, the hospitals will not have room for you. You may have to wait for hours or days to be seen. That’s how serious and widespread this virus is with people filling up our available hospital beds. ICU beds are scarce all over the country.

Your individual freedom to ignore the REAL doctors and science, to get this virus and perhaps die is your choice. The after-effects of this virus, if you don’t die, may be organ damage and chronic fatigue. But it’s your life, and your children’s lives, your choice. Your freedom to choose.

Mary Gillespie

Leonard, you've got this one wrong. Abbot is adhering to conservative principles by ensuring that every Texan can decide for themselves whether to wear a mask.

Anyone can wear a mask - any day, any where.

You clearly don't understand conservatism nor freedom.

Carlos Ponce

[thumbup] Mary Gillespie!

Craig Mason

Mary are you suggesting that I should be able to sit next to you at a restaurant or movie theatre and fire up a cigar? Should I be able to decide whether or not to wear a seatbelt or buckle my child into a car seat? Should I be able run a restaurant and not follow health department guidelines? All public health protections that are mandated. Your comment is nonsense.

Carlos Ponce

Bad analogy, Craig. No one I know eats with a mask on. The restaurants I frequent do not require masks.

Only a pompous a** would insist on a stranger wearing a mask between bites.

Last year I sat in the press box without a mask while eating popcorn and drinking Diet Coke. The only ones who kept a mask on during the entire game were the GCDN sports writers. The announcer and visiting reporters had masks but did not wear them.

In the 1980s I was with some students who wanted to see a Monty Python movie in New York City. That's when the marijuana smoking began. We positioned ourselves near a proper air conditioner vent and enjoyed the movie without the bothersome weed smell.

Considering the cost and low quality of today's film production, I do not go to movie theaters. I did see "Coco" in a nearly empty theater at the Dollar Cinema in Webster. No smokers attended.

Mary Gillespie

I spent many years in Britain when smoking was permitted in pubs. Those who didn't like it could dine outdoors or pick a smoke-free establishment. That's freedom.

Gary Miller

When I was in the UK I noticed smokers didn't chose smoke free pubs. Thats also freedom. Freedom by the pubs and by their customers.

Gary Scoggin

Having been in many UK pubs - which now are all smoke free by the way - there still seems to be many patrons.

Bailey Jones

Mary, if the primary reason for wearing a mask was to protect oneself your argument about personal freedom would have some merit. But the primary reason for wearing a mask is to protect others. It only takes one unmasked kid in a classroom to infect everyone. When did irresponsible behavior that endangers the lives of others become a point of conservative pride?

Perhaps you and the others here would like to make all vaccinations optional? Is keeping your sick kid at home a matter of personal freedom or personal responsibility?

These personal freedom arguments are nothing but a means to justify irresponsible behavior. Our kids deserve to be kept safe - and the safest they can be is with everyone in the classroom wearing a mask and with everyone who can be vaccinated. It's time for our good "conservative" citizens to step up and become "responsible" citizens.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey is telling us masks do not work since " It only takes one unmasked kid in a classroom to infect everyone."

Bailey Jones

Carlos is telling us how little he understands about mathematical probabilities. We are not surprised by this latest display of ignorance. We hope he will show us more. Because we are amused.

Carlos Ponce

Hawaii - Mask mandates for over a year.

Hawaii - high infection rate.

Explain that, Bailey.

Cary Semar

Carlos, you have chosen a hell of a hill to die on.

Carlos Ponce

To die on the hill of truth would be a great adventure

Craig Mason

Yes Bailey just like the reason for restaurants following health guidelines is to protect the patrons. The reason folks can’t smoke in a public building is to protect others from second hand smoke. This whole generation from the Boomers to the millennials is so self absorbed. I am so glad this me, me, me wasn’t the prevailing attitude during WW2 or we would all be speaking German right now.

Mary Gillespie

Bailey, I am a teacher and saw for myself last year that masks interfere with instruction and emotional development. Children are highly unlikely to suffer severe consequences from Covid - in fact, they were more likely to have issues with flu. Families must be allowed to balance ALL of their children's needs. Covid is only one small part of a child's health needs.

Bailey Jones

Mary, no one likes wearing a mask - especially one that's effective. If your kids learn nothing else this year than the importance of personal responsibility and the need to contribute toward a society that protects everyone, I'd say that's a win.

BTW, masks also reduce the spread of the flu. It's a win-win.

