Voters deserve better options on the ballot, but if the past two election cycles in Texas have taught us anything, partisan politicians will do all they can to keep candidates off the ballot if they don’t conform to a party ideology.

That’s why it was hardly surprising to hear that Texas Republicans recently were trying to expel Libertarians from the ballot.


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Bailey Jones

And I'm sure that defeated attempt to stifle political competition has nothing to do with the Texas Republican Party's plan to eliminate the popular vote for all state wide offices - Senators, Governor, Lt. Governor, AG, etc., including Supreme Court Justices. These state wide offices are the only races that can't be currently be controlled through gerrymandered redistricting. This would effectively make Texas a red state in perpetuity, even with a blue majority.

(Paragraph 34: State Electoral College: The State Legislature shall cause to be enacted a State Constitutional Amendment creating an electoral college consisting of electors selected by the popular votes cast within each individual state senatorial district, who shall then elect all statewide office holders.

Paragraph 19-d: We support restoring state sovereignty with the repeal of the 17th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the appointment of United States Senators by the state legislatures.)

Kudos to the court for checking the balances of both parties.

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Mr. Jones

George Croix

I’m happy that the Texas Supreme Court understands we live in a Constitutional Republic.

Somebody should tell the elected President……

Anyway, there’s no law against wasting a vote, like ordering a T-bone at Baskin Robbins…

Ed Buckner

Mr. Croix is spot on in his first sentence, even if incoherent in his second.

George Croix


Gary Scoggin

We’ve discussed this before and I still maintain that the only wasted votes are those not cast. My vote has to earned. And many times neither major party candidate has done so. In these cases I often look to the Libertarian candidates. Like I did with Gary Johnson in 2016.

George Croix

Fair enough.

Wrong, imho, but fair enough....


Of course, if the only goal is to send a message, then voting for someone who cannot win does that. Agreed.

If the goal is to have some, however small, say over who's going to be running things for a few years, then voting for anyone, OR against anyone, who has zero chance to be the winner is an utter waste of time...imho yet again. You totally abdicate any chance to influence your future for the duration of that term of office.

ONE person will win. usually it's an R or a D. Sometimes an I ...

To me, if I simply cannot force myself to vote for one of them as I think they all suck, I vote AGAINST the one that I dislike most, by voting for the other one...even if holding nose....

At least, then, I helped the candidate I found least repulsive, knowing that ONE would win, by making the other guy get a vote to counter's small, but it's better than helping the one you T-Totally despise most by NOT making him counter your vote...

All imho as always....

It's a good idea to make people earn our vote.

But SOMEBODY will win, and at least it feels better to have hindered your worst choice a little if the guy wins....exactly, for I have done EVERY presidential election since Reagan.....

unhappy chuckle....

The last choice was between mean tweets vs a mean twit....

Ed Buckner

I agree with every word Mr. Croix wrote, except his last sentence.

Ed Buckner

In 2016, I was quite unhappy with the choices. NOT a HRC fan at all, but thought--and I think I was proven right--that DJT would be a horrible prez. Gary Johnson might indeed have been better than either HRC or DJT but he literally had no chance. If you saw any difference between the R & D and voted for Johnson, you were unintentionally helping the one you think worst. We have an electoral college with a winner-take-all by state (NE and ME partially excepted). I'd like to change that, but in the meantime (and constitutional amendments are close to impossible), voting for the least bad is the only reasonable choice. (If one lives in overwhelmingly D or R states, symbolic votes *might* be justified.)

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