In all the alarming reports in the past few days about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, the key takeaway is they’re working and continue to provide strong protection against serious disease and death.

Reports of so-called breakthrough cases and revelations of an internal U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presentation indicating vaccinated people might be able to spread the virus as easily as people who aren’t vaccinated threaten to erode confidence in inoculations.

But the vaccines are working well and doing what they’re meant to do, said Dr. Philip Keiser, Galveston County’s local health authority.

As of last week, about 270 breakthrough cases had been confirmed among more than 170,000 fully vaccinated people in Galveston County, Keiser said. That means about 0.16 percent of vaccinated people in the county have reported contracting the virus.

When vaccinated people do get infected, they usually have mild symptoms because of the added protection provided by the vaccines, he said.

“From a numbers point of view, the vaccine is holding up,” Keiser said. “It’s disturbing when we see how rapidly delta is spreading, and we are seeing breakthroughs increase. But we’re not seeing hospitalizations in terms of breakthroughs. From the epidemiological data, there’s nothing there to say, ‘We need to act on this.’”

People at highest risk of infection are those who have neither been vaccinated nor already caught the virus, Keiser said. An unvaccinated person with no natural immunity is about 70 times more likely to get sick than a vaccinated person, he said. People depending on natural immunity from an infection are about five times more likely to get infected than a vaccinated person, he said.

Some anti-vaxxers and on-the-fencers consider reports of breakthrough infections as a sign vaccines are failing. But health experts see it as proof of how the unvaccinated are endangering their inoculated neighbors, according to a July 29 report by PBS NewsHour.

The number of breakthrough cases we’re seeing actually suggests the vaccines “are still working great,” but too much is being asked of them, Dr. Drew Weissman, who spent nearly two decades conducting research that led to the development of the mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna to stop the coronavirus, told NewsHour.

With only about half of the nation’s population — 163.3 million people — fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the vaccine’s advantages begin to erode, Weissman, a physician and infectious disease expert at the University of Pennsylvania, told News-Hour.

“You can’t control a pandemic when 30 percent or even half the people are immunized,” he said.

That’s already becoming painfully obvious as hospitals, including those at the University of Texas Medical Branch, are feeling the strain of an under- immunized population.

The medical branch last week said it had reached its full capacity because of the recent surge in COVID cases, and its chief medical officer is more concerned about the virus now than in the early days of the pandemic, he said.

“I am more worried now than I was 18 months ago,” Dr. Gulshan Sharma said.

Infected patients are younger and mostly unvaccinated, medical branch CEO Tim Harlin said Friday.

As of July 30, the medical branch was treating 113 COVID-positive patients across six hospitals and four campuses, Harlin said. Twenty were on ventilators. Of the admitted patients, 5 percent were breakthrough cases, or people who were fully vaccinated but still became sick with COVID. All the patients tested positive for the delta variant, officials said. Since June 1, none of the deaths at the medical branch have been fully vaccinated people. But countywide, four vaccinated people have died, said Ashley Tompkins, spokeswoman for the Galveston County Health District.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said COVID-19 vaccines still provide strong protection against serious disease and death, even as new research indicates vaccinated people can spread the worrying delta variant, according to a CBS News Monday.

Gottlieb noted the COVID-19 vaccines primarily were intended to significantly reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization. Unvaccinated people account for the overwhelming majority of new hospitalizations and deaths.

“That premise is still fully intact,” Gottlieb said. “We still see that these vaccines are doing a very good job preventing symptomatic disease, preventing hospitalization and death.”

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(81) comments

Wayne D Holt

Laura, why not one mention of the VAERS data as well as UK yellow card and Euro surveillance data which shows death and adverse reactions six months into the campaign as orders of magnitude greater than ALL adverse reactions recorded in the previous 15+ years? Why do we get to see endless pumping of how great this gene-altering therapy is and not one word about the horrendous toll it is taking on human life and well-being? Is there something about dying from a government-approved injection that is inherently more noble than dying from a virus that the injection was supposed to protect you from?

In the UK alone, we have a much smaller pool of vax recipients and yet here are the dismal numbers as of the first week of July: the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system has recorded a total of 1,059,307 events based on 314,043 reports. The total number of fatalities reported is 1,470.

What are we talking about when we say serious adverse events? Oh, just the usual...

Acute Cardiac Event – 3357 (Pfizer) + 8468 (AZ) + 210 (Moderna) + 26 (Unknown) = 12,061

Anaphylaxis – 428 (Pfizer) + 781 (AZ) + 26 (Moderna) + 1 (Unknown) = 1,236

Herpes – 1,407 (Pfizer) + 2,311 (AZ) + 39 (Moderna) + 12 (Unknown) = 3,769

Headaches – 18,629 (Pfizer) + 81,728 (AZ) + 1,303 (Moderna) + 215 (Unknown) = 101,875

Migraine – 2,006 (Pfizer) + 7,665 (AZ) + 147 (Moderna) + 26 (Unknown) = 9,844

Blindness – 72 (Pfizer) + 260 (AZ) + 5 (Moderna) + 3 (Unknown) = 340

Deafness – 148 (Pfizer) + 327 (AZ) + 8 (Moderna) = 483

Spontaneous Abortions – 181 + 8 stillbirth/foetal death (Pfizer) + 146 + 2 stillbirth (AZ) + 11 (Moderna) + 1 (Unknown) = 339 + 10 [NOTE – 6 (Pfizer) + 5(AZ) – fatalities that possibly indicate maternal death]

Vomiting – 2,740 (Pfizer) + 11,129 (AZ) + 241 (Moderna) + 40 (Unknown) = 14,150

Facial Paralysis incl. Bell’s Palsy – 563 (Pfizer) + 770 (AZ) + 28 (Moderna) + 4 (Unknown) = 1,365

Nervous System Disorders – 44,131 (Pfizer) + 168,034 (AZ) + 3,792 (Moderna) + 535 (Unknown) = 216,492

Strokes and CNS haemorrhages – 443 (Pfizer) + 1,822 (AZ) + 9 (Moderna) + 5 (Unknown) = 2,279

Guillain-Barré Syndrome – 41 (Pfizer) + 344 (AZ) + 2 (Moderna) + 4 (Unknown) = 391

Dizziness – 6938 (Pfizer) + 23,477 (AZ) + 843 (Moderna) + 78 (Unknown) = 31,336

Tremor – 1,059 (Pfizer) + 9,500 (AZ) + 76 (Moderna) + 38 (Unknown) = 10,673

Paraesthesia/dysaesthesia (chronic burning sensation, tingling nerve pain) – 4,665 (Pfizer) + 15,315 (AZ) + 441 (Moderna) + 43 (Unknown) = 20,464

Pulmonary Embolism – 284 (Pfizer) + 1,417 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) + 7 (Unknown) = 1,712

Deep Vein Thrombosis – 180 (Pfizer) + 1,047 (AZ) + 5 (Moderna) + 8 (Unknown) = 1,240

