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Bailey Jones

I would add - the ghosts of Galveston - whether they be the ethereal kind, or the more corporeal, like the skylight in the library, hidden for decades behind ceiling tiles, just waiting for someone to appreciate it.

Raymond Lewis

Or bicycle rides during a crisp spring morning around downtown and the east end neighborhoods as the flowers begin to bloom.

I suspect most of us take for granted at least a hundred simple things (different for sure) we enjoy about living on the island.

Charlotte O'rourke

The best thing about Galveston - the people. The people that stayed and the ones that have moved away.

Every single place brings memories of family and friends, time, and events.

First beach memory at Stewart and East beaches and of kids and grandkids playing in the sand castles. Riding go-carts with friends.

Seeing friends out and about that you haven’t seen in ages, and getting a big hug.

Witnessing the numerous changes and new attractions like Moody Gardens and Pleasure Pier that brings back memories of Sea Arama, the Flagship and Fort Crockett and the motorcycle jumps.

Port workers and their families with policemen and firemen living here and working extra jobs at the port. I always felt safer with these families in the neighborhood.

Remembering the past by keeping historical places like the Opera house, Galvez and Rosenberg library viable- places to be proud of. Mourning the loss of the Balinese and remembering events there. Remembering the movies at the Martini. Creating new memories by taking the grandkids to the Nutcracker and other downtown events like grandkids festival. Wishing Eibands was still here, but loving the design of apartments created anyway.

Galveston - I love it. It’s all about the people, and the memories of a culturally diverse city with residents that most of the time exemplify southern hospitality and welcoming spirts - past and present.

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