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Bailey Jones

Yep. A lot of people will die and a lot of people will lose their livelihoods. The question is, how much of each? And the answer is, no one knows. All we can ask for is people of good will to do the best they can.

Chuck DiFalco

Bailey Jones, this is the same kind of false dichotomy that Mr. Smith just got done writing about. You trivialize the current economic disaster, which has the potential of getting much worse, as bad as the Great Depression. Also, the lockdown benefits versus risks are asymmetric. This pandemic has a 100% chance of happening because it’s already happening. The chance of a near future economic depression, the reality of which we won’t know for certain for many months, is unknown but non-trivial. Depressions not only cause widespread poverty and death, but also typically lead to mass killings, such as the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, and World War 2. An uncontrolled virus can kill many. Global conflict can kill ten or hundred times as many people.

Ray Taft

What we should ask for is a return to our God-given rights.

Life in America today is a sneak peek of life in Cuba or Venezuela. Socialist Democrats love it, and it would stay this way if they have their say. God knows do-nothing Democrat Speaker Nancy ‘31-flavor ice-cream lady’ Pelosi tried to keep Americas’ pain going.

This is the future Dems plan for us. The current economic catastrophe is exactly what America will permanently look like if Democrats are in control.

Here are some of the benefits of the Democrats’ socialism:

Being told the business you spent your life building is nonessential and being forced to close; being stuck at home and not allowed to hold a job; having only the money your benevolent government decides you need; waiting in long supermarket lines only to see empty shelves; being told where you're allowed to go; not being allowed to go to church; and having all your movements monitored and recorded.

Welcome to the Democrats’ test drive of a socialist Democrat-controlled America.

jimmy winston

Ray, with all due respect, this might be the most insane thing I have ever seen you post. You do know that the GOP holds the power in the executive, Senate, and Judicial right? Your Texas governor is Republican, chances are, your state representatives are republican, your Mayor is most likely republican etc. These rules that are established were done so at the state and local level by REPUBLICANS. Not everything negative done in the world was done so by the Demcrats. I think you give them way too much credit, seeing as the only nominee they could manage to get was sleepy Joe.

Chuck DiFalco

Thank you, Mr. Smith. This is the best editorial I've read so far about state and local government policy decision making during this coronavirus crisis.

Charlotte O'rourke

I agree Chuck. The editorial was well reasoned and thought out.

Let’s hope the governor’s plan is as well and leaves local leaders the power to adjust as needed.

Wayne D Holt

This level of commentary and thoughtful analysis has been rare throughout the Covid-19 episode. It recognizes ALL the interlocking dynamics that in sum contribute to overall public health--while acknowledging our hard-won rights--and it does it in a way that is frank but fair.

None of us who have been so vocal on the dissenting side--Chuck, Ron, myself and others--did so for any other reason than to illuminate the principles that Michael Smith has articulated so well in his commentary.

I also think it's important to recognize those like Ms. O'Rourke, who has served a valuable public service by dissenting from us dissenters using reasoning, her personal experience and compassion. While we definitely have disagreed on the underlying narrative, it is precisely this kind of public exchange that makes the contrast between positions clear so that others who are interested may, in turn, come to their own conclusions and thus influence public policy.

This column is one I would proudly point to as an example of what freedom of the press was supposed to be about. I dearly wish we could read something approaching this honesty in the New York Times or Washington Post.

Charlotte O'rourke

I agree that it is nice to have a civil discourse. People can agree on many items and disagree on only a few, but those few can create tremendous polarizing issues.

Lives are important and when someone tells you that 60,000 to 100,000 lives will be lost over several months if you don’t stall the rise of the trajectory by social distancing and allow time for testing and the healthcare system to prepare.

I believe anyone would call for social distancing and time to prepare.

People expect government to protect the public whether its a hurricane or a pandemic.

No one that I know wants an economic depression or recession.... but they do want testing to be adequate as workers are reintroduced into the workforce and citizens return to activities. In other words a reasonable plan.

Otherwise those death numbers are going to increase again and impact the economy anyway.

Every person that succumbs to this unexpected virus is special, has family, and deserves our very best efforts.

Michael Smith is an exceptional writer, and we are lucky to have him and the GDN.

Charlotte O'rourke

As a footnote: the Georgia Plan is not a responsible reasonable plan and is too early opening while the death toll is still rising. I hope our governor and city does much better.

Ray Taft

At least Texas isn’t following Socialist Democrat NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan. AOC told Americans not to return to work. And AOC, the titular head of the Democrat Party, celebrated the crashing of the oil industry that is so important to the Texas economy.

Ray Taft

The ‘Cure’ of remaining shutdown can’t be worse than the problem itself. And it is. And that’s what do-nothing Democrats desperately want. Hate-filled Democrats would rather see Americans suffer than President Trump succeed.

Everyone needs to be careful, be safe and use common sense so Texans can get back to work. And don’t pay attention to the do-nothing Democrats and their Mainstream Media partners.

Democrats and the MSM are scamming America. They dwell in an alternate reality where things are not as they are, but are as they say they are. They lie and refuse to report the facts. The MSM is hostile and refuses to report the truth or facts accurately. The American people get nothing but Fake News.

Terri Abraham

Not everything is about Donald Trump. A lot of people concerned about how and when to open businesses don't want to bring him down, or keep him up. They have concerns about loved ones getting sick or die ing.

Ray Taft

Everything the Democrats, and their comrades in the MSM do or say is about President Trump. Their focus is all about taking down Trump.

No lie is too big, no loss to Americans matters as long as they get Trump.

Bailey Jones

Terri - clearly you don't see the world from Trump's point of view, like Ray does.

Ray Taft

Wrong. I don’t see the world from the socialist Dems, CNN & MSNBC’s point of view.

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