Nosebleeds – 632 (Pfizer) + 2,121 (AZ) + 45 (Moderna) + 8 (Unknown) = 2,806

Seizures – 593 (Pfizer) + 1,790 (AZ) + 62 (Moderna) + 9 (Unknown) = 2,454

Paralysis – 234 (Pfizer) + 666 (AZ) + 18 (Moderna) + 3 (Unknown) = 921

Haemorrhage (All types) – 1,878 (Pfizer) + 4,261 (AZ) + 203 (Moderna) + 18 (Unknown) = 6,360 [Haemorrhage types – cardiac, ear, adrenal, eye, gastric, mouth, tongue, gums, intestinal, injection site, brain, wounds, stoma, bladder, kidney, vaginal, uterine, post-menopausal bleeding, ovarian, penile, lung, nasal]

Vertigo/Tinnitus – 2174 (Pfizer) + 5876 (AZ) + 174 (Moderna) + 18 (Unknown) = 8242

This is for a market that is minuscule compared to the millions in the US and across Italy, France, Germany, India and the rest of the world. So you can scale up the numbers proportionally and begin to get an idea of the magnitude of the destruction being done for a virus that has had a declining death rate for months with an overall fatality rate of less than 1% unless you look like Raymond Burr and drink like Dean Martin.

And yet, strangely, not one word about it in this paean to the wonders of modern medical technology Keep putting it out there, we'll keep swatting it down.

Bailey Jones

First of all, VAERS data as well as UK yellow card and Euro surveillance data do not show "adverse reactions". The data records any death or serious medical event among the population of 100's of millions of people who have been vaccinated. There is no causal relationship implied. The purpose of these systems is surveillance - an effort to look at every health event among the vaccinated so that researchers can determine if there is any causal pattern between health events and vaccines. To date, with a few very rare instances, there is none. The reason that there are more medical events being reported than in the past is simple - reporting is voluntary and we have new vaccines that everyone, rightly so, is concerned about. More concern equals more voluntary reporting.

Wayne, you are spreading dangerous misinformation, as you have done since day 1 of the pandemic. You reject the simple fact that 613,000 Americans have died from this disease, yet have no problem attributing every nose bleed (and herpes - seriously?) in the last six months to the side effects of the vaccines. To answer your question, the reason why no one is talking about the VAERS data is because there's nothing to talk about.

This is just your latest trip down a conspiratorial rabbit hole - just like we saw after the election when you claimed widespread election fraud where there was none. The ability to see patterns where none exist seems to be a prerequisite to believing in these ridiculous anti-vaxxer theories.

The foundational myth of this nonsense is the idea that the press, in league with Big Pharma, and world governments, and, apparently every doctor on the planet, are simply not reporting adverse reactions - presumably, they're too tired from falsifying all those hospital and death records. And yet, when real adverse reactions are discovered - blood clots, myocarditis, etc., it's splashed across every legitimate news media on the planet and sends tremors through the medical community and national governments. I suppose this is all just part of the conspiracy - a little truth to hide the Big Lie?

The realities of the pandemic - that we can all see with our own eyes are these:

The pandemic has killed 613,000 Americans and continues to kill 300 a day.

The pandemic has put millions of Americans in the hospital and continues to hospitalize thousands more each day.

The pandemic has left millions of Americans with long-term debilitating illnesses - including pain and breathing difficulties.

Among new COVID cases, 97% occur in unvaccinated people.

Among COVID deaths, 99.5% occur in unvaccinated people.

No amount of anti-vaxxer spin can change these facts. Hundred of people are dying every day because they refuse to get vaccinated. Many, no doubt, subscribe to the same fonts of disinformation as you, and they are paying for their ignorance, and yours, with their lives.

Wayne D Holt

More mind mush from the "All I Really Need to Know I Learned From A CDC Expert" fanboy. Let me make it really, really simple for you, Bailey.

The VAERS and parallel databases in other countries are distant early warning systems. They were put in place to signal problems with vaccines that may have unintended adverse reactions when taken. Now here's the part, Bailey, you'll want to really concentrate hard on to understand.

The reason numbers have been so low over the past 15 years is because 1) they had multi year trials including full animal tests that allowed them to scuttle dangerous vaccines before the entire human race became the test bed for them and 2) when they began to see 5, 10, 20, 50 deaths after inoculation of an approved vaccine, they PULLED THE VACCINE OFF THE MARKET. The last rejection of any significance was probably the Swine Flu vaccine, considered a medical debacle when 53 people died from it.

Still with me, Bailey? Bailey? Let's press on without him...

The reason these databases are showing hockey stick adverse reaction numbers ( _/ ) is because 1) these mRNA vaccines were rushed through in less than a year so NO long-term testing/animal phase followed by human with multi-year observation periods to follow were done and 2) many clinical symptoms associated with these adverse reactions were documented as to be expected well ahead of the development of these specific mRNA genetic mutational agents. These were recognized as potential areas of concern and in fact are playing out now in ways that are completely in harmony with what the warnings were, most notable being strokes and other clotting issues. KNOWN AND IGNORED by those who are making billions while they tinker with our genetic structure.

"The ability to see patterns where none exist seems to be a prerequisite to believing in these ridiculous anti-vaxxer theories." Bailey wants you to believe an historically anomalous avalanche of adverse reactions--BTW, using the same time frames and symptom description used throughout the 15 year period--is all a coincidence. All. A. Coincidence.

What does he base his simple minded belief on? The people who make the vaccines for billions in profits, the people who authorized the vaccine use, the media that has vouched for vaccine safety...all of those unimpeachable sources with no skin in the game say there's nothing to see here. Bailey believes criminals in government, criminals in Big Pharma, professional liars in the media...but he doesn't believe his own eyes looking at a bar chart. Amazing.

The principle method of any crime detection is to observe means, motive, and opportunity.

Means = the production of mRNA vaccines used as non-approved injectables using genetic alteration techniques never before utilized on any world population; with comparatively little or even no testing done, while suppressing cheap and readily available drugs with decades of safe use so that proprietary products could be forced on world populations or indirectly coerced when the illegality got to be too much to hide.

Motive = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and control for those with more money than soul.

Opportunity = Control the exclusive patentable production of the products, control their approval through government regulatory capture and brazen conflict-of-interest financial arrangements; control the media to blare only the official narrative and when the truth starts to leak out, utterly censor anything but the official fairytale; pray to Baal there are enough chumps like Bailey who suffer from acute Stockholm Syndrome to get out there and try to duct tape the holes in the hull of the creaking storyline.

Anyone who can look at this tale of woe and see wholesome intent is beyond redemption.

Bailey Jones

Once again, I agree with you Wayne. Your description of the VAERS system is apt. Your description of how it has been used in the past to remove dangerous vaccines is correct. Where you fail is in not recognizing that this self same tool is not finding the COVID vaccines to be dangerous.

If I'm wrong in this belief, I'm sure you have the data to prove it.

The floor is yours...

Wayne D Holt

@Bailey: Here is the CDC definition of the VAERS database: "The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines."

Well, there it is right there, you will say, Bailey. Unverified reports of adverse events; what could be clearer. Bailey scores a knockout! Hold on. Let's put that nugget under a microscope...sorry.

