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Carlos Ponce

"Middle of the Road" aka "fence sitters". Don't try standing in the middle of a road.... you'll get run over. Don't try sitting on a fence. You'll wind up with a fence post up your.....

True Texans are decisive, not wishy-washy, namby-pamby. Middle of the roaders make decisions neither side likes.

Let the debate begin.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> Lolo that is correct. If not then it ought to be! [thumbup][thumbup]

C. Patterson

“GOP VOTERS” don’t like squishy Republicans. Paxton has sued the Biden administration 12 times and won each time. He’s sued the Biden administration more than any other AG in the country and this Republican is good with that!

Charles Douglas

C. Patterson> That is why they dusted off a Rhino, to go after him! [thumbup] [wink]

Ralph Mcmorris

Ranked choice voting would give the majority of this country a real choice, instead of who can win the primary race to the extreme. Until we wake up, we will be led by the extremists, and never come together.

Ed Buckner

Mr. McMorris, many--including some here on the forum--would consider me one of those extremists (I'm almost certainly more of a leftie than most in Texas or in GA, where I live). But I'd strongly agree with you that ranked choice voting would both create more of a political space for moderates/centrists AND that it would be a great improvement. Other reforms--like a better electoral college system, etc.--are also needed, but RCV would really help. It would give us a chance to be more united, it would be decidedly more democratic, and it would indeed dampen the extremism at all ends of the spectra.

Ed Buckner

RCV is of course not a guarantee that a great leader would be chosen--just a process that would, in some important ways, improves the odds. Extremists would generally oppose RCV but only because they tend to be uninterested in complexity and nuance.

Carlos Ponce

Ralph Mcmorris, ranked choice voting gave Los Angeles County George Gascón - a pitiful excuse for a District Attorney.

Cheryl Sawyer

Maybe some folks were just so shocked and grieving over the Uvalde shooting that they just didnt go vote. Maybe some folks are so sick of far right and far left dogma and bantering they thought their vote didnt really count for much. Maybe some have simply given up because the only rights that matter in this country are the rights funded by lobbyists.

Carlos Ponce

"Maybe some folks were just so shocked and grieving over the Uvalde shooting that they just didnt go vote. "

The last vote was on Saturday May 7, 2022.

The Uvalde shooting occurred on Tuesday May 24, 2022.

Can you please explain your sentence, Cheryl?

Ted Gillis

Cheryl, you do not have to explain anything to Carlos. He thinks he is the self appointed moderator of this forum. Feel free to ignore him. You are also free to post any comment that you like without fear of bullying from other posters, no matter how privileged they think they are.

Carlos Ponce


Ralph Mcmorris

Carlos, so our current system is perfect?

Carlos Ponce

Not perfect, because we have a senile old man sitting in the White House or in his "pretend" White House.

Ralph Mcmorris

Thanks, Ed, for your support of RCV. Now how do we give it a chance?

Ed Buckner

Ralph McMorris, I wish I knew. I'd be more likely to support a candidate for pretty much any office if s/he announced support for RCV--but few if any seem interested.

Charlotte O'rourke

As a middle of the road kind of person and NOT an extremist, I am not usually called wishy washy but to each his own.

The problem with Paxton is that he has been indicted for securities fraud and has not had a trial. Guilty or not guilty I don’t know, but 7 years is a long time to wait for justice whatever that finally entails.

Texans lose ….. if only extreme extremists and party hacks at any cost can be elected.

It should be …. Ideas and integrity over party.

Noel Spencer

Ranked choice voting would be an improvement. There is no room for moderates any more. This may give us moderates a chance with a 3rd party.

George Croix

I echo that sentiment, Charlotte, but those days are over.

Now, it's Government by Gotcha.

Politics is the modern version of tribalism.

"Journalism" is mostly a picking and promoting of winners and losers.

At this point, I've lowered all expectations and am mostly just hoping for no Civil War 2.....