Paula Flinn

“Children are highly unlikely to suffer severe consequences from CoVid - in fact, they were more likely to have issues with the flu.”

There are plenty of children in hospitals with the Delta variant which is more contagious and more severe than the original virus. So, we are unable to predict how many children will die or have severe or mild organ damage from CoVid and the serious Delta Variant. Masks should be properly worn by all students, all teachers, and all staff in schools.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Were the other kids in the class room wearing masks? Are masks so useless that one unmasked kid could infect them all.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Gillespie> [thumbup][thumbup]

Comment deleted.
Carlos Ponce

Paula, if masks work, the why does a state like HAWAII which has had mask mandates FOR OVER A YEAR have a high rate of infection?

Bailey Jones

Abbott wasn't elected to promote traditional conservative values. He was elected to pander to those people who follow right-wing media entertainers and provocateurs. This isn't about political philosophy, it's about ratings. It's only confusing if you believe otherwise.

Gary Miller

Is Bailey confused?

Ted Gillis

With all of these free to choose folks out here claiming it is the individual's right to choose, then the next time I go vote I should be able choose whether to show an ID or not. If you want to show your ID, then you are free to do so, just don't make me do it also. I may not trust the individual looking at my ID. They may use that information against me.

So you know, if I choose to believe in a conspiracy theory, I should have the ability to protect myself from such individuals that I do not trust, without giving up my right to vote.

Carlos Ponce

"choose whether to show an ID or not" Try it, big guy! See how far you get.

By the way, no masks required for voting.[beam]

Carlos Ponce

By the way, Ted, showing an ID or equivalent is a STATUTORY LAW. Can you find a STATUTORY LAW that mandates masks?

David Hardee

Confusing is the key word when editorializing about the CHINA virus.


- did it jump from an animal or imamate from a lab - but it is not confusing it started in China and was secreted.

- did Faucci give differing directions and omit his involvement in funding the lab.

- do many of those state officials call for masks and then do not adhere themselves.

- does the population have a single consistent source of direction from the voice of the medical experts.

- what does it say about the population when the pandering with a $100.00 is the stimulus that makes the vaccination rate accelerate.

Cherry picking and hypothesizing by an editorial, on this China virus fiasco, to criticize Gov. Abbott is unfair.

Jack Cross

The Publisher must be drunk from AP press, It is government, not republicans behind all these mandate's. The argument is about parents rights, They have no say so. They say follow the science, well the science says kids don't get sick or die from COVID, but they do from the Flue. Could go on and on.

This virus is being uses as a political tool. People are fighting back. Its not about republicans its about freedom and personal rights, The publisher is twisting it to mean something else.


Bailey Jones

The Flue is very dangerous, Jack, that's why we don't let kids be chimney sweeps anymore.

I do agree with you on one point - the virus is being used as a political tool. It's been co-opted by right-wing anti-government types who equate trivial public health measures with government tyranny. Whatever your opinion about "big government", equating common-sense public health measures with "big government" is simply wrong. Protecting the health of residents - whether it's by chlorinating water, picking up garbage, or requiring rabies vaccinations - is the MINIMUM we respect from our representatives, not an abuse of their offices.

I also agree that this is an argument is about parents' rights. No parent has the right to endanger your child. Period.

Jack Cross

Good one Bailey, I give you one up on the chimney sweeps. But still the flu does kill kids and no mask there. You keep your president, I'll take Trump. Kamila about to ride in, Good luck

David Hardee

What has a child labor law - that was enacted to prevent employing "No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or employed in any hazardous employment." - have to do with this china virus - except as a diversion from the editorial about CONFUSION being itself an exercise of confusion and a tool for attacking Gov. Abbott.

Bailey, the essence of UN-CONSTITUTIONAL is the federal government being able to have ANY effect on the individual citizen. That was the primary fear of the founders and the essence of all the construction of a bottom up democracy and a republic of state - local control - with the electoral college and the segment of federal power split between 3 equal branches - in effort to prevent "big government".

Common sense is the right of the parents.

You use the term "our representatives" to loosely. A U.S. congressman is not the representative of individual, group, etc. - he is the district representative - the senator represents the State - the individual represents itself with a vote.