The CDC goes on to say, "As part of CDC and FDA's multi-system approach to post-licensure vaccine safety monitoring, VAERS is designed to rapidly detect unusual or unexpected patterns of adverse events, also known as "safety signals."

So, when unusual or suspected patterns are seen, the purpose is to warn regulators there may be a problem.

1) The VAERS data from the previous years were for LICENSED vaccines (see above). mRNA vax are NOT licensed, they are authorized for emergency use only. Hold that thought as we go further.

2) The criteria for what would be considered an event, and when it happened, has not been formally changed in the past 15 years, that I am aware of.

3) That is useful to know as it means there has been a continuity of measurement during all the previous vaccine warnings and now.

4) With a continuity of measurement, we know that even if events have been over-counted or under-counted in the past, the same distortion in trend would logically occur today, absent some type of change in process.

In preparation for the coup de grâce of Bailey's claim, please take a look at this graphic showing vaccinations compared to VAERS recorded deaths in 0-17, 18-64, and 65+ age cohorts:

The left axis is shots given, the right access associated deaths. In all three cohorts, deaths from non-Covid vax have been flat or dropping since 2014, well before Covid appeared. But Covid vaccine associated deaths reported have gone vertical.

The absolute number of deaths are not what we are focusing on. We are focusing on the disparity in reported events associated with all other vaccines in all cohorts vis a vis the mRNA shots. And we see that in terms of relative harm, the mRNA shots are in a universe all their own.

What could account for this disparity? The difference between licensed vaccines that have gone through a long and rigorous testing protocol and one that has been on a fast tracked, politically and financially driven short cut. The object was to get the vaccine out to claim the Caring High Ground for Big Brother government while Big Pharma got to use the US public the way GM uses crash test dummies.

Nothing that comes out of the CDC can be relied on, as New Science is discovered bi-weekly to fit whatever narrative is currently being cobbled together to support the increasingly more tenuous underpinnings.

So the takeaway: these mRNA shot death counts are no more or less unverified than all the other death counts that have occurred over the years and never been questioned. The only reason they are suspect now is because they begin to look like very bad mojo, even to the most casual observer. As the news begins to leak out that you are not immune to reinfection with the shot, that your body may churn out the same level of virus particles as the unvaxxed, that you are as likely to infect someone else as those who are unvaxxed, this latest tempest in a T-Cell is not good news for those who have a showroom floor full of wool to pull over our eyes, with customers shuffling toward the exit.

Bailey Jones

Wow, Wayne, I wish you'd shown me this random internet meme from "VirginiaStoner" sooner! [lol]

Since we're quoting the CDC about the VAERS, let's look at the "yeah, but...":

"When reporting and evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause and effect relationship has been established. The event may have been related to an underlying disease or condition, to medications being taken concurrently, or may have occurred by chance."

Then there's this nugget in the disclaimer that you have to click on to see the data:

"Key considerations and limitations of VAERS data:

Vaccine providers are encouraged to report any clinically significant health problem following vaccination to VAERS, whether or not they believe the vaccine was the cause.

Reports may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, and unverified information.

The number of reports alone cannot be interpreted or used to reach conclusions about the existence, severity, frequency, or rates of problems associated with vaccines."

So, how can we use this data? It's a straightforward analysis -

Step 1 - look in VAERS for a symptom, let's say cardiac arrest. And let's assume you've gone through the data and removed all the duplicates and followed up on incomplete info, etc., and let's say you find 1000 for real reports of cardiac arrest in males age 40-49 within a month of getting vaccinated. And let's say 1,000,000 males age 40-49 got vaccinated. So now you have a rate of occurrence of 1000/1000000 = 100 heart attacks per 100K vaccinated males, aged 40-49.

Step 2 - You look up cardiac arrest in 40-49 year-old males in the medical actuarial tables. If you find out that the expected rate of cardiac arrests for males, age 40-49, in a one-month period, is 100 heart attacks per 100K, then VAERS is telling you that there's nothing to see here. If the expected rate is say, 10, you might say "OMG, those vaccinations are causing heart attacks!!!". If, on the other hand, the expected rate is 2000, you might say, "OMG - COVID vaccines prevent heart attacks!!!"

The absolute number is meaningless outside of the context of what would be expected in the population without vaccination.

So, if you - or your bud, VirginaStoner, has such an analysis I'd love to see it - because that would be a very convincing argument. In the absence of any such analysis, you simply have nothing to show.

The error in your logic (and VirginiaStoner's logic) is the idea that you can compare data from this year to previous years. You can't. The reason you can't is that VAERS is a purely voluntary self-reporting tool, one that neither you nor I nor the rest of the US ever heard of before COVID. If VAERS was data compiled from hospital records - like medical actuarial tables - then you could compare year to year, but it's not, so you can't. Again, from the CDC: "VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning that reports about adverse events are not automatically collected, but require a report to be filed to VAERS. VAERS reports can be submitted voluntarily by anyone, including healthcare providers, patients, or family members. Reports vary in quality and completeness. They often lack details and sometimes can have information that contains errors. Underreporting is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting, refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events."

I expect that the "hockey stick" in VirginaStoner's awesome dude graph, is due less to an avalanche of adverse events and more to the heightened awareness of the importance of reporting events in our new age of experimental vaccines. Plus just the difference in the sheer numbers of vaccinations given this year vs previous years. It's an extra 300,000,000 vaccinations this year compared to - how many preschool and flu vaccinations in a given year? Plus there's the difference in ages. How many people over 18 usually get vaccinated in a given year? How many school-age kids die? There's a lot of apples and oranges in Mr. Bongwater's data.

In short, VAERS data out of context is useless. Unless you or VirginiaSlim have an analysis that puts the data in context there's nothing here for ANYONE to make ANY sort of determination. And that's a shame because the data in VAERS is absolutely where we should be looking.

But - when the FDA begins compiling vaccine info in its approval process, they will look at all of this, and if there is a pattern of adverse events that correlate with vaccinations, they will report it, in the proper context.

And I will believe it. Will you?

Wayne D Holt

This will come as a shock to you, Professor B, but if the data is accurate it doesn't matter if it's printed on parchment, scribbled on a wall with crayons, or noted on the back of a napkin. With your unswerving devotion to form over substance, you much prefer to read propaganda with a "super neat seal and everything" on the cover than the truth wherever found. Duly noted, and for quite some time, too.

Are the statistics in the charts inaccurate? Did you find an error? An omission? I suppose I shouldn't expect much from a guy who thinks of Don Lemon as a national treasure.

Wayne D Holt

You spent 10 paragraphs explaining how to knowledgeably interpret data that you claim in paragraph 13 is inherently unreliable by the very nature of the collection process. The big flaw in your argument is that you are comparing Step 2 data with Step 1 data, Step 1 being data which you have just discredited as to reliability. Foot shooting here, no waiting.

That being the case, there is no reason to assume the numbers you so laboriously wade through are not actually under-counted by a factor of, oh, say 12. Why not? The very material you yourself quote says, "Underreporting is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting, refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events."

Let's recap. You're lecturing about how to interpret data that is completely uncontrolled for year to year, but if we have to make SWAG, we would be perfectly legit to follow the CDC science and claim the numbers I showed in the charts and have quoted in other places were way underreported.

