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Carlos Ponce

"But we didn’t expect the dogs to still be howling three days after the election." You didn't...... but everyone else did, Margaret!

Bailey Jones

Americans are much more alike than not. Our political parties and their media surrogates amplify those differences. Democrats can never be Republicans, and conservatives can never be liberals. But what we can do is set aside the labels and talk about policies. There is a lot of agreement there. We all want to take care of our veterans. There is overwhelming support for things like pre-existing condition coverage, expanding our manufacturing base, rebuilding the last century's infrastructure, and building the infrastructure for the new century. We have a pandemic to end and a recession to ameliorate. We need to soothe the wounds caused by social injustice in our institutions. This is where the debate needs to be - as Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "Great minds discuss ideas."

Dan Freeman


Lisa Gray

You are so correct Bailey. We do want mostly the same things. The trust levels between the parties are in the toilet though and I don't know how we can do it. The rhetoric from some on the Left has left a permanent bad taste in my mouth as I am sure Democrats are offended by what is said by the Right. It is sad, but I think you are right, we have more in common as people than not. We need divine intervention here.

Charlotte O'rourke


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