Charlotte O'rourke

It’s pretty depressing. My expectations are still high. Unfortunately these expectations aren’t being met, and deliberate lying and misinformation - without consequences - seems to be the new norm.

George Croix


There’s no political monopoly on the reason why someone spends a few million bucks to get a 200 grand a year job…

I’ve got a few election years left…I think…At least once I’d like to vote FOR a candidate rather than voting against one and taking my guess for lesser of two, uh, challenged, sources….

George Croix

Interesting article on RCV in the WSJ by a Harvard professor:


Charlotte O'rourke

Two excellent series on TV:

1). Teddy Roosevelt on the History Channel

2). Watergate on CNN

In today’s political environment, I don’t think Watergate would make even a ripple. The investigative reporter seems to be almost extinct, most everyone in the political arena tells tall tales, and integrity seems to be out the window with the notion the ends justify the means.

Anyway, two very good programs to catch if you like history and have extra time.

Gary Scoggin


What happened on January 6th is far worse than Watergate and today’s MAGAs are bending over backwards to cover it up. So, you are correct, today, Watergate wouldn’t make a ripple.

Carlos Ponce

"What happened on January 6th is far worse than Watergate.."

True, but it's the Liberal actions aided by FBI upper echelons that makes it worse. The Liberal media hype concerning the handful of President Trump supporters who did bad is just a RED HERRING.

Ed Buckner

Anyone actually interested in both history and facts would do well to watch the series CNN is running on "Watergate:Blueprint for a Scandal" *and* the cable outlet pic "Gaslit" *and* the hearings starting Thursday evening. My guess is that even people completely convinced of The Big Lie will have a hard time watching those hearings and retaining confidence in former President Trump. (I'm not saying that no one can stay deluded--I know some people have their minds slammed shut and locked.)

Charlotte O'rourke

Gary, I agree January 6, 2022 was a very bad sign for democracy. The coverups, rewriting of events, and failures to act responsibly after the fact are disheartening. The only way you get by with bad behavior is if the press, elected representatives, and the voters let you continue the bad behavior.

Charlotte O'rourke

Typo on year.

George Croix

Hey, Gary…

Been lifting weights?

A ‘MAGA’ brush that broad must weigh, what 300, 400 pounds…?


Joe Biden became my President the moment the swearing in ended.

The swearing in occurred because when the dust stalled more votes were counted for him than for Pres.Trump, and the Electors did their job accordingly.

Done deal…

I, personally, think Trump would have STILL gotten fewer votes than Joe even IF there had been no COVID and thus no subsequent widespread ‘adjusting’ voting rules and ignoring legislated law to do so. That done by people who exercised authority they claimed for themselves, but did not legally have, never wasting a crisis…it simply cannot be honestly denied that changing the rules without duly legislated authority is itself illegal.

Nor can it be denied that in 2016, with NO pandemic to “justify” essentially rules free voting in so many places, the loser(s) of that did, and to this day do, call that election illegitimate.

Trump lost this one. He did not win. Per the counted votes. Cast for 2020.

But the big lie is, to me, that the voting was not tampered with, when it was, to date, unique in our history by virtue of changing the rules for voting “last minute”

What is the Bigger Big Lie..that Trump really won, or that the election was all legal and above board?

As always, accusing others of what one does him/herself is common….

I, personally, was very happy with the Trump policies/results but beat to death by the constant drama, that over and above the phony Russia collusion hoax…

I thought, now prophetically, Biden was an incompetent buffoon, his choice for VP even worse, and had to vote against that act vs for Trump…

Now, we’re already getting feelers about “Monkey Pox”….grin…and Rep. Steve Cohen, the bucket of chicken guy, has been on the toob warning of ‘violence’ around the midterms…..

One can only imagine what that might be, considering this same guy supported the ‘peaceful protesting’…

I don’t own a MAGA cap, but can’t fault anyone for preferring it to one emblazoned with Wreck America Swiftly Terrify Everyone


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