Do you have anything else to add? I'm getting a guilty pleasure watching you punch yourself in the face.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Wayne, VAERS data is unreliable. I'm glad my 10 paragraphs were able to get that point across. As the VAERS site says, VAERS is only an early warning system. Every serious event recorded there is further investigated to see if there is a causal link to a vaccine. VAERS is a starting point for real scientific analysis of adverse events that may be associated with vaccines.

So you can stop using it to propagate lies about the vaccines. I assume that you will never mention it, or VirginiaPotHead again.

Wayne D Holt

Re that part about being at capacity due to the increase in Covid patients, most being the heretofore mentioned genus Narcissus Anti-vaxus.

According to the UTMB construction plan announced after Ike, the main campus was supposed to build back to 600 beds. UTMB reports as of July 30, there were 113 Covid patients in six system hospitals. I didn't bother trying to find out their capacity but if the other five had a modest 50 beds each, that would put total available beds system-wide at 850 in a county of 350,000 people.

Does 13% of beds system-wide dedicated to Covid sound excessive if the virus indeed has been stalking America like the Black Angel of Death for over a year? We've been told 600,000 Americans have died from this disease. Other strains of flu were totally eliminated. Cancer, cardiac issues, emphysema, diabetes...all those were less urgent than Covid, and treatment could be postponed, we were told. What could possibly be of higher priority to command space in a hospital today other than Covid?

Jim Forsythe



The number of beds assigned for COVID-19 as of July 23, 2021--- ICU---161.3 of 162.0 beds used for COVID-19 Patient= 7 Day Avg. of Bed Occupancy.

One of the reasons COVID-19 is so bad, is the length of stay for a person in the ICU vs, the flu.

The average ICU length of stay for the flu is--- 3.3 days

The average ICU length of stay for COVID-19--- 18.9 days.

With stay in the ICU for COVID-19 is about 5 times longer than for the flu. It makes the need for beds used for COVID-19- much greater.

Wayne D Holt

Great information, thank you, Jim. Would you know if the other hospitals in the system have numbers on this? Also, is there any data on co-morbidities and age of those hospitalized. We keep hearing it's the unvaxxed. But I am curious as to the other factors that have played a huge part in determining case fatality rates.

Final question since I'm digging here: I was told by an acquaintance doing some research that a publication he came across asserted that labs are not allowed to tell doctors or patients directly what genetic class the virus is in, by fedreral law. So a doctor can't know, or tell, a patient if they are suffering from Delta. Oddly, that info can be published in press release from UTMB offering the percent of Delta patients. Any ideas if this is true about the prohibition? If true, what is the purpose of not giving doctors and patients full disclosure?

Thanks for your input!

Jim Forsythe


This may be what they saw. It is not a, do not give out info to the Doctors or patients but the labs need to use the correct testing. Labs were testing for the flu and Covis19 with 2 test, which is a waste of time and money

CDC Alerts Labs to Use Tests That Can Differentiate Between COVID and Flu

At the end of last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a concerning laboratory alert.

The agency announced that after December 31, 2021, it will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. The test came out in February 2020 to detect the SARS-CoV-2 (i.e., the coronavirus causing COVID019) only.

In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing.

When looking at the link below, make sure you go all the way to the bottom. I would not use Hospitals that have very few beds as their numbers are eastly inflated or deflated, by just one bed. Also remember that small Hospitals send people to the larger Hospitals.

As I have Grandkids that will be in school, and can not be vaccinated, I have a large concern for their health. People that say that I control if I get vaccinated, are also putting people that can not be vaccinated, at risk. Over 50% of people are consider a risk because of their risk factors.

Go to.

COVID-19 Hospital Capacity of UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH in GALVESTON, TX): Data indicates the hospital's bed occupancy, but do not represent local hospitals surge plans to accommodate more patients. |

Mason Schraufnagel

This is China's fault and the US Taxpayer (both vaccinated and non) have spent trillions dealing with the mess. I wish we saw more articles discussing the source of the problem (CHINA) rather than another article attempting to divide Americans.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

I agree wholeheartedly we should be investigating the source of the virus and not stop until we know who or what caused it. But the fact remains it's here and research is showing the vaccinations are preventing serious illness and death.

Mason Schraufnagel

Where are the op-ed articles critical of China? Furthermore, the unvaccinated ARE helping as taxpayers. The US Taxpayer has spent trillions in "stimulus" and that is not an insignificant contribution from the unvaccinated. And if you personally want to take a vaccine that is not yet approved by the FDA, that is a great option for you. Constant discrimination against those who make a personal, medical decision isn't helpful and is, in fact, very divisive. Eradication of this particular virus seems unrealistic and I urge you to not lose sight on the true source of the problem. China is at fault and there should be recourse for all Americans.

Bailey Jones

If blaming China made the virus less deadly your idea would have some merit. Luckily we know what makes the virus less deadly - vaccinations. As for the FDA approval, expect them in a few months. FDA approval requires at least 6 months worth of usage history. We've just crossed that threshold. The next task is to compile and analyze all of the data on effectivity and side effects - including Wayne's precious VAERS database. Normally this takes up to 6 months because there's a backlog of medicines in the approval cycle, but hopefully the FDA will move the COVID vaccines to the top of the stack. I predict - based on what I consider to be actual measurable reality - that the 3 vaccines used in the US will all be approved. I also predict that this approval will have very little effect on the opinions of anti-vaxxers. But it will address the legitimate concerns of a lot of the "vaccine hesitant".

Carlos Ponce

Dr. Fauci paid for the first virus using our tax dollars.

Mason Schraufnagel

Deadly? What is deadly is abortion and there is no vaccine for that.

Jarvis Buckley

The people that choose not to take the shots have that right. It’s their body. My wife & I took the shots . It’s our right. It’s our body. Wear your mask if you like.

Wayne D Holt

Jarvis, when may I expect to see your name on a ballot? I have a vote with your name on it.

Bill Broussard

Ditto what Wayne said Jarvis!

Mark Wyant

The information contained in your article as to the efficacy of the vaccine vs natural immunity is not correct....and how could it be? Do you seriously believe that a vaccine that is specifically targeted at ONE spike protein in the original virus is more effective than the bodies natural antibodies that have been created by exposure to the entire virus’ structure? B cell memory living in the bone marrow contains far more instruction as to how to attack the virus in its totality than does a shot targeting only one area. This has been proven by Israeli scientists last month.,, in fact natural immunity is up to 7 times more effective in defending the body against the virus according to their nationwide study.

For this that have had the virus such as myself I prefer to not add the vaccine to the mix. For those unvaccinated and have never been exposed to the virus I believe vaccination is the prudent course of action.

Wayne D Holt

Thanks for factual information. Readers can decide for themselves, we don't need media gatekeepers for that.

Mark Wyant

See this article for detail..

Bailey Jones

Mark, do you have a real source for this data? I don't have much faith in internet end time prophets. I don't dispute the data, but I'll need to see an actual study by actual scientists before I'll believe it.