What I stated above is the "Original Intent ,"

We "society in general" have surrendered common sense to PUBLIC SERVANTS and now the individual is the servant. Baily you said, "whatever your opinion about "big government", equating common-sense public health measures with "big government" is simply wrong". , and I agree. But then you say "I also agree that this is an argument is about parents' rights. No parent has the right to endanger your child. Period. - which is confusing. Common sense is that no parent would intentionally endanger their or anyone's child, correct?

Bailey Jones

It's a joke, David. No, I didn't read the rest of your comment.

Charles Douglas

Somebody said something on the news awhile ago I agree with 150%. This individual said that is a chance China, is blackmailing Joe China to make all the stupid, deadly decisions he is, and has been making! I agree!

I think Russia could be doing the same. These countries are preparing their military to take over the world and.Joe Taliban, Milley, and Loyd Austin are tearing our military apart with division, on race, CRT, and other racial BS!

AN Irish potatoe would not make the mistakes Joe Biden has made,....getting young American military personnel KILLED in the doing! I don't believe they killed a ISIS planner!! That is BS they made up to take the heat off of Taliban Joe for being stupid! A sorry sight you would never want to see when Peter Doocy, a fox field reporter asked Joe if he accepted responsibility for 13 Marines being slaughtered, JOE paused quietly like he wanted to drop through the floor, with his head bowed ...chin on top of his cupped hands,...with elbows based on the podium! He stayed like that for a.few moments, like a whipped canine! This man cannot answer questions on his own, and they ( The Left; Big Tech & SWAMP) wants others to believe this shell of a man can run this nation and the free world? Everybody is laughing, even the Taliban who protects Joe's military!!!! I want to make this.clear, there are plenty enablers who are responsible for what the world is observing tonight, and all the blood and heartache, and devastated lives ruined because of this brain dead idiot!

Gary Scoggin

Peter Doocy is Exhibit A of Fox nepotism at work. Which, by the way, is the Trump business model.

Carlos Ponce

Peter Doocy is a good journalist.

Charles Douglas

Another thing! If minorities are so oppressed in America, why are we not running along side of planes at the nearest airports trying to get the [censored] out of this nation for Cuba, China, or Venezuela? Many liars, and many lies are coming into the clear, and are being exposed now concerning Joe Taliban, and his rise to the Oval Office, because NO LIE lives forever!!!! Thank God for that!

George Laiacona

It would appear that the Governor think he should carry on with the Trump style of Republicanism. This is not surprising, the attention Trump received carried the TV celebrity to the White House for one upsetting term for the typical Republicans party. The Governor must think that this style of leadership will catapult him to the Washington White House as well.

Bailey Jones

The surest way to lose his next election is to publically oppose Trump, either in word or deed. The surest way to win is to hitch his four-wheeler to Trump's back end.

Carlos Ponce

"It would appear that the Governor think he should carry on with the Trump style of Republicanism."

Looks like George Laiacona does not truly understand what carried Trump to the Presidency. The path Abbott has taken is not the same nor will it get him there..

Ted Gillis

There is no such thing as the China Virus, so your post is irrelevant.

Carlos Ponce

Nonsense, Ted. The Chinese virus is a term used by mainstream media (CNN, CBS, ABC, etc) to designate a virus with origins in China.

David Hardee

Okay, Ted. Just where do you believe the virus originated. In case it escaped your knowing - Most evidence and experts points to China,.


Charles Douglas

Joe Taliban needs to resign! Mr. Patatoe Head would have had enough sense not to sell out to the Al Queda, ISIS, & The Taliban!

Gary Scoggin

This whole debate about what you call the China/Wuhan/whatever virus is kind of silly. It's grounded in partisanship and serves to polarize debate rather than facilitate it. I intend to keep calling it COVID or COVID-19 because that's the most common appellation, everyone knows what it means and it's easier than saying the official name which is “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)”.

Carlos Ponce

So Gary Scoggins is telling us CNN, CBS, ABC, etc were being partisan when they designated it as the Chinese Virus. So since these are Leftist news sources, it must be Leftist.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos Ponces - your ability for juvenile silliness knows no bounds.

Carlos Ponce

So Gary Scoggin is telling us CNN, CBS, ABC, etc were being partisan when they designated it as the Chinese Virus. So since these are Leftist news sources, it must be Leftist.

or do you prefer

So Gary Scoggin's telling us CNN, CBS, ABC, etc were being partisan when they designated it as the Chinese Virus. So since these are Leftist news sources, it must be Leftist.

No silliness intended.