Jack Cross

The Biden administration seems to self-destruct. They Cancelled the Trump Border stay in Mexico policy and created a mess. They put all these restrictions on American citizens creating fear, then send migrants from all over the world with no restrictions to cities all across the country.

Airlines are facing hundreds of fights and disruptions over mask mandates, yet elected democrats cram into a plane with no masks and several of them infected. Facebook and Twitter ban anyone who suggest that COVID 19 started from a lab in China, yet evidence shows that it did.

in 2014, when blocked by an order from President Barak Obama from funding dangerous “gain-of-function” studies, Fauci outsourced the research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and NIAID, probably without Trump’s knowledge.

Without fanfare, toward the end of the first year of the Trump administration in 2017, Fauci and NIH canceled President Obama’s moratorium against building viral pathogens in US labs and openly restored gain-of-function research creating lethal viruses.

The original moratorium was a direct order by President Obama on White House stationery while its undoing was a decision made within the National Institutes of Health and NIAID, without Trump’s knowledge.

Biden could have thanked Former President Trump for fast tracking the Vaccines but both Biden and VP Harris told American Citizens and the world that they would not take the Trump Vaccine. That creates distrust and problems when you now backtrack and reverse course.

I think its fair to say that a lot of people don’t trust government and the press, but what is really serious is that somehow the Biden Administration has caused Americans to not trust the highest levels of the medical profession. Even hundreds of doctors are disagreeing with other medical experts.

With all these contradictions it should not be a surprise that so many people are refusing to take the shot because they don’t trust government and the Dr Fauci bunch.

As a side note: Deliberately making a bat virus that is not harmful to humans, deadly to an extend there is no vaccine and could wipe out the world is a national threat. Especially if the Chinese developed a vaccine and then used it as a weapon.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey repeats the Myth of 600,000 even though the CDC said only 6% die OF Covid. Bailey likes to pretend people who are aged, infirm, overweight, diminished lung capacity, with heart or neurological issues in tandem would have lived the whole year if it wasn't for Covid. Bailey likes to pretend he never saw the data showing PCR test cycles amped to the moon to pump Covid numbers, then lowered within days of his Demented Pinup Boy moving in to the Oval Office.

Anyone can find the stats on the number of Americans who die each year from these and many other ailments. Is this like the drinking game where he get to hoist one every time he repeatss the fictitious 600,000 number?

Mark, don't bother. I've been publishing links/quotes/publication names and dates for over a year. Career researchers from Stanford, Oxford, Johns Hopkins etc. don't rank up there with Politifact or Snopes with him. Bailey's 1-D novelty glasses never seem to be able to see those who are coming to different conclusions. But if Herr Fauci mutters some "new science fact", Bailey's down for it in a heartbeat.

Mason Schraufnagel

Wayne, are you reading Alex Berenson? His work on the virus/vaccines is phenomenal. His post today on Israel is particularly troubling.

Bailey Jones

You're hilarious Wayne. It's sad that you're reduced to quoting Carlos, but whatever.

Here are the facts. 613,000+ Americans have died from COVID and complications from COVID. These are deaths that would not have occurred in the absence of the pandemic. We know this because we know with great accuracy how many people "normally" die each year, and the CDC's mortality statistics show a clear and unpreceded spike in US deaths. The increase in deaths exactly follows the reports of COVID deaths month after month.

But you know this, Wayne. You know this because you're the one who brought the CDC's mortality statistics to this forum. You brought them to this forum because you read an article that claimed that the CDC's own mortality statistics proved that people weren't dying from COVID. You were perfectly happy with the CDC's data until it was demonstrated to you that the data actually showed the opposite - that the CDC's record of COVID deaths was accurate. You remember that, right, Wayne? That was a fun day.

Now you've decided that the data must be fake. That's not how science works.

As far as the "only 6% die OF Covid." Allow me to illustrate this with some reality. You know how many people die each year from the flu? Zero. Influenza isn't a fatal disease. Then why do we label 30-50K deaths each year as "influenza"? It's because people who get the flu die from the complications that come with the flu - like pneumonia, or the flu worsens other chronic issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure. We label these as flu deaths. Do you know how many people die each year from AIDS? It's very few. Most die from opportunistic infections - complications from having a trashed immune system. We call these deaths "AIDS deaths". From the CDC: "The number of deaths that mention one or more of the conditions indicated is shown for all deaths involving COVID-19 and by age groups. For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death."

On this page you can find a nice visualization of "excess" deaths. These are the deaths that would not have occurred absent the pandemic, based on actuarial science. This is the same result that I obtained by analyzing the data that you provided. It's makes it very obvious that "something" has killed 613,000 Americans. 613,000 death certificates call that "something" COVID-19.

I'm still waiting for your theory about what that "something" is, Wayne. You say it's a myth. Myths are easily disproved. The floor is yours...

Bailey Jones

Mason, he sounds like someone Wayne would be reading. I mean who doesn't get their science from tweets?

[thumbup] I'm glad you're here, Mason. I really am.

Mason Schraufnagel

I couldn't care less about an Atlantic hit piece from April. I suggest you read his actual work.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "It's sad that you're reduced to quoting Carlos, but whatever." He's not quoting me, Bailey. But leave it to you to make up stuff

Dan Freeman

Many died of COVID, with COVID. The reality is that 600,000 lives were shortened because of COVID.

Carlos Ponce

Dan, that's not what the CDC said.

Bailey Jones

Mason, I've tried reading his tweets, but it's nothing I can make sense of. Is there something in particular you'd like us to see?

Wayne D Holt

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Appearing one night only, to lecture on understanding statistical analysis of critical health metrics, we are honored to have Professor Bailey Jones in the hall tonight. Professor Jones is best known for his groundbreaking work in claiming a 1% difference in the absolute fatality rate among the general population after vaccination was actually a 95% reduction in hospitalizations and death due to Professor B's Miracle Genetic Goo, available in the lobby in gift packs for the whole family.

Professor Bailey likes to instruct using a light touch and a heartwarming sense of humor. In fact, many who have heard him speak say they have a difficult time understanding where the data leaves off and the comedy begins.

What a card!

Bailey Jones

Wayne, we're still waiting for your theory that explains the 613,000 (now 614,000) dead Americans. You keep telling us that your belief system is based on science, yet your science can't explain the reality that we all see. That reality is in this graph -

600,000+ deaths that you can't explain away. So you call them a myth.

It's fine if you want to believe in conspiracies, and deep states, and corporate cabals - but unless you can explain our reality, it's just entertaining nonsense. Well, it's nonsense to me. It's death to those who believe it - just read today's news.

So please answer the question. Don't tell us about how much Big Pharma is making, or why the gays hate Fauci, or how testing regimes have been manipulated, or why 9/11 was an inside job, or who killed Kennedy, or any of these other deflections and diversions. Just answer the only question that matters - what killed these 614,000 Americans and what is your plan to make it stop?

Bailey Jones

Wayne, I'm guessing since you're no longer talking about your "scientific" theory and merely talking about me, that we're at the end of your story, and you really have nothing with which to clothe your emperor.

If you ever want to talk about what killed 614,000 Americans, and what we can do to make it stop, I'll be here.

Dan Freeman

That article is based on an earlier post by Dr. Joseph Mercola a notorious anti-vaxxer who has been repeatedly discredited.

Wayne D Holt

Dan, a little follow-up here.

Have these specific claims been discredited? If so by whom, and where may we find the specifics of the material that you say discredits him?

Herr Fauci has been caught lying to Congress about funding research of incredibly risky gain of function that appears to have escaped and killed a lot of decent people. On a scale of 1 to 5, where would you put Dr. Mercola? Where would you put Herr Fauci? Asking for a friend...

George Croix

Never gonna get anywhere with shaming or the same 'ol same 'ol everyday back and forth of us-vs-them....No longer works...

Just makes people on one side of whatever subject dig in against those on the other.

Generally speaking, not always, my observation is that the people complaining loudest of vaccine non-compliance are part and parcel of the group that complained the loudest about the impossibility of even getting a vaccine, much less three of them, in less than several years of time, then turned the whole Op Warp Speed into a political woke-fest against the ex-President and any and all of his personal or policies supporters.

What, exactly do they expect after declaring 'the enemy' stupid and dressed funny by their Mothers, and now unpatriotic and even lethal by the same knee-jerkers who were on the flip side less than a year ago?

Why pay attention to anyone who supposedly is an authority and in a leadership role but changes their minds often weekly, if not daily....OR worse says one thing is for us then immediately does the opposite because they are 'above' their own advice.

Maybe if we just lead by example rather than mouth for a while and let actual events and outcome more define the info passed along than efforts to denigrate people with little if any reason to believe what their own eyes tell them is often BS then the tide of distrust will turn.

The best example is the family member/friend/relative/neighbor/associate who has experienced a positive from being vaccinated or certainly no negatives, not anyone not even known pushing people who are not going to be pushed...

Bailey Jones

That's an interesting take, George. I'd wager that I spend more time than you following the leftist media and leftist politicians, and what I remember is that none of us expected a vaccine so quickly. Why would we? Vaccines typically take years to develop - this was our first dance with mRNA - we'd never seen anything like it before. And the promise of a quick vaccine came from Donald Trump - we all just assumed it was another of his lies about the virus "just going away". But the vaccine manufacturers came through and everyone that I know on the left is happy about it. The fear on the left was that Trump would pressure manufacturers into shortcutting their testing to get the vaccines out before the election - this is the basis for comments about not trusting a Trump-approved vaccine. Luckily, the manufacturers stuck to their guns and followed standard approval regimes. Once again, everyone that I know on the left is happy about it. And most people that I know on the right are also happy about it. This should be the one thing that both sides can agree on - getting vaccinated. You'd think that Trumpsters would be clamoring to get their Trump-developed Trump-approved Trump vaccine. Yet there has been a constant anti-vaccine drumbeat from right-wing media and the diehard Trump supporters that I like to refer to as Cult45. They remain the largest unvaccinated group in the country.

They won't listen to their ex-President (who had COVID and still got vaccinated). They won't listen to the leadership of their party. They certainly won't take advice from me. Maybe they'll listen to you.

George Croix

Bailey, it’s almost always a mistake to assign our own little universe of contacts the dubious position of being representative off anyone else, especially in this day and age of video and instant communications. Examples abound….

I have gotten myself in trouble and seen others do so, too, by assuming same….grin…

Name calling certainly won’t convince anyone I know personally to do squat no matter what their Party affiliation.

Trumpsters? Really? Instant tune out and turn off for most people. C’mon, man…Same for pejoratives about the current President. Makes us feel better maybe but instantly poisons the well for most if any meaningful interaction.

Which is EXACTLY what BOTH Parties want…their loyalists fighting ‘the enemy’ and unable to even consider discussing. BOTH sides want power, and the way to get it is keep others weak….

Personally I really really liked almost all of ex-President Trumps policies but find him personally to be someone I’d rather not have a cold Diet Coke with. I feel the opposite about my current President’s policies but make my ice cream cone chocolate mint, and I’m with him…

As for the vaccine, I’d like to see President Biden ask ex-President Trump to share the stage with him and encourage ALL to be vaccinated or at least not shut out the possibility for no better reason than sick of being name-called. We wouldn’t have vaccines yet without Pres. Trumps urging and support and Pres. Biden deserves credit for keeping the vaccinations rolling.

If it’s really for the good of the country how about a little leading by example by way of not letting ideology get in the way of best for all.

If either then refused the finger pointing would at least have merit….

Bailey Jones

I agree with you here, George. And I applaud all of our leaders of whatever stripe for getting vaccinated and publicly encouraging others to do the same.

Bill Broussard

George. Your a wise man….again

Folks: just to make matters worse, this today from Forbes:

Good morning. David Meyer here in Berlin, filling in for Alan.

As we are all hopefully aware by this point, the Delta variant of the coronavirus is a game changer due to its high transmissibility—and potentially other characteristics that we’re not quite sure about yet. Our understanding seems to evolve on a near-daily basis, albeit in a fragmented sort of way, so let’s have a quick roundup of the latest news on the subject.

First up: the issue of vaccines’ efficacy against the strain. New research from the U.K. suggests that, while current COVID-19 vaccines do still offer a relatively high degree of protection against Delta—you’re three times less likely to catch it if fully vaccinated, the study found—the antibodies the vaccines raise are becoming less effective against the variant.

That means vaccines may need to be tweaked to address Delta, which raises a big question: should countries that are planning to roll out booster shots soon, such as Germany, France and the U.K., really be doing so with the current generation of vaccines, or should those shots be going instead to countries that urgently need them to give people basic protection now, thus reducing the likelihood of new variants emerging?

Second: Delta raises the threshold for herd immunity. While the initial threshold was pegged at somewhere between 60% and 70%, experts now think it would need to be more in the region of 90%. Barring well-enforced vaccine mandates, which obviously carry huge political risks, I can’t see that happening in many countries—in the U.S., for example, nearly half of unvaccinated Americans have no intention of getting jabbed. The implications are obviously not good for the longevity of COVID-19 restrictions (Germany for one is anticipating measures continuing into the winter.)

Third: as Fortune reporters Grady McGregor, Biman Mukherji and Sophie Mellor report in this deep piece, we still don’t know why the Delta-fueled waves in the U.K. and India suddenly dropped off. So, while everyone obviously hopes the same will happen in the U.S., nobody really knows if the country will be so lucky.

Finally, some good-ish news, though not Delta-related as such: U.K. researchers have found that kids who get sick with COVID-19 mostly recover within a week. The study was conducted before Delta became widespread in the country, but the researchers say they expect to see similar results with the newer variant. I say “good-ish” because 1.8% of the observed COVID-positive children still had symptoms more than two months later, and that’s by no means a negligible figure given the scale of the problem.

Mason Schraufnagel

Additionally, it seems extremely hypocritical to blame folks who make a personal medical choice while leaving the southern border of the United States wide open.

Wayne D Holt

More wisdom shared. Thank you for speaking up, George! If anyone else reading this is of the same mind, NOW is the time to raise your voice publicly. We are in the final innings. Let's face it, all of us have pretty much decided which side we're on by now.