Gary Scoggin

Maybe no silliness intended but, yet, it's still there. And any time Carlos writes, "So is telling us...." you can be assured that a silly take on things will follow.

Charles Douglas

It is just so amazing that not one sorry military General or leader would resign before they stabbed 13 precious American Military Souls in the back, causing their deaths! I wonder if they ( The 13 )..had their "CRT" training? Was that why JOE China met them, make sure? Look how far honesty, integrity, and moral values have taken a dive in this nation!

People will lie if you look at them hard! Tell a lie when there is nothing to lose or nothing to gain,...JUST LIE! Now that Joe Taliban has made a monkey's butt of himself and his enablers, he wants to fix his mouth to blame Trump every chance he get! He wants a free ride, something for nothing! My, My he is acting like some of the people he labasted back in the seventies, and eighties! Naw! All this is on you Joe China! You asked for it, and you got It! Did you really have to give your partners, The Teliban & ISIS 100 billion worth of the most sophisticated American weapons, and war equipment the world has ever known? You did not know any better right? OH was that Trump's fault too?

Chris DeVries

"Two weeks to stop the spread". Right.

Charles Douglas

Tonight, many Americans are hunkering down in their hiding places in Afghanistan ....LEFT BEHIND Taliban Joe and his cowards! I never thought I'd see the day when a so called US President would surrender to the will of Terroists ...and run away from a needed battle to free Americans who were essentially LEFT in harm's way by an inexperienced traitor who is more interested in political points rather than the welfare of his people!

Joe Biden is a fraud, ..a hoax, played on America by power hungry RADICALS who are responsible for thirteen Americans killed in Afghanistan! Just a little while ago, they were demanding these military people be trained in "CRT"....because they were viewed as possible enemies to the state, and racial harmony in this nation! General Milley and Ex General Austin were busy with this assumption and this WOKE SICK PROJECT!

Now we have turned-tail and deserted Afghanistan with Americans left to the whims OF ISIS, and the Teliban, and we have powerful people in DC LYING LEFT & right about how many they left behind! I wonder how any man or woman would feel to be in a position to be left behind in the power of the enemy. I think about Beautiful Kayla Mueller a humanitarian from Arizona, who was left behind to be a SEX SLAVE of Abu Al Baghddadi head of ISIS, until she finally took her own life, or they murdered her!

I think about Bowe Bergdahl the traitor, who willingly threw down his weapons and walked away to join the Taliban, and unlike Obama & Biden did with Kayla Mueller, they decided to negotiate with the Terroists to get Bergdahl back! I think about one of my ex CO(s) ...who walked miles at night packing the body of a black comrade, hit by a Viet Cong Sniper, trying to get him back to friendly lines near Plaiku & and Cambodia during the 1968 TeT Offensive! First Lieutenant Bareby refused to leave his friend's body behind to be mutilated or for propaganda purposes! He put his own life in jeopardy by navigating at night and hiding from the Viet Cong in the day make that happen! Bareby was a WHITE man who helped me find my way! I will never forget the unselfish act he did back then! I drew strength from what he did back when I had to stand my ground in Vietnam, in the South, and on certain jobs I worked after coming home, where racism ran rampant! Americans are a great people, and America the greatest country on the face of the planet! Both are worth fighting for!!!!!!

Ted Gillis

The paper mask that I wear daily at work is called a surgical mask. These masks are handed out to all employees, and visitors as they enter any building in the Texas Medical Center, (which UTMB is a part of I might add). It is the same mask that surgeons wear in the OR when they are performing surgery……hence the name “surgical mask”. These mask are inexpensive, plentiful, disposable and sold just about everywhere. I see hundreds of people wearing these masks daily, (even children).

And no David, I did not read the rest of your post either.

Mason Schraufnagel

Nobody is suggesting you can't wear a mask... or a HAZMAT suit and respirator, if you so choose. Forcing others, especially those with natural immunity or vaccinated is anti-science and tyrannical.

Mason Schraufnagel

Congratulations to Texas for getting the Heartbeat Bill passed. This will actually protect and save the lives of children. This is a great thing.

Mason Schraufnagel

Back to the original premise of the article - Recent polling suggests that Conservatives aren't confused at all and have only hardened in their stance against abusive mandates. Furthermore, the same polling suggests that those confused are actually independents and Democrat voters, who now regret their voting decisions in 2020 resulting in sinking job approval numbers for the current Administration.

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