If we were smart--WE being both the vaxxed and unvaxxed--we would spend our energy figuring out a co-existence that provides reasonable public health protection that does not seek to coerce, punish or damage someone for a medical decision for their own body, if healthy. Nor should it destroy what's left of the economy with more lockdown idiocy.

Speak up folks, as George, Jack, Jarvis, Mark, Carlos and others have done. We have almost lost the issue by default, being unwilling to stand up and speak out. The time is NOW. You either control your own destiny or you will take orders from someone in government or the Medical Mafia who couldn't pick you out of a lineup of two. Your decision...

Bailey Jones

Wayne, if only there was "a co-existence that provides reasonable public health protection". But there isn't. Vaccinations only work if most people get them - that's why they are universally mandated by public health departments. We tried the next best thing - the "we'll get vaccinated and you keep your masks on" but that didn't work - the antivaxxers refuse to wear masks, refuse to social distance, refuse to stay home.

So we're left with the vaccinated wearing masks and staying healthy, and the unvaccinated clogging up our hospitals and morgues.

What alternative do you, George, Jack, Jarvis, Mark, and Carlos propose? I'm genuinely curious. With 97% of COVID hospitalizations and 99.5% of COVID deaths you are clearly a threat to public health and a functioning economy - what do you plan to do about it? We (the vaccinated) have done our part.

George Croix

Bailey, I’m vaccinated, and we, the vaccinated, are actually right now at as much risk as anybody of getting the D variant, but a lot less likely to die from it.

Then again MOST of the population has about a 7/100 of one percent chance of doing so. And the largest group of unvaccinated at this point are collectively inner city dwellers, no matter how much the MSM suggests..wink wink..otherwise to support their own agendas..

You can’t even drive to go buy groceries for less actual personal risk than 7/100 of one percent.

One ‘answer’ is do the exact same thing we’d do if scheduled for emergency heart surgery…not give a porcine rodents backside what the Doctor's politics were as long as we got well, and certainly to stop this childish shaming and name calling.

It WOULD also help greatlyI think to not preach vaccines and masks to our citizens while encouraging human waves who are not doing either to enter this country and helping them disperse in it.

It’s like blaming your kids for stealing cookies while you eat one in front of them…

Bailey Jones

Well, I'm glad to hear you're vaccinated, George. But can we just leave the border, and abortion, and Fauci, and all the other noise out of this? We don't tell our kids, "I'd tell you not to steal cookies but Mexicans aren't obeying our immigration laws so *shrug* do what you want I guess."

Wayne D Holt

I'll keep it short, as you are incredibly fatiguing. You Pro Vax folks need to understand WE will decide what goes in our bodies. Not you. Not the government. Not Big Pharma. We will as it's our body, our choice.

We are past feeling a need to explain or justify it. You should get comfortable with that idea, just as we've had to get comfortable with the idea a grifter from a tiny state rules the land like Mad Kind Ludwig, with his round heel consort in tow.

Get comfortable with it, Bailey. To paraphrase a slogan you no doubt find familiar and soothing, "We're Here, We're Clear, Get Used to It."

George Croix

So, Bailey, you ask for answers to why vaccination isn’t being wholeheartedly accepted then count the ones that conflict with your worldview.

OK. I COULD leave them out but them I’d be just as duplicitous as to causes and effects as so many other folks are.


I’ll leave reality in place, as tedious and problematic as it often is.

George Croix

It’s all about leading by example, Bailey, and not applying differing standards for the same thing, in anything or subject, with some allowed to skate while others are demonized.

I’ll bet there are plenty of people who also do not think that the goings on at the southern border, different treatment for people from what’s demanded of the citizenry by our leaders, is irrelevant and agree with you. The spreading of COVID only matters if it’s legally done, evidently….

That’s their right.

Their bathroom mirror holds an answer to some of the vaccine reluctance and unwillingness to trust whole hog the blind eyed leadership looking everywhere for answers except within themselves.

Wayne D Holt

You must have missed the bulletin, Bailey. The vaccinated are showing evidence of comparative levels of viral load and infectious spreading. That would make the vaxed not much different from the unvaxxed, except for the fact the unvaxxed are reported by the NIAID to have natural immunity to all the variants tested, something the vaxxed can't claim. Oh yes, and that small issue of massive strokes, cardiac arrest, capillary blood clotting and such like among the vaxxed. "Tis only a scratch!"

Ted Gillis

Inner city dwellers. What’s that supposed to mean George? And why does it make a difference to this discussion?

George Croix

Inner city dwellers, Ted, are people who live in the inner cities. It’s not a pejorative. Just as suburban dwellers or apartment dwellers or whatever is a location, not an issue. The discussion is about vaccination reluctance, and the folks living inside cities are in large part members of the unvaccinated.

Ted Gillis

Well, here is a slogan that you all can be comfortable with, “Get out of the way”.

Ted Gillis

So George, I’m aware that the majority of the people in the United States live inside cities,

So statically speaking it only makes sense that the majority of unvaccinated folks would be inner city dwellers. It’s called math.

Whether you meant it pejoratively or not it still irrelevant. So as Carlos would say, “your comments are eye openers”.

Bailey Jones

Well, Ted, George does have a point. There is a lot of vaccine hesitancy in the black and brown communities, many of which live in cities - although I think there are still a few black and brown Americans who live in the great white rural. But at only 1/8th of the population, vaccine hesitancy among blacks isn't our biggest challenge. Latinx people are a larger group, about 1/6th of Americans (more in Texas, obviously). But it will take a large portion of all communities to reach immunity across the whole country. I think George is correct that influencers have to come from within each community. So, I'll keep on hammering old white men.

Carlos Ponce

"Latinx "????

Bailey Jones

Carlos, just because you're old and useless doesn't mean you have to remain ignorant.

From Merriam Webster:

La·​tinx | lə-ˈtē-ˌneks \

(adjective) - of, relating to, or marked by Latin American heritage —used as a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina

YAY! You learned a new thing.

Carlos Ponce

In other words, Merriam Webster has a woke joke staff.

The word is made up. No Hispanic uses the term. Only IDIOTS use it. Spanish is a very gender specific language. Replacing the "o" or "a" at the end is insulting.

Let's see. The male chromosome has a Y. So let's replace the "y" in "Bailey" with "x".

But you would probably be happy with "Bailex". Right ?

George Croix

Hammer away, Bailey.

Perhaps you'll succeed where all others have date....grin...

Bailey Jones

I doubt that very much, George. But, as a long-time Texas progressive, I'm used to lost causes.

George Croix

Ted, what's your point.

We're discussing vaccination reluctance and one part of that has been the condemning of a lot of right wing politically oriented voters who've not yet been vaccinated but point of fact is that decidedly left wing politically oriented city dwellers also have remained un-vaccinated in numbers statistically as great. Ergo there's no positively attributable political side motive except where one chooses to make one up and find or give offense where none is needed.

It's called facts. But, as usual, they don't matter where phony umbrage reigns supreme.

Bailey Jones

The Kaiser Family Foundation has been polling monthly since vaccinations started. Their latest is just out:

"Three in ten adults remain unvaccinated including one in ten who say they want to “wait and see” how the vaccine works for other people before getting vaccinated and 3% who say they will do so “only if required” (down from 6% in June). An additional 14% say they will “definitely not” get a vaccine, a share that has held relatively steady since December. One-fourth of unvaccinated adults (8% of all adults) say they are likely to get a vaccine before the end of 2021, including nearly half (45%) of those who say they want to “wait and see.”

"Unvaccinated adults, especially those who say they will “definitely not” get a vaccine, are much less worried about the coronavirus, the Delta variant, and have less confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines compared to those who are vaccinated. Three-fourths of unvaccinated adults, including nine in ten of those who say they will “definitely not” get the vaccine, say they are “not worried” about getting seriously sick from the virus, less than half say they are worried about the Delta variant worsening the pandemic, more than half (including 75% of “definitely not”) say getting vaccinated is a bigger risk to their health than getting infected with coronavirus, and a quarter (just one in ten of “definitely not”) say the vaccines are effective at keeping vaccinated people from dying from COVID-19 or getting seriously ill."

So, there's not a lot of wiggle room left. With 14% “definitely not” getting the vaccine, that caps us at 86%. But Americans have been pretty good at responding to the situation when it gets dire enough, so there's hope for the "wait and see" crowd. If things get bad enough.

And the FDA just announced plans to approve the Pfizer vaccine next month. That will pull in a few who don't like the sound of "emergency use authorization".

George Croix

One problem with all this, Bailey, is not enough people have ever tried to give a cat a pill from the Veterinarian. A dog, by comparison, is child's play to so medicate.

The secret is to let the cat decide when it wants to swallow that pill, otherwise, we just get bit and clawed, and all the cussing and yelling is wasted....

In reality, 86% of anything in a free (relatively) nation is very very good, and a testament to those positive efforts of both the previous and current Administrations related to COVID...

You're excellent observation in another post about the great not being the enemy of the good comes to mind....if we demand 100%, we'll NEVER get it, and, likely, don't need it anyway, as it exists nowhere else, with results we've come to accept as normal, for whatever issue or subject at hand...

Well, enough of my old white man war-storying and pontificating...back to whatever job my Real Boss says do next...

Bailey Jones

I've always been a dog person. Although I did manage to get my sister's cat into a Christmas costume once.

T.W. Day

,This pro-vaccine editorial is one of the reasons I quit subscribing to this rag. This vaccine is experimental and with that said I will not be forced to do an experimental procedure on myself. having been in the medical field years back, I saw so called safe vaccines and procedures cause long term irreparable harm to those who had the vaccinations or procedures done. Prolapsed heart valves, nerve damage, blood clots and even death and the list goes on. One of those vaccines was the swine flu vaccine in the 1970's. The vaccinations had to be stopped due to the severe adverse reactions but in the military we were forced to take them.

You folks who don't care about taking an experimental drug go right ahead. I am fortunate that I am self-employed and won't force those who work for me to take these vaccines. This forcing through taking away a persons employment is nothing more than Orwell's 1984 and Hitler's medical mandates against the Jews and humanity in general.

George Croix

T.W. ALL...all...drugs are experimental to a degree because nobody knows ahead of time exactly what effects they will have on any given individual. This factual point is noticeably absent in the daily back and forth. It's always a game of percentages, with 100% never attainable, and basically nothing more than a positive vs negative potential benefit choice made by the person swallowing the meds.

I fully agree with you that you as an individual citizen you should not be forced to ingest medications you do not want. You should not be name called and denigrated by those of us choosing the opposite. Neither should we. The vaccines are not a panacea, else some fully vaccinated folks would not be getting COVID 19 or carrying it to others.

Work? In this country it's both good and bad that employers legally and definitely can make the rules for employment, and if they decide that the positive to them benefits of required vaccination for employees exceeds the potential negatives they have that right to demand them or terminate/not hire. Just as they can with any other drugs, or a host of other reasons.

I most definitely, though, think the talk by current federal level Leaders of possible nationwide vaccination mandates is a case of too big a loop thrown based at least as much on politics as any 'science', which, considering the flip flopping and poll driven people involved all around, is an unavoidable conclusion.

T.W. Day

George, mainly what I am saying is that the government can't keep a person from their job with a government agency and can't intimidate businesses to do the same thing which the federal government is doing right now. You can't take away someone's livelihood. It is an act of socialism and communism. If the government had been upfront with the American people from the start and those in positions of authority like Fauci, WHO and the CDC had been honest we would not be dealing with this issue with the COVID. This virus is a bio-engineered virus to render those catching it incapable of working or fighting. Everyone wants to fancy dance around this fact. We veterans see this as we have seen it before especially those who served in the medical corp for our country. And it was used to control the people, the masses. And to correct you, like it or not, once a drug or procedure fully goes through its testing and trials it is no longer considered experimental according to the FDA. These vaccines have not been vetted through full tests and trials. You may not mind the government chipping away at your rights and freedoms but I do. The problem is that once they have gotten to you there is no way out. HISTORY HAS PROVEN IT.

George Croix

I don't need correcting, Ted.

Any post drug testing designation of no longer experimental is a function of the testing agency standards applied to the outcome of said testing on the subjects tested upon. It's never 100% positive for anything. I can't be. We consumers rely on their findings as a guideline to what is considered overall safe for us to consume.

They do not, ever, test everybody who might take the meds.

Ergo, each individual is experimenting, as I said, and in reality, when they take a drug because there is NO way to know for sure what that specific person's reaction will be. It's why drugs come with a list of possible side effects, and those lists are continuously updated as new side effects are noted in new takers of the drugs.

Like it or not.....

George Croix

You draw conclusions to support you're own narrative, T.W., making WAGs about what I may or may not mind or believe or whatever. Instead of just asking directly.

In so doing, you're not a bit different from the governments blanket drawers of conclusions and assumption driven 'fact' finders that you oppose.

Also, remarkably similar to my dear wife, who I suffer that gladly from, but others, no...

The comic strip character Pogo said "We have met the enemy, and he is us"....

Words to pay attention to....

Bill Broussard

If you don’t subscribe I don’t think your supposed to be on the blog, sir

T.W. Day

Also George, once you get your first uninvited visit from the FBI because of something you have posted online, you will understand how your government really works.

All I did was tell someone that if they wanted a license from the state of Florida they had to remove their face covering for the photo. Someone reported me for being anti-Muslim. Next thing I know the FBI wants to interview me. This was twenty years ago. And it has only gotten worse in this country. Big Brother is alive and well.

George Croix

Not all of the black helicopters are against us, T.W.

George Laiacona

You can rabble on and on, but I personally like the comment “voluntary thinning of the herd “.

Carlos Ponce

If there was “voluntary thinning of the herd “ then why are you still around?

Thomas Carpenter

If "my body, my choice" works for those refusing to be vaccinated, why doesn't it work for women who want an abortion? Paid your bet yet Mr. Ponce?

George Croix

Perhaps it’s because it’s not the woman’s body that ends up dead in a dumpster at the end of the elective ‘choice’….


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